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The Imperial Family is a page that explains the lineage and the individual members of the Imperial family in relation to each other, and to external entities. Each Court member has their own agenda, which are not always obvious to the outsider. Below is a family tree spanning back roughly 300 years showing all the Emperors, their relation to each other, and their relation to the current ruling dynasty. Several player, controlled Noble Families are also incorporated to show the relations they have acquired over the years, and their proximity to House Kade as a whole. Below the image, a short hand explainer for all the relevant members of the Princely Council are showcased, with Princely Council members having a vibrant purple border around their nameplate.

Imperial Family Tree

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Imperial Family Members

Each section of the Princely Council is split by groups that define their proximity to the Crown.

Children of Emperor Alexander I

The Children of Emperor Alexander I Kade are considered the most legitimate heirs to the Empire, as they are the first-born sons of the Emperor, even if primogeniture inheritance is no longer in effect in the Court.

  • Reynaud Kade: Reynaud Kade is the first born son of Alexander I and thus the most natural heir to the Imperial lineage, if the primogeniture succession was maintained. The incorporation of elective succession has caused this Prince great discomfort, who continues to try and work politics so that he may have the sole right to the throne back. Generally considered a party prince who spends money in watersheds and shows little regard for the common man often toying with them purely out of royal prerogative, he is not much loved by anyone at the Court except the Ithanians who he closely associates with, through his wife of Ivrae lineage. Even among his relatives, he is often excluded from official business, due to his insulting and demeaning behavior to foreigners.
  • Frederick Kade: A no-nonsense jarhead of a man, Prince Frederick drifts somewhere in between a Viridian Knight and an Imperial Guard, notably because his Viridian loyalties of recent have wavered. Of the three adult sons of Emperor Alexander, Frederick is most aligned with the military, but has generally speaking an extremely low opinion of the civil governments, even when in the hands of his own family. Frederick is much of an unknown figure among the courtiers, because he does not appear in public often, and even when he does, produces very few words, with little tact or intention behind them. He is noted as a God-like figure called Eredicos in the Evintarian Cult of Unionism, and holds vast political and influential power among foreign Urlan hordes.
  • Raymond Kade: Raymond Kade is perhaps considered the most clever of the recent Princes, always scheming and plotting, but unlike most skeeving politicians, he has a charm and charisma that is not often assured in an opportunist. Raymond never saw eyes for the Crown, and was in parts content to let Reynaud and Frederick clash on their preferred form of civil government. Instead, Raymond's work is mostly found in the erosion of the constitutional power of the nobility, and to have more meritocratic rule in the Empire by making sure public offices are held by competently educated and skilled people, rather than those born into birthright of power. His machinations are unclear, because he frequently acts through intermediaries, like Princess Shelia-Manon and Aliandre.

Children of Prince-Protector Thomas

Prince-Protector Thomas still holds a princely title, but was removed from the Princely Council and expelled from the inheritance line due to internal scandal within the family. His children still hold relevance.

  • Duncan Kade: Prince Duncan being Prince Thomas's oldest son, is technically heir to the vast Ducal fortunes of the late Moriarty, which would have originally gone to Alexander, but since he gained the throne, the Ducal lands passed to Thomas. Thomas has already signed away his rights, meaning they should belong to Duncan, however the family has held back this arrangement for the simple fact that Duncan is just not very bright, and also raised in Gallovia and acts distinctly not-Anglian. Duncan generally had no real life goals, and mostly wasted his years away partying drunk.
  • Valdis Kade: Valdis Kade is considered the apple that did not fall far from his father's tree, meaning that he is considered a lecher and a debaucher with an unpleasant reputation at court. Many avoid his presence and everyone would seek darely to avoid being alone with him in one of the many empty hallways or rooms of the Imperial Palace. It is widely known at the court that Valdis does not enjoy the familial affection of the other Kades, and is mostly kept far away from the public by having him live his life out on some of the sparsely populated northern estates, banned from the Court.
  • Noor Kade: Noor Kade is one of the most fiercely independent, and anti-regal of the Princes. While all the other Kades have largely accepted and adopted well into the regal role, Princess Noor crudely and rebelliously resists the demands of royalty placed upon her, so the point that she is obstinate and obstructionist to the work her relatives engage in when she is called upon. And yet, she also holds the scorn of many courtiers for her inherent hypocrisy in this, in that she insists on the royal prerogative and privileges and titleage, but also wants to disregard them whenever she feels like. She is known to disguise herself and work among the commoners when not at Court, and is a prized metallurgist who has produced some of the family's famed artifact weapons and armor.
  • Juliana Kade: Juliana is the apple of the Emperor's eye, even though she is Prince Thomas's daughter. As a Thousand Blade Knight and holy woman at the same time, she has quickly come from the shadows of being unknown to being the personal attendant of the Emperor, and in his disappearance, searching far and wide for any sign of him. She is quiet and reserved, but with a sharp eye for detail and a courteous tone. Most at Court consider her a grey presence and too boring to engage with, but those in the close inner circle whisper that the Emperor might want to make her first Empress Vessel of the Regalian Empire.
  • James Kade & Deryl Kade: Neither James or Deryl are particularly interesting Princes, as they are both perfectly average in terms of noble sons, but mediocre in excelling and drawing the attention of the public. They are both the perfect examples of excessive children who largely disappear in the shadows of their more competent older siblings, and were never born with any particular purpose or goal in mind, so they spend most of their days peacefully living at Estates and hosting guests from the local gentry for long drawn out parties and dinner evenings.

