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This page is a sub-page of the Geography page which records all major regions of the Alorian world and explains roughly what each nation or area is like. Fendarfelle is roughly northwest from Corontium, home to unmapped wilderness but also a series of colonies. The entry for this page is tied to more expansive lore, which is linked within their respective table row. Below is a piece of the Geography map cut out to show the region of focus.


Name Description

Uncharted Fendarfelle Colonies.png

The continent of Fendarfelle is a vast landscape, full of diverse climates and biomes which support a unique ecosystem of strange creatures and plants still being discovered by all kinds of groups. The region, formerly attached to Westwynd and parts of Northbelt, was broken away in the Cataclysm and was briefly lost to the world before explorations of the sea saw it found in around 60 AC. Since then, the region has become a new frontier with a series of charters being issued by an array of states across Aloria, many coming from the Regalian Empire, to set up all manner of ports, plantations, mining operations, exploration activities, and population-supporting ventures. In the past, most of these colonies were loyal to a range of states, but Regalia’s gradual conquests and diplomatic absorptions of regions means well over half of the region’s colonies pay dues back to this great empire. The region was hit very badly in the Bone Horror Crisis, that great rising of bones and decayed flesh into a range of monsters, but has since gradually recovered over the near-decade since that great disaster. Peoples of all kinds can be found in Fendarfelle, and the region is truly a diverse place, though still divided up with regional rivalries that have never broken out into warfare.