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There have been many famous Elves through the history of Aloria, for the Elven Races are long-lived, and dominated the world for millennia until their fall. Even after this, their diversification and spread prior to the collapse of the Allorn Empire has guaranteed they continue to influence the lives of many in Aloria. These are just some of the Elves who have worked to shape the world. OOC NOTE: This list is not meant to be a comprehensive record of every notable Elf. The Elves here are also not meant to take away from, or reduce, the accomplishments of other notable Elves who are not on the list. The only reason they were not included was due to too little information, their story veered too much into deeplore territory, or their inclusion would have created confusion. The goal of this list, and the others in the People section, is to provide fun, background lore to be discussed in character applications or mentioned in-game. For instance, Xoco’s knowledge of Genos is not superior to that of Suel himself, or his husband and wife who remained behind in Allorn territory. Instead, she should be considered notable to scholars of the field, and to other Maquixtl.

Ordonïs Sälarna Bel-Hyä-Monh

Born into a notable family, Ordonïs chose the unconventional path of martial prowess in an era where Magic was core to the Teledden identity. He did have some natural power, but after mastering this, he focused on the blade and tactical skills in addition to his studies into the bureaucracy. He was away learning with Fin’ullen when he heard the mustering call of all loyalists to march north to aid the Empress in pushing back a great threat. Before his principality had properly organized, the Cataclysm struck, and hundreds of thousands would perish. But then, the Eronidas came. As one of the only Teledden with significant physical skills, and a well-trained force, Ordonïs seized dictatorial power to repel the coming invasion. He engaged in a brutal campaign against the Eronidas, the conflict lasting years and seeing his own principality brutally attacked in an effort to destroy the center of resistance to Eronidas dominance. However, Ordonïs soldiered on, and at last established stable borders with the foreign presence near his lands. In the three centuries since then, he has remained a foe of the Eronidas, and has sought to serve greater causes than just the whims of local politics. He is one of the reborn Allorn Empire’s greatest leaders and remains active alongside his long-time cavalry commander Luthmär Tela’tir, one of the only survivors of the ancient and tragic Last Silverhelm Charge.

  • Date of Birth: January 26th, 50 BC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: A masterful Teledden noble seen as a respected foe of the Eronidas and one of the greatest Elven minds in Aloria.

Neylor Nedheenor

Neylor’s life was one full of zest, that word being one of his favorites in the Common tongue. He was born among the Fin’ullen of southern Altaleï, but soon traveled far across Aloria. By the time he returned, worldly and full of stories, he was also set in his desires for life. He became a mercenary, then a mercenary captain, before coming to lead his own band across Aloria where they fought in an array of minor conflicts, largely between small Ailor states eking out their living. Eventually, he returned to the west, and took up a job protecting Westwynd’s northern trade from Velheim raids, before he settled into a quiet semi-retirement. He procured a large family over this time, with many children across two wives, and many of them followed in his footsteps, though took more formal paths of education. When the Elven realms of southwestern Westwynd approached him though, to serve as their military leader in a campaign against the Regalian Empire, he did not refuse. However, decades of success had made him overconfident. In the first battle of the L'Elvellen War, he was struck down, not even supposed to be at the site as the well-paid commander of the planned defense. With his death, a great warrior was felled, and it is said his children swore vengeance for his death. Many believe they plan to enact it though having joined in supporting the Allorn military machine, with the hope of one day turning it on Regalia.

  • Date of Birth: March 19th, 130 AC
  • Date of Death: June 8th, 302 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A notable Fin’ullen mercenary captain who had many missions across Aloria before falling to the Regalian Empire in a modern war.