Siblings of Emperor Alexander I

The other Siblings of Emperor Alexander I either are unmarried, or have children that are too young to be part of the Princely Council, but they themselves are part of the Princely Council and thus relevant.

  • Dominique Kade: Dominique Kade is the one Kade anyone would prefer not to get on the back side of, as it is well known that he has extensive relations and probably is the leader of the secret service of Regalia, the Black Order, which officially does not exist, and acts through the more public-facing Black Hand Organization. Dominique is an extreme pragmatist and capable of rogueish cruelty, but is noted as having very poor health, which makes him somewhat elusive at Court.
  • Cedromar Kade: Cedromar Kade was once Emperor for about a year, but aside from this highly visible period, he is effectively a ghost at Court. Cedromar is the human name of the Dragon-God Regulus of Draconism, with Cedromar acknowledged as the modern reincarnation of this Dragon God. Cedromar is considered an unpredictable eccentric who can be equally parts helpful and caring, and equal parts obstructionist and faux-comedic with a mean streak for ridicule. He is extremely contentious at Court, because his proximity to the Dragon Cult which is mistrusted at Court, makes him mistrusted by proxy. Furthermore, his rule saw some of the Empire's most bloody years, both in terms of losses of soldier lives, as well as bloodbath committed abroad by Regalia's military.
  • Amalia-Alia Kade: While Amalia-Alia Kade is Cedromar's (fraternal) twin sister, she could not possibly be more his polar opposite. While he is a Draconist God, she is a devout Unionist with a disdain for the Draconic. While he is considered comedic and arbitrary, she is courtly and composed, with heavy resistance on regal styling and protocol. While he is generally a liberator of inequalities, she is a misogynist who desperately tries to reinforce Calemberg gender-division standards and expectations. Amalia-Alia is the only non-Matrilineally married female Kade, meaning her children are not Kades, nor recognized as Princes.
  • Thaddeus Kade: Thaddeus Kade is a perfectly average gentlemanly prince, who is one of the rare exceptions to the Kade ground-based martial training, instead becoming Captain and later rear-admiral in his own right. Thaddeus is perfectly competent in this role, but due to his brother insisting that the commissions should go to the Nobles, ends up wasting away at the Palace never seeing the frontline, much to his chagrin. Because of his lack of consistent employment, Thaddeus is mostly seen loitering the palace with his other siblings, notably Florance, when she engages in public displays of music and art.
  • Florance Kade: Florance is considered the second idiosyncratic savant of the family behind Francis, the latter of which has more interest in the technical world, while they have more interest in the musical and artistic world. Many of the courtiers consider interacting with them difficult and bothersome and thus avoid them, which is perfectly fine in their eyes, because they also think that all courtiers are difficult and bothersome to interact with, thus they avoid them. Florance occasionally hosts musical compositions and gallery displays at the Palace, but is obviously always missing from them when they open, overlooking on a distant balcony with their brother Thaddeus instead.
  • Evelienne Kade: Evelienne Kade is a very little known Princess at the Court who is rarely seen. She spends most of her time in the Imperial archives and libraries reading books, or in the inner garden courtyards learning about herbology and horticulture from the Imperial gardeners. While she eventually married an important Marcher Lord, it is widely understood that she is the least suited for royal or even noble life, and is commonly more seen as a day dreamer who would prefer to spend her time as far removed from the Court as possible with intermediaries and regents.
  • Xavier Kade: Xavier Kade is a sickly young man who is a competent administrator but has a sadistic streak as a result of his long battles with illness and disablities that left him bitter. He is not liked by many at Court because of his crass way of speaking, even through courteous tone, filled with insult and derision of incompetence. He once tried to play against Cedromar's hands-off political grip on power by trying to usurp more power to himself, however the Courtiers closed ranks and Xavier's plot failed before he could replace Cedromar as Emperor-Regent, disappearing into the shadows again.
  • Xander Kade: Xander Kade is the youngest brother of the Emperor, who many consider a very naive and bright-eyed knight squire who is spending equal time partying, and barely committing to his knightly training. It is widely understood among the Viridians that he is not suitable for Knightly work, but that he has no other life ambitions and that one does not simply banish a Kade from the Order, so he is tolerated while he skips on lessons or is a no-show for field duty and patrols. Xander is kind natured, but generally a little silly and unaware of the things he does, or says.

