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26 September 2022

 m   13:22  Ailor diffhist +1 HydraLana talk contribs
     01:41  Old Gods diffhist +2,583 MonMarty talk contribs
 m   00:11  Yanar‎‎ 4 changes history +1,072 [Birdsfoot violet‎ (4×)]
00:11 (cur | prev) −31 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Yanar Wildbirth)
00:09 (cur | prev) +12 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Dulofall Yanar)
00:07 (cur | prev) +886 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Design)
00:00 (cur | prev) +205 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Racial Abilities and Specials)

25 September 2022

 m   23:55  Kathar diffhist +209 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Specials)
 m   23:24  Asha‎‎ 2 changes history −628 [Birdsfoot violet‎ (2×)]
23:24 (cur | prev) +141 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Specials)
23:21 (cur | prev) −769 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Abilities)

24 September 2022

     16:27  (Deletion log) [OkaDoka‎ (13×)]
16:27 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Mint(content was: "{{Info flora |officialname = Mint |commonname = Green Herb, Nature’s Candy |classification = Herb |origins = Regalian Archipelago |habitat = Cool and wet regions |commonuse = Culinary, medicinal, cosmetics, utility |}} Native to the Regalian Archipelago, but now spread across Aloria by the Ailor, Mint is an oddity in how many uses it has. Usually found growing in cooler, moist areas and often wherever the Regalian Empire has made t...")
16:27 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Iceleaf(content was: "{{Info flora |image = noimg.png |officialname = Iceleaf |commonname = Isl-herb |classification = Herb |origins = Unknown |habitat = Various |commonuse = Culinary, Alchemical |}} Iceleaf has a mysterious origin, but is well known as a strange, cold plant that actually shuns the cold. Instead, it can be found both on farms but also in the wild in a variety of humid and temperate regions across Daen, Corontium, and Essalonia...")
16:24 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Dorinn Rye(content was: "{{Info flora |officialname = Dorinn Rye |commonnames = Browngrain, Grass Wheat |classification = Grass |origins = Dorinn |habitat = Plains, Farms |commonuse = Food and Drink |}} Dorinn Rye is the trademark grain of the region of Dorinn in the Regalian Archipelago. Used both in baked goods as well as various namesake alcohols, Dorinn Rye has grown in popularity tremendously since it was first harvested back in 50 AC. While it is not as...")
16:23 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Anglian Wheat(content was: "{{Info flora |officialname = Anglian Wheat |commonname = Regal Wheat, Imperial Wheat, Golden Wheat |classification = Grass |origins = Anglia |habitat = Plains, Farms |commonuse = Food |}} Anglian Wheat is the staple crop of the Anglian people of the Regalian Archipelago, and one of the most commonly exported wheats worldwide. Generations ago, they tamed and grew this wild grain until it now stands as one of the most prominent symbols o...")
16:22 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Talea Foil(content was: "{{Info flora |image = noimg.png |officialname = Talea Foil |commonname = Elderly Sword |classification = Shrub |origins = Carrhen |habitat = Temperate and wet terrain |commonuse = Decorative |}} Talea Foil is a strange plant with the reputation of smelling like the elderly, and is insultingly named by the Ailor for the most significant empress of the Allorn Empire. It is found most commonly in Carrhen, but has spread...")
16:21 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Cloudberry Bush(content was: "{{Info flora |officialname = Cloudberry |commonname = Mountain Fruit, Moon Berry |classification = Shrub |origins = High mountainous areas of Daen and Corontium |habitat = High mountainous areas |commonuse = Culinary, Alchemical |}} Native to the mountain ranges of several regions, the Cloudberry Bush produces the unique fruit of Cloudberries, an ingredient in culinary creations from several Cultures. However, the berry can also be...")
16:21 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Angle Berrybush(content was: "{{Info flora |image = noimg.png |officialname = Angle Berrybush |commonname = Rotenbeeren, Winter-Beere |classification = Shrub |origins = Anglian regions of the Regalian Archipelago |habitat = Temperate climates |commonuse = Culinary, Decoration |}} Angle Berrybushes are tall plants, known for their ability to grow year round as well as produce the notable Angle Bushberry. The plant is indigenous to Anglia and has spread in popula...")
16:20 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Royal Oak(content was: "{{Info flora |image = Flora Royal Oak.png |officialname = Royal Oak |commonname = Crown Oak, Common Oak, Rhîndoron |classification = Tree |origins = Aloria |habitat = Aloria |commonuse = Utility, Decorative |}} The Royal Oak is a very common and widespread tree found throughout the temperate regions of Aloria. This tree does not have any particularly special properties, and stands as the average image of trees in Aloria, not...")
16:15 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Juniper Tree(content was: "{{Info flora |image = noimg.png |officialname = Juniper Tree |commonname = Hadir’iilha, Tilinili-jiri |classification = Tree |origins = The North Belt |habitat = Cold to temperate regions |commonuse = Culinary, Utility |}} Juniper Trees have a long and deep connection to the northern reaches of Aloria, associated wit...", and the only contributor was "HydraLana" (talk))
16:15 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Dragonet Appletree(content was: "{{Info flora |officialname = Dragonet Appletree |commonname = Egbert Tree |classification = Tree |origins = Northern areas of Anglia |habitat = Taiga to temperate |commonuse = Culinary |}} The Dragonet Appletree is a well known plant that can be found growing in the northern areas of the Regalian Archipelago, most commonly in Anglia. It was originally a wild, uncultivated tree thought to be brought into civilization by a noble fami...")
16:14 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Triclone Orchid(content was: "{{Info flora |image = noimg.png |officialname = Triclone Orchid |commonname = Door-Inner Daisy, Three-headed Hibiscus |classification = Flower |origins = Anglia, Regalian Archipelago |habitat = Temperate, wet soils |commonuse = Medical, Decorative |}} Triclone Orchids are three-headed flowers native to Anglia, once upon a time almost exclusively growing around the region’s Dragon Temples. With time the plant was abl...")
16:14 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Emperor's Pride(content was: "{{Info flora |image = EmperorsPride.png |officialname = Emperor’s Pride |commonname = Purple Poppy, Imperial Poppy, Lillasus |classification = Flower |origins = Regalian Archipelago |habitat = Temperate areas |commonuse = Decoration, Cosmetic, Narcotic |}} Emperor’s Pride is a purple flower that grows across the Regalian Empire well known for its ties to the Imperial Family and the faith of Unionism. A simple wildflo...")
16:12 OkaDoka talk contribs deleted page Nightshade(content was: "{{Info flora |image = Nightshade.png |officialname = Nightshade |commonname = Belladonna, Almaw'iiz |classification = Flower |origins = Farah’deen |habitat = Humid environments |commonuse = Utility |}} Nearly every skilled assassin and well-educated aristocrat has heard of the deadly plant known as Nightshade. Known as the “Death Blossom” among the Qadir, the plant originated on their continent and took on new meaning a...")

23 September 2022

     05:16  Kathar diffhist −293 OkaDoka talk contribs

21 September 2022

 m   01:04  Yanar diffhist +69 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs