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The Regalian State Law is a code set of laws to which the entire Empire is subject. This particular list of laws is currently subject to the Regalian City itself, though is subject to change by votes in the Noble Assembly. The regulations are non-strict, meaning the various law enforcement orders have a certain freedom to interpret the correct application of these laws. That being said, excersize of these laws should be done carefully as only Judicars of the Empire know the true interpretation, and there is a very thin line between abusing Charter Rights and bending the State Law for justice. There are a couple of limitations to guards and citizens exercising rights to stop violations of Laws:

  • Citizens may perform a "Citizen's arrest" by detaining a criminal in place. They may not under any circumstance detain an individual anywhere else but the crime scene and must contact law enforcement as quickly as possible to transfer the criminal to their authority.
  • Law Enforcement Charters must always wear Government Issue Armor when performing arrests. If a Law Enforcement individual does not wear armor while performing an arrest or detainment, it is counted as a Citizen's arrest.
  • Citizens Arrests may not involve any bodily harm. In line with the Self Defense Law, any excessive violence during a Citizens Arrest is liable to criminal prosecution for Assault and attempted murder.

Regalian Laws in Short

  • Don’t wear a weapon in public unless you are allowed to.
  • Don’t kill or maim when defending yourself.
  • Don’t conceal your identity or impersonate anyone.
  • Don’t be Void possessed or Undead.
  • Don’t own or smuggle Regalian Contraband.
  • Don’t worship illegal religions.
  • Don’t disrespect your elders.
  • Don’t prevent child birth or kill anyone.
  • Don’t engage in same-sex relations without legal offspring.
  • Don’t engage in same-sex intimacy in public.
  • Don’t engage in adultery at all, even with spousal consent.
  • Don’t neglect or abuse your spouse.
  • Don’t steal from anyone.
  • Don’t deprive anyone of their freedom or kidnap them.
  • Don’t engage in public disorderly behavior.
  • Don’t trespass on private property.
  • Don’t arrest or remove anyone from holy ground in religious buildings.
  • Don’t discriminate any First Rank Citizens.
  • Don’t violate Noble privilege.
  • Don’t insult or degrade Imperial Blood.
  • Don’t be a Jacobinist or harbor Jacobinist views.
  • Don’t conspire against the State or be a Mage.

Regalian Laws in Detail

Regalian Weapon Law

Anyone who finds themselves being a person within the Regalian Empire is not permitted to wear a weapon in plain sight on them except when they are a member of a Titled Noble family or a member of a Charter Organisation. Bodyguards are not exceptions. Full plate armor may only be worn by Charter Organization members, medium and lighter armor sets may be worn by anyone.

Regalian Life Defense Law

Within the Realm of Regalia, the legal defense of “Self Defense” is not legal. Self Defense is only applicable when the self becomes subject to risk of bodily harm or dismemberment through violence. Self defense may only apply by non lethal and non harmful means, that is to say, when defending one’s self, one does not have the right to kill or maim one’s attacker. One may only use a weapon in Self Defense with the intent to incapacitate or restrain an attacker. Self defense is never applicable to verbal threats or unarmed conflict.

Regalian Identity Law

Any person within the Regalian Archipelago shall endeavor not to impersonate the identity of another person, especially the divine right of Nobility. Any commoner caught impersonating a Noble, either by claiming a false title or false pretense of being noble is subject to criminal prosecution. No person within the Regalian Empire shall endeavor to conceal their true identity by obstructing their face from Law enforcement’s view.

Regalian Demonic Law

Anyone who finds themselves within the Regalian Empire may not under any circumstance be infected with the Sanguine Curse, be undead, be demonically possessed or otherwise a mage or magically affected without express consent of the Azure Order or relevant Empire Authorities.

Regalian Contraband Law

Some items as defined by the Imperial Court, Bureaucracy or Police authorities are banned for consumption, use or possession by the State. The act of producing or smuggling such items into Regalia is strictly illegal by Imperial Law for the protection of the citizens.

Worship Laws

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall not worship or otherwise glorify or otherwise speak well of other religions, deities and worship systems. The only full religious freedom is extended to Unionists.

Canon Law application

This law now applies to Canon law as well, meaning imprisonment and inquisition will be the consequence of speaking well of other religions.

