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Magic is the art which connects the Void and Aloria. It makes way for a mage to be felt in the heart of Estel and seen in the eyes of Behesael. It is neither good, nor evil, yet many across Aloria have differing views about magical arts. Some types of magic are seen as inherently evil in Regalian eyes, such as the illusory Hex Magic or the empowering Fire Magic. Others are considered less so, such as the healing Light Magic or the useful Sight Magic. Included below is information on how magic works on MassiveCraft, and how you can use it to enhance your roleplay experience.

Advanced versus Simple Magic

Our lore knows two kinds of Magical Difficulties: Simple and Advanced. Simple Magic represents the various forms of Magic which share a common template and are relatively simple to understand. These forms of Magic are recommended for the players who are relatively new to the Lore or roleplaying as Mages. The Advanced Magic represent the various forms of Magic which don't have a common template, in fact they only loosely follow the defined template. What sets them further apart is that they often have more advanced mechanics like a resource management system or a deviating skill progression. These concepts are often harder to grasp and recommended for players who are more familiar with the lore and Magic in general, though there are no actual limitations on deciding what kind of Magic you would like to use. There are no application limitations between Simple and Advanced Magic, except when the pages are marked as Hidden Magic.

For an out-of-character guide on roleplaying as mages, see our Magic Guide.

Elemental Magic

The spark was more than fire. It was enlightenment.

Elemental magic is a form predominantly having to do with one's connection to the elements around them. Being able to manipulate elements in the world around themselves is a key characteristic in mages who practice elemental forms, and most of these magics are steeped in tradition and theology.

Celestial Magic

The light healed her more than her patients.

Magics that are celestial are uplifting and often considered more pure to the vast majority of Aloria. Most mages who practice celestial forms often have a strong focus in connecting with oneself and creating works of magic that will be about enlightenment and allowing oneself to reach higher levels of spiritual wholeness.

Mind Magic

He loved it when the puppets danced for him.

Mind magic is often considered darker than its celestial counterpart, as the uses of mind magic are typically for more sinister acts. Magical forms that fall under the mind magic categorization are typically deep-seeded in manipulation and control of others. It's no surprise most Alorians frown upon it.

Void Magic

She felt light and airless. She felt absolutely free.

While a majority of magic does come from the Void, Void magic is often a more direct connection thereto. Those who practice forms under Void magic often must endanger themselves and others to successfully cast. If they don't, their magic is typically a mistake. Void magic, like mind magic, is highly frowned upon in most societies.

Spiritual Magic

He drew the weapon from nowhere, fury in his eyes.

Much like celestial forms, spiritual magic is often highly focused on connecting to oneself, others, and reaching a higher plane of existence than those around them. A person practicing a form of spiritual magic typically has higher insight into those around them, or a better understanding of planes of existence apart from Aloria.

Soul Magic

Her gaze grew sharp, but her sight grew sharper.

Soul Magic is by far the most dangerous path of magic, affecting the very soul of the caster and manipulating that of the souls around them, be it enhancing the caster themselves or manipulating the very unseen threads of another's consciousness.

Nature Magic

The words of the ancient Nenya flowed through him.

Nature works in mysterious ways, and while elemental magic focuses on controlling nature around them, nature magic focuses on creating and connecting to the nature that surrounds them. Instead of going to the raw elements, nature mages often have a higher understanding of how to use the tools around them for any purposes desired.

Alorian Magic

She finally broke her previous limitations, all with a single word.

The most unique of all magic classifications, Alorian magical forms are distinctly created as supplemental to others, and created by Alorians as a utility to better their abilities. Alorian magic is more of an invention than a discovery, practiced and perfected with time and intelligence to assist mages how they're needed.