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Viridian Order
Pronunciation Vee-ree-dee-an
Origins City of Regalia
Grandmaster Bohemund II von Drachenburg
Colors White, Black and all shades of Green

The Viridian Order is a Knightly Order with a long and troubled history within the Regalian Empire. The Viridian Order started in the early days of the Empire, acting (at the time) as the Regalian Guard, the Imperial Guard, and the leading military officers of the Regalian soldier levies at the same time. Over a century down the line, the Viridians were implicated in a coup against the Regalian Emperor, and had their power severely restricted. Over time, their reputation rebuilt, and they are now known as the Knights who ensure the status of Knighthood across the Empire, though many remain wary of any political or military power they may be given, due to the history of the Order, and the fact that many of them are Nobles, and already predisposed to political intrigue. At the same time, the Regalian Empire does not go to war without the verdant feathers and capes of the Viridian Knights leading the charge in the frontlines, emboldening the spirits and morale of the soldiers who follow into battle. Viridians remain very much the ideal picture of the chivalrous Knight, cut from a different cloth and with the approval of the Emperor's benediction and blessing. The repository of all played Knights can be found here. When you make a new Knight character, please file a ticket in the Discord Ticket Bot to have them recorded. You only need to provide their name and Order.


Viridian Knights are the most typical of medieval feudal knights, honor-bound state enforcers, and knights cut from the highest most dignified cloth of all the Knight Orders. Viridian Knights should be designed to be formal to a stiff degree, use eloquent and measured speech, and refrain from outwardly bright or passionate emotional expressions. Viridian Knights are meant to be the crown jewels among the other Knight Orders, and the symbol of Regalian military that so many of the conscripts look up to as their morale beacons. The following design limitations are enforced on the Viridians:

  • Viridians can only be Ailor, Eronidas, Narim, Fin'ullen, Solvaan, or Urlan, and must be born in the Regalian Empire.
  • Viridians should gravitate towards the sword-and-shield in plate armor aesthetic, with green being their predominant color and symbolism.
  • Viridians frequently ride on horseback, though this is not a requirement. They often have ornate armor and long green capes with shiny ornaments.
  • Viridians can only ever be Mundane (Unionist Godborn are allowed). The Order does not allow any Magic, not even God Magic, or Racial Trait Magic Abilities.
  • There is one exception, The Lancyon Chapter of the Viridian Order allows God Magic of Unionism only. They must still wield melee weapons however.


All Viridian Knights are members of one single Chapter, which grants them a free non-Combat related Mechanic. Changing Chapters is permitted but only infrequently and only through a Staff Ticket where the request is reviewed.

Hohenfels Chapter

The Hohenfels Chapter is the largest of the Viridian Chapters, and also the oldest, being the foundation of the Order and being housed in Calemberg with their formidable Hohenfels Citadel Headquarters. The Hohenfels Council operates from the Hohenfels Citadel, which also hosts the Viridian Grandmaster though he is meant to be an independent intermediary between all the chapters. The Hohenfels Viridians are most commonly seen on the frontlines, wearing their verdant green feathered helmets and cape while carrying the Imperial banner into battle, as a symbol of unity and military prowess for the conscripts that follow them into the frontlines. The Hohenfels Viridians rely on the other Chapter members to give them the peace of mind to carry out the Emperor's will in foreign lands, while the other Chapters guard the home front. Hohenfels Viridians often also integrate with Regalian militias and the Tenpenny soldiers as instructors and drill instructors.

  • Hohenfels Mechanic: Hohenfels Knights in out-of-combat Strength competitions involving Dice Rolls, can add +5 to any Dice Result. They also gain +2 Main Combat Stat (break cap up to 11) while not in the Main Regalian City (Gloomrot, Event Locations).
Eulenburg Chapter

The Eulenburg Chapter is a smaller Viridian Chapter, formed immediately after the purge that resulted in the split between the Viridian, Tyrian, and Regalian Guard. Needing good public relations, the Eulenburg Chapter housed in their Eulenburg Castle in Drachenwald the Viridian Order set about training some of the most skilled and eloquent diplomats. The Eulenburg Knights still are capable of forming formidable shield walls and holding their own in a fight, but their true prize to the order is their charisma and diplomatic skill and soft spoken word. They function somewhere in between a spy and a diplomat, always silently observing and absorbing information to the Empire and the Order's benefit. They help to inform the other Chapters, and provide all the diplomatic credit and good will to call upon in times of need. Eulenburg Chapter Knights commonly wear white furs, some even wear the pelt of a lion and taxidermied lion's head on their shoulder.

  • Eulenburg Mechanic: Eulenburg Knights gain a +2 Bonus to every Persuasion Dice roll while also raising the Persuasion Cap by +2. Additionally Foreign Diplomats like them more.
Tyrian Chapter

The Tyrian Chapter is a relatively newcomer when it comes to Viridian Chapters, while its actual membership is tiny in comparison to the other Chapters, yet it is held to the same respect. The Tyrian Chapter was founded when Emperor Cedromar ruled the Regalian Empire, where some Viridians championed the cause to return to the occupation of protecting the Imperial Family in particular, after Cedromar helped the Viridians rebuild following the Deathling Crisis. The Tyrian Chapter takes particular interest in the protection of the Imperial Family and state officials, especially those directly from the Imperial Palace. As a result, the Tyrian Chapter is often considered somewhere in between a Knight Order and the Imperial Guard, with some of the privileges and benefits of the Imperial Guard, without the strictness surrounding them. Tyrian Chapter Knights often don the Imperial Tyrian and blue, instead of the regular Viridian Green, though still use Viridian Shields.

