House Kade

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House Kade
Noble Family
Surname Kade
Current Region Anglia, Dragenthal, Dorinn
Place of Origin Anglia
Famous Members Vladimir Kade, Morgann Kade, Alexander I
Wealth Status Spectacular-Wealth
Distinctions Princely Lords of Anglia, Dukes of Dorinn, Counts of Turall and lower Anglia

The Kade Family is a wealthy noble family descending from Thedmir Wolffor Kade, a local alderman to the Anglian region in the Regalian Archipelago, who started his family by a combination of crime lordly business and local production oversight. The family was largely insignificant for the largest part of Thedmir’s life, until the Five Family Rebellion swept the family into prominence as leaders of the rebellion against the corrupt Kingdom of Regalia, together with the four other Great Families. In the progression between the success of the revolt and 300 AC, the family would grow to be the wealthiest and largest still functioning family in Regalia, while also being the oldest by far. The family’s wealth grew from skewed price manipulation on bread and grain, the major export of their lands, as well as shrewd diplomacy and tactical marriages to absorb smaller families as well as claim ever growing dowries to establish a safe investment fund. The Kade family would eventually seize the Imperial throne of the Empire, and while the family has suffered controversy and instability in recent times, they continue to be the Empire’s most powerful political family.

Formal Address

  • Cedric Kade I: Prince-Lord of Anglia (Prins-Heere van Anglia in Anglian)
  • Xavier Kade I: Prince-Elect of House Kade (Prins-Heere Elekt in Anglian)
  • Astrid Kade I: Duchess of Dorinn (Hertoginne van Dorinn in Anglian)
  • Philip Kade I: Count of Testamere (Graave van Testameer in Anglian)
  • Reginald Kade V: Duke of Axelland (Hertog van Axel-land in Anglian)
  • Aliandre Kade II: Baroness of Alvamere (Jonckfrouwe van Alvameer in Anglian)

Family Overview

The Lampero was the last family absorbed into the Kade Dynasty when the last Duke married a Kade matrilineally.

The first recorded family member of the Kade family was Thedmir Wolffor Kade. The exact meaning of the name is unclear, it is often assumed it was originally “Kaden” which would have referred to the fact that the ancestral family used to live on the dockside of Axford before swamp dredging placed the city more inland, kaden meaning docksides in Anglian. His parents are either not recorded in history, erased, or were deemed of common low birth and thus left off the dynasty tree when the family ascended to nobility. Since the tenure of Thedmir’s son, Caldomir Kade, the family has been a hallmark example of internal stability, loyalty and unity. The family’s main strong suit, being their cohesion and reliability as well as their political fluency, was dictated by the Kade Compendium, a book which details family ownership in intricate detail with many directives on how to remain stable.

The Kades are considered by many nobles to be a grandfatherly family that hovers over the lesser families like a law enforcement unit or a stabilizing factor. The family often acts as a mediator in disputes between other families, as well as judge, jury and executioner when drastic measures call for it. It is generally thought that the family has many skeletons in the closet, given that the family is so extensive and has its own political system within itself that outsiders are only loosely aware of. The family has engaged in active espionage and even assassination in the past, spawning many conspiracy theories and rumors that implicate the family in shady dealings. The majority of the family’s fame however comes from the fact that they have ran the Supreme Chancellor’s office of Regalia for over three hundred years uninterrupted, having a high hand in steering the future visions of the Regalian Empire.

Another essential part of the family’s value comes from agriculture and gold storage. The family has aptly maneuvered itself to control the vast majority of the grain production in the Regalian Empire, establishing a near-monopoly on food for the Regalian City. With clever and underhanded manipulation of the bread price, the family has gathered wealth in times of trouble and prosperity alike, which often led to the family being accused of being opportunistic. Their wealth later on was established in the Regalian Kade Banking, though to call it a bank is not entirely accurate. The business purely stores the family’s wealth in gold in secure locations, and permits only a select few high noble houses to store their own gold with the Kade gold for safe storage. The Bank does not actually invest or move gold around on the financial market, it is simply a storage that other families pay to make use of, due to its reputation of never having been broken into (given the fact it is hosted in the castle with the thickest walls in Anglia).


The family rose to prominence after the Five Family Rebellion where the Kade family was given the seat of political power as Chancellors. They immediately broke the Five Family Concord by marrying one of the other great families and absorbing them into their dynasty. This led to a short succession crisis that eventually resolved itself with the 99 year concord which dictated that some Kade land should eventually fall out of their hands. As expected however, the family broke this agreement too, but far too late for anyone to do something about it.

Over the following 300 years, the Kade family has known bad Chancellors, excellent Chancellors and even more terrible Chancellors. Aside from a few offshoots, the actual average quality of the political leaders of the Kade family has been relatively low, however their political control due to owning the grain barn of the Empire as well as their marriages with other families, kept them firmly in control. Over the centuries, the policy has always been to marry off daughters with financially advantageous dowries to enhance family wealth, while marrying off sons to ensure dynastic control over smaller families as well as expanding the lands through marriage. By square mile, the Kade family controls the most amount of land in the Regalian Empire, spanning from Dorinn to the entirety of Anglia and smaller parts of Dragenthal. Inhabitant wise however, the Kade lands are smaller than the Typhonus lands or the collective population of Dragenthal’s major cities. After the fall of the Lo family and the absorbtion of the Lovegood family, the Kade family came into the posession of vast tavern fortunes and the entirety of the Dorinn lands.

