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The Ability and Proficiency System
This page involves the Abilities and Proficiency system, which is a core part of how Combat Roleplay and "Competitive" Roleplay works on Massivecraft. To see an explanation of general Rules, Terminology, and Mechanics used on this page, read the Abilities page. To see a broader explanation of the Abilities and Rules used on this page, read the Proficiency Page. To see an indexed list of all Abilities, read the Ability List Page.

Adapt Point Buy is part of the bigger Proficiency System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. Adapt Point Buy provides by default Mundane ways to change fundamental design rules about a Character, think for example the usage of alchemy or tech to change a Character's appearance more radically than a disguise or some make-up could. Adapt Point Buy however also has a Magical interpretation, meaning that there is always a choice between using the Ability mundanely, or Magically, which usually improves its functions at the cost of purists aggressing on the Character. If you want to use Adapt Point Buy through Magic, please consult the Magic Page before Point Buying any Packs here, as some considerations have to be made with regard to Spell Morality, and Dimension Alignment that affect how other Characters respond to your Character. Please read the Adapt Point Buy Extra Rules before Point Buying any Packs here, as this Category is unique and has extra mechanics.

Adapt Point Buy Extra Rules

  • By default, all Point Buy Packs in this Category are Mundane, meaning no Magic is involved. Each Pack will explain how to make these changes occur without Magic in Roleplay.
  • Each Pack has a Magic improved variant, which means it must 100% be powered by Magic, which can be a costly decision due to the Morality of Magic, and how other Characters react.
  • If a Magical variant is chosen, this must be outlined on Character Applications (such as: Shapeshift Pack (Adapt Point Buy) (Magical Variant) Mundane variant does not need to be clarified.
  • If a Magical variant is chosen, the Character is locked into always using the Magical Variant, and can no longer use the Mundane variant.
  • If a Magical variant is chosen, the player can choose to make the Proficiency investment in Intelligence count as an investment in Magic instead, or keep is as Intelligence.

Adapt Point Buy Packs

Shapeshift Pack

The Shapeshift Pack allows a Character to change the fundamental genetic composition of their Character through for example the use of body-changing Alchemy or body-morphing technology like nanites. The Character can change their heritage (for example from Ailor to Eronidas or Solvaan, or even a combination of the two or three), including but not limited to taking visual aspects of individual peoples and combining them visually, though this never changes their Heritage Traits. Furthermore, they can change Gender Presentation, Biological Sex, Height, Hair, Facial Structure, Body Shape, Hair Color and texture, and even apply visual effects on their body like Tattoos, Mutations, and additional (non-combat) functional limbs or body parts. The Mundane version of this Pack does not count as a Disguise but is applied indefinitely, meaning the Shapeshifting does not break until an antidote or reversal is applied. Keep in mind that Shapeshifting should not be used in anti-RP ways to avoid consequences perpetually, while it can help with Crime RP or to keep one step ahead of one's enemies, making a character completely untouchable may result in Staff intervention. Also keep in mind that Shapeshifters have a bad reputation in the lore, your Character may receive hostility for openly Shapeshifting in front of other Characters.

  • Magical Variant: The Magical Variant of this Ability has all the same functions, except that the Shapeshifting does count as a Disguise, and can Hide Affinity Traits, but never Affliction Traits. Additionally, Magical Shapeshifters are capable of mimicking the appearance of another Character exactly while Mundane Shapeshifters cannot. Keep in mind that passing off convincingly as someone else, still requires a modicum of behavior mimicry as well, otherwise Characters may see through the ruse. Shapeshifting can be done as many times and as quickly as the user wants. If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.

Mindcontrol Pack

The Mind Control Pack allows a Character to establish a level of control or influence on other Characters through the use of Alchemical addiction, or pheromone serums, or mind-control chips and machines. This Pack has several functions, each of which is explained below. Keep in mind that Mind Control, to rob someone of their free will and agency, is one of the most heinous moral crimes in most cultures and Religions. You should expect Characters to react with extreme hostility if your Character is found to be using Mind Control. Some Characters may also be immune to Mind Control, but in such instances, these Mechanics simply don't work, they don't suddenly notice that someone tried to Mind Control them. Using any form of Mind Control is not telegraphed, meaning it cannot be seen when used by others (unless someone was there when it was applied). This means the only way to discover Mind Control of any kind, is with educated guesswork.

