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Ajneya (in Zoram)
Motto: "Without balance, a World undone."
Nation State Sarakand
Ruler The Duarchy
Other Present None
Languages Zoram, Common
Religion Draconism
First Recorded Pre-Allorn
Demonym(s) Slizzar

Perhaps the oldest kin to have continuously existed on Aloria, the Slizzar are serpent-alien-like shapeshifters that are rarely seen in their natural form, mingling with other societies for both benign and nefarious purposes. The Slizzar have been around since before Cataclysm, as far back as the Seraph Civilization era, when their creation was judged a crime against the laws of creation between the Dragons, causing their creator and patron God Nox to be banished. The Slizzar still continue his vision for the world, a people with unique skills and abilities that secretly and subtly guide events and history to their designs, for the betterment and benefit of the continued existence of all. While this mission may sound inherently benign, Slizzar are masters of infiltration and manipulation due to their shapeshifting powers, always leaving those who were put out of play to wonder: did they just face a shapeshifter? Was the last person I spoke to secretly someone else? All valid questions are raised when paranoia strikes, in the wake of the plots and machinations of these enigmatic and secretive people.


As Shapeshifters, Slizzar do not truly have one set appearance, save for their natural Slizzar appearance. Slizzar natural appearance is quite snake-like, with a body covered in black, gray, white, or silver scales, some slizzar have the lower body of a snake, legs, or the lower body composed of both legs and a snake tail. Slizzar may have have horns colored like their scales on their head, the head itself which looks quite alien compared to the other humanoid Races, with a flat nose, double-hinged jaw, and a series of cranial and jaw protrusions forming unique features that are different for each Slizzar. It is thus important to stress, that even if they have the body of a snake, their head is not snake-like at all. Slizzar usually have a dominant and secondary color, the dominant color being the majority of their hair and shoulders, while their secondary color adds contrast to their neck and some of their hair, particularly close to their cranium. These colors can be any combination, though are usually quite vibrant. All Slizzar have slitted purple eyes and dark sclera. While Slizzar are shapeshifters, they can never change this base Slizzar appearance.


Shifting is the term Slizzar use when they change appearances. While it is in theory possible for Slizzar to play the lottery and appear randomly each time, most Slizzar use so-called Templates, which are pre-set designs of appearances they strongly remember, and can thus reliably re-create. Slizzar all treat shapeshifting very differently. Some Slizzar never shapeshift, preferring to be out in the open as their birth self, while others are always shapeshifted, to avoid detection. Then some combine a mixture of the two, or those who reveal their identity as a Slizzar on some Templates, but not on others. How a Slizzar feels about Shapeshifting and their Templates, depends on the Slizzar, and their ideology, and the motivations for what they do. Some Slizzar may benefit from revealing their true identity to their strongest allies for the benefit of trust, while others keep their identity completely hidden so as to always have an escape route available if things go bad. Exact rules on Shapeshifting are defined in the Heritage Traits. Keep in mind that Shapeshifting overall is incredibly powerful and flexible in Roleplay, but also meaningful OOC. If you find that your Character is not being trusted by the people around them, experiment with a bit of open-ness about their Slizzar identity. We have found that players who retain 100% secrecy as a Slizzar, have a hard time making meaningful IC connections because it OOC sucks for other players to emotionally invest in Characters that are deceiving theirs. That is technically Metagaming, but this feeling is still very strong, and we do not blame them.

Heritage Traits

When designing a Character, Proficiency Points allow for a limited Ability selection with Point Buy Packs. Heritage Traits adds free Packs and Mechanics on top of that to help with cultural themes. Free Packs grant Abilities usually, while Mechanics change the way a character functions in Roleplay through subtle, and usually out of Combat ways. In essence, Mechanics just add aesthetic flair that invest in the niche of each culture. Free Packs never raise Proficiency Points, but the character must be able to purchase them normally. (ex. if a character is a certain Affinity that locks them out of a category, they cannot take that specific free pack and must choose the alternative option.) If a Free Pack grants Magic of some type, that Magic can be of any Alignment the character can normally choose, or limited to a select alignment, which will always be written in the Free Pack description. Mixed Heritage characters (i.e. characters born from two parents of different Cultures) may take one parent's 'Free Packs' and mix and match up to 5 Mechanics from both parents, although some Peoples cannot produce Mixed Heritage children (due to Magical/Fantasy reasons). Slizzar cannot be included in Mixed Heritage Characters, as there is no such thing as a Half-Slizzar.