Honorary Family Law

Any person who finds himself part of a family with either living or deceased ancestors shall not defame, discredit or otherwise embarrass their elders towards others, be it neighbors or strangers in the street. A parent’s authority over their child (any individual below the age of 15) is absolute. This law's privilege may not conflict with the Sanctity of Life Law. While parents have some authority over physical discipline applied to their children, undue violence on children is illegal. Parents both have equal rights to parentage of the child and the courts will decide in favor of the wealthiest parent for guardianship.

Sanctity of Life Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall not kill or maim any other person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire, be it foreigner, non-Human or Human. Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall also endeavor not to prevent the birth or conception of a child, with the exception of a child born between a Human and a non-Human.

Canon Law application

This law now applies to Canon law as well, meaning violations of the Sanctity of Human Life will result in inquisitions. Furthermore, public acts of same-sex intimacy are illegal, and same-sex relations without legally recognized offspring for the continuation of the momentum of Humanum will result in imprisonment or flogging.

Sanctity of Vow Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire who finds himself in a marital contract as blessed by the Sanchella of Union, shall not commit adultery without the permission of the married spouse. Additionally any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire who finds himself in a marital contract as blessed by the Sanchella of Union, shall not commit adultery with another person who is in a marital contract as blessed by the Sanchella of Union under any circumstance.

Canon Law application

This law now applies to Canon law as well, meaning adultery is illegal in any and all cases, even if the spouses have made a written agreement. In case of a trial, the sufferer will be judged for allowing the moral corruption of a fellow citizen, while the adulterer will be punished by the walks of shame and beating.

Expanded Vow Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire who finds himself in a marital contract as blessed by the Sanchella of Union must provide and care for their spouse, both financially and emotionally. Neglect of a married spouse or inability to provide for a spouse is a criminal offense within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire. Additionally, being unable to provide offspring to a spouse is liable to criminal prosecution.

Offspring Vow Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire who finds themselves siring or giving birth to a child out of wedlock must upon the birth of the child be married to the father or mother of the child. If both partners are already married, the state will take custody of the child and place it either in an orphanage or in case of nobility, pass the child as a ward to another family. The state will also prosecute both parties for violation of the Vow Laws to the fullest extent.

Property Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall not misappropriate or otherwise dishonestly seize property or items belonging to any other person without express written permission or overriding laws and authorities of city level or Empire level.

Freedom Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall not seize or detain any other individual be it foreign or national, non-Human or Human, against their will, either conscious or unconscious. Exceptions are made for citizen’s arrests and authorities with overruling rights and authority.

Public Safety Law

Any person within the boundaries of any urban area within the Regalian Empire shall endeavor to behave cordially and properly in public. Drunken disorderly behavior, unwanted erotic behavior, inciting of violence and otherwise causing a public disturbance or vandalism is not allowed and liable to criminal prosecution.

Home Safety Law

Any person within the boundaries of the Regalian Empire shall not unlawfully enter the residence or property owned by another person without the vocal or written consent. The entire sewers are off-limits for any person within the Regalian Empire, this additionally extends to various public buildings such as the Imperial Palace.

Canon Law Application

This law now applies to Canon law as well, meaning the Home Safety Law extends to the religious institution buildings. This Law dictates that while within the confines of a religious institution, wanted criminals and convicts may not be arrested or removed from the religious building while they engage in prayer and fasting within the confines of the religious building unless the Divine Regent issues a writ.

Equality Rights Law

Any person within the Regalian Empire who finds themselves being a Regalian Citizen and a Human has the right to equality before the law and prohibition of discrimination on base of physical appearances, residence and social ranks. This law is negated by the Divine Right Law.

Divine Right Law

Any person within the Regalian Empire who finds themselves being a Regalian Citizen and both a Human and of Noble Blood with direct family ties to at least one member who is titled Duke and above has the right to be elevated above the common folk, the right to fair trial and lawful representation, the right to preferential treatment in criminal persecution and the right to dictate house arrest for other members of the family as long as family authority extends itself. Nobles from families with titles of and above Duchies must always be treated with respect and carefully escorted to prison without raising too much commotion and without restraints or shackles unless the situation demands it.

