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Godborn are the offspring of specific divine entities of the Religions on Aloria, that even includes Estellon and Void Worship even though they are based on extra-planar entities. The Godborn manifest unique appearances, personality, and powers based on their heritage, but also have a uniquely difficult life within their own religious communities. Far from being worshiped or praised as the children of the god, Godborn are uniquely cursed with a demand to prove themselves, a task which for many of them seems too great to achieve, and so many of them languish in irrelevance, subject to the mockery and derision of the faithful, as if they are an extension of the inability of their religion to prove its superiority to others. In fact, many of the Godborn become an extension of religious wars between the various beliefs around the world, even if they nominally live in relatively peaceful conditions in various countries. There is always the hope that a Godborn will beat the Godborn of other religions in fame and name, though failing that, the criticism towards them is also proportionally more severe. It is said among the various religions that when a Godborn is born, the Gods flip a coin, with one side resulting in them being paragons of their faith, pious and virtuous, and the other side resulting in them being a curse of crime, violence and disappointment.

Rules to playing a Godborn

There are some Rules associated with portraying Godborn correctly. Note, some Abilities or Mechanics of Godborn do allow their Godborn traits to be hidden. This goes under a fair-use policy, meaning that the capacity to hide Godborn traits should be incidental, not the norm. It should be used to aid in plots and plans, not be the main mode of hiding a Godborn's identity, since this robs a lot of the public story potential of Godborn. If you play an Godborn, but spend most of your time hiding Godborn status, Staff may ask you to retcon your Character being an Godborn. Unlike Arkenborn, Godborn have more freedom to dictate whether they can Shapeshift or Disguise Godborn Traits by use of Point Buy Abilities, but the same care should be taken not to make the Godborn aspect of a Character incidental.

  • Godborn can only ever be from one God and a mortal pairing. Godborn also cannot be Arkenborn or Broods at the same time.
  • Godborn have a strict set of mandatory traits and optional aesthetics, all of which are overwritten by Afflictions.
  • The following Races cannot be Godborn: Yanar, Bralona, or Maraya if they were specifically awakened from a Vault.
  • Being an Godborn does not make a Character Occult, though the Regalian State may still treat them as such often.
  • Godborn status is not transferrable across generations, meaning that one Godborn does not sire more Godborn.
  • Godborn status is immediate on birth, cannot be hidden, and for many provides a rough childhood for Godborn.
  • Godborn are only ever born to faithful mortal parents. Gods do not copulate with heathens, heretics, or nonbelievers.

Playing a Godborn

Playing a Godborn (in contrast to Arkenborn) is not recommended for new players, due to the reading recommended, and the deep nuance of religions, and how they impact the lives and behavior of Godborn. Equally, Godborn tend to be very independently minded and operating, meaning they are not great starting places for connections with other Characters (and there equally aren't a lot of clergy Characters around to rely on). Playing a Godborn is generally considered more positive than Arkenborn, as Arkenborn are well recorded to be demon-spawn, and many Godborn have gone on to live virtuous lives. It should be noted however, that not all Godborn are treated equally, especially in the Regalian Empire. Keep in mind that some Characters may refuse to acknowledge other Religions, and may as a result mis-identify Godborn as Mages of other Religions. Experiences as a Godborn may radically vary, Godborn may define how another player reacts to a Character at face value, but many will also completely ignore it. In lore, Godborn generally have a tough upbringing within society, as there is a level of unreasonable expectation on Godborn. Some rise to the occasion and become paragons of virtue in their faith, while others turn against the very faith that sired them in an act of rebellion, struggling against the judgement and derision of their inability to live up to expectations.

Godborn Types

Unionist Godborn

While Unionism has two schisms that function as separate Religions, Godborn of the individual Schisms are mutually recognized, and treated with the same respect, even if their parents are not literally worshiped in the faith.