Free Packs


  • Slizzar are immune to mind control of any type, particularly Mindcontrol Pack and all of its Mechanics to do with Thralling and Persuasion Dices, if used to convince them.
  • Slizzar are immune to Persuasion Dices when used by Players. Additionally, when using Persuasion Dices themselves, if they fail once, they can re-try their Dice for a higher result.
  • Slizzar can perfectly mimic Afflictions and Affinities, including Transformations, and even their Abilities, though where they cannot innately use these Abilities, they are Illusions instead.
  • Slizzar always use Persuasion Dice at their maximum Persuasion Cap, meaning 14. Additionally, they gain +2 to the final Persuasion Dice Result after every Roll.
  • Slizzar can perfectly fake and fool Knight Order membership or Guild Membership papers, thus always pretending to be a member undetectably even if they are not.

Birth Rites

Because many Slizzar go through life entirely disguised and pretending to be a different people or society, their reproduction cycle could unintentionally reveal them. At a base line, all children born from at least one Slizzar parent will always be full Slizzar. In case this is not desirable, the Slizzar can perform the Birth Rites, in which they have more clearer control over how their offspring will be created, this allows them to dictate several different processes. Firstly, they can choose to have one or two children born. Secondly, they can choose for each child born, whether they will be born not-Slizzar (taking the Heritage from their biological parent, and whatever the Slizzar pretended to be), full Slizzar, or Delayed Slizzar. Delayed Slizzar will be born as not-Slizzar, but when they become 18 years old, are suddenly informed through visions and dreams about their true identity, and how to become a full Slizzar. If they agree and venture to the nearest Dragon Temple to connect with their true self, they become full Slizzar, if they reject for up to 12 months and never visit such a site, they will be not-Slizzar forever. It is also possible, if two children are chosen, to have each born differently, for example one as Delayed Slizzar, and one as not-Slizzar, or full Slizzar, or other combinations. Note, most Slizzar found in the world are Slizzar born tens of thousands of years ago. This is because Sarakand exists in a warped time-bubble where time can pass slower or faster than the world around it. Slizzar can in reality only become 300 years old, but many are from a different time.



City Description

To understand the place of the Slizzar, one must understand the City of Eternal Twilight, Sarakand. Sarakand is the only Slizzar city-state in the world, and it is Slizzar homogenous, not allowing outsiders in unless they have some connection to the Slizzar. The city itself is extremely advanced, having buildings that reminisce of Seraph, second, third, and Meraic civilization architecture in them, that have accumulated over time. While Regalia is often treated as the jewel of the world, and this metropolitan is certainly far more massive than Sarakand, Sarakand itself as a city has existed for 70,000 years, which pales Regalia's mere centuries in comparison. Sarakand is built on a massive bastion wall surrounding the outer ring of aquatic farms. Further in are large buildings and Temples to the various Dragon Gods. Closer to the center are the Hallowed Towers, which are not residential, but large defensive Dragon-Magic structures that project a shield around the city in times of need, and control the passage of time around it. These installations were built by the Dragon God Nox, who defied the will of the Dragons by creating Sarakand and the Slizzar and was banished. At the center lies the Pyramidion, a Pyramid-like structure with a large gap in the middle from which the Mydion (city's power source) can be seen.