In present times, the Kade family attained the Imperial throne on the death of Emperor Justinian the Second who survived his children and eventually granted inheritance right through his brother’s daughters. Since the Kade and Ivrae family frequently intermarried, it made sense that the first heir to the throne would be a Kade. While officially this royal family has split off as the Alltmeister dynasty, the two families still work closely together as they are ran by brothers. The Kade family no longer control the Chancellor’s seat as this was done away with in 302 AC, though the family still controls many high political offices in the military as well as the Judiciary and the Bureaucracy due to the Emperor’s appointment of his past kin to high offices. Normally this would be gross nepotism on behalf of the Kades, but the practice has been silently condoned by the other nobility on grounds that the Kade family generally radiate stability and consistency, and a stable rule, even if corrupt, is always preferable to complete chaos.


The current patriarch of House Kade is Xavier Kade.

The Kade family keeps a number of branches. In fact, there is more than a dozen Cadet branches, but only few families actually matter.

  • Kade-Schwarz is a cadet line used to deposit bastards and illegitimate children, which surprisingly enough, are birthed quite a lot. This cadet line has become notable for breeding some of Regalia’s finest warriors as well as consistently providing leaders for the Imperial Guards and controlling parts of the Anglian Hinterlands.
  • Kade-Salards is a cadet line which was created by frequent marriage with the Ivrae family. Unlike the other Kade branches, this family is almost exclusively Ithanian in culture and controls smaller orchards in the north of Anglia. This cadet is often avoided on account of its lavish spending and internal instability.
  • Kade-Echtellion de Burne is a cadet line which was created by frequent marriage with the van Sherburne family. This cadet is relatively small and insignificant, but still controls some lands to the south of Anglia.
  • Alltmeister(-Kade) is technically a cadet branch, but often considered a unit by itself. This family was created when the Emperor Alexander the First seceded from the Kade family with his family.

Business, Investment, Philantrophy

  • The Kades control a monopoly on agricultural production in the Empire, and usually sets the bread price in times to manipulate their profits. This covers mostly grain production, but also fruit production and mutton.
  • The Kades control the Kade Bank, which is more a hedge fund than an actual bank, which is purely used for safe storage of large gold supplies. The exact amount of gold in this bank has been a closely guarded secret.
  • The Kades are major funders and proponents of sculptors, architects and painters, particularly realists who carve classical statues out of marble, architects who build palatial estates and painters who paint idyllic countrysides. The family is also a notable consumer of brocade and silk, and has a trendsetting position in the Imperial fashion styles.

Cultural Reference

  • To call a politician a “Morgant” is an insulting reference to the past Kade Chancellor Morgann Kade who is generally considered the most corrupt and evil politician known in the Regalian Empire.
  • Many families maintain the same Kade Compendium with slight alterations for their own family rule. This has often led to the terminology, “A Kade-like fist” in reference to a family tightly controlled by a single patriarch where all sons and daughters become subservient to the heir.

Prominent Members

Not all prominent members of the family are male, but the women often operate in the shadows of their husbands, much like the tactician Aliandre Kade does.
  • Thedmir Kade, The first Chancellor (34 BC - 20 AC)
  • Caldomir Kade, The Patriarch Chancellor (2 BC - 48 AC)
  • Aldomir Kade, The lazy Chancellor (20 AC - 80 AC)
  • Tedromar Kade, The burned Chancellor (50 AC - 102 AC)
  • Dwalmar Kade, The short Chancellor (70 AC - 120 AC)
  • Vladimir Kade, The Glorious Chancellor (105 AC - 190 AC)
  • Arnold Kade, The one day Chancellor (120 AC - 190 AC)
  • Alexander Kade, The giant Chancellor (138 AC - 200 AC )
  • Cedmir Kadem The Bankrupt Chancellor (158 AC - 218 AC)
  • Tarnan and Valdemar Kade (174 AC - 237 AC (238 AC))
  • Morgann Kade, The Horrible Chancellor (190 AC - 269 AC)
  • Norn Kade, The Unfortunate Chancellor (224 AC - 273 AC)
  • Moriarty Kade, The Moralizing Chancellor (240 AC - 303 AC)
  • Liliane Kade, Passed the Imperial Throne to a Kade (240 AC - 290 AC)
  • Alexander I Kade, became Emperor of all Regalia (255 AC - Present)
  • Thomas Kade, rose to military prominence before being ousted (260 AC - Present)
  • Cedric Kade, Prince Marshal of Regalia, general (270 AC - Present)


  • Despite being the oldest family and having existed for many centuries, the Kade family does not actually have a crest. Every main member of the family has a personal banner that is interchangeably used as the main family representation when they are the main leader.
  • The family is officially ruled by a Patriarch, currently Xavier Kade, the Emperor's youngest brother, but an Elder Council also presides over family matters in local governance.
  • The Kade family has often been spoken about in relation to the local Anglian legends with regards to the Feathered Dragons.

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