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Regalian State Law is active in all Heartland Regions, including the Regalian Archipelago, Ithania, Etosil, Lusits, and Imperial Property (like the Animosity Bridge). Anyone who lives or works in Regalia is a Citizen of the Empire, and has legal protections. Anyone who claims they are not a Citizen of the Empire, is not protected legally, and can just be attacked/stolen from without legal trouble. For purposes of privilege, there are three ranks: Common (everyone) Noble (blue/court Families) and Eminents (Ministers). Theoretically there is a fourth layer called the Princeroyals, but everyone in the Imperial Family and Imperial Guard is immune to the law by default. Many sections of the Roleplay Rules page are relevant to this page.

Civil Codes

Civil Law

Civil Law is a common Lawbook. There are other Penal Codes which refer to specific circumstances, referred to further down. Civil Law applies to Common and Noble ranks, but not to Eminents, who are immune. Where intended punishments are not listed, reprisal is open to vigilante interpretation. Knights of all Orders are responsible for upholding the law, but only to protect the weak and defenseless by preventing theft and assault.

  • Petty Law: Includes victimless crimes like permit violations, illegal good possession, casting Magic in the street, misgendering.
  • Low Law: Includes low-impact crimes like trespassing, theft, destruction of property, non-lethal violence, emotional harm, refusing proper titles.
  • Middle Law: Includes medium-impact crimes like impersonation of officials and nobles, abduction and imprisonment. Private guards usually counter-ransom or imprison Middle Law criminals.
  • High Law: Includes high-impact crimes like treason against the Empire, murder, being a monster, aiding hostile greater entities work against Regalia. High Law criminals can be sent to the Palace for judgment.
  • Capital Law: Includes solely the act of denying the supreme rule of the Emperor. Capital Law criminals always go to the Palace for judgment.
  • Decency Law: Decency Laws involve adultery on an unsuspecting spouse or unmarried lover, public prostitution outside of the Dragon District.
  • Knight Law: Knight Law is purely a construct defers attacks on religious sites to Reliquary Knights, Artifact theft to Aelrrigans, Honor violations to Viridians, etc.
  • Solvaan Law: Solvaan Law is purely a construct that means Solvaan Citizens are exempt from reprisal on the basis of actions undertaken during their Mercenary Contracts as described on their Race Page.
  • Occult Law: Occult Law covers illegal states of being such as Geist, Vampire, Cahal, Theurgy, etc. Solutions are applied to each depending on what they are, for example curing or the cleansing of Spirits.

Civil Law Exceptions

Some exceptions to Civil Laws exist to cover unique aspects of State legislature.

  • Suvial Citizens are exempt from Occult Law covering Theurgy. They are permitted to have Spirits, so long as they prevent these Spirits from causing a commotion. Spirits are not protected by law however.
  • Solvaan Citizens are exempt from High Law covering Monster appearances. They are permitted to use Mist-Shifts, but are expected to normalize themselves if asked to do so.
  • Narim Citizens are always able to use Magic, no matter its current legal status, in public places without repercussions. Selective banned areas like the Palace still apply.

Progression Ordinances

Progression Ordinances mostly apply to Progression Orders.

  • Entry Law: It is illegal to enter: the Allorn Empire, Drowda, Hvitskag, The Isldar Wastes, Sassrakkand, Dorkarth, Raamtuunh, Gana Isha, Contested Land, on punishment of citizenship revocation.
  • Savage Law: It is illegal to interact or enter lands inhabited by uncivilized, savage, tribal or otherwise civilization deprived peoples with low knowledge of the world across the known lands.

Permit Ordinances

  • Magic Law: Public casting of Magic is illegal. Magic can be freely cast in the Suvial District and private property.
  • Palace Law: Any carrying of weapons is not permitted in Government Offices, or Palaces. The Winter and Summer Palace Hosts may grant permits for their respective properties.
  • Eminent Law: Eminents are strictly banned from entering the Sewers on punishment of immediate dismissal, and subsequent banning from government office for 12 months after violation.
  • Contract Law: Contracts signed by both parties (in Minecraft books) are legally enforceable.
  • Lothar Permit: Lothar Knight Beastmasters are permitted to retain Marken who have not been cleared as "legally suffering" as "pets" in a state of service.
  • Archon Permit: Archon are permitted to retain Afflicted "pets", making said Afflicted legal for as long as they do not feed and are Collared and obedient to the Archon.

Borough Laws

Regalian Boroughs are semi-autonomous regions with their own Laws. They can however defer to certain State Laws if they want to. Borough Laws are set by the Mayors in Tickets.

Crookback Borough

  • Afflicted Law: Afflicted are legal with a two-strike system, on the second strike they are banished to the sewers unless repealed. Non-consensual feeding is illegal. Forced infection is illegal.
  • Hunter Law: Lothar and Red Hunters are not protected by Borough laws.
  • Free Will Law: Any forms of mind control, such as Thralling, are illegal.
  • Magic Law: Magic is legal in all instances bar those that would cause significant damage to the borough.
  • Affinity Law: Silven & Godborn are legal and will have their rights protected.
  • Sensible Law: Intentional misgenderings, Burglary of public businesses, Murder and Kidnapping are all illegal.
  • Sewer Law: The Sewers are off limits to the Crookback Militia while in uniform.
  • Brawling Law: Assault is legal, except for Afflicted, who cannot assault people.
  • Banishment Law: All parties banished from Crookback have all legal rights suspended if they re-enter.

Fairbanks Borough

  • Sensible Law: Trespassing, Stealing, Murder, Vandalism, Arson, Kidnapping, Imprisoning, dishonesty and adultery (in all cases) to one's unmarried partner or spouse are illegal.
  • Child Law: Curfew is active for any person under the age of 18, always requiring a legal guardian or parent present and not permitted in the pub after 10 at night.
  • Religious Law: Discrimination on basis of pagan religion or gender is not permitted. Ordial anything is illegal, even if the person holds a Regalian Judicial exception permit.
  • Weapon Law: Weapons may not be brought into Fairbanks, save for the Militia. Weapons must be left outside of Fairbanks with the exception of Artifacts. There is no permit system.
  • Safehaven Law: Fairbanks may not be used as safe haven from State Law violations. Occult are legal as long as magic usage is considered to the benefit of people, and the Militia may use Magic.


Vigilantes and Criminals alike are permitted to imprison captured hostile Characters within their Clandestine Bases, Keeps, and Rental Regions, as long as a sufficient cell area and-or guards to roleplay with them are available. Captors should show courtesy of releasing someone within 24 hours of imprisonment unless there is a planned and agreed ransom or the player desires to be held for longer. A prisoner can file a Discord Ticket if they feel they are being held unjustly or for too long to ask for mediation. A captor can file a Discord Ticket if they feel that a prisoner is ignoring Fear Roleplay or behaving generally irreverently towards their captors. It is the captor's responsibility to maintain clear communication. Please be polite.