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Training Point Buy is part of the Proficiency System. Its Packs allow a character to become more physically capable or resilient through training regimens.

Resilience Pack

The Resilience Pack has several effects. The user has been trained through microdosing to resist anything but the most severe toxins and rotten substances. They can safely ingest spoiled food as well as poison without risk, although large quantities are still dangerous, and they are never as safe as a Sarang Allar. As well, they cannot die from disease, no matter how severe the symptoms, even though they still feel all of them. The user is also immune to Blood and Soul Sickness from Vampires and Cahal.

Physique Pack

The Physique Pack has several effects. The user can personally train others, Nobles for example, to help them achieve the appearance they want. Additionally, they can bulk in such a way that their body shape exceeds their Race's natural limits. While a short Xieloth with this pack wouldn't get taller, for example, they could become more muscular than normal Xieloth do through careful training.

Bruteforce Pack

The Bruteforce Pack has several effects. The user's fists count as weapons when attacking physical walls and mundane barricades/barriers, and they can brute-force open any locked door, and even break down gates if allowed to hammer on them for 5 minutes consecutively. The user is also able to carry extremely heavy loads, beyond mortal limits. While unusable in Combat Roleplay, this allows them to lift heavy beams off people, prevent ceilings from collapsing, and carry multiple people on their shoulders.

Ironheart Pack

The Ironheart Pack has several effects. The user has trained their body and mind through sustained periods of physical activity, allowing themselves to fight indefinitely without suffering from fatigue. Additionally, when targeted by any ability used by another person from Point Buy Packs that provides the character with additional HP Counters, they are given an extra 1 HP onto the total.