Defenses and Politics

Through powerful Dragon Magics, Sarakand and its direct ocean around it are caught in a permanent twilight, with the passing of time adjusted inside to slow down or speed up depending on the city's needs. This explains why the city has lasted for so long and survived numerous Void Invasions, having an innate ability to hide from the invasion in Time Magic, and being shielded. Sarakand is the seat of power of the two ruling factions and Duarchy Sovereigns of the Slizzar, the Herald of the Sun, and the Herald of the Moon, and holds a crucial place for most Slizzar who venture into the world as a safe harbor to return to. The two Factions being the Surya Court and the Marya Court, live in a harmonious balance in the city. Even if these are Factions in the traditional sense, unlike in Regalia, they do not compete with one another but complement and hold each other in balance to do as Nox instructed them, preserve the world despite the slow-to-act nature of the other Dragons. Each Slizzar in a coming-of-age time, will align with the Surya or Marya Court, and venture out into the world to seek their way to ply the crafts of their people on the other peoples of Aloria, to do their Dragon-God's bidding. Many Slizzar who retire from their work return to Sarakand, where they live our their final days in peace.

Slizzar Factions

Surya Court, Guides of the Sun

The Surya Court is the Slizzar Faction that holds that the young peoples of Aloria need a kind and delicate guiding hand. Whether through small acts like helping individuals or families, or large acts through advising organizations or gently nudging whole countries or Empires in the right direction, the Surya Slizzar seek to be a hidden beneficial hand to the lives of others. Surya Slizzar lean more in the direction of being pacifist or at least vowing not to strike unless in defense of another or holy site, as Nox instructed them to guard the world from the Sin of Free Will. Because of the Sin of Free Will, the Surya Court believes that the other peoples of Aloria will not see calamity coming when it arrives on their doorstep, and need guidance from a higher hand of experience and skill to avert disaster, that being the eradication of all living beings on Aloria by another Void Invasion. Surya Slizzar are more inclined than Marya Slizzar to appear in their natural form without any shapeshifting, but are still keenly aware, that a Slizzar is something alien and frightful, and that the acts of the Marya Court still incite rage, thus holding onto their Disguises to perform their duties. A Surya Slizzar can divert to the Marya Court. This happens usually when a Surya Slizzar believes that the incompetence brought on by the Sin of Free Will is so profound, that their attempts to be benign in themselves are holding them back, and that their work would be much simpler if they used subterfuge and assassination to get their way. It is also possible for a Surya Slizzar to be so inundated with their work to the benefit of individuals, that they start losing scope of the bigger picture and drift away from Nox's work. Those are referred to as Surya Eclipse Slizzar.

Marya Court, Conspirators of the Moon

The Marya Court is a Slizzar Faction that holds that the young peoples of Aloria need to be manipulated to prevent destruction. Whether through small actions inflicted on individuals or families, or large acts of puppeteering and subterfuge against countries or Empires, the Marya Slizzar seek to be a hidden malign existence for the benefit of life itself. Marya Slizzar lean more in the direction of violence as well as emotional and intellectual manipulation of facts, creating false perceptions of reality, and mind-controlling others to do their bidding. The Marya Slizzar believe that the other peoples of Aloria are so self-absorbed and occupied with the explosive nature of their short lives, that they cannot possibly be taught how not to blow up the world, and should be dominated to prevent them from doing so. To them, the Sin of Free Will is extremely literal, in that free will itself is evil, and the best that can be done for the world is to remove it from the people who wield power. Marya Slizzar, due to their subterfuge, are far more likely to always remain Disguised and have multiple fall-back personas to escape detection or reprisals in case they are uncovered. A Marya Slizzar can divert to the Surya Court. This happens usually when a Marya Slizzar believes that the suffering or resentment they might have left in their wake, in and of itself becomes the destruction or calamity they seek to avoid, and that their work would be much simpler if they were kind and cooperative instead. It is also possible for a Marya Slizzar to be so inundated with vanity, pride, or just relishing in the violence and manipulation, that they become more obsessed with the game of control and lose scope of the bigger picture of Nox's work. These are referred to as Marya Darkstar Slizzar.

