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Pronunciation Bra-loan-a
Common Nicknames
  • Slimers (derogatory)
  • Clankers (derogatory)
  • Iconoclasts (Dragon Worship)
Languages Dragon Speech and Common
Racial Traits
Distinctions Curious and invasive scholars without boundaries
Maximum Age Unknown
Height Varies based on Shaping
Eye Colors Any Color, with a faint glow
Bronn often have ear-like plates that appear Nelfin-like, even if they don't have actual ears.
Despite being made of viscous fluid, the Bralla (just like the Bronn) wear fancy clothes. On their homeland, they are summoned with Primal Magic.
Bronn head shapes often resemble helmets, curiously, of a variety of cultural designs despite never having had contact with them.

The Bralona are an enigmatic Race from a series of islands to the far south-east of the known world, filled with rose-quartz statues of Dragons. The Bralona have had little to no interaction with the wider world for presumably thousands of years, and spent most of their history in a never-ending civil war between subraces, of which the origin is lost to time. Having only recently learned that the rest of the world is filled with sentient Races and mysteries to solve, both the Bralla and Bronn subraces of the Bralona Race ventured forth into the world to meet, explore, and dissect all things unfamiliar to them.

Core Identity

The Bralona are ever-curious and on the move to see, feel, taste, hear, observe and experience new things. While other cultures have a level of legal and moral constraint to their scientific pursuits, the Bralona care not for such trivialities, and engage in rampant research and discovery without concerns for the collateral damage. The Bralona are ever amazed at all the things that others have developed, from concepts like burials, births, charity, government, and social norms, to religion, relationships and money. Going from a world where the Bralona just did whatever they felt like and nobody bothered them, to a world where every action they perform has consequences, they can feel very out of place.


The Bralona have no religion, though it is not exactly correct to simply call them Atheist. They are more specifically anti-theist, meaning they find all concepts of religion completely abhorrent and try to show other Races that religion is folly, the Gods aren’t really divine, and they won’t help them. The Bralona claim that they once killed their Gods, and that the other Races can do this too to unlock their true potential by being lords and masters over their own destiny. There is a heavy-handed implication that the Gods they killed were Dragons.

Bodily Autonomy

Both the Bralla and Bronn don’t have traditional organs, a nervous system, blood circulation or even a brain. Their soul is the sole part of cohesion, and their body is shaped as whatever they like it at any given time. As well, their bodily composition allows for a great deal of sensory information transfer. A Bralla or Bronn can envelop around an object and understand a great deal about it, which is also the main way of them interacting with things.

Pointless Ethics

Many Bralona work as scientists, and believe that progress and invention are the first priority. They are often willing to watch thousands die if it means inventing a single disease cure, or collapse an entire ecosystem to learn the mystery of predator cross-breeding. Not only this, but they also enjoy research that has no purpose. Hypotheses such as: setting sad people on fire does not make them happier, playing with bricks does not cure alcoholism, and making others homeless is bad for their health, are considered valid study topics among the Bralona. The value is not in the conclusion, but in the journey of research.


The Bralona have an inexplicable hatred for Dragons and all things Dragon related, which is related to their history with their creators, the Rose Pink Dragons. The Bralona are not secretive about the fact they are an artificial Race and that they were created by the Rose Pink Dragons, who they slew before turning on each other for unknown reasons. While a Bralona won’t outright attack an Archon in the street, it would require a serious amount of convincing or statistical data to turn a Bralona’s opinion of Dragon matters around.


Bralona are split into the Bralla and Bronn subraces. The Bralla can best be described as humanoids made out of partially or wholly see-through viscous fluid, almost akin to slime or goo. The Bronn can best be described as humanoids made out of mechanical parts and metal, though it appears they function more like a clump of metal welded together without individual moving parts, than an actual Automata which is powered by gears and moving mechanical parts like Engineers produce. Both subraces are mentally identical, and have similar physical characteristics beyond the obvious fact that one is slime-like, and the other is metal-like. As a result, this section will discuss the Race’s characteristics as a whole.

