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Thedmir Kade
Notable Person
Full Name Thedmir Wolffor Kade
Race Alt-Regalian Ailor
Date of Birth Circa. 34 BC
Date of Death February 15th, 20 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame First Kade Patriarch & Chancellor of Regalia

Every position and legacy has to start from somewhere. Great names of today must come from humble beginnings. And great positions of power need their founder to create them from the ground up. For both the Regalian Chancellery and House Kade, this origin begins with Thedmir Kade, an alderman of the Regalian Kingdom turned Arch Chancellor and Sovereign Prince of Anglia. As the first Kade Patriarch and Chancellor, Thedmir’s actions set the stage for the Kade family’s ascension into politics and eventual rise to the Imperial Seat.

Origins and Early Life

Thedmir Kade was supposedly born around 34 BC, though scholars have never been able to determine the exact date of his birth or even the names of his parents. What is assumed is that he grew up in the village of Axford, a small trading outpost that was in contact with the Crown Isle of the Regalian Kingdom. In fact, many believed the surname Kade derived from the Proto-Regalian word “Kaden” which referred to a dockside. Regardless of origin, Thedmir was recorded to be a very ambitious individual with a silver tongue and often secured connections with various individuals, some more honest than others. In truth, Thedmir was the head of a local crime family, known to favor the working farmers over the often corrupt aldermen. This public support was key to his success, as the village population started to contact him and the crime syndicate to settle disputes between individuals, despite having no legal grounds to do so.

When the Cataclysm hit, the changes in weather patterns across Aloria led to a crop shortage around Axford. The local alderman was a passive individual, and Thedmir used the situation to oust the man from his position and place himself in power. With the local population on his side through years of public aid, he was de facto the alderman of Axford and eventually was recognized by the local lords as a whole. Immediately after ascending to the position, Thedrmir began to overhaul the local bureaucracy, reforming how grain production was carried out locally. These changes soon saw profits, and Axford began to grow into an important trading center.


Not long after, Themdir became more acquainted with the Regalin Kingdom’s way of conducting business, and not for the better. What had started out as a Kingdom that shielded its citizens from the Allorn Empire was now simply a protection racket ran by corrupt or complacent bureaucrats in the Crown Isle. Having just assumed power in Axford, Thedmir knew that in order to create the future he wanted, he would have to change the old guard. In 4 AC, his criminal syndicate turned lesser secretaries informed the Kade alderman that four other significant families were conspiring to overthrow the King. Reading the writing on the wall, Thedmir approached the other families: Ivrae, van Sherburne, Vermeer, and Cadar. Together, they formed the Five Family Concordant and made their move on the Crown Isle.

What proceeded would go down in history as the Five Family Rebellion. While on paper the rebellion seemed fruitless due to the Breizh militias of Kintyr backing the King, it ultimately prevailed. While nobody knows the true reason, many suspect Thedmir used his criminal background to bribe or extort the Breizh soldiers into standing down. Regardless of the validity, the King was overthrown, and Thulric Ivrae was crowned as the first Regalian Emperor. For his part in the rebellion, Thedmir was granted the title of Arch Chancellor and control of the Imperial bureaucracy. House Kade was now in power.

Later Life

Thedmir’s role as Chancellor was more symbolic in the beginning, as his only claim is that he wrote several treatises for his successors to highlight his goals for the Chancellery going forwards. More often, though, he would be out of the city of Regalia, fighting minor nations that challenged the fledgling empire. For the remainder of his life, Thedmir would serve as a commander in the fields, conquering new lands and firmly establishing the Regalian Empire as a growing power in the Archipelago. His life would end in the early months of 20 AC when he caught a case of pneumonia. His body would return to Axford, where it was buried next to an Old Gods Temple that would one day become the Thousand Blades Monastery.


Thedmir’s personality is rarely publically debated, as the majority of the commoner and especially Anglian populations see him as a man of the people who saw through the corruption of his time to bring about much-needed change. This grandizing though is largely thanks to the romanticization and proliferation of the actions of the Five Families. In some private circles, a very much different opinion is circulated: that he was a ruthless crime lord who used racketeering to get what he wanted and who might have betrayed the other Families to the King at a moment’s notice. In the end, nobody knows for sure, as his legend has largely eclipsed whoever he might really have been.


Thedmir Kade is remembered as the founder of House Kade and the Regalian Chancellery. Locally, he is recognized as a founder of the Anglian Culture, due to his earlier life’s work in the small village. The City of Axford could be seen as the most visual legacy of Thedmir, having grown from a simple rivertown into the large agricultural mecca it is today.

Extended Family

Thedmir Kade married Arianne Vermeer, and together they sired Caldomir Kade, who would succeed his father as the Second Chancellor of the Empire. Thedmir had further issue, Eomara, Eothefma two daughters who married lesser nobles, and a younger son called Kalmir Kade who did not survive infancy.


  • After Cedromar I revealed the existence of a spy network known as the Black Order to the Regalian populous, some scholars have theorized that said Order was possibly the successor to Thedmir’s criminal organization. Given the nature of the organization and the contradictions of the theory (chiefly that an Emperor-loyal spy network was created by a non-Emperor), this claim is merely speculation and such a point is rarely discussed in the open as the Kades do not discuss their criminal ancestors.
  • Some modern researchers interested in the Five Family Rebellion once traveled to Kintyr to locate any ancient currency that Thedmir may have used to bribe the Breizh soldiers. They returned back to Regalian a mere day after departing, having been turned away by a local lord who allegedly traced his lineage to the Five Family Rebellion and was apparently offended at their suggestion.

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