Regalian Archipelago

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Regalian Archipelago
Full Name The Regalian Archipelago
Pronunciation Reh-Gall-ean Ark-apel-ago
Demonym Regalian
Area 3,900,000 mi²
Population 35,000,000
Flora and Fauna

The Regalian Archipelago is considered, in many ways, to be the center of Aloria. Because the archipelago is the capital of the Regalian Empire, it has experienced many changes and turns over the years, leading to an influx of migration into the continent. People from Daen, Essalonia, The North Belt and Oldt Era, and more all flock to Regalia's lucrative wealth and security, all eager for a piece of the plentiful pie. From its inception to its current status as home to perhaps the most powerful empire of Aloria, Regalia is home to many, whether they are advocates for the empire or criminals hiding in plain sight.


Anglia, also called Angelland, is considered the Empire's grain barn, a source of all major food shipments which are used to feed the far-flung regions of the Empire, as well as the source of the Anglian Culture. In addition to being where the Five Family Rebellion started, Anglia has always styled itself as a loyal and faithful core region of the Empire, yet the locals have always retained a higher loyalty to their long-ruling noble families as opposed to full devotion to the Crown. House Kade rules supreme here from their capital at Axford, with many thousands of troops at their command. The region has undergone few changes in the three centuries since the Cataclysm, with its society still largely peasant-filled plying the same trades their forefathers did generations ago. The region is open and filled with plains, with the Nort Beesterwald forest in its northern lands. It is also crossed by various famous local rivers like the Axel River.


Lokinge, also called Lokkenland is an urbanizing and Anglian-cultured region that exists almost in a border capacity between the traditional Anglian lands and the other-cultured regions of Dragenthal and Vixhall. The region is largely controlled by House Harhold.


Medway is a series of islands off the northwestern coastline of Anglia. Lightly settled for decades, House Kade allowed Eronidas to settle in the region after the Regalian Empire turned away from the Altalar as allies. Since then, the Eronidas have thrived in the region and the Ailor presence there is minimal to non-existent save for in the region's ports.


The United Verreland, also just called Verreland, are islands off the southwestern and western coastline of Anglia and the western coastline of Lokinge. It is controlled by a myriad of small Houses with lands which are mostly a peaceful mix of Unionists and Old Gods, which has drawn the ire of Lokinge in recent years. Their attempts to end such a mix have, however, ended in humiliating failure thus far. These aggressions against the Veer were also one of the reasons various northern regions and nations left the Empire in 306 AC, wishing better treatment for those of their faith and their Culture. The region is largely sheltered by the Westwall Forest found along the western coastlines and is primarily populated by Anglian Ailor.


Regalia, also call the Crown Isle, while the smallest of all the lordships in the Regalian Archipelago, is by far the most significant. Resting at the very heart of the Archipelago, Regalia has been a seat to leadership for centuries, going back into the days of the Regalian Kingdom which existed before the Regalian Empire we know today. As a result, while the island does possess farms and other minor industries across much of its surface, it has largely geared itself toward the City of Regalia, the core of the entire Empire which rivals most Altalar cities in Daen with its sheer size and massive population. Vast and advanced works of technology have been constructed and now sit maintained to help fuel this city and ensure the majority of its inhabitants live in amicable conditions to help facilitate their service to the Empire’s capital. People of every Race and Culture fill this city and occasionally filter out into the surrounding countryside, all there for some reason, some purpose, whether it is aiding one of the most powerful nations of Aloria or hindering it.


Kintyr is a region located just north of the Crown Isle. It is the homeland of the Breizh Culture.


The region's highlands are rugged terrain, with a low population density.

Clannadh-Alb is a region colonized by the Highland Ceardians of Gallovia.