Mental Characteristics

Bralona are intensely curious and exploratory. They have to experience new things: like the food, drinks, activities, art, and philosophies of the world around them. Always willing to see new places, the Bralona bounce with energy, only truly put off and sad when told off for their excitement, or denied a chance to learn. This curiosity makes them seem harmless, which is far from the truth. The Bralona have lived for millennia without a concept of morality–an idea they are discovering for the first time. While they can obey moral codes to make their lives easier, they are equally capable of committing every kind of tyranny and terror with a smile. Bralona, besides their curious, exploratory and energetic nature, don’t have strictly set personalities. Unlike other Races, their personalities can change from month to month beyond those basic traits, either from outside factors, experiences, or just randomly because they feel like it.

Physical Characteristics

The Bralona defy any sort of categorization with other Races. While the Bralla and Bronn look dissimilar, they are identical, just made with different substances. Bralona don’t have organs: they are made of pure substance (slime or metal), though have a great deal of functional control over their body. While they for example lack a digestive system or circulatory system from which they can become intoxicated, they are able to control their body in such a way that it produces these functions and simulates their features. Bralona (unless they create one) don’t have reproductive systems and don’t reproduce - their Race was created with a finite number of members, each one individually immortal. Bralona have a great deal of control over their bodily functions, they can become see-through, squishy or hard, change orientation of limbs, substance colors and glow. It is important to note that the Bronn never appear mechanical. Their bodies are not made out of pumps and gears, but just clumps of metal or shapes of metal held together by extreme magnetics. As such, they should always have more organic looking shapes with curves and rounds as opposed to hard lines, though contours can be used here and there (see art for reference). Bralla equally look more rounded and soft because their fluid mass doesn’t allow for extreme fine-detail, though in some places where hardened the slime can become more detailed.

Bralona in Regalia

The Bralona subraces have presently unified into the Bralla-Bronn High Command, and together invaded the isle of Regalia, looking to put it under occupation and tap it for knowledge. Although they were pushed out, High Command is still going strong in their home island of Justinia. Although they are under High Command truce, Bralla and Bronn can still be venomous to each other, because before that point they were at war for millennia. There is also an ongoing rebellion in the Bralona homeland with an arm in Regalia, composed of the Bralona who do not agree with the ruthless ways of High Command.

Racial Abilities & Specials

Racial Abilities are generally a set of unique powers and effects that all peoples of that Race all innately have, while Specials are more passive, aesthetic focused capabilities. Specials are defined per-page, while Abilities can be searched on the Ability List page to determine their generic function. Bralona have a mix of Abilities and Specials themed around their substance bodies and being able to change it. There are no Half Bralona as Bralona cannot reproduce. Bralona Abilities are complicated, and as such, the Bralona Race is not recommended for new players.


Note: Bralona by default have all of the "Bralona Modifiers", but, get only 1 of the two modifiers between "Bronn" and "Bralla" modifiers, based on their subrace.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Bralona Endurance Trigger Passive Self

Grants the user Bralona Endurance

Bralla Modifier-Bronn Modifier

Bralona Envelopment Vehicle Power Self

Grants the user Bralona Envelopment

Bralla Modifier-Bronn Modifier

Body Ranged Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Body Ranged

Altered Power Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Altered Power

Bralona Modifier

Subjugation Immune Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Subjugation Immune

