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Affected Races Various
Contraction Manifestation by any other Dragon Warden either in Roleplay, or in Backstory.
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Dragons

Archon are an ancient clade of Primal Occult, serving Dragons in what they call the Immortal War, the eternal battle between the Arken and the Archvoid and Archexist on one side, and the Dragons and their sympathizers on the other. Archon served the rank and file under Primal Mages, Augurs and Dragon Blessed, however their hierarchy collapsed when the Dragons initiated the Denial of Immortality and disappeared from the world. In more recent years, pro-Dragon Organizations have revived the Archon, which are sometimes also called Dragon Wardens for those who worship the Dragons, and put them to use in combating the negative effects of the Void and Exist in the world again. Equally, old lineages of Archon who kept the practice alive in their families but hid themselves from the world are coming out of hiding, reconnecting with their ancient allies and reviving the Draconic forces. The Archon consider themselves a force for good in the world, aiding and healing those in need and cleansing and expelling those corrupting forces that threaten to harm others. Equally however, those who consider the Dragons their enemies or are apathetic to their cause consider the Archon self-righteous and suffering from savior-syndrome for a world that did not ask for their benevolent protection. Archon are rarely of the same mind and ideology on things, and as such, no Archon is alike another, each with a very unique interpretation on their duty to the Dragons and the world.

Archon Infection

Playing an Archon in Regalia

Archon in Regalia are not formally recognized as lawfully good or blessed, even if they think themselves warriors for life and against Demons. Archon generally gravitate around the so called Primal Community which is a larger group of Dragon aligned individuals, some Dragon worshipers, but also Unionists and Estel Worshipers who all have their own reasons for working with or for the Dragons. In Regalia, each Archon is familiar with the Matron, who acts like a representative of the Dragons in Regalia, but don't necessarily need to serve her. Archon in general are expected to combat the other Afflictions and abusive Mages, but their ideologies and practices differ drastically. Some Archon are in favor of rehabilitation and co-existence, while some want to exterminate all Magical infection. It is important to note that even though an Archon is a Primal Occult, they are still identified as Occult. Any Detection Mechanisms for Void or Exist Occult also apply to Archon.


Most Archon would consider the term 'Infection' to be insulting for their Archon Status, however at the end of the day, Archon is still an Affliction, and their Soul does have to be infected with it for it to manifest. There are several ways to become an Archon, however it differs starkly from for example Vampirism, in that any and all of the manners in which a Character becomes or is an Archon, are entirely voluntary or with consent. There is no way to cure Archon status, or remove it. There are however rumors of Arken who have been able to corrupt Archon with the allure of Power, giving them an Arken Pact to abandon their Dragon allegience. The following recommended in-roleplay or backstory infections are available:

  • The easiest way to become an Archon, is to have Archon infection manifested with the help of another Archon, or the Matron of the Dragon Temple. This process involves bringing the would be aspirant to the Dragon Temple, and then performing the connection ritual on them. Note, this ritual does not work if they are already Afflicted, and also cleanses them of any Void or Exist Essence that is still lingering in them, especially Magic Point Buy Abilities, which are no longer usable.
  • Another way to become Archon, is to simply off-screen an infection manifestation from another Archon in the wider world. There are a total of five Matrons, one for each wind direction, and one central. The North Matron is in Ellador, the East Matron is in Farah'deen, the South Matron is in Hadar, the West Matron is in Guldar (though this Matron's Archon also roam in Daendroc or Ithania) and the Central Matron is always a played Character in Regalia (currently Cordenia Zylmoira). Each Matron also has Archon who roam around the world, so it is for example possible to have an infection manifested from an East Matron loyal Archon present in Dexai (Sihai lands) or even Essalonia.
  • Another way to become an Arch by design, is to have it written into family history. Many of the Archon, when the Dragons disappeared, went into hiding, becoming hermits or just hiding from the world in small villages. Such Archon families kept their traditions alive by raising their children and then manifesting an Archon infestation when they became adults. This way a Player can play a person who grew up with Archon identity and ideology, and never met a Matron or Archon outside of their family.
  • Dragons can also manifest an infection to Archon, however this is not available for backstories for Characters that aren't at least 330 years old. If your Character is older than 330 years, and you would like to backstory an Archon identity, please make a Roleplay Community Discord Ticket to discuss the circumstances. Be forewarned, there is no guarantee this request will be approved, because it depends on a lot of factors. It is also possible to have this done in Roleplay, but Dragons are hard to trust and even more difficult to bless a person directly, though anyone who should succeed is surely blessed by the Dragons directly.



Archon do not have any Abilities in their Base Kit. Instead, being an Archon allows a Character to Point-Buy Mythic Point Buy Abilities with Magic Proficiency Points. If a Character had any Magic Proficiency Points invested in Magic Point Buy, these points are all refunded, and can be re-spent in Mythic Point Buy. Any Points left or not spent on Mythic Point Buy over may be re-spent on other Proficiencies.


  • Draconic Attuned: Archon can see the Soul Rivers of the world, the white glowing streams of essence and energy that flow through the air in various directions, just like the Isldar can, though they cannot interact with it. Additionally, Archon are able to discern Dragon Magic and read its intentions and uses in areas. This may not be very relevant to Regalian Roleplay, but can be used in Progressions to investigate old Dragon Sites or locations, read their purpose and functions, see if they are still functioning, and find out what Dragon dealt with it. Most Dragon Cores outside of Regalia will also ignore other Races, bar from Archon.
  • Dragon Speech: Archon are capable of speaking and understanding Dragon Speech or Wyrmtongue either when it is spoken by Dragons, or by others. Dragon Speech is a unique language because it cannot be learned the traditional way, only specific Races and Afflictions have access to it. Additionally, it is also a language that defies being written down or even being recorded, as the sound just becomes gibberish when any type of recording medium is used to try and replay it, even memory Abilities.
  • Dragon Armor: Archon, when wearing Armor (or having Summoned Armor) can overlay ghostly colored aesthetics associated with their Patron Dragon_Worship#Dragon_Deities Throne. For example, an Archon who has Rhaakhr as patron can have sparks of electricity and purple scales cover their armor, and a projection of Rhaakhr's head covering their helmet. An Archon who has Saaima as patron can have white fog filling the inside of their armor and leaking out on the edges, as well as white scales and feathers covering the armor, and a set of Saaima's horns extending from their helmet. These aesthetics are fairly fre-form, but if you need inspiration, make a Roleplay Community Discord Ticket to ask.


  • Dragon Wardens were first seen serving Rikkira during the Dragon Crisis, attacking Regalian officials, later however most joined Rhaakhr.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference between Dragon Warriors and Archbloods. This is likely because Dragons did not care to differentiate.
  • Dragon Wardens who die have their souls preserved at Dragon Temples. There is no known way to actually resurrect them however, without the fickle intervention of Dragons.

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