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Archon is an Alorian based Affinity that recruits mortals of any Race to become frontline soldiers for the Dragons within the Draconism Religion, fighting against what the Dragons see as Corruption of the world. For every civilization since the dawn of time, Races have contributed their mortals to the Immortal War, and countless Archon have laid down their lives to try and save the world from ultimate Magical destruction. Eventually the Immortal War came to an end, leaving the Archon aimless and in control of their own Fate. While Archon are an Affinity, it considered almost universally beneficial to those who are it, even if signs them up, potentially against their will, to be recruited into the war of Dragons.


Archon have existed since the dawn of time, or for as long as historical records go back. The earliest proven Archon were Meraic warriors empowered by Dragon Magic to fight the Demon horde as it was already invading their Empire, and since their fall, Archon have existed in the Allorn Empire's greatness days, and the rise of the Regalian Empire. When Dragons committed the Denial of Immortality and ended the Immortal War in a draw, the Archon all collectively suddenly lost their purpose. The Dragons died or disappeared in the century leading up to Cataclysm, and without any leaders to call out orders or send them to die on the front lines, the Archon were mostly left to their own devices. Some Archon forgot their historical purpose or actively rebelled against the Dragons that had left them. When the Dragons returned 300 years later, many Archon refused to return to the fold with the Dragons, while some cautiously rejoined the faithful in resurrecting the Draconism faith. To this day, Archon are seen as Draconic warriors and protectors of the world, though their method of protection is often very questionable. Some are apathetic and do not contribute to positive developments, while others engage in excessive violence and extrajudicial killing that leaves the Archon sometimes perceived with suspicion, as an unaccountable cult of know-it-all's.

Why play an Archon

Archon, similarly to Knights, are a quick and easy way to get involved in pre-existing groups and activities. It guarantees Roleplay (whether for good or bad) because opinions on Archon are very polarized, and there is always some kind of somewhat active group of Archon around Draconism worship that tries to get involved in a lot of things in Regalia. Archon is also the closest proximity to something like spiritual world-defenders, though it should be noted that this is not their exact role, many of them do a lot of questionable things and generally there is a lot of flexibility in how to play an Archon. It is even possible to play an Archon who rejects Draconism and works with non-Dragon forces, though there are some design limitations to Archon.

Becoming an Archon

To become Archon, one either has to be born one from an Archon Parent or be converted to one. Any Archon can convert any willing person to an Archon of their chosen Lineage at the Dragon Temple, though it's always fun to include any Draconism faith priests in case they are around. Dragons can also directly make people Archon if they are summoned with Divinium, and some Mechanics in Heritage Traits might cause a Character to become an Archon. It is important to note that as an Affinity, being an Archon is not curable. It is a permanent condition and prevents the Archon from becoming Afflicted or having another Affinity, though they can become Marken. Finally, Mages can also be cleansed into Archon, but any connection they have to any other Dimensions or Powers is cut off, meaning Archon can only ever have God Magic (Dragon). The only exception to this is Archon who have been touched by Ifrit, who can also have Void Magic, but only ever Void Magic. All Archon have purple irises, though the exact shade can range from light lavender to darker royal purple. They may also opt for additional Draconic aesthetics (scales, black sclera, claws, dragon tail, etc.). Finally, even if Archon Lineages seem hard coded to specific Dragons, they are not. Hunters can belong to Regulus, and Phantoms can belong to Severena, what matters is the context of how those powers are used.

Archon Mechanics

All Archon regardless of Lineage have a set of Mechanics. Mechanics change the way an Affinity functions in Roleplay through subtle, and usually out-of-combat ways. In essence, Mechanics just add aesthetic flair that invest in the Dragon Niche.