Dragenthal is a heavily divided and dangerous region of the Regalian Archipelago for a number of reasons. Politically, it has been divided for over a century with various flare-ups over the years between the many barons and leaders across its vastness. The most well known of these events of instability was the Drachenwald Crisis which collapsed one of the Five Families and forced the Regalian Senate onto the Empire. Geographically, the region is massive and contains the second-largest population in the Archipelago behind the Anglian regions. This population is a mix of New Regalians and Heartland Ceardians, which further adds to political tensions, though in recent history Emperor Alexander I separated the New Regalian section from it’s western neighbors, creating the Waldmark in the process. The remaining portions of Dragenthal is lightly forested and home to the most important river in the Archipelago, the Schön River, which serves as a major transportation highway right to the capital from the southern Archipelago. It is supported by many other often-traveled trade routes which exist across the nearby lands. It is the homeland of the Heartland Ceardian Culture.


The Waldmark is one of the newest Lordships created through political discussions between the Imperial Family and the regional lords, who had always aligned themselves closer to their New Regalian countrymen in Greater Calemeberg than in their previous Lordship of Dragenthal. It was in the Waldmark where the Drachenwald Crisis started, and since then the majority of the population has favored closer ties with their military-inclined neighbors to their east, versus the Baron Coalitions that make up their western border. Much of the Waldmark is forested, hence its name, and sometimes so dense that whole villages can be swallowed up and forgotten about, or becoming difficult to reach for long periods of time. The dark forest, Drachenwald, is punctured with large mountain ranges and many rivers. In the north of the Waldmark is also home to a second forest, the Danecap, and also the Calderliga Union, which is the homeland of the mercantile Calderliga Culture.


The Lordship of Genevaud is a heavily mountainous region at the crossroads of several other Lordships. It has a unique system of rule, which is allowed by the Regalian Empire so long as fealty to the Empire is also observed. It is the homeland of the Genevaud Culture.


Osteiermark is a geographically diverse region of dense forests, plains, and mountains. Some of the most notable people of the last decade have come from the region, like House Ravenstad out of the Duchy of the Hinterlands. It also holds within it the region of Tirgunn. The Lordship is the homeland of the Leutz-Vixe Culture.


Lorenthaus is a Lordship that formed at the same time as the Lordship of Osteiermark. They are still largely populated by the same Culture, Leutz-Vixe, but also have large groups of Ithanians in the area due to living closer to the traditional Ithanian heartland in the Archipelago.


Vixhall is synonymous with House Ivrae, the former Imperial Family, who carved out a rich and Ithanian-cultured heartland for themselves once the land was conquered early into the life of the Regalian Empire. With the Kade Settlement now releasing the Ivrae from their obligations of the Imperial Seat, they have largely retreated inward to quietly live out their lives in their territory. War has not come to this region in years, not since the Regalian Empire conquered the kingdom found there and, as a result, it is highly developed and very wealthy. Multiple palatial estates, vineyards, and manors exist while quaint provincial towns help keep these large structures and their lands staffed and maintained. It is a common holiday destination for Ithanians and their allies. It is home to those of Ithanian Culture, but a number of migrant Tolonne Ailor have also come in recent years to the southeastern half of the Lordship.


Pays-Sud is a calm region, and one heavily populated with Ithanians. They control the nearby region of Basta-Irvelle.


Basta-Irvelle is the Unionist Synod controlled landmass of the Regalian Archipelago. Ironically located next to the more pagan-leaning Verreland, the entire local population is strongly Unionist with multiple facilities set up on the three islands to facilitate the continued training and education of various Unionist religious and military orders. As a result, the nobility of the region are extremely passionate and militaristic Unionists, the most prominent of these being Duke Florent de Gosselin who has seized Ithania and has become its king. His lands back in Basta, however, were seized by his regional opponents and are largely in new hands. The church remains largely out of these affairs, though they did originally endorse the Duke. Basta itself is fairly raised above the sea level, with steep terrain leading to peaked crags or small mountains scattered throughout the region. What areas are inhabited are densely populated, with multiple churches, seminaries, and monasteries spread out across the entire region as well. The region was once Ithanian in Culture, but the tenants of Imperial Culture have swept over the entire population, even the commoners.


