The Merriment of Thieves

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A collection of thief poetry.

Stem of the Poison Rose

Your leaves run black,
Your stem, Onyx,
And your thorns a' prepared- to attack!
Never get near,
For the bloom, o' it sears,
And all of your riches, they're mine!
Nothing you own, is safe- from- me!

Ironically Generous

You're lucky that I do not take everything,
I leave some for you, some for me!
You're desperately trying,
To escape op-er-tun-i-ty!
I spread the wealth,
Make it all even,
It's not like it dangers your health!


But a little, tiny, thing.
You cause so much terror;
You're built for breaking,
You leave no room for error.
You little tiny serpent,
Nothing better than a spy.
May the Void have mercy, repent,
You'll suffer once you die!