  • Mechanic 1: Archon can manifest Wings (of any design: Fairy, Draconic, or Mechanical), which while not in Combat, allow (Elytra) flight (including the use of Rockets). Combat or Ability usage immediately disables flight.
  • Mechanic 2: Archon can Point Buy Magic Point Buy Packs, re-classifying their Abilities to Dragon Magic. They cannot make use of the Sinistral Mechanic.
  • Mechanic 3: Archon can Cleanse a (willing) Mage of Magic. If they can become an Archon, they do. Any Magic/Faith packs are refunded and can be re-spent. This grants the Archon doing it 1 Static Divinium.
  • Mechanic 4: Archon can perform a Cleansing Ritual that cleanses a (willing) Undead, to either pass onto the Afterlife, or become a Primal Revenant. Any Magic/Faith Point Buy Packs are refunded and can be re-spent.
  • Mechanic 5: Archon can see backwards in time (coordinate with other players to tell their past) or see glimpses of possible futures in multi-time thread theory (just make them up, there are thousands of possible futures).
  • Mechanic 6: Archon can live much longer than non-Archon, empowered by Dragon Magic, meaning they can live three times as long as their maximum. (Making an Archon 300+ years old may require ticket consultation).


Archon exist in six distinct Lineages (though special Lineages may exist for Custom Kits). All Archon serve a specific function in the Immortal War, and even though the Immortal War had passed, they continue to pass their Archonism down from generation to generation. All Children born from an Archon are also Archon (and if both parents are Archon, one random Lineage is chosen). It is possible to swap Lineage, but this costs 1 Divinium at the Dragon Temple unless a specific Mechanic allows this to be done for free. Each Lineage of Archon also has two specific Mechanics that apply only to their Lineage, that are supplemental to the common Mechanic list for all Archon.



Wardens are protectors and healers and scholars, not necessarily front-line soldiers. Wardens were historically sent by the Dragons to heal places where corruption had left the people in misery and damaged the world, or to investigate matters they could not see to themselves. Wardens primarily also act as protectors and administrators or support of the Draconism Holy Sites, a very last line of defense against the Infection from damaging the heart of the Draconic Cause. Wardens were popular among the followers of Regulus, Severena, and Aurora, but have become more wide spread over time as their support became appreciated by the frontliners. Wardens are particular popular in Anglia in the Regalian Archipelago, where they have banded together and called themselves Gray Witches or Anglian Witches, using herbs and tinctures to heal the people of ailments and generally warding off evil in the swamplands.

  • Warden Mechanic: Warden Archon can grant any person Shapeshift Pack for free, but only for an Hour (or the duration of an Event), and with a 7 day Cooldown.
  • Warden Mechanic: Warden Archon are immune to all Mechanics from Arkenborn or Godborn insofar they are Mechanics that affect others, and aren't free Packs (not immune to Pack Abilities).



Aegis are the frontline warriors and shield-wall of the Draconic Forces, the bulk of the army of the Dragons, and the most numerous of the Archon. They are sent in large numbers to fight smaller Demons that Dragons would sneer to face, so that they can fight bigger entities and Gods. Aegis also function as the peacetime protectors of those Wardens who cannot fight themselves, such as the Draconic Scholars and Healers. Aegis are far from dispensable soldiers, and have historically had especially good relations with the Dragons Marik and Caius, the former commander among them and the latter general. Though, over time, as priorities shifted, Aegis Archon showed up in other Dragon Domains also. Aegis are particularly popular among the Songaskian, called the Siiri Bulwark, who also act as foot soldiers in the Songaskian Masaya's army, commanded by Dragon Priests.

  • Aegis Mechanic: Aegis Archon gain a Draconic Transformation styled like Sofawaati Form, the Aesthetics of which they can style after a Dragon of their choice. Counts as a Disguise.
  • Aegis Mechanic: Aegis Archon gain +1 Defence Stat (breaking cap up to 9) for each additional Archon present in a scene, and so long as they are fighting for a Draconism cause (even while not being faithful).



Hunters are the lone wolves or shock-troopers of the Draconic Forces, specifically tracking and hunting down notable Occult as specialized warriors. Hunters are sent out in small numbers to make use of hit and run tactics, as well as their ferocity to quickly overwhelm enemies before they even realize they are under attack. Hunters rarely act defensively on the home front, content to spend their entire time on the front lines of the Immortal War and the Draconic goals. Hunters have historically been especially favored by Caius, as they are capable of sharing his bouts of rage and combat ferocity when forced to fight alone against a tide of darkness. Hunters are particularly popular among the Maquixtl, called the Red Hunters, who invoke the elements of the Fire Dragon and manifest Draconic aesthetics like red scale, red skin, a draconic tail, draconic horns, claws, and fire resistance.

