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This page is a sub-page of the Geography page which records all major regions of the Alorian world and explains roughly what each nation or area is like. Westafar in particular is far west of Corontium, home to the Maquixtl and others who are shrouded in mystery. Some of these pages may be tied to more expansive lore, which is linked within their respective table rows. Below is a piece of the Geography map cut out to show the relation between all the nations geographically.


Name Description

Tlan Iuitletl Noimg.png

Tlan Iuitletl to the Maquixtl or Massitaal to other Elves, is a state that fully dominates the diverse landmass of Guldar in Westafar. This region, filled with jungles, forests, mountains, and plains, was initially settled by the mysterious Avarr, but these terrifying avian people were wiped out by the Dragons, yet their souls were kept intact in their great and ancient cities. The Eronidas, a people they had once repressed, then came to the fore, though they remained relatively unadvanced, ceaselessly warring with one another in various cities and states. Suddenly, around 1000 BC, the rapid emergence of toxic gasses forced them to flee. Soon after they left, the Chantli Maquixtl arrived and passed through the toxic clouds unharmed. Their leader, Suel, led them to take up residence in the ancient Avarr ruins, which soon resulted in a fusion of Elven and Avarr cultures. The Chantli remained devoted to science in the coming years, cracking the mysteries of Genos and using the wildlife of Guldar to fuel their extensive experiments on the subject. Today, Guldar remains shrouded in toxic clouds (something the region’s Maquixtl are immune to), and Tlan Iuitletl continues to grow in strength. Somehow having lived long past his natural expiration date, Suel is the Emperor of Tlan Iuitletl and oversees the competitive nobility who themselves rule over an array of cities that are in frequent friendly competition with each other. Few outsiders live in the nation, due to the aforementioned smog, producing a monoculture, and the region is largely isolationist, except for some interaction with the other Maquixtl in wider Aloria.

  • For more on the Chantli Maquixtl, read Maquixtl.

Drifting Isles Noimg.png

The Drifting Isles are a region of perhaps hundreds of islands that rest between Guldar and the former lands of the Allorn Empire. What makes the islands unique is their movement through the region’s seas. Why exactly this happens is unclear, but it is broadly believed to be either some active magical anomaly or the ancient remnants of one ceaselessly stirring the seas and those landmasses are just along for the ride. The region was most heavily explored by the Eronidas in their exodus from Guldar, as their drifting hulks frequently came into contact with these islands, upon which existed all manner of threats, from magical constructs to hostile fauna to even stranger encounters. Their tall tales have largely been proven true in subsequent centuries as efforts by brave, or perhaps foolhardy, Ailor and Fin’ullen seeking to chart the paths of the drifting landmasses have allowed the identification of a handful of the isles the Eronidas encountered. However, while some of these lands have a charted, repeating path through the waves, many others do not, resulting in an island being on the horizon one day, and gone the next, in the opposite direction to what was predicted. The region is also still dangerous, with many strange threats remaining, but a people do live here: the Devolved Eronidas. Grey of skin and short in stature, these regressed Eronidas can be found on an array of the Drifting Isles. They are the descendants of Exodus-era shipwreck survivors, of those put off the Exodus ships for various reasons, or those who simply chose to stay on a certain island. They do not speak a recognized language and are practically feral, forcing many to either observe them from afar or avoid them altogether.

Qelis Noimg.png

Qelis is a continent located somewhere to the north of Guldar, off of known maps, in uncharted waters. It is the homeland of the Savent Asha, a splinter of the aniform people which fled from the Dewamenet Empire, and likely navigated so far away by hugging nearby Fendarfelle, and then making a brave jump into the unknown seas of the west. Qelis was a lifeline that the Savent’s ancestors gratefully took, a temperate lake-rich continent that eventually came to foster over two hundred minor states, of all different government structures, all of them poor yet also peaceful. The region remained something of a secret for many years, hidden from outsiders and even other Asha, until after the fall of the Allorn Empire. Since then, the Savent has become an uncommon sight across Aloria, but Qelis itself remains shrouded in mystery. Its Asha population shares no maps or specific details of its size, they do not invite or seek to allow outsiders to visit it, and they remain insular, not trading with other states as their land has everything they could need. Thus, Qelis remains off of many maps despite its general location being known, and it will perhaps take many more centuries until the Savent states open up to the outside world.