Empress Talea

An enigmatic figure, the first Empress of the Allorn Empire has had many paradoxes of her life. Some claim she was an only child, while others suggest she in fact had several siblings, some of whom perhaps equaled her in power but merely lost the political games she played, and were forced into exile. Some claim she was divinely conceived in a dream by Estel, matriarch of the Estelley faith, while others believe she was the daughter of a priestess of what was then a fringe cult, which she helped to make thrive and dominate the Elven Races for millennia. Others state she was the first Archmage, and in this, there may be some truth, as with her incredible might she united much of the Elven world, broke the Dewamenet Empire of the Asha to the north, and helped to usher in the golden age of the Allorn Empire. However, Talea has supposedly returned in the modern day, in a freak revival event which has seen the Allorn Empire return three centuries after its collapse. Some claim this reborn Talea is a fake, but she apparently strides with Estelley deities at her side, with an openness unseen in centuries since the decay of the Elven people made them turn away. Now, she works at the top of her modern state, their borders sealed making identification of the truth by objective eyes impossible.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 10,100 BC
  • Date of Death: Est. 9,750 BC
  • Claim to Fame: The first empress of the Allorn Empire, a supremely powerful Teledden Mage, and now possibly reborn to shape the modern world.

Empress Melvaëia

Melvaëia served as the last Empress of the Allorn Empire and is broadly considered a tragic figure in the modern day. Born sometime in the twilight century of the Allorn Empire, she was kept under comfortable confinement for her entire life, until the events of the Void Invasion, which finally allowed her to escape. Because of this lack of contact, little is known about her family, if she had any siblings, or how she progressed in life. What is certain is that her handlers either fled when the Void Invasion began, or its urgency denied them the chance to stop the news from reaching her. Finally breaking free of her confinement, the young Empress called for all Allorn loyalists to raise their armies to march north with her against the Void. This inspiring moment was ultimately a time of chaos, as a quarter of a million warriors, and nobles all shifted across the Empire during an era of extreme provincial fragmentation. The ultimate fate of the army is ultimately unknown, beyond its defeat, and Melvaëia’s death far from home with these forces. The land upon which this last great battle was fought then fell into the sea during the Cataclysm mere hours after the two sides first engaged. In the end, she was brave enough to escape a life of utter comfort and luxury, and rally her people together for a seemingly impossible goal.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 85 BC
  • Date of Death: 0 BC
  • Claim to Fame: The last Empress of the Allorn Empire who broke out of her confinement to rally her people and try and stop the invading Void only to fall in battle.

Makkotaï Pallavaa

The Suvial leader born Makkotaï Pallavaa emerged into a world of suffering. The Suvial’s war with the Kathar had seen the lands of their family and its allies annihilated, with a steady tide of Kathar ships coming to raid, and then retreating as Void-Outs came down, and Suvial Fire-scars tore into Kathar territory. Raised in this hostile environment, Makkotaï was raised a warrior, and took to it with great ferocity. He became Makkotaï the Merciless, known for using dual curved blades in battling the Kathar infantry, with a retinue of Mages who helped him take down Kathar Mages and spellswords in the field. Even when he lost a hand and lower arm to a Kathar hound, he replaced it with beautiful Bidriqtech and earned the additional nickname of the Flaming Blade. However, with the death of their father, and as the eldest child, Makkotaï was declared the head of their family and forced to rule what remained of his family’s state from behind the front lines. But then came the final Void-Out in 173 AC. What is not often recorded is that on the same day, a Kathar fleet sailed to raid territory in the southwest of the Suvial home islands, expecting to be arriving right as the Void-Out landed. Instead, they found a rageful Makkotaï waiting with a Suvial army. The Kathar fleet was annihilated but Makkotaï ultimately perished killing the Kathar Mage-admiral in charge of the force. He is well remembered in Suvial society today, and his ferocity is called upon by many in the field of battle.

  • Date of Birth: Est. November, 55 AC
  • Date of Death: August 4th, 173 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A powerful Suvial warrior with a hatred for the Kathar who fought them for nearly a century.

Erhennen Astairon Bel-Heraar

Erhennen was born into an aristocratic Elven family in the lands which had once made up the Allorn Empire. He proved his skills in Magic early on, but rather than take the military course of his elder brother, or the route of the priesthood like his younger brother, he carried on into a boring job in bureaucracy and helping to run his home city. With time, however, his maneuvering in politics proved masterful, and he became well known for great ambition and competence. He carried on this role at a larger stage after his 100th birthday, helping delegates of his home state in their dealings with the Regalian Empire and fellow Elven nations. As the Regalian Empire withered in the Regalian Pessimism, Erhennen took an aggressive stance against them, bullying them regarding colonial positions in Westwynd, earning good deals for a myriad of Elven parties. However, after the Chrysant War saw the Empire surge back in force, Erhennen proved just as adept in organizing resistance to the expansion of Ailor colonists into Elven territory. He has remained a foe of the Regalian Empire into the modern day, working hard to knit the Elven states into the alliance that preceded the rebirth of the Allorn Empire, and being one of the most vocal parties to resist Regalian aid during the Dread War. But now, the Allorn Empire is reborn, and Erhennen is suspected to be working just as diligently as he always has, but now in the interests of the reborn Empress.

