Markus Krumme

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Markus Krumme
Notable Person
Full Name Markus Stefan Krumme
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 18th June 226 A.C.
Date of Death N/A
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame King of Nordskag

Markus Stefan Krumme is now an old, sickly man who sits on the stone-hewn throne of Nordskag. Receiving his power by chance due to the death of his predecessor, Olai Schaksson, Krumme is a King who came from rather humble beginnings. His diligent work for the betterment of Nordskag is seen today within its military and slowly growing economy, despite being frail.

Origins and Early Life

Markus was born in the June of 226 A.C. to Randolf and Hilberta Krumme on the island of Sydligsteg in the Kingdom of Nordskag. Hilberta Krumme was the sister of Olai Schaksson, the King who reigned before Markus’s ascension to the throne, and was married off to Randolf Krumme, the general of the Tvangruppe division. Because of this, Markus had a more comfortable upbringing than most who live in Nordskag. Krumme studied and spoke in the Tunge dialect throughout his childhood, and received a simple education which outlined literacy, basic mathematics, the history of Nordskag, and skills such as learning how to hunt and fight. As well as this, Krumme was able to have an insight to other cultures such as those of the d’Ithanie and northern branches who live in and around Nordskag.


At the age of sixteen, Markus was pressed into military service by his father Randolf. Markus did not join the Tvangruppe as his military induction was cut short in 241 A.C. by the death of Olai Schaksson. For the past two years the King had been suffering from a terrible fever and illness. The cold winter of 241 A.C. only provoked the illness further, thus leading to the King’s death. As a result of having no children to succeed him, and only his sister Hilberta as any immediate family, the rights to the throne passed onto the Krumme family. However, Hilberta was forbidden from taking seat as Queen due to being a woman, and her husband was not of royal blood. Therefore, at the age of nineteen, Markus was appointed as king.

The sudden change in the monarchy from an experienced, pragmatic leader to a greenhorn youth allowed the barons much more freedom over the several following years. Since he was born into the military side of his family without any remote political upbringing, he had to rely on courtly supervisors for his first decade of ruling the kingdom. This was not necessarily a bad thing as it gave the young King time to learn and adapt to a life of politics until he was old enough to take care of it himself. Therefore, in the year 252 A.C., Markus was ready to assume his position as the proper, strong ruler.

He began independent rule by focusing on how he may benefit the military. Before Krumme, the army was fairly pathetic in comparison to nowadays. Markus poured in time and resources into strengthening the Tvangruppe and Spydenhed groups by outlining the necessity for proper intensive training, discipline, and resources. To do this he set out guidelines for how to improve the lumber industry so that it may be more productive and rake in more coin, then chose to expand trade abroad by selling Nordskagian wood to entities such as the Ithanian Realmlands and the Regalian Empire. In return for said wood and support of the lumber camps, Krumme gained shipments of steel and iron which would then be used to update the armouries and weaponry of the Nordskagian army.

Furthermore, Krumme also looked into bettering foreign relations with other countries and married a wealthy sister of an Ithanian Prince as part of this. He had a son with his wife Aurelie in 275 A.C. The Chrysant War proved how useful Markus Krumme’s efforts within the military had been. Several thousand levies were sent out to join the Imperial Fleet who sailed south to combat Empress Miko Missa and her Naylar supporters, and as a consequence of their valor and bravery in combat, the army of Nordskag was recognised and praised. By the closure of the war in 291 A.C., Krumme was 65 years old and had had a rather successful reign.

Over the following decade, Markus dedicated his time as king to furthering the military in any ways he could, sending levies out to fight in the Ranger Crisis, Elven War of 302 A.C., and Qadir War later that year. Despite this, he grew ill at the age of 74 in 300 A.C. and became a bit more relaxed to cope with this new ailment.

Later Life

Nowadays Krumme is an elderly, ill man who is happy relaxing in his Kongeslot stronghold as he battles his illness. While being confined to his bedroom for a lot of the time, he still makes an effort to appear in public beside his son. Favouring men with martial prowess such as generals and figures in the Regalian Army, Krumme hosts meetings and talks with them in his free time for advice. Other than this, he is quite docile.


Krumme has been seen to be a determined person who works towards his goals with a passion, especially within the realm of warfare and Nordskag’s army. As a negative side to this, Markus appears to be quite narrow-minded as he tends to focus on certain aspects as a ruler while not paying much attention to other things, such as the lack of hold over the barons in his country. He has a devout faith in the Old Gods, holding the deity Handrin close to heart. However, the king still respects the influence of Unionism and the value of appeasing the Regalian Empire, and therefore keeps his practices to himself when around foreign dignitaries.


King Markus Krumme is undoubtedly the leading figure behind the success of the Nordskagian military, having worked tirelessly to build it up to its current position over numerous decades. Although the economy of Nordskag is fairly weak, he has still put in work within the lumber and industry sectors. On top of this, Krumme has also contributed to the fight against pirates by building up a firm stance against the Qadir slavers and various groups of raiders who sail up and down Nordskag’s coastline to reach Jorrhildr and such states as the Koari Federation within it.

Extended Family

Markus’s parents Randolf and Hilberta have long since passed of old age. Markus is married to Aurelie Krumme, a d’Ithanie woman previously of a royal family in Ithania. He has one child with her, Osvald Krumme, who is destined to take the throne when his father passes. Until then, Osvald serves as a Viridian Knight within Regalia after being sent off for a Heere Education at the age of fourteen. Markus also has several cousins from his father's side.


  • Markus Krumme is the first King of Nordskag to introduce a Thylan into his court. The Thylan, named Lukkas, is the King’s royal entertainer, as strange as that sounds.
  • Krumme has hunted a number of beasts in his time. The Kongeslot palace features several taxidermised animals and creatures, including but not limited to Trolls, Northern Moose, Bathogg, several wolves and bears, and even a Giant Spider.

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