Bralona Modifier


  • Bralona Body: Bralona have no organs. They do not need to breathe, and cannot be harmed by hot or cold temperatures. Pressure still has an adverse effect on them.
  • Bralona Recovery: Bralona naturally "heal" themselves at a much faster rate. Without any medical care, while out of combat, they only take 6 hours to recover from any non-fatal wounds.
  • Bralona Patching: Bralona treat Ability healing as normal. Bralona treat non-ability healing and medical care differently: someone does not need Medical Patent to "patch them up," as they just need to be tied/held together.
  • Bralona Substance: Bralona use their own slime/robot body parts to use Abilities. Additionally, the Bralla and Bronn both are completely immune to all Afflictions and Affinities, and cannot be fed on.
  • Spirit Exception: Bralona can be invaded and infested by Spirits, and become a Theurgist. If they are, they lose the "Altered Power" Ability, and can have Void, Exist, or Ordial Magic, with the Spirit as the actual user.
  • No Thoughts: Bralona are immune to any Abilities or Specials that would read or interfere with their minds/memories, due to their lack of traditional brains.
  • Many Eyes: Bralona do not have traditional eyes, and can see all around them in perfect 360 vision, meaning they can never be taken by surprise.
  • Permuting Mass: The Bralona may modify their bodies into whatever configuration they like, as long as they stay roughly the same size.
  • Mass Interfacing: Bralona can uniquely interface with ancient technology, and are capable of invading complex machine parts from the inside to understand it and even operate it without permission.
  • Novice Casters: Bralona may never have more than 2 Proficiency Points invested in Magic, unless they are Primal Mages with a Custom Kit.
  • Primal Threads: Both Bralla and Bronn have the ability to summon clothes for themselves using Primal Magic.
  • Bralona Aesthetics: Bralona are very new to Magic, and their aesthetics center around this: any Magic they use is just an extension of their bodies.


Bralona Cultures

High Command Isldarlife.png

The Bralla-Bronn High Command is the military government that forged a peace between the Bralla and Bronn subraces after the thousands of years of Bralona civil war. Ruthless, collectivist, and completely without ethics, it was they who undertook a one-month invasion of Regalia before finally being pushed out. The titular Commanders are legendary heroes to the Bralona, the champions who proved their worth over hundreds of thousands of deaths, becoming Aloria’s most redoubtable soldiers.

  • The High Command are polished militarists who research anything they want, anywhere they want, on anyone they want.
  • All soldiers of High Command have a firm grasp of both Dragon Speech and Common.
  • High Command are without empathy or kindness, but also are not deceitful people, and are very open about their opinions.
  • All soldiers of High Command are completely atheistic, anything else would be insubordination.
  • High Command does not believe in politics, only High Command. The authority of foreign governments does not concern them.
  • High Command believes that the Occult is to be used either not at all, or a lot. Mages are rare but hyper-specialized.
  • High Command loves military uniforms, grayscale colors, research, mathematics, guerilla operations, hierarchies, and maximum efficiency.

Rebellion Isldardeath.png

The Rebellion is a general movement of the Bralona who, upon discovering the concept of ethics, decided to onboard it and reject the dogma of High Command. There is no Rebellion culture or a Rebellion leader, but an individual Bralona can choose to take on Rebellion beliefs if they so desire. While it is unlikely that the Rebellion will ever take power on Justinia, a number of Rebel Bralona can be found abroad.

  • The Rebellion is focused on trying to convince its countrymen to desert High Command and make peace with the rest of the world.
  • Rebels, like other Bralona, understand both Dragon Speech and Common.
  • Rebels are more unusual and individualistic than other Bralona, with different beliefs that made them turn away.
  • Rebels can choose to be religious: sometimes it is even religion that makes them rebel. However, it is still very rare.
  • The Rebellion has political tunnel vision, and is focused on combating High Command. This may change if they eventually win.
  • The Rebellion is truly apathetic about the Occult and magic in general, seeing it as another tool among many.
  • The Rebellion loves councils, conclaves, preaching, research and science (still), and strong individualism and self-expression.


The Bralona speak pure Dragon Speech, though mysteriously, also speak perfect Common. Bralona are inherently non-gendered but do have a gendered presentation, and as such all Bralona names can be used interchangeably. Bronn names must always include two n’s, while Bralla names must always include two l’s, both following each other. Bralona don’t have surnames or even family names: the only times when Bralona adopt additional names, is when multiple Bronn or Bralla join a single Bronn or Bralla as their leader. Then this leader names their group, always with extremely short names with a single l or n, for example: Ral, Ran, Ton, Qal, Pel, Hen, etc.

Example of Bralla names: Ellara, Rallon, Ylleria, Fallara, Delliev, Qallon, Palla, Cuellar, Zemllar, Jalla, Fallun

Example of Bronn names: Gronn, Fanna, Dennvir, Nnala, Ennas, Xeinnia, Wannock, Pennor, Fannial, Qannir.


