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Note: This is not a playable race. Seraph are extinct.

Information concerning the races of Aloria, the Elves and Dwarves, the Maiar and the Dakkar, even the odd Mekket, is abundant. However, precious little has been known of the Seraph race until very recently. Much rumor points to these “Seraph” as the ancestors of all races, the creators of magic, and the owners of wondrous magical items, some of which can yet be found in the few ruins that survived the last 7000 years. And on this most rare occasion, those rumors are true, but a more in-depth perspective of these Seraphs is needed to understand them, or come as close as we can with what little adventurers and scholars have found. The fall of the Seraph has been a subject of much debate, though it can be agreed they brought about the beginnings of the Void Invasion, to which their entire race fell.

The Seraph were the apex race of their time. They died off roughly 7000 years ago, so information concerning their culture is vague at best, though bits and pieces have been deciphered from the exploration of what Seraph ruins remain in Aloria. How they physically appeared is somewhat up for debate, but scripture found in Seraph ruins suggest they had golden eyes, and stark white hair. They were the first to engineer many aspects of what we consider civilization. Architectural designs of theirs are reflected in elven, dwarven, and even orcish culture. Beyond this, they also appear to have “created” magic. In other words, the Seraph were the first to open a conduit to the void through hand motions and verbal incantations, using magic to aid them in everyday life. Magic played a more essential role in Seraph civilization than our own. This keen sense for magic ultimately led to the beginnings of the Void Invasion, and the fall of the Seraph race.

Seraph and the Void

The mages of the Seraph, accomplished and well versed in the workings of the Veil, began to experiment with darker forms of magic. In one such experiment, a seraph mage unwittingly opened a gate to the Void itself, home of demons and other evil beings of power. At first, minor demons came through the portal, scouting, and were quickly cut down by the Seraph. Thinking that to be all the gate had to offer, the Seraph thought a new realm lay on the other side of the portal. They were taken by total surprise when the greater demons came, and slaughtered their people without mercy. As hordes of demons descended on their doomed cities, the Seraph’s mages attempted a curious form of magic to defend themselves and preserve their culture. They tried to fuse the auras of their deceased (and from the brutal attack by the demons, they had no shortage) into inanimate objects, to rise and fight on tirelessly against the foul armies stemming from the portal as well as retain a part of their culture they feared would be lost with the Void Invasion. This was to no avail however, and within a year, the Seraph had fallen to the armies of the Void. In but a short span of time, an entire race and most of their achievements were wiped out.

Evolution of Seraph

After the Seraph faded, the demons began to recede back into the Void, leaving behind only a few lesser demons to roam about Aloria. In time, those few who survived the initial Void Invasion began to branch off and create small civilizations of their own. Only 2,000 years after their efforts began to rekindle their old lives, another Void Invasion occurred, repeating the cycle from before and leaving a minimal amount of Seraph behind. These new Seraph had evolved quite a bit from their ancestors 2,000 years before, and continued to do so in their struggling numbers, eventually developing into what we know nowadays as the Meraic civilization.

But even the Meraics did not last long, as a third Void Invasion decimated them before they fully had a chance to get on their feet. Their humble civilizations became the grassroots for the rise of the Elven Empire, however. While the demons from the third Void Invasion remain on Drowda in a constant battle with the Drowdar populous there, the Meraics did not last long enough to see the fruits of their labors, and many of the races we know of nowadays began to flourish instead.

Remnants Today

Precious little is known about Seraph cities, considering most have been lost to time. However, scholars have been able to glean much from just small parts of these cities. They resembled massive white clad stone complexes, very similar to what we know as Elven architecture, which in itself likely originated from the mighty cities of the Seraph. For all their glory in times past, the cities have now been reduced to feeble archways and stones. While some of these ruins have been found in New Ceardia, many have been discovered by independent scholars and adventurers in southern Fendarfell and Jorrhildr. Especially in the former, large temples and catacombs have been found. Scholars say that the Seraph used all of Jorrhildr as a burial ground for their fallen. These temples are rumored to house great power, even items of magical and forgotten knowledge.

While the Seraph met a harsh and swift end, some of their culture lives on. Ruins of their temples are yet to be discovered in the frozen wastes of Jorrhildr. It is rumored some of the inanimate objects the Seraph attempted to use in their final stand still rest there, waiting to be discovered...

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