Factional Nuances

While in other people of Aloria factional politics might end up being bloody or contentious, it is very cooperative among the Slizzar. They believe strongly in the notion of balance, and that Nox created perfect balance among the Slizzar. As such, even if a Surya Slizzar is horrified by a Marya's actions, or if a Marya Slizzar has gone rogue as a Darkstar or left the cause as an Eclipser, Slizzar attempt in any circumstances to avoid violence or conflict with one another. Even if these factions are opposed ideologically, both factions appreciate and understand the value they bring in contract to one another, how some societies just cannot be helped with malignance, and how some societies just cannot be helped with benign guidance, in that all methods are needed to reach the end goal. This does not mean that Slizzar cannot criticize each other, or comment on each other's plots, just that they should not get in each other's ways to or make their work harder, unless they start intentionally obstructing the work of others. The outside world is aware of these Slizzar Factions, but Slizzar would do well never to reveal their alignment. After all, in Regalia, the Marya are well known to have orchestrated the long string of assassinations that followed after the Chrysant War, in which many Ailor and Elven nobles perished as revenge for the destruction of the Essa Empire. It was the Surya who guided the hands of the Allar before this conflict, and it was the Marya who acted as the hand of revenge for their fallen brethren, to weaken the Regalian Empire and restore balance between the other Empires that were left. It should also be noted, that Faction membership, is not extremely strict. It is not impossible for a Surya Slizzar to need to be cruel sometimes, or a Marya Slizzar to be kind. Both are not moral absolutes, but more like guidelines that indicate intent rather than action. Each Slizzar will have to struggle with the moral implications of their actions, if they violate their own principles.

The Duarchy Heralds

The Duarchy Heralds are the two enigmatic entities known as Surya and Marya, who act like co-rulers of the Slizzar as a whole. Surya and Marya were made by Nox (causing some to conclude they are complex Dragon Magic Automata) to guide the Slizzar in his absence, as he foresaw his banishment by the other Dragons and made preparations. Surya and Marya have guided the Slizzar ever since and operate the basic functions of Sarakand itself. They reside only in Sarakand, but have immense magical power, and tower over all other inhabitants as they slowly wander the streets. During the day, they offer guidance to the younglings in large classes where their melodic telepathic voice teaches them about the world and their place in it, and at night they patrol the walls in opposite rotating circles to herald the switching of night and day. Surya and Marya are living embodiments of their respective ideologies, Surya teaches the Slizzar kindness and warmth, while Marya teaches them cruelty and violence, both having the capacity to project teachings and skills directly into the minds of their students. In some manner, foreigners might see them as Automata Monarchs, but they do not make decisions for the everyday societal organization, such as who gets food and what supplies are sent abroad. These tasks are taken care of by the city's Slizzar inhabitants, though they still speak for Nox, and can communicate his oracle predictions to the people.

Language and Naming

The Slizzar language is Zoram, which is based on real-like Sanskrit. Many other people accuse the Slizzar of speaking with a lisp, but this is generally just bigotry. In fact, Slizzar are very articulate, and their language has a lot of strong consonants, meaning they hardly make noises that one would expect a snake to make. Slizzar are however capable of producing a rattle-snake-like sound at the back of their throat, which they frequently produce when in combat, or when they are about to attack someone, or as a way of warning others that they are annoyed or feel threatened. Slizzar naming customs also use real-life Sanskrit. It is rare for Slizzar to have a surname, most Slizzar only carry a single name, though they can sometimes adopt a surname for ease of use to the non-Slizzar members in their family. When they do, this surname is always from another culture's language. Here follows a list of example names for the Slizzar (they are all non-gendered because sex and gender don’t exist in Slizzar psyche).

  • Achyut, Advait, Bhavin, Chittin, Girivar, Jatasya, Jaitra, Kush, Manav, Nandish, Parth, Prayag, Sambhav, Shivansh, Udit, Vibodh, Yug, Bhoomi, Chetaki, Gatha, Kaveri, Namasya, Paridhi, Shloka, Swara, Tavishi, Udita.