Prince Maximillian's Branch

Prince Maximillian's branch of the Imperial Family is not related through Princess Aliandre, inheriting a distant claim through Maximillian's great-great-great grandfather Arnold II Kade, and thus are Royal.

  • Maximillian Kade: Maximillian Kade is considered the most senior still living Kade, of advanced age, who holds one of the wealthiest Duchies in Anglia (which, notably, was taken from House Lo after their demise). Prince Maximillian was a diplomat, but never quite as skilled as his son Constantijn, and he was also an Everian at some point, but never quite as skilled as his other son Francis. Maximillian is perfectly average and perfectly dull, to many at the Court.
  • Francis Kade: Fancis Kade is House Kade's most idiosyncratic member, who is considered arbitrary, fit to strange compulsions and random moods, and always in a busy never to speak to anyone. Francis Kade is considered a recluse eccentric, who does not communicate much with the extended family, and is often more buried in his lengthy encyclopedias or tinkering with Clockwork to try and grasp a better understanding of the underlying technology with his Qadir colleagues.
  • Willem-Friso Kade: Willem-Friso is the highest ranked Everian of House Kade who extends their family's influence to the Concilly Council, though he is also a flawed man inherently. While taking a vow of celibacy, he has broken this vow numerous times and has several bastards who were not acknowledged by House Kade, which is unusual, because the family usually legalizes all bastards out of policy. Willem-Friso is considered a somewhat simple-minded, but well meaning and pious person with a deep and thorough understanding of Unionism, but who himself is often more prone to people-pleasing when things need to be expressed to the Concilly Council by other family members.
  • Constantijn Kade: Constantijn Kade is considered House Kade's most gracious and good-natured member, who is most commonly seen by the commoners, and most commonly preferred by the Commoners due to his genuine empathy and care for them. Constantijn is a skilled diplomat who has a way with words, which leaves some of equal caliber guessing if his kindness is genuine or just a ruse. Constantijn is often considered the mouth piece for the Princely Council, with only his expressions betraying his genuine feelings about things he speaks of as proxy to others. It is exceedingly rare to witness him confessing to a personal opinion about something championed by someone else.

Moriarty's Other Sons

Moriarty's other sons are siblings to Maximillian and Aunts/Uncles of the Emperor Alexander I. Any of their children are also included in this, who inherit their distant claim on the throne through Arnold II Kade.

  • Shelia-Manon Kade: Shelia-Manon Kade is sometimes also called the She-Fox of House Kade, because of her underhanded and rogueish nature inside a family that is often posited as the high class and poise of politics. Shelia-Manon has extensive dealings with the Occult, and large support networks of favorites and informants across the Empire that feed her relevant information, but more often than not Artifacts and magical books and records which she hoards in the Palace.
  • Glorianna Kade: Glorianna Kade is perhaps House Kade's most hateful members against the Occult of any type, even Draconic and Aelrrigan, with a strong preference to have their rights revoked and repressive laws re-introduced. While she was once panned as a gracious woman, she was left extremely bitter when all 5 of her children were killed by Occult in various periods of her life, leaving her a widow and childless at advanced age with extreme bitterness.
  • Daan Kade: Daan Kade is one of the few administratively trained members of the Kade family who does not fall into either a career politician role, or military role. He was trained to assist the youngest of the siblings, Rhion, who would inherit the Duchy of Fryse because of ultimogeniture. Not much is known of Daan aside from his studious and well versed nature in the State Law, State Administration, and State Apparatusses and Organizational structures.
  • Aliandre Kade: Aliandre Kade is considered House Kade's foremost military strategist who has operated in a mostly male-dominated military field for decades. Most of her tenure was hidden behind a curtain, where she used her husband as proxy. Aliandre Kade's policies are known to range somewhere between socially progressive and militarily conservative, with a strong emphasis on meritocratic views, and challenging women out of the tea parlors and into the war rooms.
  • Anthony Kade: Anthony Kade is commonly considered a drunken wastrel who tries to not be seen as a Kade, and spends most of his time around Regalian whorehouses and taverns spending family coin.
  • Karlo Kade: Karlo Kade is mostly only known for being the widower of Freya Lo, and father to her children which were induced into House Kade. He has no known qualities, and has several bastards.

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