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Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Name Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker
Origin Emperor Allestrain I
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Sangria, Blessed Blade of the Glory-Seeker is the legendary longsword of the God Emperor Allest of Unionist Faith, renowned for its glory and use at the hands of a legendary combatant. Initially forged by his direction, Sangria saw only victory in the hands of Allest, until his demise. The blade was taken from Allest's corpse, and paraded as a trophy, until it was stolen for its value. The blade passed many hands before it reached the Regalian Archipelago again, brought to Vultaro by a staunch Unionist. From there, the blade was taken on a Pilgrimage to the Holy City. Sangria is a legendary artifact amongst Unionists, especially those who dedicate themselves to Allest, believing that the blade enacts his will in the modern day.


Sangria's origins are somewhat well-recorded, as its first appearance in history was in the hands of the God Emperor Allest, who was said to have it forged to unique and (at the time) strange specifications. During Allest's life, it was nearly synonymous with him, and predominantly found use in the subjugation of Nordskag by the God Emperor. After the God Emperor's death, the sword passed along many armies and collectors, some who wished to quickly discard of it as they found, in their hands, it did not live up to the legends of Allest's might. Sangria is a large longsword, the blade has been hammered to rippling, many-folded perfection and tempered so masterfully that its near-opalescent surface shines a distinctly violet color in some angles of light, and a menacing red in others. It was said that those Allest brandished it against would see red upon it if he intended to slay them, and see violet if he were to show them mercy, though this is entirely hearsay as the steel’s color is a purely mundane facet of its metalwork. The cross guard has been wrapped many times over with sacred linens typically reserved for wrapping Unionist dead before their cremation, still smelling faintly of funerary perfumes. Dead within its center is a golden eye, set with a silver pupil, connecting to the red leather-bound handle. From the pommel hangs a rosary composed of many beads carved from knuckle bones: each knuckle bone taken from a person the blade has cut down, severed from their hand with it, and having their name and a prayer for their soul etched into the polished bone.

Artifact Custom Kit

Sangria is a Primal Artifact. As Sangria is an artifact, there are several rules associated with Artifact Ownership. Foremostly, Artifact conflict is not opt-in. A Player may never be "too drunk", "too tired", or "not interested", in a third party attacking them to try and steal the Artifact. Artifact owners may not RP-log from being ambushed. Secondly, Artifact owners Rentals/Estates/Bases can be Raided following the Mage Vault rules, requiring the attacking party to initiate a Ticket with Lore Staff for the planning. Artifacts cannot be destroyed, disarmed, magicked away, yanked from an owner's hands or otherwise disappeared with Abilities, they can only be dropped when the wielder has been Knocked Out or willingly hands it over. Artifact owners are also permanently Control Power Immune, and are also immune to any Special that would establish control over them.

Sangria1.png Name: Allest Sanctuary Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
The user can target one location in Regalia, either a Rental House or a random location in the streets, causing this area to become Allest’s Respite. Allest’s Respite is an enchantment on an area or accessway that makes an area behind it much larger than it appears from the outside. This can for example be used on Rental Houses to vastly expand their interior, or create large houses fit into tiny alleys. Allest’s Respite cannot be entered by anyone who is Void Occult, including Void Mages, Vampires, Vampire Broods, Void Silven, Crimson Witches, Void Gods, Void Arken, Void Artifacts, and Kathar.

Sangria2.png Name: Blessed Virtue Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
The user is immune to any (non Racial) Power or Special from a Void Mage, Void Silven, Vampire, Crimson Witch, Void God, Void Arken, or Void Artifacts. This Immunity generally only applies to Abilities & Specials targeting the user. Additionally, the weapon counts as a mobile Curing Chamber for Afflictions that can be Cured (if the Target does not consent, normal Curing Chamber must be used). The Target must be restrained, after which the sword must be stabbed into them, causing the Target to be turned into a golden statue for the duration. The sword cannot be retrieved or used during 10 minutes curing.

Sangria3.png Name: Allest, Body and Mind Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
The user can use Sangria is capable of using Mundane Techniques that would normally require a Shield with Sangria, without having to switch weapons or wield a shield separately, though Sangria is not a shield itself. The user gains the following effects, which must be clearly added onto the Character Application: The user gains +7 Strength Proficiency (that does not grant Point Buy Packs) that exceeds Proficiency Limits. The user may also choose 2 Melee Combat Point Buy Packs for Free.

Sangria4.png Name: Not Thy Time Type: Primal Power Cooldown: N/A
The user must Target an Ally, encasing them in a golden see-through sphere. The Target is completely removed from Combat, immobilized, and unable to affect the outside world except through speaking. The barrier is indefinite and can encase three unique Targets. This Ability has no Cooldown, but the same Target cannot be Targeted again for 2 hours once the barrier is broken/removed. This Ability can be used to quickly intercept an attack or Ability Targeting a person, but never Sangria’s user themselves. If Sangria’s user is Knocked Out, all barriers break.

Sangria5.png Name: Faith Herald Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
Sangria is one of the most holy Weapons among Unionists. Anyone who is the wielder of Sangria unlocks more favorable responses and potential responses that would not normally be available from Unionist people. Sangria can also impart visual changes to the user, either while using its abilities, while just wielding it, or passively. Such aesthetics are including but not limited to: Golden lines on the body, golden glowing eyes, a golden halo behind the head, golden glowing hands, white illuminating aura, echoing voice. For more, inquire with Lore Staff.

Sangria6.png Name: Blessed Armament Type: Primal Power Cooldown: N/A
The user has five Charges of Blessed Armament, represented in whatever aesthetic they like. Each Charge can be sacrificed to use any Ranged Weapon Point Buy (except Quick Cover, Tripwire Deploy, or Hook Shot) or Firearms Point Buy (except Quick Cover and Spray and Pray) Ability. Instead of Mundane Techniques, these Ranged/Firearms Abilities are classified as Primal Powers and do not require a Ranged Weapon or Firearm to use, using Sangria itself. Charges are per day, meaning that when the server restarts, all Charges are refilled.

Lingering Blessing of Sangria

Tier III Artifacts have lingering effects on their hosts, if the hosts have been identified by Lore Staff as "Honorable Users", a definition somewhere between properly using the Artifact beyond self-gain and for community betterment, and also not powergaming with it. A Lingering Curse or Blessing will remain with the host until they retake the Artifact, after which all effects are immediately removed. The following effects are given to the host:


  • Artifact Hunger: This Artifact has thoroughly manifested in the person's mind that they have a permanent tracking Ability on the current owner of the Artifact. Wherever this new owner is, this person can track them down know where they are even if they use a disguise or shapeshift. This effect is cancelled if the new owner of the Artifact is also an Honorable User, in which case they cannot track the Artifact owner.
  • Artifact Heritage: This user has a lingering power that once belonged to the Artifact, but that they can now use independently of the Artifact. When they re-take the Artifact, this does not stack as all lingering Blessing effects are removed when they retake the Artifact. The specific Ability of Sangria that is given by the Lingering Curse is Not Thy Time.
  • Artifact Memory: This user no longer owns the Artifact, but are still recognized as an Honorable user of the Artifact and worthy of its legacy. For this Artifact, it means the now ex-owner still has lingering favor from Dogmatic Unionists across the Regalian Empire in Progressions and the wider world.

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