Brief History

The Beginning

Slizzar History, despite it spanning 70,000 years, is actually very short. Because of the afore mentioned time-warping of the city of Sarakand, large periods of history in which thousands of year passed, were experienced as mere days for the Slizzar in the city. Slizzar records show that the city was created by Nox in the latter century of the Seraph losing war against the Void Invasion. The Slizzar record clearly that this war lasted 1000 years, and that the war was an incredibly slow attrition war, because a single Seraph could hold off tens of thousands of Demons alone in the blink of an eye, and that Demons in most cases only won from the Seraph because they changed tactics which the slow-acting Seraph were not capable of reacting to. The records say that Nox was specifically in disagreement with the other Dragons about future plans for the continuation of life. Among Dragons exist the Laws of Creation, which dictate that Creation must never contain a spark of Creation itself (implying, a being that can re-make itself into whatever it wants), as this would bring them in closer proximity to godhood. Nox was of the opinion that Dragons would just continue creating flawed creations because of his objection to free will itself. Relenting that free will was still required in his own creation, because he knew that the Dragons would immediately banish him to the ether and deny him the ability to command his creations, Nox wove the first Slizzar into being, some of which are even still alive today due to Sarakand's time magic. In the time it took for the Dragons to banish him (as the Dragons were also slow to act), Nox had nearly a century to build Sarakand with his god-like Magic, and build Slizzar society from the ground up. When Nox was banished, the Heralds Surya and Marya took his place, the dome around Sarakand closed, and the city slumbered.

The re-opening

Sarakand remained closed for the entirety of the second and third civilization, with mere months passing inside the city, while Surya and Marya used their magics to determine the state of the outside world. They taught the Slizzar that which Nox could not with the time that was given, and the shield was first re-opened during the Meraic Empire days. For centuries, the Slizzar interfered with Meraic politics both seen and unseen, until the day that technological advances brought about machines that could detect and would hunt down shapeshifters. The Meraic civilization eventually progressed far enough to the point that the Slizzar knew that they would go extinct if they stayed, so many were called back to Sarakand's safety. When the Meraic felt secure in their expulsion, a huge dome-like structure was built around the city that would shroud Sarakand in darkness for a long time. The only light that shone on the horizon was the Mydion itself, giving the whole city a purple glow, that was normally basked in blue and orange light of the horizon poles. Over time, the Slizzar saw the dome crack and crumble in real time over the span of several years, while outside thousands of years passed as the city slumbered again.

The Allorn Stage

Sarakand re-opened once more when every sign of the dome that was once built around their city had rotted away, now forming a ring of mountains around the city's surrounding sea as all the metal and stone had compacted and returned to dirt. The Slizzar once more ventured out into the world during the early days of the Allorn Empire, when the Dewamenet still stood. It is here that the Slizzar were met with Regulus, who led a conclave of Crown Dragons to Sarakand, and temporarily disrupted all Magics and put Surya and Marya to sleep. It was here that he declared the Will of Conclave, that the creation of the Slizzar and Sarakand was a crime out of place and out of time, and that their existence was in violation of the laws of the world, but that their own laws could not compel them to drive the Slizzar to extinction. What the Slizzar refer to as the Allorn Stage, actually refers to this dictate by Regulus, which proclaimed the Slizzar's right to continued existence on a technicality, but that the Dragons would inflict the will of Umbra if ever they showed the intent to conquer the world. This proved perfect for Nox's pre-designed plans, as he had already anticipated the Allorn Stage, and codified into Slizzar culture that to desire the world, was to destroy it like all other Civilizations would.

From this point on, the dome would no longer close, even during the Fifth Void Invasion, as the Slizzar had learned from the Meraic and Seraph days what they could not apply then, they would apply now. The world was in a better state for them to act, the Dragons had stopped creating species that would create globe-spanning Empires, and had instead produced many fractured societies and heritages all over. The Slizzar were able to mesh into many of them, and attempted to gently guide them away from the same calamity they had seen before, all the while Slizzar kept an eye out for any birds that were watching them in the name for Regulus, explaining why Slizzar may not always be fond of birds and think them judgmental. The Elves became aware of the Slizzar over time, causing several high-paranoia-induced periods in the later Allorn Empire during which there were many witch hunts. There are even Slizzar, who claim to have had instrumental roles in the Dewamenet-Elven War, and aided both in the destruction of the Elves, and of the Dewamenet. Towards the peak of Allorn power, their Magic became so great that many Slizzar had to flee back to Sarakand, to avoid being detected and executed.

