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Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Name Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Origin Unknown
Classification Ailor Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker is the legendary claymore of the God Emperor Allest of Unionist Faith, renowned for its glory and use at the hands of a legendary combatant. Initially forged by his direction, Sangria saw nearly only victory in the hands of Allest, until his demise. The blade was taken from Allest's corpse, and paraded as a trophy, until it was stolen for its value. The blade passed many hands before it reached the Regalian Archipelago again, brought to Vultaro by a staunch Unionist. From there, the blade was taken on a Pilgrimage to the Holy City. Sangria is a legendary artifact amongst Unionists, especially those who dedicate themselves to Allest, believing that the blade enacts his will in the modern day.


Sangria's origins are somewhat well-recorded, as its first appearance in history was in the hands of the God Emperor Allest, who was said to have it forged to unique and (at the time) strange specifications. During Allest's life, it was nearly synonymous with him, and predominantly found use in the subjugation of Nordskag by the God Emperor. After the God Emperor's death, the sword passed along many armies and collectors, some who wished to quickly discard of it as they found, in their hands, it did not live up to the legends of Allest's might.


Sangria is a large claymore (though it changes shape to suit the user’s preference as a melee weapon, its default is a claymore). The claymore’s blade has been hammered to rippling, many-folded perfection and tempered so masterfully that its near-opalescent surface shines a distinctly violet color in some angles of light, and a menacing red in others. It was said that those Allest brandished it against would see red upon it if he intended to slay them, and see violet if he were to show them mercy, though this is entirely hearsay as the steel’s color is a purely mundane facet of its metalwork.

The cross guard has been wrapped many times over with sacred linens typically reserved for wrapping Unionist dead before their cremation, still smelling faintly of funerary perfumes. Dead within its center is a golden eye, set with a silver pupil, connecting to the red leather-bound handle. From the pommel hangs a rosary composed of many beads carved from knuckle bones: each knuckle bone taken from a person the blade has cut down, severed from their hand with it, and having their name and a prayer for their soul etched into the polished bone.

Uses and Abilities

As an Artifact, Sangria has several Traits, and several functional Abilities. As these are unique to the Artifact, these will not be represented on the Ability List page, but must still be mentioned when using by including the name of the Ability or Trait.


  • Sturdy: Sangria is immune to any physical or Magical damage. The weapon cannot be damaged or degraded in any way, it cannot acquire rust, and it cannot snap or be melted. Should it be inserted into a different dimension, it will immediately reject that dimension and launch back into Aloria, and it can also not be corrupted, cleansed, cursed, or dimension swapped.
  • Ageless: Sangria is wielded with transitional Proficiency. This means that Greatsword Combat is not needed to wield the blade. Any Combat Proficiency (even Ranged Combat, but not Special Combat) can be used as a substitute, and said Proficiency will be used with Sangria as if it was Greatsword Combat Proficiency.
  • Powerful: Sangria grants the wielder +10 Physical Stat that breaks Physical Stat Limit. Additionally, it makes the wielder faster, and able to move as fast as an Asha at all times.
  • Twicegiven: Sangria is a so-called Power Artifact, and as such must be registered to two owners. The first owner is the carrier of the Artifact by default when they are online. If the first owner is not online, and the second is, they instead are the carrier of the artifact. If neither are online, the first owner carries it. This effect does not activate if the Artifact is currently in use in Roleplay. (For example, if the second owner is actively using it, and the first owner logs on, it does not immediately pop back to the first owner.) Upon acquiring the Artifact, the owner must designate a Twice-Given within a Week. If this week has passed without a Twicegiven being chosen, they cannot use the Artifact until one is chosen.
  • Reputable: Sangria can be used in Progressions to gain more favorable responses among Unionists, but incites hostile responses from Velheimers. There is a drawback however: less honorable sorts might also be inclined to steal the weapon if it is used carelessly in progressions, and the weapon can be lost if used to impress the wrong people.
  • Housebound: If Sangria is owned by a Noble Family, their Estate becomes a Raid-able target. To initiate a Raid, the same Raid-rules have to be followed like that of the Fae Sepulchre: a ticket must be made in Rp Com Discord detailing the time and place and Character Applications for all those participating, and Lore Staff will communicate the impending attack to the owner(s). If the attack is won (by capturing an established location or knocking down all defenders) the weapon is claimed by the attackers. No-one can be arrested or abducted or killed during such a Raid.
  • Trueheart: Sangria's true potential can only be unlocked by a true believing and loyal Unionist, of any Sect. Non-Believers have access to the Artifact's Traits, but cannot benefit from or make use of any of its Abilities. There is no physical tell for this trait's activation.