God Overview: Caan (right on image) is the (Guided) Unionist God of Knights, Magic, and proper usage of Magic in faith, and doing good in the world, while absconding those who use Magic for ego and greed.
Known Powers: Caan is a legendary Matter Mage, and one of the Mage-Knights of the Aelrrigan Order. This means he can summon matter and substance from nothing, and use Magic for a great deal of things.
Godborn Traits: Max age 50, must be Ailor/Fin'ullen/Solvaan/Maquixtl or any Half-Race variants, auburn hair color, and must have God-Sight Eyes (bright colored iris/pupil, or whole eye).
Optional Traits: Caan Godborn can use their eyes to cast Magic or Abilities, which does not change the function of their Ability, but just uses light or beams of light from their eyes as aesthetic, using magic to see.
Birth Story: Caan Godborn are quite numerous, as though Caan is a God of a fairly chaste religion, Caan is definitely not. Caan has many affairs, as is beholden to a celebrity of his Status in Knighthood.
Divine Purpose: Caan Godborn are often Mages, and within Unionism, there is a societal expectation from the followers for them to be perfect virtuous Mages, and to fight/punish those who are not.
Mechanic One: Caan Godborn can use Sinistral Magic, always being classified Radiant instead. They can also be blind, seeing with Magic, they can never be blindfolded (but can be affected by the Status Effect).
Mechanic Two: Caan Godborn can send Magic particles in the wind drifting far, to receive vague visions of things happening and existing in faraway lands. (this may require communication with Event DM's or Tickets).
Mechanic Three: Caan Godborn can choose one Mechanic from the Maquixtl Heritage Traits to add to their own, even if they are not Half-Maquixtl. If they are, choose one Heritage Trait Mechanic from Ailor instead.
God Overview: Neall (left) and Nolvan (right) are the (Dogmatic) Unionist Twin-Gods representing the duality of art and war, of softness and harshness, of culture and chaos, and of divine inspiration and creativity.
Known Powers: Neall is known to be a divine artist producing such pieces of art that they move and inspire, and sometimes predict the future. Nolvan is known as un undefeated duelist and warriors.
Godborn Traits: No max age, must be Ailor/Solvaan/ or any Half-Race variants, auburn hair color, and must have Golden Glowing Eyes. Twindivine Godborn myst always be played in Twin-Pairs (two Players).
Optional Traits: Twindivine Godborn can also have a glowing golden band horizontally across their forehead of holy scripture, or a golden halo behind their head, both of which are toggle-able.
Birth Story: Neall and Nolvan do everything together, and their children invariably do too. All children born from them are always fraternal (or identical) twins, usually from the same mother.
Divine Purpose: Neall and Nolvan Godborn are seen by the faithful as living embodiments of the struggle between War and Culture, and many look up to them to be paragons of these qualities for the Empire.
Mechanic One: Twindivine Godborn can (out of combat) exchange their Proficiencies with one another. They may also use Elytra as flight in Regalia (including use of rockets). Combat instantly disables flight.
Mechanic Two: Twindivine Godborn can (out of combat or when exiting combat) reach their hand through the chest of a dying or dead person and restart their heart, even if they have guaranteed revive mechanics.
Mechanic Three: Twindivine Godborn gain Solvaan Mist Forms as a Mechanic, black coal smoke if they are losing faith in their work, white and golden glowing clouds if their faith is secure.
God Overview: Amandaros is the (Evintarian) Unionist God of life-lust, happiness, celebration and progeny. It is well established that he is part-God part-Void Demon in Evintarian Unionism.
Known Powers: Amandaros has divine touch when it comes to solving infertility or inability to give birth, even for same-sex couples or singles, who wish to share the happiness of children.
Godborn Traits: No max age, no Race limits (because Amandaros is Raceless, the Godborn's Race will be the parent's (even if Half-Race), and must have Void-bent Eyes (Magenta glowing irises).
Optional Traits: Amandaros's children can have any evolved aspect of Evolism in them, for example Void Mutations, increased/heightened body-size and build, and horns, without being Occult.
Birth Story: Amandaros resides in the Temple of Birth to be summoned/asked for aid in conceiving a child for childless parents who cannot have them, and even single people who don't want to marry.
Divine Purpose: Unlike other Godborn of Unionism, These Godborn have no expectations, as they are considered a solution to a problem: infertility. They might still be mistrusted on account of being part-Demon.
Mechanic One: Amandaros Godborn gain the Enchant Shift Pack for free. However, unlike other Shapeshifters, they cannot Shapeshift to mimic people (Player Characters).
Mechanic Two: Amandaros Godborn gain a Transformation to appear as a Succor Kindred, an Incubus/Succubus version of themselves with Amandaros like aesthetics. does not count as Disguise or a Monster.
Mechanic Three: Amandaros Godborn can (with OOC consent) read emotions from other Characters, and suppress their own from being read. Additionally they can bottle their own emotions to consume later.