The Calm Era

The Calm Era, is anything but, but the term is frequently used to define the hope from the Slizzar that the dome should not have to close anymore, due an end to threats of Void Invasion. The city itself is still suspended in a slow-moving time bubble, where days inside amount to years outside, but this is considered rather slow, as prior dilations affected centuries. After retreating mostly from the Allorn Empire, the Slizzar interacted with the Allar, and the newly awakening Maraya who had some very obvious historical resentment towards them. Some Maraya in fact are extremely resentful, of the fact that Slizzar have incorporated Meraic architecture in their city, but did not save any Meraic people when the Void Invasion came (ignoring the fact that they built a giant dome over the city which denied them the ability to do so). During the Void Invasion itself, the Slizzar ventured out into the world in an attempt to help or bend the Elves into success, though their interactions are quite unclear. Some claim they influenced the Eronidas, some claim they influenced the Cult of Dronnal, while some claim they influenced the Arken to do as they did. What exactly happens remains entirely unclear, as the Slizzar that claim these feats have no way of proving any of them, due to their disguised nature making them inherently undetectable to history.

The Essa Era

The Essa Era defines the Cataclysm to the modern day roughly speaking, that highlights the Essa Empire as a focal point. During this period, the Slizzar attempted to use both Surya and Marya Factions to create an Empire led by them, combining both benign and malign ideologies. Essa was a quickly rising Empire, rising so quickly that it drew the ire from the Regalians, those Ailor with their paranoid ideas about the shapeshifter Empress of Essa. Refusing to bend, the Essa Empire was brutally invaded by the Regalian Empire, which was technologically more advanced than the Allar were. The War turned less into a genuine Imperial conquest, and more into a bloodbath where Regalian fleets caused massive civilian casualties in indiscriminate bombing of coastal cities and attacks on civilian shipping. The Essa Empire was eventually destroyed when the capital was conquered, and the Surya fled back to Sarakand, while the Marya enacted their revenge on Regalia. In the modern day, Slizzar are deeply loathed and mistrusted, because of the external perception that they are all snake deceivers and killers, but the reality is far more nuanced. While there was tyranny and manipulation in Essa, the Empress herself was Surya, and the leading castes all had benign intentions to the Allar, albeit with the caveat that they decided the Allar would be more beneficially ruled by them, than by themselves. There are hundreds if not thousands of Slizzar spread all over the world, with several tens of thousands still living in Sarakand, but many of them continue to hide, as their shapeshifting skills now more than ever draw unwanted attention.

Conflicts & Alliances

A lot of MassiveCraft's lore is constructed around conflicts that are based on religious, historical, or societal grievances. This section aims to set out the various conflict and alliance points for the Lanlath, while also attaching some nuance so that there is wiggle room for players to not get stuck in endless loops of arguing the basics of societal conflict without clear Character Development or Resolution.

  • Ailor: Ailor, due to being some of the most short-lived people on Aloria and their explosively energetic and active personalities, are often prime target for the Slizzar, whether for benign or malign reasons. Many Ailor harbor extreme paranoia to Slizzar, sometimes even suspecting relatives of having been replaced by these infiltrates. This is all based on historical events, as directly after the Chrysant War, many sleeper agent Marya Slizzar struck out, killing hundreds of Regalian Nobles to weaken Regalia after winning the war against their kin. This habit for assassination among the Slizzar, is one deeply feared and mistrusted by Ailor.
  • Dwarves: Dwarves have a deep-seated loathing for Slizzar that is not historically justified, but just an extension of their brutal honesty and directness culturally speaking, that clashes with Slizzar habits to lie and deceive.
  • Suvial: Suvial see the Slizzar as rivals, notably the Marya, because they engage in the same type of political manipulation, it's just that the Slizzar are far better at it. The Suvial are constantly searching for ways to reveal shapeshifters, and naturally have a predisposition to discover Slizzar engaging in political intrigue, and then to try and beat them at their own game as a form of competition.
  • Kathar: Despite many Slizzar working against the interests of the Kathar, and them being entirely responsible for the waves of assassinations among the Kathar nobles, they are held in high esteem, particularly for this reason, as well as the fact that they believe Slizzar make the best courtesans and advisors. The Slizzar have historically made ample use of this by constantly destabilizing the Dread Empire and preventing it from really expanding despite the large hosts of Demons in their service.
  • Allar: Slizzar and Allar relations are rather contentious and often dependent on the individual. The two people made up the two halves of the Essa Empire, a state which was guided by the Surya Slizzar to give the Allar seeking a way out of Sendrassian Evolism a safe place to develop and flourish. Yet, at the same time, the Allar were also manipulated and bent into service by the Marya Slizzar who used their mind control over Allar Digmaan to establish in effect dictatorships over regions of the Empire. In the calamity that was the Regalian Invasion, both people died side by side, but it was the Slizzar who could return to the safety of Sarakand which withstood repeat Regalian attempts to assail the city, while the Allar languished in occupation and second-rank citizen status for years before Regalian properly integrated them. As such, individual Allar may hate, or adore Slizzar, depending on their perspective.


