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There have been many famous royals throughout the history of Aloria, for blue and purple blood has never completely fallen out of fashion despite the millennia that have passed, and the diversification, streamlining, and diversification again of the world’s population. Some were good, some were terrible, but all have been memorable and left their mark on history. These are just some of the royals who have worked to shape the world. OOC NOTE: This list is not meant to be a comprehensive record of every notable royal. The goal of this list, and the others in the People section, is to provide fun, background lore to be discussed in character applications or mentioned in-game.

Markus Krumme

Born to lead the Nordskagger population, Markus came from a union meant to foster peace. His Ithanian mother taught him diplomacy while his father taught him war, and while some sneered at their ruler having such an education from his mother’s side, it both proved prudent, and well matched by his capacity for combat. Soon after his father died, the Regalian Empire came for Nordskag. Prior conflicts had seen one of their Arch Chancellors die in the field of battle, and they earnestly sought revenge in this second engagement. However, with the new Arch Chancellor Morgan Kade in charge, Markus saw a path toward peace. Losing in the field, he subjected his nation under the Regalian state, with a peace deal that allowed him to maintain his powers and keep the kingdom of his birth largely autonomous from the Regalian Empire. In return, regular taxes were required, as were fighting men when the larger nation called for it. Despite resistance to this new reality, Markus would carry on ruling his kingdom for decades more, and stemmed the majority of ill sentiments. He married an Ithanian woman himself, and had several children, though his son, Osvald, became the most notable. Sent off to become a Knight, he would be distant from his father, and thus survived the disaster that was the Bone Horror Crisis. Nordskag was one of many regions swarmed by the creatures, but the king survived the crisis, only to die to exhaustion as the threat passed. He remains well remembered as a man who kept the balance, though slowly turned his people toward a Regalian future.

  • Date of Birth: June 18th, 226 AC
  • Date of Death: April 20th, 305 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A notable Ailor ruler of Nordskag who helped protect his people in the long-term by joining them to the Regalian Empire as allies rather than enemies.

Osvald Krumme

Child of two cultures and trained as a Viridian, Osvald was born as the prince of Nordskag. His young life was uneventful, until his father made the surprising choice to send his son to become a Knight within the Regalian Empire. As a Velheim from a nation the Regalians had been at war with twice, Osvald initially suffered teasing and worse from fellow trainees and squires. However, he was commanding, honorable, and rose above what was put before him. By the time he graduated, he had the respect of many who had once looked down on him, and continued to serve for decades to come. He traveled home only a handful of times, and despite this distance, continued to respect the Velheim ways of living. Upon his father’s death, he was surprisingly allowed to put aside his Viridian responsibilities, returning home to take up the kingship. He brought a large entourage of Viridians and Regalians with him, and in the years since, has taken firm strides to modernize his nation. As Velheim rarely respect central authority, this task was difficult, but Osvald continued to make progress while also boosting the rights he could hold as a vassal of the Regalian Empire. The declaration of Ithania as a Heartland saw him redouble his efforts with the goal of earning Nordskag such a position in order to spread influence over all of the northern nations surrounding his own. However, he was recently determined to be missing. Curiously, the Regalian Emperor is also missing, and some theorize the two leaders may be held somewhere together, or were taken by unknown parties for similar reasons.

  • Date of Birth: March 5th, 258 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: The Ailor Knight-King of Nordskag, a living bridge between Cultures and nations, who has sought to modernize his people and expand their influence in Aloria.

Juliana do Lobo

Juliana was the result of ill-conceived efforts by the royal do Lobo family to maintain their power in a cutthroat political environment. By marrying cousins to cousins, they kept their wealth and titles in the family, but at the deteriorating cost to the Genos of their family members. Juliana’s own father had multiple personalities at war within himself, and while initially normal, in addition to beautiful, Juliana slipped into her own state of madness, convinced people were going to steal her beauty. The electric fashions this prompted were celebrated by the Ithanians, who she had a close connection to, but it also gave her the unflattering title of “The Mad Wolfess.” However, with ministers beneath her capable of handling the realm, Lusits prospered. When the Songaskian Masaya invaded Corontium, the future Alexander I traveled to the west in order to seek the aid of Regalian allies and territories. It was there that a political match was made, and the two leaders were wed. Juliana was briefly a figure of note in the Imperial Court of the Regalian Empire, but the childbirths that followed the Imperial union successively wore her down, but also enhanced her insanity. After only a few years of marriage and three children together, (a daughter, Jezeme and two sons, Karlos and Marcos), Alexander dismissed her from Court, and she returned to Lusits where she remains today. Not formally divorced from the Emperor, but no longer considered Empress, Juliana remains silent and uninvolved in the events of the wider world, but undoubtedly as mad as ever.

  • Date of Birth: February 9th, 273 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: The Ailor mad monarch of Lusits, former Regalian Empress, and a fashion icon who now appears to be forgotten, isolated, and uninvolved in the wider world.