  • Date of Birth: November 20th, 160 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: A smug Teledden nobleman-Mage who has worked for the advancement of Elven interests for decades, and is well-recognized despite his young age.

Rivi Milacaria Bel-Avonn

The warrior who Rivi would become was initially born to humble origins. She was not a noblewoman, but of the lower caste of Solvaan society, a herder of animals through the mists and high crags of her homeland. However, this gave her a natural skill from an early age in understanding her environment, which would save her many times in years to come. A family friend was a commander in the Mist Wardens, and seeing Rivi’s reverence for service, eventually convinced her to join the order for a time. She did join, and then left, but her skills and position closer to Ailor territory proved fortuitous a mere decade later. The Five Families approached the Solvaan people, asking for aid in the overthrow of the tyrannical Regalian King, and the Elves agreed to help. While direct help in the form of the Solvaan army did not materialize, the sudden uptick in Solvaan mercenaries from their trained reserves was notable, and among these was Rivi. She marched with the Five Family rebels in their battles, and was there to help take the capital city, and see the proclamation of the Regalian Empire a short time later. She rejoined the Wardens, and would serve in combat as a battlemage for the Empire for over two centuries, with a service of distinction and skill that never wavered. When she at last retired, her death was not far behind, and she remains one of the most well remembered of this warrior Elven Race.

  • Date of Birth: Est. March, 100 BC
  • Date of Death: October 3rd, 301 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A Solvaan spellsword of great renown who helped found the Regalian Empire, and went on to serve it for over two centuries.

Xoco Visaar Cuauhtemoc

Xoco is theorized by some to have been born back in the homeland of the Elves prior to the migration of Suel’s followers to the lands of Westafar, but her origin remains shrouded. What is certain is that upon arrival, young Xoco was hailed a Genos-manipulating prodigy by Suel himself, and was ensconced in a position from which to manipulate the Genos of multiple local plants and animals for the benefit of the developing Maquixtl Race. Details from this point on remain scant, until her reappearance back in the wider world at the head of a Maquixtl mission seeking to collect the Genos of lifeforms from elsewhere in the world. Xoco was identified, and at some point, some fragment of her story told, likely to fellow Maquixtl to try and ensure their help. Some did assist her party, but in the end they were forced elsewhere to conduct their study. They fell into battle with the Eronidas at one point, but it was ultimately an Asha Corsair Fleet that spelled the end for her expedition. Forced to land against a beach, Xoco was apparently cut down along with much of the crew. When this was eventually known, it prompted an angry reaction from most Maquixtl, since Xoco’s mission had been peaceful, and her enormous skillset in a unique field was lost. Ultimately, she is remembered as foremost among the Maquixtl Genos manipulators, and responsible for helping their society survive in their new world.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 50 BC
  • Date of Death: October 18th, 203 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A Maquixtl Genos scholar considered a child prodigy and went on to remain foremost in her field.

Dinokh Uztannor Vazziirn

The Kathar named Dinokh Uztannor Vazziirn was an Arkenborn delivered to a family of surprisingly low station in Kathar society. How their mother managed this feat is not known, but it gained Dinokh great prestige, and admission into one of the Dread Empire’s most notable institutions of magical education. There, they excelled both in cunning and raw magical skill, engaging in several notable duels that kept students talking for a decade, and by the time of their graduation, were tapped to serve in the court of one of the 14 Great Kaahls. They did this for over half a century, before being adopted into the family they served, beginning a family unit of their own in the process. They participated in the war with the Suvial at the request of the Kaahl, but when that conflict came to an end, they were sent on a highly secretive mission abroad to wider Aloria. What this mission was varies, from seeding Void Worship cults in the Regalian Empire, to leading excavations of magical sites long lost to other powers, save the Dread Kathar. Regardless of the truth, they ultimately returned to the homeland following the year 200 AC, and took up a teaching post at their former place of learning. They have now risen to head the institution, and continue to help their Kaahl project power after years of faithful service, and now helping to teach the next generation of Mages.