Fornoss Godborn

Note that while Fornoss only has two Godborn on this page, because Thirun (The Arken of Pride) is also a God in Fornoss, Arkenborn of Pride are also considered Godborn among the Fornoss followers. However, it is important to note that this is purely a religious distinction for the Fornoss. While Godborn on this Page are generally acknowledged by all other Religions, Arkenborn of Pride are only acknowledged by Fornoss followers as Godborn, because the Pride Arken is considered a Demon to all other Religions. Pride Arkenborn share similar expectations to other Fornoss Godborn within Fornoss society.

God Overview: Halfvel is the Wolf-Father, the Fornoss God of Marken, Beasts, and particularly Wolves. His specific role in Fornoss is to seed demigodhood among Mortals for the faith.
Known Powers: Halfvel is known as the Wolf-Father, and a protector of nature, while Wolves are his agents in the wild. He is the most powerful Marken known to exist, and commands others.
Godborn Traits: No max age, must be Ailor, Half-Ailor, Dwarf, Half-Dwarf, or Urlan, must have black hair, and must have Wolf-God Eyes (sky-blue irises, with dark-gray sclera).
Optional Traits: Halfvel Godborn can have increased height and build, or a green-blue glowing skin discoloration shaped like a tree on their back and arms which grows as they age.
Birth Story: Halfvel has perhaps the most Godborn wandering Aloria, since his very purpose is to create them. He frequently appears to single women for one night of divine passion.
Divine Purpose: Halfvel's children are considered wardens of nature and Fornoss society. In general though, Fornoss faith does not describe divinity to Godborn, their life is more like a trial.
Mechanic One: Halfvel Godborn are always Marken, cannot be cured, and can speak humanoid languages in all Transformations. Additionally, they have perfect night vision in dark environments.
Mechanic Two: Halfvel Godborn can absorb (non player) Spirits into their body, turning them into Fornoss Revenants, and fusing their personality and self with their own to create a new identity.
Mechanic Three: Halfvel Godborn are immune to Prideborn Mindvex, Bodyborn forced Mutations, and general Arkenborn mind/emotion/memory alterations. They also can only be seen by the Vola Gods if they act.
God Overview: Eikki is the God of Drunken Revelry, partying and feasting. While Halfvel creates Godborn on purpose, Eikki's Godborn are often more treated like an accident or byproduct.
Known Powers: Eikki as the King of Feasting has great command over the realm of delights and beers, brewing legendary ales, godly roasts and generally addictive foods and drinks.
Godborn Traits: No max age, must be Ailor, Half-Ailor, Dwarf, Half-Dwarf, or Urlan, must have ginger hair, and must have Revel-God Eyes (glowing orange irises, with black sclera).
Optional Traits: Eikki Godborn are either large and fat, or large and muscular, and cannot lose this body shape no matter what. They can also take other Eikki aesthetics (see Art).
Birth Story: Eikki Godborn are more often than not just accidental births during Eikki's legendary parties where drunken stupors slide into unexpected nights of passionate after-party.
Divine Purpose: Eikki's Godborn like other Fornoss Godborn have little expectation placed on them by society that does not want to acknowledge them until they have done something worth respect.
Mechanic One: Eikki Godborn are able to (God-Magic) summon endless foods and drinks of the highest addictive and succulent quality, while their drinks might create (consent based) addiction in consumers.
Mechanic Two: Eikki Godborn have an impossibly high tolerance for Alcohol, and can get away with breaking Low and Magic Law, so long as they got a decent laugh, or flirt, out of bystanders.
Mechanic Three: Eikki Godborn If imprisoned, locked up, or chained down, Corruption Arkenborn can slip out of these restraints and walk through locked doors. They can still be attacked and hurt if careless though!

