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This page is a sub-page of the Geography page which records all major regions of the Alorian world and explains roughly what each nation or area is like. Farsouth is found in a far southeast direction from Corontium, being home to strange realms, isolated from the wider world. Some of these pages may be tied to more expansive lore, which is linked within their respective table rows. Below is a piece of the Geography map cut out to show the relation between all the nations geographically.


Name Description

Solangeria Noimg.png

A collection of small islands just off the eastern coastline of Sendrass, Solangeria is considered part of Farsouth due to its removal in origins from anything found in Hadaria. Whereas those lands are full of Elves and Allar, Solangeria is full of terrifying and strange creatures haunting colossal ruins located deep into the jungles of the scattered islands that make the region up. These ruins, stalked by creatures like the Temple Orphans, belong to the Third Civilization, one of the ancient descendants of the Seraph about whom little is known. Solangeria is the only location known to hold their structures in such large numbers, though they are found elsewhere in Aloria. While many of their complexes on Solangeria are in ruin, and difficult to reach due to the aforementioned “security” in the form of the island’s fauna, some expeditions have been able to pierce the veil of jungle foliage long enough to gather scraps and catch glimpses of the ancient majesty this group exemplified. The region is formally considered a no-travel zone by the Regalian Empire due to the very low chance of anyone surviving a trip there.

Justinia Noimg.png

Justinia, also known as Basalon, is the homeland of the Bralona people, so recently reintroduced to Aloria after centuries of exile. The main island, initially named for Emperor Justinian II by the Ailor explorers who first sighted it, has been heavily, artificially, altered. Its coastline is almost entirely made up of crags and mountainous terrain, with a vast, central flattened valley, strewn with the remains of Draconic technology, located at the center of the island. The region’s flora, while minimal, is normal, though the fauna exists as strange Matter Forms mimicking the divide once so prevalent to the Bralona. Once covered in a Draconic shield, the Bralona were kept on the island by the will of the Dragons, but exactly why is unknown as all of their memories were erased in 192 BC, the year they began their exile on Justinia. Following 300 AC, the Draconic shield went down, and most Bralona left the island, leaving their old life behind, with few desiring to return there. The Bralona City, their sole settlement, is now abandoned on the central plain, and the only people who could access the site now are those with Draconist affiliations.

  • For more on the Bralona, read Bralona.

Valadia Noimg.png

Valadia is a mystery only recently rediscovered by Regalian explorers and is of particular note for holding one of the most unique Ailor Cultures in Aloria. The Sunnvi, as they are known, are a group who have come to heavily rely on and engage with beings of the Void. They are also intensely devoted to conflict and have a hard-to-explain, highly patriarchal culture. Their homeland, of dense forests and mountains with accessible coastline, is not united, filled with rival tribes posturing for position across their main island (a second, smaller, more windswept landmass is less contested over). Their recent rediscovery has seen them engage with other Velheim, but their ways are in direct opposition to those of many modern Velheim groups and make them hard to relate to.

Emerend Isles Noimg.png

The Emerend Isles are the site of a great tragedy that has taught the Regalian Empire a valuable lesson about exploration. Tropical, and inviting to the hourglass-peering eye, Regalian explorers encountered the mammalian-reptilian Sorvaar and the diminutive avian Fuvrattam populating this region. Limited in population, relations with the newly arrived Regalians were progressing well, however, the Regalian arrival brought foreign diseases which ravaged the islands. While the Regalians sought to help both groups, so many were dying that the Regalians thought to flee, to remove their miasma from the region. However, upon the return of these explorers to Regalia several years later, another group immediately set off back to the islands to try and aid the locals, where they found survivors, only for those surviving groups to immediately perish again as yet still more new diseases brought by the new round of visitors eliminated those who had been located. Regalia has banned travel to the Emerend Isles as a result and has officially listed the two species who inhabited them as extinct. Some in the scholarly community hope that the species were able to escape the threat posed to them, or perhaps adapt enough to resist it, though it is unlikely any will be able to try and prove their hopes as reality in their lifetimes.