  • Date of Birth: February 14th, 62 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: A powerful Arkenborn Kathar Mage who has used their powers to expand the political power of their family, and increase their standing in Dread society.

Zokh Zallnor Lauronniirn

The chant of “Zokh” may haunt the nightmares of many a gladiator of the Kathar for decades to come. Such has been the effect of Zokh Zallnor Lauronniirn on the bloodsports within the Dread Empire. While his origin and parentage remain uncertain, Zokh rose to a position of prominence relatively quickly in the fighting pits. A handsome warrior with a dramatic flair, and imposing, symbol-rich armor in the shape of a Shadow Bovine and twisted thorns, Zokh eventually became the most celebrated gladiator in the Empire. He has had dozens of adventures, and just as many lovers, and has yet to face a proper defeat. The closest was when he fought a powerful Demon assassin to a standstill before collapsing back to allow Mages in his employ to contain the creature. He has also fought Centaurs, and all manner of exotic animals or beasts mutated by the Kathar, or captured in the broader world. He ultimately retired in 307 AC, finally accepting the requests of one of the Kaahls to join their household, bringing his entire entourage with him. He now lives with his husband as a pampered prince, though he maintains his combat skill with the powerful Kathar broadsword he wields, and trains the guards of his new family to peak performance, which has seen a sharp decrease in assassinations of their members as a result.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 30 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: A flamboyant but lethally effective gladiator of the Dread Kathar known for never having lost a fight and for having many adventures across the dark empire.

Matriarch Almanna

Matriarch Almanna is a figure of legend to those who live in Ellador. An Isldar woman of powerful stature and strange actions, separating legend from fact is nearly impossible all these centuries since her birth, especially as it appears she may no longer be alive, and now thrives as an Undead among the Isldar who worship Ordial entities. Regardless, initially, Almanna was said to have been a “regal” Isldar who would fly into encounters with singular, lost men and women freezing to death. She would test them while circling on the ground with her Wyvern, and upon their answers pleasing her, would take them away to her palace in the clouds, where they would then freeze to death while surrounded by luxury and finery to live out their final hours in comfort. If this is what Almanna has actually done for centuries is not clear, but ultimately, the “snow witch” brand of fables she helped spawn are particularly common among Ellador’s non-Isldar communities. However, it is certain that Almanna is in fact, real, being cited as a fervent Ordial figure in the recent Isldar civil war against the Dragon-loyal Isldar. If her role will evolve is not known, as Isldar society is generally decentralized and thus preventing the rise of anything similar to overarching leaders of their society, which is reserved for the gods they worship. In the end though, Almanna’s reputation and impact on the world cannot be denied.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 300 BC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: An infamous female Isldar known for strange rituals or activities which have prompted many local fables and folktales.

Sihn-Marn Xurian

Among the first generation of Sihndar born in Drowda, Sihn-Marn was raised in a still evolving, and perilous, landscape. She lost not only a twin sibling, but also her mother, before the Sihndar of her region were able to successfully establish the Milai Hold, to stand against the Spirit Sovereign Milai. She became a warrior during this time, and gradually gained respect to rise to a commanding position within the Hold. Following 150 AC, when the Sihndar chose to begin scouting the broader world and made contact with the Regalian Empire properly, she was among the number who departed, her position of leadership granting her this right. Over the following decades, she made the acquaintance of many Regalians, and eventually met the Occult and Aberrant-hunting factions who would eventually unite into the Lothar Order as well as the Aelriggan Order at a later time. She was a key player in establishing the Milai Sihndar identity in this way, finding common ground with those outside her people’s society, and drawing their aid to defend against some of the most monstrous creatures to roam across Drowda. She ultimately returned to Drowda in 250 AC on a permanent basis, and took a leading role on the Hold Council, which she has retained until today.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 10 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: A great Sihndar warrior and diplomat who has traveled widely, and was instrumental in forming the first bonds between the Sihndar and the Knightly Orders.

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