Draconism Godborn

It is primarily necessary to state that Dragons do not reproduce. As a result. Draconism Godborn, function somewhat differently, and are in fact called "Dreamborn", though most other Religions still consider them Draconism Godborn. Note, Dreamborn aren't also Godborn in the traditional sense. While most Godborn are born without function or purpose and their role is fulfilled in service to their religion, Dreamborn are born with a very specific fate in mind divined by Daiana's own dreams. These can sometimes be as complicated as "Solve world hunger", and "Free all Asha slaves in Allorn captivity", but can sometimes can also be very subtle things like "Start a school in Crookback, Regalia", or "Invent a new machine that can keep food good for longer and prevent decay". Why or how these Purposes come about is unclear, and sometimes it also seems cruel that some Fates seem insurmountable, while others can be performed in a single day. Not only that, Daiana also frequently dreams up new Dreamborn with the same Fate, if the previous one took too long, died, or diverted from the path and started aiding evil (Void/Exist/Ordial entities). Dreamborn with the same purpose will be able to recognize each other, and Dreamborn in general receive frequent visions of Daiana's Dreams directing them to their Purpose and Fate, however Fate is never set, and each Dreamborn has free will to refuse. They are also not Spirits or Magical entities, they are born Mundane.

God Overview: Daiana is the Dragon Core of the world, she dreams up the other Gods and Goddesses and is Earth and Nature incarnate, as well as the proverbial Earth Mother Spirit.
Known Powers: Daiana's powers are barely understood to be able to dream parts of reality around divinity and concepts of reality in the world, including the Dreamborn and their fates.
Godborn Traits: No max age, can be of any Race or Half-Race, and must have Half-Death Eyes (either yellow or blue, dark sclera, and irises produce a wispy trail as they move).
Optional Traits: Dreamborn otherwise do not have any real aesthetics, as they are often just dreamt up as normal people. They can however pick general Dragon Aesthetics (scales, horns, tails, etc).
Birth Story: Dreamborn are not born, they just appear one day with visions of their Divine Purpose, either as infants to be raised by a family or as full grown adults ready for their mission.
Divine Purpose: Dreamborn do not have a semi divine nature in Draconism, but it is understood that they fulfill some kind of hidden purpose decided upon by Daiana's Dreams which often defy logic.
Mechanic One: Dreamborn gain Mechanic 7 and 8 from Archon Mechanics, despite not being Archon themselves. Dreamborn cannot become Archon.
Mechanic Two: Dreamborn gain access to the Sofawaati Form Mechanic, even if they are not Songaskians, styled after whichever Dragon closest aligns with their dreamed up Fate.
Mechanic Three: Dreamborn gain are tuned into Daiana's Dreams. They can read certain Event hints that may not be obvious to other people (inquire with DM/Event Hoster for opportunities).

Estelley Godborn

Note that while Estelley only has one Godborn on this page, because Artarel (The Arken of Justice) is also a God in Estelley, Arkenborn of Justice are also considered Godborn among the Estelley followers. However, it is important to note that this is purely a religious distinction for the Estelley. While Godborn on this Page are generally acknowledged by all other Religions, Arkenborn of Justice are only acknowledged by Estelley followers as Godborn, because the Justice Arken is considered a Demon to all other Religions. Justice Arkenborn share similar expectations to other Estelley Godborn within Estelley society.

God Overview: Sapphora is the Estelley Goddess of of the Here and Now, of Popularity, Extroversion, and Sociability. She resides in Amontaar to give those wishing children their wish.
Known Powers: Sapphora like all other Estelley Gods is an immensely powerful Mage, with a particular focus on the seduction and mental control over others akin to mind influence and thralling.
Godborn Traits: No max age, must be any Elven Race or any Half-Race of these (but she never lays with Eronidas, Asha, Urlan, or Allar), and have Saphery-Eyes (Golden iris with pink flecks).
Optional Traits: Sapphora Godborn can have any number of movable snake-head hair strands, floral glowing pink patterns on their skin, or metallic golden glowing hair.
Birth Story: Sapphora welcomes those who cannot have children at her Temple, or those seeking her love (as she is the most beautiful Elven creature alive), granting them the burden of child-raising in return.
Divine Purpose: Sapphora's Godborn have an unclear purpose. Any Elf is free to dictate their expectation on the Godborn of Estelley, whether they be intrepid conquerors, powerful mages, or caretakers.
Mechanic One: Sapphora Godborn gain Sinistral Mindvex Pack for free, but cannot use Persuasion Guidance. Additionally, they can make Persuasion Dice derive from Magic Proficiency.
Mechanic Two: Sapphora Godborn if spurned in romance, lose their Godborn Mechanics, and gain the Rejection Arkenborn Mechanics temporarily, until they regain their faith in love, and return to Sapphora's Mechanics.
Mechanic Three: Sapphora Godborn are masters having anxiety that people talk badly of them. Even for languages they do not speak, if someone insults them in a their native tongue, they will know what was said.

