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Aloria has beheld many Races over the millennia of civilizations that have risen and fallen across the many diverse lands. Some have reigned long while others have reigned for a very short time, but all of these civilizations have left some level of impact on the world.


The Seraph were an all-powerful civilization within Aloria with many wondrous constructs and powers at their fingertips. Their architecture ranged from great complexes and high towers to long-sealed vaults, all built with white stones and minerals such as Seraphalo and marble. They also made use of extensive wall murals that revealed their many acts and communions with animals, energies and each other. While no Seraph remains have ever been discovered, their murals clearly show them to be tall and slim beings with narrow eyes, some form of pointed ears and simple robed clothing. Little else is known about this society as their sites are often guarded by powerful Magus creatures which defend the ancient ruins that somehow generate the energies to form them.

Second Civilization Race

The Second Civilization Race is curiously the most mysterious of all the extinct Races in Aloria, as there is very little evidence of their existence. The only indication of their presence comes in the form of scattered ruins across the east of Aloria, often made of dark-toned stone and rarely more advanced than a few columns and walls. There is no evidence of the Second Civilization's physical appearance as their ruins possess limited art and decoration.

Third Civilization Race

The Third Civilization Race is certainly less mysterious than the Second Civilization Race, but their ruins are equally as rare as their predecessors'. Their only known remains are located on the lethal jungle island of Solangeria, where they are protected by the savage Temple Orphans and other dangers. While these ruins have rarely been explored, it is clear they were a sophisticated people. They built grand temples, walls and at least one large multi-limbed statue (likely a religious figure) using Lazurite tiling to decorate them. As a result, many assume that the people of the Third Civilization had multiple limbs (two sets of arms), but this is not confirmed in any of their ruins. As a result, until proper research is done only the barest speculations can be made about their appearance or any other details of their lives.


The Meraic, also known as the Fourth Civilization, are possibly more well known than the Seraph due to their unique history. They were an advanced society, who greatly expanded their empire from the south of Aloria. They were great engineers, building fantastical devices of crystal and metal that are barely understood even all these millennia later. However, they were as flawed as those that came before them. Their Race turned to Magic even as their scholars tried to warn them of the impending doom such an act might bring. In defiance, these scholars prepared for the worst, and this cult of preparation gripped a large portion of their population. The Tohn Valeer, a network of Vaults and tunnels, were built across their empire but in the end, nothing could truly save them. The Void invaded and above ground, the Meraic people came to an end, while those who survived underground underwent a transformation into the Maraya of the modern-day. It is known that the Meraic had at least two subraces that were transformed into the El- and Ka-Maraya respectively due to time and Magic. What limited artwork exists of the ancient Race is hidden by the transformed survivors, but largely shows blue-skinned and head-crested beings with great height. Some theorize this might just be a depiction of the Ka-Maraya, as the rarer and higher-up of the two subraces, but like most information on the Meraic, it is open to debate and skepticism.


Little is known about the Javarindar aside from their name and most basic history. What is known, is that in the early years of the Allorn Empire, its first leader, the Empress Talea Sunvidal, led her people into conflict against this large body found to their north, somewhere around what is now Daendroc and Ithania. Whose fault it was starting the fighting is unknown, though it consumed much of the Empress’s final years as battles were sometimes fought decades apart. The Altalar claim that their defensive tactics against the savage Race ended when Talea defeated the people’s ruling caste in a massive battle for their capital city using her unrivaled skill in Magic. The Javarindar were then enslaved and they then fueled the expansion of the Allorn Empire that followed. In the ensuing years, the Altalar sought to destroy their identity, renaming the species to the Varran, which is the name they now bear in modern times. However, this destruction was not just of a name, but virtually of all knowledge about the Javarindar (though some fragmentary shards remained among the Varran and certain Altalar nobles, in addition to ruins discovered every decade or two). The Javarindar were likely a diverse people, much like the Varran today. Some believe that they were once a single Race that divided itself into different subraces in the wake of the collapse of their empire and their need to flee the slavery of the Altalar.


The Drovv are just as mysterious as the Javarindar but suffer an even worse fate as they have left behind almost no proper ruins or knowledge about themselves. All that is known, is what the Sihndar speak of them, and much of that is mythologized. The Sihndar speak of the Drovv as a wise Race with long necks who lived in the northern reaches of Aloria as a client state conquered by the Allorn Empire at the end of the Awakening. The Drovv barely fought back and agreed to send tribute south, but they demanded their right to continue an ancient role: as the guardians of the world. They apparently knew exactly what the Void Cycle was (how is unclear) and the Altalar were only too happy to let them involve themselves in such a strange, diverting task. Their warriors were unskilled in Magic and instead were prone to using physical force and weapons for rapid attacks against their foes. Some Altalar came to idolize the Drovv and, in the final years of the Allorn Empire, a large part of the military-inclined Cult of Dronnal went north to learn from them. Few got the chance, as the Fifth Void Invasion opened right on top of Drovv land and so they were slaughtered. Their last act was to warn the Allorn Empire of the coming doom, though others contend it was more likely fleeing Altalar from the fringes of their territory who delivered this news to distant Daen. No Drovv bodily remains exist today, though the Sihndar honor their teachers, not through artist praise but by action, and so their image only exists in limited Sihndar Hold records or orally from the eldest members of Sihndar society.


  • The bones of extinct Races are believed by many to be almost impossible to find anymore thanks to the Bone Horror Crisis. If any did exist in the first place, it is highly likely that they are but shards now, or lost among the thousands of other normal body parts that made up (and still make up) Bone Horrors across Aloria.

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