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Organizations large and small have risen and fallen many times within Aloria’s vast history. Some of them have very specific focuses, while others are much more broad. Some are for more productive gains, while others are for mere entertainment. Some were focused on commerce and stimulating economies, while others were formed to institutionalize the faithful into strict structures. Furthermore, they have a wide array of interests, some being about the arts, and others about maintaining order.

Regalian Organizations

The Regalian Empire and the archipelago at the center of its power are filled with organizations which can wield a great deal of power. Most are groups seeking to protect and expand the Empire, but others have goals not as clear as those filled with public servants and the common populace. Several are also wholly private organizations, closed off from the public view, and so their goals or mission remain secretive.

Regalian MilitaryState MetropolitanList of Past Regalian Organizations

Knight Orders

There are several Orders of Knights across the Regalian Empire, all springing forth from the same seed of the Viridian Order. Formerly guards to the Imperial Family, the Viridans later grew corrupt and even attempted a coup against the Empire’s leadership, but this ended in failure. Since that time, the Viridian Order’s outsized role has been reduced, and the other Orders have gradually grown in prominence for a range of reasons. Now, all compete with one another, sometimes in healthy, friendly rivalries, and other times in bitter fights due to ideological differences.

Viridian OrderAelrrigan OrderLothar OrderBloodcast OrderArgentum Order


Guilds are organizations which serve various interests, sometimes Regalian, but others not. They have a broad range of support, often across the lines of cultures and peoples in Aloria, yet all have their unique origins. There are a number of them which stand out as notable for their vast reach, which is why they rise to the top of the pack in any ranking of the world's organizations.

Scribe OrderAllfaith OrderAugur OrderGloomfolk OrderHoterie Order

Other Organizations

Wider Aloria has many more organizations than seen above. Some are loyal to the Regalian Empire, while others are more distant with other interests. But each does bear an impact on Aloria, though sometimes that impact is only felt by certain minor populations or groups of people in comparison to the millions who populate the world.

List of Major AcademiesList of Magic Schools