Musamansa Koné

One of the youngest leaders of the Songaskian Masaya to rise to their throne, Musamansa’s early life was quiet, perhaps even idyllic. The eldest son from his father’s two marriages, he was just beginning to be prepared for an education in statecraft when, in the wake of the First Songaskian War, his father suddenly died. While some blamed his father’s second wife, and others, his brother (Musamansa’s uncle), the political ramifications were immediate. Despite the efforts of the now-dead Massaya’s first wife, Musamansa’s mother, the teenager’s uncle took the throne from his nephew, and fearing for his safety, Musamansa’s mother sent her son to flight for his own safety. Escorted by Knights to the Regalian Empire, the young exiled leader would watch his uncle, titled the Usurper by the Regalians, begin to prepare the Masaya for another war. When the Second Songaskian War was launched, with the Regalians as the aggressors, Musamansa was unexpectedly returned to his homeland as the war reached an anti-climactic conclusion, with then Emperor Cedromar I giving the young Songaskian the former Regalian territories. The brief civil war that followed saw Musamansa rise to the rank of Massya, where he has remained ever since. Despite his long exile, and positive relationship with Regalians like Cedromar, Musamansa’s relationship with the Regalian Empire has been remarkably unbiased. His uncle, still living in political exile, has begun to gain power once again, but the scars from the recent wars run deep, and many doubt that either party will commit to a war again so soon.

  • Date of Birth: June 7th, 289 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: The young, modern leader of the Songaskian Masaya with a complicated political history involving the Regalian Empire.

Cynesige the Cleaver

Cynesige was born to one of a hundred petty royal families ruling over a small fiefdom in Oldtera. Known as the Ceardian Warlords, these families claimed an array of titles, many drawn from Elven history or identifiers, and others from local religious groups. Cynesige’s father, however, styled himself as the King of Blodryse, a region around a mountain known as one of the only sources of rubies in the entire continent. Cynesige was a warrior in that mold, and took to the use of an ax and shortsword from a young age, training for hours on end to hone his craft. He was initially known as the Clever for his ambushes, but later years saw his ferocity, and a surprising skill at breaking the blades of his foes, earn him the title of Cleaver. When his father died a few years later, Cynesige took up the mantle, and subjugated rivals from surrounding territories. However, he suddenly died near the peak of his power, and many myths exist as to how and why. Some claim he went insane, and began to kill dozens of captives at the foot of Blodryse, ultimately being slain by his younger brother with a bow and arrow, so fearful he was of getting within striking distance of his kin. Others claim his father, murdered by this usurper, rose from the grave and hunted him like a dog until he was slain amidst the mountain snow. Regardless of how he fell, his ruthlessness saw his memory immortalized for decades into the future.

  • Date of Birth: April 19th, 20 AC
  • Date of Death: January 6th, 58 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A ruthless Ailor warlord of Old Ceardia who adored blood, and has a great many myths about their death.

Florent de Gosselin

Infamous as he is famous in different quarters of Aloria, Florent was born to Ithanian migrant nobles in Corontium as part of the Regalian Empire. Raised in a religious environment, and enamored with the Knightly Orders but prevented from becoming a Knight by his need to lead his family, the young man’s life was not like most in Ithania. His father and mother were quickly turned to the growing trend of Regal Culture, and as he matured, he did as well. By the time he was an adult, and now in charge of his family’s territories in Corontium, he was a Regal man first, but an Ithanian a close second. He watched a decade past, and Ithania grow, in his eyes, more passive, their power at the Imperial Court eroded by the decline of Ivrae power, and the rise of Kade might. The early conflicts of the third century solidified this opinion, and he was able to launch an invasion of Ithania to force reforms on the country. Despite the outrage this act initially caused, he has since been able to pacify these voices through strong political moves that have drastically decreased Ithania’s reliance on the Regalian Empire, as well as gain significant political power over much of Westwynd. He has been supported in these efforts by his cousin at home, who took over leadership of his family lands, a cabal of other interested Ithanian parties in Westwynd and in Corontium, as well as members of multiple Knight Chapters. They directly rode with his invasion, for the purpose of purging Ithania’s elite of Vampirism, and they are still there, working at this mission and a dozen others in step with Florent’s goals. It is known that when he either steps down, or passes away, his daughter will take the reins of Ithania, continuing to steer them on the new course he helped set out.

  • Date of Birth: July 23rd, 270 AC
  • Date of Death: N/A
  • Claim to Fame: The first, and likely last, King of Ithania who invaded the state to jumpstart changes in their politics and society.

The Last Regalian King

The name of the last king of the Regalian Kingdom has been lost to time, or rather, the concerted effort of the Regalian Empire to erase anything noteworthy about the man, aside from tales of his tyranny, of raising the taxes on all people to the point the people broke, and five great families rose up to overthrow his rule. This just, endlessly repeated narrative has its actors in a range of figures, from the Solvaan who joined the rebels, to the Breizh who stood aside, and then joined the rebels, to the Narim, who were instrumental in the City of Regalia falling to the Five Families. Yet some whisper, for fear of their lives, that this narrative is at worst, a conspiracy, and at best, full of exaggeration. It cannot be argued that this final ruler of the Regalian Kingdom oppressed groups in his territory, as had his predecessors, but it is also a certainty that past Regalian kings were corrupt, and allowed Teledden raids on parts of the kingdom in return for payment, with foreign Elven riches documented in private collections in the three centuries since the rise of the Regalian Empire. However, the true character, age, even parentage of The Last King is so obscured, it has allowed dozens of interpretations in various forms of artwork and scholarship. As a result, it is impossible to know the real figure who stood against a rebellion that threatened to end a state over 500 years old, save that he did so, and then vanished from the histories shortly after the rebellion’s victory.

  • Date of Birth: Est. Autumn 39 BC
  • Date of Death: Est. 6 AC
  • Claim to Fame: The infamous and supposedly despotic ruler of the Kingdom of Regalia who was deposed to make way for the declaration of the Regalian Empire.

Zhaduan Zhelong Shao

To Be Written...

  • Date of Birth:
  • Date of Death:
  • Claim to Fame:

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