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  • Welcome to the New Player Guide. By the time you reach the end of this page, you should know absolutely everyth ...ine it like a collaboratively written book where every character is played by a different person. Sort of like a play, but all the actors are acting thro
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  • ...heir own ancient Empire and re-establish a state that was created for, and by them. The Great Journey is one of the most important events in post-Catacly ...peoples eastward to find new homes, built upon infrastructure left to them by their own historical [[Dewamenet Empire]]. This movement, wrapped up in the
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  • ...historical records, and the Obelisks only speak of a great calamity caused by Demons that threatened to destroy the world. Modern scholars have theorized ...creation had become due to the wanton destruction and sacrilege performed by them in this dark time. Some rumor that the Gods still house themselves in
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  • ...general refrained from colonizing anything that wasn’t directly connected by land to the Allorn Empire, though no other Race was present on the Isles, n ...umed by warfare and destruction, and most of the Minoor ships were smashed by the rough seas during the Cataclysm. Hadar was not a viable option either,
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  • ...eads to yet another downfall. The Dwarves are a people permanently wronged by their own actions and the terrors of the world, but who soldier on in pursu ...that matches their physical constitution, but it is built up and supported by an ever-present stubbornness. A Dwarf admitting fault is a rare sight, but
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  • ...ower constrained by self-control, wisdom and years of training, and shaped by a purpose-driven mindset. The Eronidas reside in the continent of [[Daendro ...e most others. The Eronidas are often depicted as brutish and large-framed by their enemies, though this is not always true, usually stemming from [[Alta
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  • ...time, the Asha forge ahead with a new identity of their own making, guided by the heroes of ages past and present, to show all in the world, and especial [[File:Rkhaeti.png|260px|thumb|right|Rakhet can always be recognized by their sabretooths.]]
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  • ...atory read to play an Altalar. If you want to play an Altalar, you can get by with just reading the Characteristics, Abilities and History. Culture is al ...ruled the known world. It is a long and proud one, broken slowly over time by a combination of their crippling arrogance and the oppressive weight of ext
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