  • Hunter Mechanic: Hunters have perfect night vision, capable of seeing clearly in the dark and low light environments without needing any external light or illumination.
  • Hunter Mechanic: Hunters gain +1 Main Attack Stat (breaks Cap up to 11) while they are inside Crookback City District, and become Revenants (Ghosts) if killed, revivable for 1 Divinium at the Dragon Temple.



Phantoms are the saboteurs, assassins, rogues and cutthroats of the Draconic Forces, specifically used to get dirty work done that other Archon balk at, or get their morals in a twist about. Phantoms were not historically part of the Immortal War, rather they came about through Triton and Nox's impatience with the other Dragons' slowness to act, and indecision when it came to more pivotal moments in history. The Phantoms often consider themselves separate from the other Lineages, and rage against their centrism or apathy. It should come as no surprise that Phantoms are traditionally favored to Triton, but have become more widespread, some even in nominally peaceful Severena Domain, as locals turn to more radical solutions. Phantoms are particularly popular among the Drakon Cult Kathar, called Darkscales, who blend Vampiric culture with Archon Culture to produce a potent mixture in any fight.

  • Phantom Mechanic: Phantoms can Thrall (consenting) Afflicted, making them Legal in the eyes of Regalia, hiding their Affliction Traits, Disabling their Feeding, and forcing them to fight their own Kind. 2 Max.
  • Phantom Mechanic: Phantoms can use Vampiric Form as described on the Vampire Page. Additionally when Persuasion Dice rolling against non-Mundane, they gain +2 to the final Dice Result.



Envoy go in a completely different direction from the more combat-oriented Archon lineages existing elsewhere, focusing instead on the recruitment of allies from outside the Draconism and Draconic fold. Envoys seek to maintain relations with non-Dragon aligned and those who reject or don't believe in the actual mission of the Draconic Immortal War, to aid in their work regardless of this apathy. Envoys came about through Severena and Aurora's foresight, that those who worshiped the Dragons as Gods would not be sufficient to stem the tide of the Demonic and the infection in the world. Envoys tend to be more cooperative and compromising both within the Dragon Cult, seeking to get the Archon to work better together (especially the lone wolves like the Hunters and Phantoms), while also recruiting outsiders and making them feel at home in the cause, and including them in Draconism meetings.

  • Envoy Mechanic: Envoy Archon can duplicate Archon Mechanic 1, and 5 onto any non-Archon Ally that is with them in an active scene. Additionally, they extend Mechanic 6 onto their non-Archon Family and Significant Others.
  • Envoy Mechanic: Envoy Archon can break the limitations on Guilds in terms of membership, being able to become a member of 2 instead of 1 Guilds, but can only choose one set of Mechanics from either Guild.



Artisan are similar to the Envoys, in that they fulfill a role somewhere in between being soldiers of the Immortal War, and more like supporting forces. The Leystone Network is vast, spanning the globe, and constantly under attack from small little incursions. Artisans both mend and strengthen the Leystone network from attacks, and use Leystone and Draconic Magic to fuel Technology and creations to aid in the Immortal War. The best way to regard the Artisan Archon, is as Engineer Archon, a function dreamed up by Daiana and Regulus to help with the ever increasing threats to the network upon which Dragon Sites are dependent. Artisan Archon are valued both within the Dragon Cult and outside, given that their unrivaled knowledge of Dragon Sites makes them one of the few venues through which Soul Cores can be used to the benefit of mortals, otherwise only available at the behest of the Dragons.

  • Artisan Mechanic: Artisan Archon can grant an Archon +1 Attack Stat (breaks cap up to 11) when fighting on a Dragon Site (Temple Incl). Additionally, they can dispel curses at the Temple as if they had 4 Points Invested in Magic.
  • Artisan Mechanic: Artisan Archon gain the Leytech Branch of Technology for free without any Point investment in Tech Point Buy, and this also does not count towards their max 2 Tech Branches chosen.


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