Bone Horror

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Bone Horror
Official Name Bone Horror
Common Nicknames Bone Beasts, Abomin Undead
Classification Magus
Habitat All areas aside from the Regalian Archipelago, Far East, Far North, Sendrass and Oldt Era
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

Bone Horrors did not exist beyond the nightmares of the common folk until 304 AC. While Undead do exist on Aloria, they are rarely as fast or as murderous as stories make them out to be. However, following the Battle of Adelaar Cliffs, the Bone Horror Crisis began. A worldwide event, it saw all rotting flesh and bones on several continents coalesce into creatures known as Bone Horrors. Filled with a mindless hatred for the living and even the Undead, these creatures did considerable damage to multiple nations and their people. An unknown magical event rendered them killable while simultaneously, Qadir mechanists crafted new weapons to defeat the monsters, turning the tide against them. Today, Bone Horrors still survive in pockets throughout the world, always on the move toward the living.


The Bone Horror was created by unknown magic at the end of the Regalia-Arloran War when the Arloran king summoned the same statue that had appeared at the Battle of Curag Fields before him. The being corrupted him and his royal guard before sending out a shockwave of energy that sent falling stars hurling towards the earth in populated areas of several major continents. When they struck, these meteorites sent out yet another shockwave of magical mist that rocketed across the land before seeping downward. Immediately after, the Bone Horrors rose up and began their assault on the living and even traditional Undead, collapsing lines of communication and trade across the world.

The Bone Horror Crisis, as it became known, raged for several months, with the main cities and towns of the affected continents becoming safe havens in the seemingly apocalyptic landscape. Within the Regalian Archipelago, a mysterious purple dome of energy protected most of the Archipelago from the meteorite sent to land there. Under the protection of the mysterious dome, Imperial assets worked tirelessly to find some way to kill the creatures. They succeeded at last, crafting projectile weapons powered by Soul Essence which they tested successfully against the Bone Horrors. Soon afterward, a quiet but important shift occurred in the Bone Horrors in that they were now unable to re-coalesce once destroyed, thus making their dispatch far easier. The Regalian Reconquest Armies set sail soon after, landing in Nordskag, Etosil, and territories in Daen to help local forces defeat these creatures. Today, Bone Horrors can be found scattered across the world in pockets that steadily decrease in size. Travelers and explorers now must take great care out in the wilder areas of the world, for rabid Bone Horrors could be lurking around any corner.

Physical Appearance

Bone Horrors have a large variety of physical appearances. They can be adapted to the air, the land or the sea, crawling, swimming or lurching around on uneven bodies constructed by the mysterious magic that summoned them. They physically share the same building materials, that being bones and rotting flesh, but all other details are unique to the formed creatures.


Bone Horrors have almost infinite diversity with many different forms and shapes they can appear in. Some are winged humanoid creatures, others are shuffling disproportionate beasts and the largest are often serpent-like. They are all formed from bones and flesh, but that is the only common trait they all share.

Life Span and Development

Bone Horrors only surfaced recently but since then, have been killed in a slow but systematic manner wherever they originally cropped up. While once they could reform after being slain, they now simply collapse if their physical form has taken too much trauma to function. They can also be killed by unique devices of the Qadir fueled by Soul Essence, chief among these being the Alaru Addir. The Bone Horrors have no known lifespan, but are thought to continue living until they are killed.

Mental Overview

Bone Horrors lack intelligence and are unable to perform any other action than attacking. Their single drive seems to be killing the living which they do in large droves, akin to packs of animals.

Territory and Groupings

Bone Horrors originally surfaced simultaneously and appeared in vast swarms. The largest of these swarms are now defeated, leaving only pockets and smaller swarms to survive in the wilderness. They randomly move around, following strong signatures of living beings. This only serves to weaken them however, breaking apart large groups into singular beings as time goes on.


  • The statue who called itself Estel summoned the Bone Horrors using a magic that is unexplainable to many, but rumors state there is a Teledden text describing of a magic plague which spawned “rabid and relentless nonliving from the earth”.
  • Some Unionists claim the Bone Horrors are a force of revenge sent by the Everwatcher against the impure of this world, following the seemingly unnatural protective shield that encompassed nearly the entirety of the Regalian Archipelago.
  • Members of the Fornoss faith view the Bone Horrors as utter abominations and a violation of their natural religious order.
  • The Bone Horror Crisis resulted in a truly unique situation on Etosil. For the first time since they arose, the Undead of the region and the living Etosians fought together against a common threat. Since then, this alliance has slowly fallen away, but there is less animosity as some cannot find it conscionable to condemn those who fought side by side with them in defense of a shared homeland.

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