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Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Name Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Origin Emperor Allestrain I
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker is the legendary longsword of the God Emperor Allest of Unionist Faith, renowned for its glory and use at the hands of a legendary combatant. Initially forged by his direction, Sangria saw only victory in the hands of Allest, until his demise. The blade was taken from Allest's corpse, and paraded as a trophy, until it was stolen for its value. The blade passed many hands before it reached the Regalian Archipelago again, brought to Vultaro by a staunch Unionist. From there, the blade was taken on a Pilgrimage to the Holy City. Sangria is a legendary artifact amongst Unionists, especially those who dedicate themselves to Allest, believing that the blade enacts his will in the modern day.


Sangria's origins are somewhat well-recorded, as its first appearance in history was in the hands of the God Emperor Allest, who was said to have it forged to unique and (at the time) strange specifications. During Allest's life, it was nearly synonymous with him, and predominantly found use in the subjugation of Nordskag by the God Emperor. After the God Emperor's death, the sword passed along many armies and collectors, some who wished to quickly discard of it as they found, in their hands, it did not live up to the legends of Allest's might. Sangria is a large longsword, the blade has been hammered to rippling, many-folded perfection and tempered so masterfully that its near-opalescent surface shines a distinctly violet color in some angles of light, and a menacing red in others. It was said that those Allest brandished it against would see red upon it if he intended to slay them, and see violet if he were to show them mercy, though this is entirely hearsay as the steel’s color is a purely mundane facet of its metalwork. The cross guard has been wrapped many times over with sacred linens typically reserved for wrapping Unionist dead before their cremation, still smelling faintly of funerary perfumes. Dead within its center is a golden eye, set with a silver pupil, connecting to the red leather-bound handle. From the pommel hangs a rosary composed of many beads carved from knuckle bones: each knuckle bone taken from a person the blade has cut down, severed from their hand with it, and having their name and a prayer for their soul etched into the polished bone.

Artifact Mechanics

Sangria is a Unionist God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Sangria holds a special place to Unionists, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to the God Emperor Allest (Allestrain) whose Artifact this was.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Sangria grants the wielder access to Allest's Sanctuary, a pocket dimension castle in the City of Regalia (if new, or you want to move it, ask about it in a Ticket).
  • Sangria can be used to contact the Unionist God Brand, with varying results. Make a Ticket with a clear statement of the person's request, which may be granted.
  • Sangria can be used by the wielder to Transform into a larger, Unionist-aesthetic (golden glowing eyes, Halo, etc.), and more muscular Eronidas version of themselves, which does not count as a Disguise.
  • Sangria grants the wielder Magical armor, meaning they always count as in armor, even if they are not physically wearing any armor. For Combat Roleplay, this counts the same as Mundane Armor.
  • Sangria grants the wielder +1 Main Combat Stat (which can break Cap up to 11) while fighting Fornoss followers, as well as Argentum Knights, even if they are disguised (does not count as revealing them).

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