Baskarr Godborn

Baskarr Godborn exist within the spectrum of the known Gods. It is entirely possible that future discoveries of long lost Gods, may also return knowledge of additional Godborn types.

God Overview: Akhet is the Sun-God of fertility, perseverance, survival, and the ever-lasting memory of the Dewamenet Empire. He is the God-King of Baskarr Gods and Goddesses.
Known Powers: Akhet's powers are somewhat mysterious, but he is a known Shapeshifter and commands the power of the sun and fire for all those who would stand in his way (and wake).
Godborn Traits: Always Asha (or Half-Asha), Akhet's Godborn have sections (or fully) golden metallic fur, while their irises are metallic golden, and their eye whites reflective black.
Optional Traits: Akhet's Godborn may also generally be bigger, taller, and broader than other Asha, and be energized and excitable merely from being touched by sunrays around them.
Birth Story: Akhet frequently disguises as a dimuitive Rat-Asha with a single golden fur patch on his back, seeking out those who will lay with him to add to his Thousand Sons.
Divine Purpose: Akhet's Godborn are believed to be warriors of the Dewamenet Legacy among Baskarr faithful, fighting to uphold the memory of their once dead Empire, and revive parts of it.
Mechanic One: Akhet Godborn can perform great feats of physical power outside of Combat like bare-hand climbing up cliffs, throwing boulders and cracking them with a single punch, and carry huge loads.
Mechanic Two: Akhet Godborn can Transform into a Sulfur Demgod, made of solid bronze plates, vents of steam and magma, and animalistic traits. This Transformation counts as a Disguise but breaks when defeated.
Mechanic Three: Akhet Godborn can curse (with OOC Consent) to teach someone compassion for the Asha by changing their heritage to Asha (from for example previously Ailor) until they understand, or want to stay that way.
God Overview: Khannar is the dead-God of Revenge, Justice for the dead Dewamenet, and retribution for the still living Asha enacted upon the Elves and the Allorn Legacy they hold.
Known Powers: Khannar is a vicious fighter, with claws that rend death-poison that kill quickly and painfully. His followers are his enactors of divine punishment on their enemies.
Godborn Traits: Khannar Godborn must always be Full Blood Asha, always have Khannar's glowing teal eyes, and become enshrouded in ghostly teal mists the more they become enraged.
Optional Traits: Khannar Godborn can optionally manifest all manner of Ordial-Themed Necromancer-like aesthetics. A common one is to also turn any pets or mounts into ghostly animal skeletons.
Birth Story: Khannar is assumed to only have hate in his heart, but this misses the context of his love for his own people. Khannar can genuinely fall in love with Asha and spend summers with them.
Divine Purpose: Khannar's Godborn are believed to be the killers that do the dirty work that Akhet's Godborn would not, to act as judge, jury, and executioner, both within Asha society for traits, and Allorn outside.
Mechanic One: If imprisoned, locked up, or chained down, Khannar Godborn can slip out of these restraints and walk through locked doors with little effort. They can still be attacked and hurt if careless though!
Mechanic Two: Khannar Godborn can infest an Object or Artifact, temporarily becoming a Vested Spirit by Spirit Page rules. The Weapon can be cleansed by Aelrrigans, causing the Godborn to be ejected.
Mechanic Three: If investigated by any Knight, Khannar Godborn can wipe the memories of a Knight involving them specifically so that any investigation is sure to be stalled forever against them.

Pagan Faith Godborn

Pagan Faith Godborn are immensely rare. Even though multiple Godborn may be categorized here, this is a group-category for standalone Godborn. That means none of them are religiously related to one another. Note: Xeradon Godborn do need to be part of Xeradon's Will Religion, however Eldertide Godborn do not need to be members of the Eldertide Religion. Eldertide Godborn are the only exception on this page that allows their Godborn to not be part of their Religion, or born to parents that worship the Eldertide.