Everwatcher's Grace

Target: Self
Use Time: N/A
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Description: Sangria is a shapeshifting weapon. By nature it is a Claymore, but if the user wishes to attune more closely to Sangria, the weapon will take on whatever their highest Combat Proficiency weapon is, though Sangria can never become a ranged weapon or Special Combat Category weapon. Additionally, the wielder is immune to Control Powers, and gains Great Force 1 from the Ability List.
Cooldown: N/A

Coward's Bane

Target: Self
Use Time: Instantaneous
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Description: Sangria grants the user pseudo-Immunity to the 4 and 8 point investments of Light Ranged Combat, Heavy Ranged Combat, Utility Ranged Combat, and Caster Ranged Combat. Whenever these techniques are fired at the user, the user can immediately deflect them with the blade (or via a sudden burst of light). However, the user can only deflect one of these at a time, so if multiple are fired, only the first will be negated. The user also cannot attack while deflecting, however this cannot be used to interrupt an attack of the user's.
Cooldown: No Cooldown

Blessed Armaments

Target: Others
Use Time: Instantaneous
Range: Emote Distance
Duration: 20 Minutes
Description: The user summons four glowing, ghostly claymores that float in the air around them. These swords can be shot at-will at a target in Emote Distance, as long as the user can see them. These swords cannot miss or be avoided, cancelled, or deflected by Abilities, and creates the equivalent of a deep gash like a sword hit would, or a piercing wound in the case the enemy is wearing armor. The swords can be fired independently of each other, or all at once. If two or more swords strike the same person in a 5 minute time frame, however, the swords will then tether them to the wielder of Sangria, preventing the target from leaving Emote Distance for the next 10 minutes.
Cooldown: 8 Hours after all swords are used


Target: Self
Use Time: N/A
Range: N/A
Duration: Until end of Combat
Description: The user gains a number of adaptive effects, which are only activated when their listed conditions are met in combat. These conditions cannot trigger during spars or tournaments, and only one can be active at a time. If more than one would apply, the 'first' to be activated remains until the end of combat.

  • If the user is fighting a Void Afflicted individual, they gain Casting Light 1 from the Ability List.
  • If the user is fighting an Exist Afflicted individual, they gain Cursing Light 1 from the Ability List.
  • If the user is fighting to protect an unarmed individual, that individual gains Lady's Benefit 1 from the Ability List page, with additional restrictions: only the target can fit under the dome, and the target cannot be Sangria's Twicegiven. The protected individual cannot gain this effect if they engaged in any aspect of 'combat,' aside from being harmed, which includes casting Abilities, using Techniques, or harming or attempting to harm others.

Cooldown: N/A

Hallowed Ground

Target: Self
Use Time: Instantaneous
Range: Announce Emote
Duration: Until the sword is removed
Description: The user can stab Sangria into the ground (if Sangria does not have a bladed shape, assume it transforms back into a Claymore for use of this Ability), immediately losing the effects of its other Abilities, except Everwatcher's Grace. Immediately, Sangria spreads golden roots along the ground in Announce Emote Range, acting like Magestone in the area. All Abilities from Void or Exist based kits (excluding Racials) are immediately disabled, ending any lingering effects, and preventing new ones from being used, but not reverting changes or Full Shifts. In addition, the area denies entry to Mindless Dimenthist Creatures, such as Void Ghasts, and other Lesser Void Demons that are commonly seen during Events where monsters appear through Veil tears. This effect lasts for as long as Sangria remains in the ground. Sangria can be removed by anyone, as long as they can physically grab it and are uninterrupted for the 30 seconds it takes to pull the sword out.
Cooldown: 48 hours

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