  • Draconism: Draconism is the obvious choice for any Slizzar. They are one of the few people on Aloria who have either direct or near direct interactions with their own creator, and a very clear blueprint for their existence. It is important to note however, that even if Nox imparted a resentment towards the other Dragons for "doing creation wrong", he did impart respect and worship of their other qualities, onto the Slizzar. The Slizzar are not pure Nox worshipers who ignore all other Dragons, they understand the nuance that each of these Dragons also has great other qualities and things worthy of worship, but that they can make shortsighted decisions about the future that they cannot see. As such, Slizzar should always be worshiping all Dragons, though pay exceptional service to Nox.
  • Others: Because of the strong interwoven role of Draconism in their creation and being, it is very rare to find Slizzar who are not Draconism worshipers. While it is possible to run into a Slizzar who is worshiper of Unionism, Estelley, Evolism, Baskarr, or Fornoss, this is usually only because they grew up outside of Slizzar society and simply never learned about their true identity, or became Marya Darkstar Slizzar and were seduced by the Void Gods of Evolism or the Vola of Fornoss. It is exceptionally strange for a Slizzar to be Baskarr worshipper, as they might have helped liquidate the Dewamenet Empire.


Nox's Banishment

Nox's Banishment is a major pivotal point and origin-story relation for many Slizzar, but at the same time it is an unsolvable conflict. The Slizzar are aware that if the Dragons notice them trying to free Nox in any way, that Regulus's Dictat may become more violent and unpleasant for them, just like the Dragons turned on the Sariyd. Nox's banishment was part of his plan, so many Slizzar opt for the opinion that he does not want to be saved, and that whatever he did to be trapped in the ether but still be able to interact with the world indirectly through mirrors, is actually a preferred state of being. Other Dragons, who are still physical, can only project their presence or awareness in a singular form, and can only ever physically be in one place at once. Nox however, despite being limited to speech and influence on the mind when looked at, can interact with the whole world, because mirrors exist in every house, every pond, every lake, and every shiny object. As such, even if they would like Nox to return to give them guidance, the Slizzar accept that his banishment was actually just an upgrade to his ability to affect the world to his own designs, and make peace with this reality. Their primary objective is to support him in what he does and continue their own work to ensure balance between all Factions and peoples in the world, and prevent the next Void Invasion.

Families and Romance

Slizzar don't do Gender. The supposition of gender experience, expression, or identity is entirely nonexistent, and rules to do with romance are equally nonexistent, as the social constructs relating to these norms were never developed in Slizzar society. It is however possible that a Slizzar learns a gender identity from the heritage or culture they were raised as, which can cause a modicum of gender dysphoria as they actualize their Slizzar identity. This is usually what causes some Delayed Slizzar to reject Slizzar society and abandon their Slizzar heritage, being unable to console their old identity with the idea that their identity was merely a temporary fake, and that they are genderless and sexless. Equally, just because there are no gender norms, does not mean a Slizzar cannot prefer monogamy due to learned behavior from their childhood. To some effect, how a Slizzar is raised can affect their future opinions on things. Slizzar in Sarakand are raised with the intent to serve Nox's will as creator and God in all. Surya and Marya act like surrogate parents that teach and raise children, though biological parents can also have a role in shaping the personality of the child. Children born outside of Sarakand can still be brought there to be taught, but may sometimes need to be instructed in other societies. In such cases, how they grow up, and whether they know at all about Nox and their purpose, depends on who trains and raises them. A Slizzar who is entirely existing outside of their heritage society, is called a Lonestar Slizzar. Lonestar Slizzar are not strictly reviled by other Slizzar, and can in theory be re-connected with their destiny, but can be considered loose cannons and unpredictable because they are not bound by the golden rules that all other Slizzar obey in balance and duty.