It is unclear whether the Bralona ever worshiped anything. However, they are willing to refer to Dragons as Gods (in the past tense only). This is in light of the fact that even though the Rose Pink Dragons created them, they killed them and usurped mastery of their own destinies. This is what led to their anti-theism, which is discussed in earlier sections. It is possible for a Bralona to adopt a religion when living in Regalia for an extended period of time, but this is exceedingly rare.

World View

World View is optional content that helps give Bralona flavor and depth.

  • There is a fixed total of 10,000 Bralona who were all created simultaneously, are immortal, and cannot reproduce. Because of this, some refer to their own Race as “The Ten Thousand.”
  • A colloquial name for their home island of Justinia is “Test Site One.” This makes Regalia, naturally, “Test Site Two.”
  • The Bralona arrived in Regalia by way of Leyline portal. High Command has an esoteric mastery of the structures the Dragons left behind that most Bralona cannot understand.
  • Over the course of the Bralona Occupation, the occupying General funneled an estimated 400,000 Regals in property back to Justinia, where the Bralona are now enjoying everything from candelabras to Clockwork refrigerators and more while rapidly improving on them.
  • Justinia is a very unique place. Lacking natural fauna and flora, all of it created by the synthetic splicing and experimentation of the Bralona, it is covered in lakes of slime, jagged metal perforations, and indestructible rose-quartz statues of Dragons. Bralona players can make up names for its various landmarks freely. Bralona like descriptive words like “Roughhill.”
  • Because the Bralona cannot destroy the statues of the Dragons, they use them as bricks and scaffolding for gigantic, vain construction projects. High Command headquarters can best be described as an oversized pink ziggurat.
  • The Bralona do not have furniture. They either morph their lower bodies into a form that can rest comfortably, or sit on the ground.
  • The portion of High Command which invaded Regalia is called the “Second Army.” Before this, all Bralla-Bronn military units were simply referred to as “Army,” in an attempt to erase the 15-odd divisions which existed in the civil war.
  • Though the Bralona warred internally for thousands of years, this war was not active all the time. Eventually, combat became a sport between its participants, as the trenches had been static since before they could remember anyway.
  • Bralona measure time logarithmically, and perform mathematics in Base 16. The High Command scientists Bessell and Nattonn have independently discovered concepts such as gravitational physics and calculus, which are considered cutting-edge in Regalia. If their principles did not clash so much with Regalian ones, they might even be considered an essential scientific ally.
  • Bralona know nothing about anything outside of Justinia that they do not learn in-character. They are very hungry for information, details, and beliefs of other cultures, and share notes with their countrymen.
  • Bralona love engaging in “Research & Development,” especially the military sort. Property damage is usually involved, but this is a small price to pay for the resolute march of progress.
  • Rebel Bralona are prized support combatants because of their ability to sustain the lives and improve the defense of those they fight alongside, as well as their empathy and reliability for their causes.
  • The Bralona love Artifacts and collecting them. As maximum efficiency is their passion, artifacts are seen as a way to speed war up and military devices of peerless quality. They rarely care at all about the significance, cultural belonging, and heritage of an artifact, only what applications it is good for.
  • Bralona housing has been described as being eerily similar to the standard Alorian warehouse. Large, empty rooms with row lighting, and large series of stock shelves on which to put their latest interests.
  • Bralona refer to dying as being “looped,” and take pride in having an unusually low number of deaths over their lengthy history. Most average around the 3000-4000 mark, but there are outliers below 100 and above 10000.
  • In an apocalypse, the Bralona are the first people anyone would want on their side. They have the ability to go from being resourceless in a foreign land to having built a home for themselves in record time, and are well acquainted with tools and architecture, while needing no food or water.
  • The Bralona have no native concept of money or laws or any governance system outside of High Command and those who reject High Command.
  • It is thought that the rapid introduction of new concepts to Bralona society will eventually result in the development of their culture, as they consider the beliefs of various peoples around Aloria and decide what is worth adapting to and what should be rejected.


  • The war is not over. The war is never over.
  • It's Gup.

Writers MonMarty, OkaDoka
Artists MonMarty
Last Editor OkaDoka on 01/1/2023.

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