  • Persuasion Guidance: The Character can boost an Ally's Persuasion Roll while in Emote Range by +2 to the final Dice result. Only one Guidance can be active per Character, and it cannot be used on Self.
  • Persuasion Bonus: The Character gains +2 to the total /dice roll number before rolling, meaning base 3 + Wisdom/Intelligence + 2, while also raising Persuasion Cap by +2, this does not increase the final dice result.
  • Persuasion Thralling: The Character can establish Mind Control over a Character with OOC consent (which can be revoked at any time). Mind Control can vary from the Target becoming completely unable to act and waiting for commands, or being mostly in control of themselves, but just not being able to reject commands from the user. Mind Control cannot be overwritten, and can be removed from any Knocked Out person (they will always violently resist being freed) by removing the device or substance that Mind Controls them. There is no upper limit to the amount of people Mind Controlled this way. Make sure to always communicate the level of (dis)comfort Players may have with Mind Control before engaging in it.
  • Magical Variant: The Magical variant of Persuasion Guidance and Persuasion Bonus is identical, where the changes mostly occur in Persuasion Thralling. Persuasion Thralling can no longer be removed by just Knocking someone Out, they have to be freed from Mind Control through the use of an Ability or Mechanic that functions as a form of Exorcism. If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.

Mimicry Pack

The Mimicry Pack allows a Character to copy the functional Abilities and Proficiencies of another Character, though only ever at the start of Combat. If a single of their own Abilities has been used, this Mechanic is no longer available until all Abilities are no longer on Cooldown. This can also not be used to Mimic Custom Kits, except in situations where it is used in a 1v1 against a Custom Kit user, who must also give express OOC consent for this to work. Some Custom Kits may also not be copied, due to deep lore functions of how their Custom Kits came about. The Mundane variant of this Ability uses a combination of Ability-mimicking machines and nanites or alchemical imitations. When Mimicry is used in Combat, it cannot be removed until Combat has ended, and if the effect is maintained beyond combat, it cannot be removed until the next Combat ends.

  • Magical Variant: The Magical Variant of Mimicry Pack also allows the user to mimic the appearance of the person which does count as a Disguise Pack (but only for people who entered late to the scene after activation). Additionally, the Magic Variant of this Ability can also be used outside of Combat, but it cannot Mimic the Mindcontrol Pack from Adapt Point Buy. If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.

Oceanic Pack

The Oceanic Pack allows a Character to function underwater as if it is above water. This means they gain normal movement speed, the ability to wear armor, the ability to breathe underwater, use weapons, use attack Emotes, use Abilities, and speak underwater through the use of biology-altering alchemy, or the use of underwater adaptation gear and equipment. Those with the Oceanic Pack essentially, can function and live underwater indefinitely, such as in the rivers, and the underwater sections of the Sewers and other roleplay Zones. This effect cannot be shared with others, except for the underwater breathing, which can be granted to up to two users, so long as they hold one hand each of the user.

  • Magical Variant: The Magical Variant of Oceanic Pack also allows the user to extend the full effects of Oceanic Pack to 2 additional Allies so long as they remain within 10 Blocks of the user (no longer needing to hold their hand). If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.

Safeguard Pack

The Safeguard Pack allows the user to become less affected by Afflictions, which has a couple of effects. Firstly, they are unaffected by Vampire Charm or Mortisphage Charm. Secondly, while they can be infected with Afflictions, they are not affected by the mental changes and keep their conscience. Thirdly, while normally curing from Afflictions would cost Divinium, those with Safeguard Pack do not have this cost incurred, being curable by the same persons without a currency cost. Finally, they cannot be fed upon by Vampires or Mortisphages, as their body becomes caustic to them. This can all be achieved through a combination of mind-guarding nanites or chips, or bloodstream alchemy.

  • Magical Variant: The Magical Variant of Safeguard Pack additionally grants the user the ability to use Exorcism on anyone (except themselves). Exorcism is useful in a variety of settings, for example, if a Character has had Mind Control established on them, or some other form of Curse where the description of the Mechanic specifies that it can be removed with an "Exorcism Ability, or Exorcism Mechanic". If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.

Wardrobe Pack

The Wardrobe Pack allows a Character to remain prepared at all times without the need for armor or weapons on their person. The wearer is considered armored at all times, and is able to conceal a ranged or melee weapon that is considered Hidden until used. (Hidden may not apply in places like the Imperial Palace, or during certain events). Lastly, the user is able to conceal a life support system on their person, allowing them to take damage that would normally be fatal. If the user is killed, provided their head and neck are still intact, they are able to resuscitate themselves and seal any lethal wounds they may have taken after 10 minutes.

  • Magical Variant: The character has inlaid enchantments into their clothing, able to achieve the same effect. Additionally, they are able to pass this enchantment onto other items. While within emote range, the character can extend the benefits of this pack to another person to prevent them from dying. Finally, the user can create magical items with aesthetic benefits (or curses, removed with Exorcism or by a specific method per item, left up to player freedom) while out of combat, and pass them onto other characters. If the Magical variant is chosen, the Player may choose to make this Proficiency Point count as Magic instead.