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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Rabbit Foot.png A Beaver's Foot Uncommon A reminder of a woodland massacre. Rabbit Foot None Warrenord Quest
Golden Helmet.png Abyssal Crown Uncommon Formal Maiar Headwear Gold Helmet Unbreaking 2, Respiration 3, AquaAffinity 1 Voting 2014
Paper.png A Dirty Rag Uncommon Consider throwing this away. Paper None Warrenord Quest
Compass.png Adventurer's Compass Uncommon A poorly crafted compass, yet with a rough map of known Aloria on its bottom. Compass Fortune 3 Voting 2015-16
Iron Ingot.png Aeon Pin Uncommon A metal pin, showing your support of Aeon industria. Iron Ingot None Aeon Industries Quest 2014
CreeperSkull.png Afflatus Skull Rare An Afflatus demon skull hewn from the encasing obsidian. Creeper Head Unbreaking 10, Protection 4, BlastProtection 4 Voting 2014
Bow.png Aged Battalion Bow Uncommon This ancient bow comes completed with edged limbs Bow Sharpness 3, Power 2, Unbreaking 2 Voting
Book.png A guide to the Haunted Holy City Uncommon This book seems very poorly written. Book Infinity 1 Harvest Festival Quest 2014
Potion.png Aladd's Demise Common A strong spirit made with a flavor of dates with a heavy warm burn in the throat. Potion None Watson's Cafe Winter Special 2014
PoisonousPotato.png A Lemon Uncommon Rather sour tasting. Poisonous Potato Sharpness 1 Voting 2014
Paper.png All the Wrinkles Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Babamanga at any time during the Winter Festival! Paper None Winter Festival 2013
Head.png Alorian Globe Uncommon A miniature globe of Aloria, an essential item for any explorer or navigator. Head None Crafting Recipe 2015
Paper.png Amused or Abused? Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Dr. Fong at the summer festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Poppy.png Anaheran Poppy Common A freshly picked poppy flower from the Anahera opium fields Poppy Featherfalling 4 Summer Festival 2014
CreeperSkull.png Ancient Ch'ien-ji Dragon Mask Rare An ancient mask worn for festivals and ceremonies Creeper Skull Power 3, Fire Protection 3, Unbreaking 1 Voting
Strad.png Ancient Harp Uncommon With a beautiful golden frame, this ancient music instrument is rumord to be one of many lost treasures of Arach'n. Strad Music Disc Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3 Arach'n Quest
DiamondPickaxe.png Ancient Iron Hall Pickaxe Uncommon An ancient artifact from the fallen Dwarven kingdom Iron Hall. Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 3, Fortune 1 Voting 2014
Diamond Sword.png Ancient Katana Uncommon The metal of this blade has been painstakingly folded thousands of times to ensure sharpness and flexibility. Diamond Sword Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Quality 6 Voting 2015-16
Golden Helmet.png Ancient Nelfin Crown Rare An old jeweled crown, said to have been worn by Nelfin royalty before the empires collapse. Golden Crown Unbreaking 3, Fortune 5, Lure 3 Voting 2015-16
Bow.png Ancient Rie Bow Uncommon An ancient artifact from the fallen Elven kingdom Rie. Bow Unbreaking 3, Power 3, Infinity 1 Voting 2014
Beetroot Soup.png Angle Bushberry Pudding Common Made from Bushberries of the Angle Isles, this dessert is sweet and filling. Beetroot Soup Punch 1, Sweet 3 Summer Festival 2016
Paper.png Anti-Qadir Propaganda Uncommon A paper advertising the faults and threats of trusting Qadir Paper Sharpness 2, Lure 2 Winter Festival 2014 Trading Booth
Book.png Antimagic Tome Uncommon This thick tome is bound in rich leather embossed with lapis dust and contains all of the basic information on how antimagic works. Book Unbreaking 5, Power 4, Informative 4 Summer Festival 2016
Diamond Sword.png Apocalypse Blade Uncommon A devasting blade able to sunder stone and rend armor often used to bring doom to entire civilizations. Diamond Boots Sharpness 5, Looting 3, Unbreaking 3, Wrath 5 KOTH
Diamond Boots.png Apocalypse Boots Uncommon "Powerful armor worn by those who are devoted to bring an end to all life on Aloria." Diamond Boots "Protection 4, Feather Falling 4, Depth Strider 3, Unbreaking 3, Power 5, Wrath 10" KOTH
Apple.png Apple Common This apple looks so tasty! Apple None Warrenord Quest
Cookie.png Apple & Cinnamon Macaroon Uncommon A delicious macaron smelling of delicious holiday spices. Cookie Lure 3, Tasty 2 Unknown
Iron shovel.png Aquatine Fishing Spear Rare A spear from the Crypt war against Aquatine ending in Crypt's victory. Iron Shovel Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 4, Lure 5 War Victory. Crypt vs. Aquatine
Book.png Archaelogist's Journal Rare This journal contains detailed illustrations of Seraph ruins and strange objects. The pages are covered in a coded language you can't decipher. Book Protection 3, Power 5, Infinity 1, Intrigue 6 Voting 2015-16
Golden Nugget.png Archery Medal Uncommon A medal given to great archers to reward their skill. Golden Nugget Fortune 3, Prestige 3 Archery Event
Bow.png Arc of the Labyrinth Uncommon The bow used by the Minotaur itself Bow Power 5, Infinity 1, Flame 1 PVE Maze Event
Potion.png Arlor Moon Common A very strong spirit from the Kingdom of Arlora with a slight hint of apple flavor. Potion None Tavern Drink's 2014
Potion.png Arlor Moonshine Common An almost illegally strong brewn spirit from corn from the Kingdom of Arlora. Only sold at the Golden Willow Tavern. Potion None Tavern Drink's 2014
Arrow.png Arrow of Nelfin Slaying Uncommon A centuries old Arrow from the Orc Invasion days. Arrow None Unknown
Flint.png A rune stone Uncommon Holding this stone you feel empowered to bend others to your will. Flint None Warrenord Quest
Potion.png A Strong Drink Uncommon You have a feeling this drinks packs a punch Potion None Winter Festival 2014
Compass.png Atherton's Compass Uncommon This compass appears to not to be pointing North. I wonder why not.. Compass Unbreaking 2, Smooth 2, Shiny 2 Summer Festival 2016
Diamond Axe.png Axe of Applicability Uncommon What utility! Diamond Axe Feather Falling 4, Blast Prot. 3, Aqua Affinity 2, Thorns 1, Unbreaking 1, Power 1 Voting 2015-16
Iron axe.png Axe of Hutopia Rare This high quality forged axe was granted to the leaders of Alkari upon their victory over Hutopia. Iron Axe Unbreaking 3, Sharpness 3, Power 5 War Victory Trophy
Diamond Axe.png Axe of Terrorism Uncommon Go cut some wood Diamond Axe Efficiency 1 Staff Testing Quest
Blue Orchid.png Axford Maiden Uncommon A sweet scented tulip which is used in the creation of perfumes. Blue Orchid Lure 3, Aroma 3 Voting 2015-16
Yellow Carpet.png Azure Order Mage Collar Rare A standard issue collar from the Azure Order worn by tracked mages. Yellow Carpet "Respiration 1, Unbreaking 3, Infinity 1" Voting 2015-16