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  • ...n]]s yet-loyal to the mission statements of the Matrons. Ostarius was made by a mundane forger, but later imbued with the Magic of Dragons into a true Ar ...Artifact) is mostly made of [[Unionist]] prayer linens with Creed callings written on it, which gently glow a rich purple. The weapon also naturally comes wit
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  • ...these terms deriving from the of the “Ethos of Senecce”, which was written by a Dressolini scholar. ...ncellor killed in battle, and the heads of several noble families captured by the Baron’s Coalition. When the Regalian State refused to accept the dema
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  • ...t. The technology behind Puretek is shrouded in extreme secrecy, developed by the Belliard Guild in the Drachenwald forest, a group of Unionist Purist fa a decorative piece. Sometimes, imitation Puretek weapons are also worn by more commoner or poorer ultra conservatives, who might not be able to affor
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  • ...n Empire]], most from the [[Regalian Military]]. The Regalian Guard is led by the Lord Commander, who both personally approves and ejects guards for eith '''The Regalian Guard was formally disbanded in 310 AC, when it replaced by the [[State Metropolitan]].'''
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  • ...etings, stranger! Why don’t you come over and have a drink with me? Oh and by the way, could I catch your name?” Jim responds in the same friendly tone ...and if you do not, they may make a ticket for a staff member to remove you by force.
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  • ...heir own ancient Empire and re-establish a state that was created for, and by them. The Great Journey is one of the most important events in post-Catacly ...peoples eastward to find new homes, built upon infrastructure left to them by their own historical [[Dewamenet Empire]]. This movement, wrapped up in the
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  • ...s as Marken, and as such, the Regalian [[State Metropolitan]] is commanded by the government to arrest and imprison them permanently. The Marken exist in she was never taught this by the Dragons. Any of these incidents may be written into a backstory for crimes as insignificant as the murder of a priest to a
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  • ...they don't follow the standard procedure of a blueprint for life, followed by an afterlife, as these concepts are absent. ...any desire they have, for desires are primal urges that are only held back by weakness and doubt, neither which a faithful should have.
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  • ...eating empires and destroying faraway nations that would soon be forgotten by time. The Ailor are an autocratic and imperialist Race who conquers far and ...their mind also allows them to self-impose a mind-block on certain things, by willfully erasing memories from themselves.
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  • ...unique identity has started forming a legacy of its own, no longer defined by the Est’Allorn, or the Empire of old. Fin’ullen Princedoms continue to ...the elegance of flowing water, especially their spear techniques, inspired by leaps taken on and off ship decks.
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  • ...premoclacy was eventually allowed to exist due to a series of decrees made by [[Alexander]]. Emended Unionism has appeared only recently, and it was born ...ffering forever. Those who are deemed worthy in death join the Everwatcher by the Gates of Adoration, while those who are denied are re-incarnated into a
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  • ..., a figure claiming to be the reborn Talea has swept through Daen followed by the Gods and resurrected a smaller Allorn state, which is still regaining i ...along the way. Estellon is not a religion that demands the worshiper live by a set of virtues like many other religions, but rather demands a high degre
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  • ...gnored for too long, the Sihndar know all too well that the evil held back by them will spread to other continents. There are yet allies to be found in t the Demons spewing forth from the Void Tear in Drowda, quickly followed by the [[Velheim]] colonists who had settled the area. The Cult of Drovv was q
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  • a peaceful union of families under the Zhuyin Dynasty—guided personally by the Sihai gods, the Dragons. Though it had contact with foreigners, first t ...Kings’ Council of Five. In recent years, a personally led military mission by [[Regalian Emperor]] [[Cedromar]] has caused them to warm up to [[Regalia]]
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  • |eye = Varied by Cult |hair = Varied by Cult
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  • ...ed over the mortal [[Races]]. Poised to strike from the great cities built by their [[Sariyd]] forerunners, the Songaskians spread their proverbial wings hidden in them that is just waiting to get out, because all things dead by nature want to spread death.
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  • ...ower constrained by self-control, wisdom and years of training, and shaped by a purpose-driven mindset. The Eronidas reside in the continent of [[Daendro ...e most others. The Eronidas are often depicted as brutish and large-framed by their enemies, though this is not always true, usually stemming from [[Alta
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  • ...Lycra or Spandex) is a fabric developed by the Asha and frequently favored by them for its aquatic properties.]] ...t|Asha love golden decorations and even apply fur paint like make-up, worn by any gender.]]
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  • |distinction = Ancient sleeper [[Race]] re-awakened by the [[Cataclysm]] ...the Maraya emerged into a world that was alien and hostile to them. Guided by a collection of knowledge known as the Tohn Sona, they set out in the world
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