Imperial Face Law

Any person within the Regalian Empire may never under any circumstances speak ill of the Emperor, his direct relatives and the Imperial administration for any reason. Any person may never assign fault, wrongdoing or critical opinions and traits to any individual defined within the group before mentioned. To understand where and how the Imperial Family extends: The Imperial Family confers to both the Emperor as well as his children, his brothers and sisters, and his brothers’ children unless an act of inheritance-non-functa has been signed by the individual Princes.

Anti Jacobinism Law

Any person within the Regalian Empire, regardless of political stature shall endeavor not to express any Jacobinism views, support any whole or partial Jacobinism views, or in any way publicly denounce the rights of aristocracy or otherwise attempt to upset the structure of authority and royal prerogative in the Empire.

Canon Law application

Any criticism of Nobility by non-Noble Peers below the rank of Baron is illegal by Canon Law, as affront to the institution of Nobility, is a port-insult against the divine right granted by the Emperor. Verbal assaults on Nobility by non-Nobility are counted as heresy charged against the Emperor’s divine will and will face the full extents of the inquisition. This law does not apply to families of titled peerage with titles Count and above.

Sanctity of State Law

Any person within the Regalian Empire shall endeavor not to cast magic illegally, conspire against the state, teach or otherwise educate any individual in anti establishmentarian views, magical skills that are not on the allowed list or otherwise Void and Demonic involved matters or beliefs.

State Weapon Law

State Weapon Law is the law that covers the usage of weapons and carrying thereof within the states of the Regalian Empire. There are three distinct categories: Full prohibition, Concealed Carry and Open Carry. These three categories all have their own individual applications. There exists a final exception clause called the Imperial Prerogative. The Weapons Law also applies to armor, but there are no exceptions to Armor usage in Regalia. The heaviest armor that may be worn in public is so called “Half plate” which by definition limits the wearer to simply an upper torso chest plate, two forearm bracers, a waist skirt and lower leg bracers. Heavy armor or full plate armors are not permitted. Leather armor and most varieties of chainmail are permitted to any degree as long as the neck and head are adequately uncovered and the hands are free of motion. This armor law applies to all the main categories with the exception of Imperial Prerogative.

Full prohibition

Full prohibition applies to anyone who is not allowed to wear any weapons on them without exception. Full prohibition is applied to all citizens who have been to prison for any charged repeat-offence of violence in any degree. This applies even to Nobility, but has to be individually issued by the High Constable to be valid in paper.

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry is the most applicable category for Weapon Law. This applies to anyone of or above the age of 15, being allowed to carry a weapon, purely concealed beneath cloth or in containers, no longer than twelve inches. Most Regalian forges sell so called Rechthelm Swords which are of this adequate restriction.

Open Carry

Open Carry is an applicable category for Weapon Law which allows the full open bearing of weapons which are not military-grade weapons. The Open Carry is a granted right to either man or woman that is a legal adult and of Humanum Race and either a title holder of Duke and above, or a direct sibling of any such individual. Further limitations in place are that the weapon may not be longer than forty inches, while staves are permitted the length of the bearer as long as no unreasonable sharpened ends or metal additions are added to resemble a spear or likewise weapon. The weapons must be properly secured and if stolen, the owner will be held responsible for military neglect. While Open Carry is natively a right of title peerage of Duke and above and their direct siblings, the right is also granted to the following groups:

  • Any member of the Bluesteel Order.
  • Any member of the City Council.
  • Any member who is identified as an Imperial Advisor.

Furthermore, the Open Carry right can be granted to any citizen who does not fulfill the criteria above by applying for a Weapons Permit from the Bluesteel Order. These permits have to be sent to the High Constable or the Commanders of the individual Chapters. Any of these individuals may grant a Weapons Permit which grants Open Carry right as long as the document is valid, though the document must be extended every six months after granting.

Imperial Prerogative

Imperial Prerogative is a last category that is not formally recognized in the law system because it applies to only a select few individuals. The Imperial Prerogative category dictates that the person who fulfills the criteria has in fact no limitations on weapon bearing in public, meaning they are even permitted to wear military grade armor and weapons. This right is only directly granted by the Emperor onto individuals for life, but it is also held by various institutions:

  • The Imperial Guard have Imperial Prerogative.
  • All direct male blood relations of the Emperor have Imperial Prerogative.
  • The High Constable has Imperial Prerogative.

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