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Aulaya, Ballista of Our Lady
Name Aulaya, Ballista of Our Lady
Origin Allorn Princess Alaïaam
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Aulaya, Ballista of Our Lady, is the personal greatbow of Alaïaam: youngest sister of Talea, the first Allorn Empress. After her passing, it proceeded as an heirloom down the Allorn lineage, residing in the hands of warlike Princesses who renounced the right to succeed to the throne. It continues in this way through available records until the Empire's division and collapse. There, Aulaya's wielder disappears from the historical record. It is unknown just what transpired, but Aulaya appears again shortly after Cataclysm in Solleria, purportedly rescued by the Goddess Sinnavei and given to a loyal Mistwatcher bannerman. Since that point, it has bounced between warriors as a gift for winning tournaments or a present to seek favor, much of its legendary portent and royal bloodline lost to the depths of time.


Aulaya is wrapped up in the history of the first generation of the Allorn imperial family, most of which was lost during the collapse of the Empire and the burning of important Estelley records (the records that the Elves possess now being a mere fraction of the complete historical transcript). Talea is known by all, and her younger brother Sanraan is remembered as the forefather of the Suvial people, but Aulaya is the weapon of the younger sister Alaïaam, third in line for the throne. Oral retellings suggest that she was blunt and mirthless for a Teledden, a muscled giant of a woman who seldom laughed, caring little for politics. Aulaya's appearance would back up this claim: a greatbow so large as to be wielded by a person at least four meters tall, it Magically adjusts its height down to fit the lesser mortals who have acquired it since Alaïaam's days. Not formed of wood, Aulaya has lasted the ages because it is cast in flexible silver metal which glimmers blue when light is shone upon it, once forged by a smith much like a blade could have been. Aulaya's length is decorated with etchings and brocade, the contours of which can be read as court Allorn runic script by a discerning linguist who has the patience to hold it at the right angles. Its string, too, is metallic. Since Aulaya cannot be unstrung, it is commonly worn across the shoulder or slung over it, or otherwise carried string-down in a hand. Although its power is great now, the tales of what it accomplished in Alaïaam's hands are greater; the one most oft repeated being her execution of an extortionate tyrant from a distance five days away as a horse rides merely by meditating for thirty minutes, praying, and loosing a single arrow into the endless depths of the sky.

Artifact Mechanics

Aulaya is an Exist Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Aulaya holds a special place to Estelley followers, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to the prophetess Talea and her younger sister.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Aulaya can curse a person to for 7 days (duration decided by the wielder at the time of cursing) Hunger for Knowledge. This means they no longer gain sustenance from drinks or food, and need to read books or learn deep-lore to sustain themselves. This curse can only be placed on someone when the wielder knocks out/defeats them in combat.
  • Aulaya grants the wielder Magical armor, meaning they always count as in armor, even if they are not physically wearing any armor. For Combat Roleplay, this counts the same as Mundane Armor.
  • Aulaya grants the wielder +1 Main Combat Stat while they are in the Floral Court District in Regalia, or inside or on the Temple grounds of any Estelley Temple or Shrine.

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