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Of all subjects in Aloria, Magic has only recently become a well understood and utilized subject. Magic is a blanket term for the use of planar essences to deny, shape, or reinforce the reality of Aloria, causing unnatural things to happen. Magic was initially pioneered by the Seraph, who are thought to have been the most powerful mages in all of Alorian history. Devastatingly, the Seraph meddled too much with the fabrics of the universe, and invited the first of several Void Invasions; when demonic extra-planar forces invaded Aloria through portals from the Void. Many Empires, Civilizations, and individuals have, since this time, come to understand and utilize magic in their own unique ways. Many cultures and civilizations still have an incredibly negative viewpoint towards magic and mages in general due to their association with planar essences, and the risk they pose to themselves--and others. For those willing to accept all of the risks associated, magic is an amazing and spectacular, if not unnatural, tool that can change the tide of any event in history: for better, or worse.

Mages and Sorcerers

There exists two types of Magic users in Aloria, the Mages and the Sorcerers. Knowledge about individual spells and their functions should be learned and transferred IC. There is no Proficiency that unlocks all knowledge about Sorcery. Knowledge about the history of Sorcery's presence in history and inception can be acquired through Eventism Knowledge. Sorcerers are far more common, they are the users that one might encounter on the battlefield or on the side of the street doing simple tricks. Sorcerers are learned Magic users who have mastered a few defined spells based on the Schools of Magic. Mages on the other hand are natural born casters of Magic who don’t need reagents to cast their spells. Mages are born with a so called Magespark, a random malformation of their soul that causes them to be able to tap directly from the essences of other planar dimensions. Mages often develop their magical skills naturally at a young age, and continue to refine and specialize their spells over the span of years, but do so entirely independently of any mentor or teacher, and can do so without the need for resources or proverbial casting crutches used by the Magicians. Mages might also exhibit uncontrollable magical mutations while Sorcerers can usually continue to blend in with the mundane population (mundanes is a term used to define the non-Magic using population of the world). Most Sorcerers, however, utilize their abilities to manifest whimsical or unsettling visual changes to distinguish themselves. To play a Mage, you need to have access to a Special Permission granted on the Application thread found here: [1]. To play a Sorcerer, you need an Approved Character Application, but you do not require a Special Permission.

Sorcery Categories

Symbol Category Description
Folelsa.png Spirit Sorcery Considered some of the most restrained and self-controlled Sorcerers and Mages, Spirit Magic emphasizes a mastery over oneself. Capable of enhancing and altering the bodies natural capabilities, Spirit Magic is common among many combatants.
Meiramanda.png Nature Sorcery Emphasizing control of and harmony with nature and natural creatures, Nature Magic allows those to protect themselves and the life around them. Specializing in cleansing and existing with nature, Nature Magic is frequently found among gardeners and the Yanar.
Elementalss.png Elemental Sorcery The tumultuous elements of Aloria require deep respect and understanding if they are to be controlled by its inhabitants. Elemental Magic allows those to form a connection with these elementas and manifest them as they please. For its magnificent and overwhelming effects, Elemental Magic is most frequently found among warriors and spellswords.
Mindsad.png Arcane Sorcery Inspired by the monotonous affairs of day-to-day life, Arcane Magic allows individuals to engage with the world around them in a whole new fashion. Whether it be by creating illusions or automating the objects around them, the uses of Arcane magic is varied, causing Arcane Magic to be the most evenly spread among the populous.
Soulmagc.png Lightness Sorcery Empowered by Exist Essence, Lightness Magic is focused on illuminating those around it, whether it be literally or spiritually. Lightness Magic allows its users to sustain themselves and others, and is commonly found among priests and those who wish to heal.
222death.png Darkness Sorcery Empowered by Void Essence, Darkness Magic seeks to shroud itself and its users from the scrutiny of others. By manipulating shadows and vision, users of Darkness magic are most commonly thieves, spies, and would-be assassins.
Heavnlymagic.png Order Sorcery Order Magic abhors that which is either unorderly or imperfect. It seeks to wrangle and contain the strange, aberrant, and the unusual. By virtue of this, it is the favored magic of guards, lawmakers, and upstanding citizens, who all seek to impose order upon the chaos around them.
Demonicsad.png Chaos Sorcery Chaos magic is built on dualities and inconsistencies. While it naturally serves as the polar opposite to Order, it is itself at odds with its capability to both cause harmless mischief and cruel terror. Some users seek to warp and tamper with themselves and those around them, while others are mere carnies and tricksters.

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