God Overview: Xeradon is the Deep-sea Leviathan Emperor, the God of all the seas as seen by his Religion Xeradon's Will, an ancient Pagan Faith that pre-dates many other Religions.
Known Powers: Xeradon is absolutely massive, and is capable of swallowing whole islands and ships whole. He is the largest and most powerful deep-sea creature to ever have lived of godlike qualities.
Godborn Traits: Xeradon's Godborn can only ever be full-blood Finullen or (Mai)Allar. All of Xeradon's Godborn have Depth-Seer Eyes, black/gray sclera with glowing white irises that are visible in complete darkness.
Optional Traits: Other optional traits for Xeradon's Godborn are a variety of deep-sea themed aesthetics (claws, fins, tails, etc.), but they may also adopt Allar/Finullen aesthetics between them.
Birth Story: Xeradon sometimes chooses one of his followers to be his Maiden for the year, which can sometimes result in Xeradon creating offspring, born in the deep ocean depths where no sun shines.
Divine Purpose: Xeradon's children are seen as leaders of Xeradon's Cult, and also tasked with roaming the land to subject those worthy of his glory to his worship (and also to enjoy the surface as their paradise).
Mechanic One: Xeradon's Godborn can Transform into Deep-Sea Terrors, nautical horrors with sharp claws, teeth and other appendages. This Transformation counts as a Disguise but breaks when defeated (and is Illegal!)
Mechanic Two: Xeradon's Godborn willingly can close their heart and mind to certain emotions or their conscience, allowing them to commit acts of great evil without feeling bad.
Mechanic Three: Xeradon's Godborn cannot be killed by mere mortals, as their father causes their dead body to erupt in a spout of water, turning them into a Water Spirit for a week until they are revived.
God Overview: The Eldertide is an unknowable shapeshifting entity that resides in an astral dream state and seduces those willing to lay with monsters, creating a cult to reveal the ugly truth of the world.
Known Powers: The Eldertide is not known to have any explicit powers, rather it is an immensely powerful entity that cannot be guarded against, even with conventional anti mind-control and Demon trappings.
Godborn Traits: The Eldertide's Godborn Monsters. They have Heritage Traits (any except Slizzar), but are monstrous versions with themes (nautical, body, eldritch, etc). They also have glowing orange irises and black sclera.
Optional Traits: Keep in mind that Monsters are very illegal in Regalia. Callous appearances as a Monster may result in Knights rallying to try and execute the monster. Caution and subtlty is advised.
Birth Story: Eldertide Godborn are born through the Eldertide's seduction. To read more on the Eldertide, source the Religion Page which explains the coming about of Eldertide Godborn.
Divine Purpose: The Eldertide's Godborn are considered true reflections of the ugliness of the world, its hypocrisy, its internal evil, and its wretched and corrupt contradictions. They are truth in a world of lies.
Mechanic One: Eldertide Godborn can Transform into somewhat normal-looking versions of themselves. This is not a Disguise, but is also not absolute: Certain traits can be hidden to varying degrees, changed, or revealed.
Mechanic Two: Eldertide Gorborn can make a pact with anyone for some kind of agreement or quest. In turn however, if they attack the Godborn or fail the quest, they take massive damage (discuss in Dm's what this means).
Mechanic Three: Eldertide Godborn gain +2 Main Combat Stat (break cap to 11) against any opponent that is Transformed who is not Eldertide. They also gain additional options during Monster Hunt events (consult with DM).


  • Playing a Godborn won't suddenly make other Roleplayers interested in your character. While the Demigod aesthetic is alluring, it inevitably won't be a golden bullet to make other Characters interact with yours.
  • Godborn of the Unionist Schisms (Evintarian, Dogmatic, Emended) are recognized in Regalia. Other Godborn however are not acknowledged, not even Old Gods Godborn despite many Old Gods faithful living in the Regalian Capital.
  • Godborn can seek out their parents to acquire a greater understanding of their purpose in life, but this may sometimes come as a pandora's box: not all Gods are interested in speaking with their mortal offspring.

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