Solleria, sometimes also called Rivellia, is a multicultural and multiracial region primarily inhabited by Ithanians and Altalar, who slowly accepted Songaskians and Qadir into their population alongside a variety of other Races. Rivellia is often considered the foreign immigration hub for non-Ailor attempting to migrate to Regalia. The region has been the site of intense scrutiny in recent years though, as it was here the Songaskian Masaya landed their Archipelago invasion force with the aid of local agents in the First Songaskian War. Investigators found a practically polluted bureaucracy filled with corruption and illegal trade which has been rigorously corrected, resulting in many of the old land-holding families losing their power and new ones now rising in their place. Rivellia is a humid region with light forests, dry mountains, and low-lying river valleys, a diverse series of landforms to match the diverse inhabitants. As mentioned earlier, it has a population primarily made up of Ithanians and Altalar, but a number of other Races also call the cluster of islands home.

Rim Isles

The Rim Isles are a series of scattered, far-flung regions in the southwest of the Regalian Archipelago. Together, they make a curve thus the Lordship's name. Here, a variety of corporations, criminals and regular citizens have established themselves. They have long been a problem for the administration of the Regalian Empire, but they are minor irritants and so are allowed to persist.


The Lordship of Bragaco, also known as Braganza, is a heavily urbanized area found in the far southwest of the Regalian Archipelago next to Girobalda. It is home to the Forriesta Jello and a large population of Bragacao cultured Ailor originally from the Kingdom of Lusits. It also has significant trade ties to its sister nation.


Girobalda is an important region of the Regalian Archipelago, well known for being the birthplace of House Anahera, a family with a deeply checkered history concerning the Regalian Empire. Since the Anahera Occupation was instigated by its now dead patriarch, the House has recovered its titles and its mercantile involvement with the Poppy/Opium trade. However, the region is also known for producing many of the Imperial Navy’s warships through what has been a slow but continuous peel back of the Forriesta Natal. The region is largely populated by Daendroque Ailor, but various minorities of maritime-inclined Races and Cultures exist.


Montania is the birthplace of the Dressolini culture up in their high mountains where a mix of Daendroque and Regalian values produced the strategically-minded people. The region was also once home to a variety of warring cities, but their internal strife was curbed first by the Regalian Empire, and then by The Vultarian Hegemony to their east which has since taken over much of the region. Montania is largely an inland territory with multiple mountain ranges holding and helping to cool the Dressolini cities with the mountain breeze. This altitude difference also makes Dressolini dishes very interesting, especially their desserts as they are often cooling and made with mountain ice. It is the homeland to the Dressolini Culture but also possesses a large number of Daendroque Ailor in the region.


Vultaro has gone through a rapid and violent change over the past several years. Once a region rich in coal and other base minerals useful to the Regalian Empire, it has since fallen from high society due to the actions of its leaders. House Lampero went from a respected and powerful family to one lacking any suitable male heirs, which resulted in the bastard half-Lampero Tristan (now Kade) rising to lead them. Under his tenure, things went from bad to worse. Vultaro’s coalfields were burned, and thousands died as the region violently rejected Lampero and Imperial control, becoming almost the equivalent of a rogue state. In 306 AC, Tristan’s Half-Eronidas son came home with an Eronidas army at his back, challenging those from nearby Montania who were establishing control over the region to a combat dual for control of both regions. He then cut them all in half and made the region an Eronidas stronghold. The region is now under his strict control and nearby Montania is also largely ruled by figures he has put into place. The region, as a result of all of this, is battle-scarred, and smoke plumes pouring into the sky are a common sight as the Eronidas make grand bonfires for their camps. It is home to the Dressolini Ailor.


The region of Ascillia, the most southern point of the Regalian Archipelago, is the homeland of the Azzizzari Culture.