Slizzar derive much in the way of influence from Elven and Ithanian Ailor clothing styles, those two including the most flowing and comfortable robes that can sit fluidly between different shapes that the Slizzar like to take. Just like there is some telling similarity between the Slizzar and Suvial scripts, so too is there a little similarity between preferred way of dress, with the Slizzar having a love of richly decorated, colorful, and layered fabrics that serve as a sort of statement of identity to the wearer. Outside of that, much of Slizzar fashion is in a way utilitarian between the many shifts that their time is inevitably spanned between, though there are some Slizzar who like to play a game of call-signs with one another in terms of clothing patterns both so subtle and just repetitive enough to flag what they are to other Slizzar who are playing the game of politics with them in the same place at the same time. Very, very rarely, will a Slizzar occasionally cheekily engage in historical reconstructionism by donning the costume of a dead or destroyed civilization just to remember the good old days when they meddled in it, with this usually being reserved for the company of other Slizzar at house-parties. That said, Slizzar might full well be the only people in the world whose tailors could tell you exactly what the Meraic, Sarnan, and sunken Sundered Principalities dressed like, and make all their clothes with the same pair of hands.


Much like with clothing, the Slizzar have a cornucopia of different artistic styles collected from all around the world, but they also have their own. Slizzar are absolutely masterful workers of blown liquid glass, creating mosaics that lack the tiles, pieces of smooth and continuous glasswork that seem to bleed perfectly from color to color with an almost psychedelic effect. They tend to arrange these as a sort of individual viewing experience with a large series of mirrors that contrast the position of the viewer in relation to the piece, sometimes placing them outside it, sometimes visually within it. The Slizzar like to see their artwork as an interpretive experience, with the interpretation changing drastically depending on the arrangement of the mirrors, the time of day, and how many people are in the room. While these pieces were in the past hard to bring out of Sarakand because they implied the one who owned them to be a Slizzar, the looting of Ailor nobles from various Slizzar estates in the Chrysant War has meant that nowadays it is possible to enjoy these works without suspicion. That it was the greed of wartime enemies that made this possible, is a fact that the Slizzar enjoy very, very much.


The Slizzar have a complex cuisine that combines local Hadarian fish and wild plants with some of the jungle fruit that is common on the outlying islands like hearty plantains, only, they are sometimes frustrated that they have to change up their recipes all of the time when geopolitical conditions change or they must seal Sarakand to skip forward in time. However, generally speaking, the Slizzar have a refined native palate with a lot of fresh seafood and complicated plating usually assisted by Leytech automata. Since Sarakand has not closed off for a while now, though, Slizzar cuisine has been largely stable. Older Slizzar or those who have found a way to persist through the ages, however, stereotypically lament the loss of a particular blue plant from the Meraic era called Qalejara by the Maraya that gave a tang to fish soup that no modern plant can quite match. There are hundreds of attempted alchemical substitutes in the modern day to Qalejara flowers, some Meraic, some Slizzar, and some Allar who are just trying to help when asked to, but nothing is as good as the real thing, which the Maraya and Slizzar (despite the presence of some resentment) sometimes help each other try to recreate.

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  • Accusations of snakehood, are merely societal bias against the animal known as a snake, and the fact that Slizzar have tails and slitted eyes. There are no real other comparisons.
  • Somehow, at the center of all calamity or glory, there is always at least one Slizzar hidden. At least, that is what everyone thinks, and the Slizzar prefer it that way.
  • Nox actually despises the idea that Slizzar have free will, but had to accept this reality to make them function without him. For now, it is an unspoken discomfort.

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