Greater Calemberg, split in the modern day into Calemberg and Opper Calemberg, is a diverse Lordship with an ancient past. Much of it was once the Wirtemcaller Kingdom of old, a large and impressive state that valued military service and the art of the hunt. However, the Skagger Horde attacked them during a time of weakness and helped to topple the Kingdom. The Regalian Empire arrived too late to properly help the Kingdom, but they did ally with the former nobles eager to take back their home. The Horde was run out, and Greater Calemberg rose from the ashes of the Wirtemcallers. In addition, the old Wirtemcaller Culture rapidly transformed into the New Regalian Culture, who makes up 95% of the region’s population. The Lordship is also politically dominated by House Typhonus, one of the oldest noble houses, and often cited as an example of the almost extinct Alt-Regalian culture (though they are in fact closer to New Regalian). The region is also home to the Osterwald and Opperwald Forests along the eastern coastline and throughout much of the interior, the Mittelwald is located in the far southern reaches and the Calderwald, which covers most of its western terrain. There is also Hadrian's Mountain Chain, a new and massive mountain chain that extends across the entire border between them and Drixagh in the place of Hadrian's Wall.


Baldmark, also called the South Dukelands, is a collection of assorted duchies all with a different Culture. Most prominently, the homelands of the Byala, Dvala and Ânia Cultures are found here and there is a sizable population of Szabadok Ailor also in the region.


Hellatia, also called the Hellatian States, represent territory given to the Etosian Ailor after they were finally allowed to leave their homeland of Etosil. It is a sparsely settled region, with some fairly harsh terrain, and also possesses a minority of Ériunin Ailor since their migration from Ériu-Innis.

East and West Drixagh

East and West Drixagh are purely administrative splits in the Regalian Archipelago of northern lands populated by Velheim and half a dozen others. It was recently officiated before the Clicker Crisis came to an end, and its most significant feature is how it breaks the tradition territory of Drixagh in two.


Drixagh is a wild terrain which has suffered much at the hands of the Regalian Empire over its lifetime. First it was home to the invasions of the Regalian Empire seeking to drive the Skagger Horde out or into submission, while in more recent years the Burning of the North has devastated the local population, their culture and their trust in the Empire. The region has no major house to lead it, though several have tried to over the years. The region is largely made up of tundra, with wide open spaces punctured only by the occasional pine forest, though the large and prosperous Frondenstog lies in the east and the Throatcapstog rests in the west. Additionally, great mountain ranges and powerful rivers criss-cross the landscape. The coastline is rocky and often difficult to access, particularly along the downright hostile stretch of turf known as the Czabri Bone Shores. The region is populated by Velheim Ailor and is the homeland to both the Tarkkin and Fridurfolk Cultures.


Norrland is a series of Velheim-dominated islands off the northern coastline of Drixagh with an injection of Anglians as a result of the increased persecution of the Old Faiths in central and western lands. They are sparsely populated and windswept, with limited forests.


Rikeland is a region carved out of former territory of both the Writemcaller Kingdom and the Skagger Horde. This largely mountainous terrain is the homeland of the Höglander Culture, and it exists between Drixagh and Greater Calemberg.


Zavoria is the rural, varied terrain homeland of the Zvorun Ailor, who have long resisted external conquest and raids by those to the south and north of them.


Volgaria is a region settled by a large population of Vladno Ailor, and is located along the eastern coastline of the area.


  • Archeological evidence suggests the Ailor and even the Altalar may not have been the first people to occupy the Regalian Archipelago.
  • The Regalian Archipelago was once covered in other Ailor nations and states which the Regalian Empire conquered. The ruins of these different groups can be found scattered across the Archipelago, particularly in the dense forests.
  • The Regalian Archipelago has such a massive population because of its relative stability compared to the wider world. It did not suffer the Cataclysm, the Wildering, the Great Storm, or any other freak world events which all damaged the populations of foreign lands.

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