  • Tyrian Mechanic: Tyrian Knights are permitted to wear armor and weapons at the Imperial Palace, and offer protection to Palace Events or Kades. Additionally they are immune to becoming Afflicted.
Montefalco Chapter

The Montefalco Chapter followed in creation shortly after the Eulenburg Chapter, and represented the expansion of Viridian membership to the south of the Archipelago while most of the Viridian Knights tended to lean to Wirtem Culture. The Montefalco Chapter is housed in the Montefalco village in Montania, overlooking the imposing Tierra del Fuego volcanoes. Their Chapter has a strong focus on legalism, knowing the full extent of the law, and acting as justicars in their own right. The Montefalco Viridians take the law to a near-worship extreme, considering it the final boundary between the Empire and chaotic barbarism, and so go about strictly enforcing it. Montefalco Viridians are usually first to charge into any legal dispute, petty court trial, or investigation, and may sometimes come across as obsessive over legality. Montefalco Viridians wear a lot of brown falcon feathers adorning their helmets and armor, with the scales of justice on their capes.

  • Montefalco Mechanic: Montefalco Knights can use Persuasion Thralling from Mindcontrol Pack, except it is not Magic but complex legal threats. It is still follows the same rules otherwise.
Lancyon Chapter

The Lancyon Chapter has a long history outside of the Viridian Order, but has only in the last 30 years or so joined the Viridian Order. The Lancyon Chapter was established in the first Century as an extension of the Unionist priesthood, mostly to act as the first militarized arm of the Dogmatic priests when they competed with the Evintarian priesthood, who had their own militia and army. Over time however, as conflict with the Evintarians died down, the Lancyon became more of a catch-all protector of all priests and religious figures, which eventually aligned them with the Viridian Order, because functionally, priesthood is similar to the more secular divine feudal service to the Empire. As a result, the Lancyon Chapter is focused more on the protection of religious figures rather than Nobles, and concerns itself more with the Blasphemy Trials than the other Chapters. The Lancyon Chapter is in Routebenié in Vixhall. They commonly wield halberds in battle.

  • Lancyon Mechanic: Lancyon Knights cannot be killed by mere mortals, as their faith causes their dead body to erupt in Holy Flames and become Holy Choir Undead for a week before reviving.
Pavourano Chapter

The Pavourano Chapter is somewhat recent addition, of a Lusits Chapter which aligns closely with the Viridian policy, but takes instead the stance that to preserve the civilization of the Empire, Knights should preserve its cultural heritage and productions. What this means is that they are less concerned with nobles and upholding the state, but more protecting cultural assets like: paintings, statues, historical ruins, traditions and customs. Pavourano Knights can be found trying to keep around dying cultural traditions and festivals when there are not enough of their own people to host them. Additionally, they are less concerned with policing the behavior of other Knight orders like other Viridians might, but their presentation. They believe all Knights should present as graceful and beautiful as possible, and chastise Knights of other Orders for failing to uphold basic hygiene, appearance, styling, and class. They often fight with thin swords and falcons.

  • Pavourano Mechanic: Pavourano Knights gain the Disguise Skill Pack for free. If this Pack is point-bought instead, it upgrades to also allow disguising between different cultures (like Eronidas, Urlan, Allar).

Internal Viridian Code

The Internal Viridian Code contains additional Honor and Behavior Codes for Viridian Knights that are supplemental to the Common Code described on the Knights Page.

  1. All Viridian Knights must ensure no harm comes to the Aristocrats of the Regalian Empire, and intervene if two Aristocratic Families feud by mediating and problem solving.
  2. All Viridian Knights must act as bodyguards to Titled Nobility, if these Titled Nobles are in good public standing, and request for them to do so while in public or private.
  3. All Viridian Knights should guard Calendar Events so long as they are hosted by those in good public standing, but this is not an absolute requirement nor can it be failed.
  4. All Viridian Knights must by all means, prevent any harm to come to foreign dignitaries, or Regalian government officials, and act against blasphemers who insult the Emperor.
  5. All Viridian Knights must prevent any public reputation harm to come to Aristocrats, should they be found in debauched or insulting behavior, to protect them from public scrutiny.

Viridian Jobs

The Viridian Order, just like other Knight Orders, has so called "Jobs" which are cornerstone occupations of the Knights. Any Knight can engage in these, but they are largely optional.

  • Palace Communication: The only way for anyone in the Empire to directly talk to the Imperial Palace (and the Imperial Family) without an explicit introduction or invitation, is through the Viridian Order. Viridian Knights may receive letters of communication from the public, read them, audit them, editorialize them, and then decide to pass them along to Palace or reject this. The Viridian Knight in question is never held responsible for the contents of the letter, but may face disciplinary conduct within the Viridian Order for letting egregiously silly or insulting letters through.
  • Petty Grievances Court: Viridian Knights can act as solo-judge or a 3-man judge party to the Petty Grievance Court, which is a place where two Aristocratic families can settle a minor dispute or law violation without having to go through the Metropolitan and face jail time, as there is no court trial for the Metro. In such a case the Viridian Knights are expected to act as mediators and problem solvers whose primary objective is making sure no further vendetta between the families forms, while levying a variety of light punishments without having to ask Lore Staff for permission, within reason.
  • Imperial Investigations: Occasionally, the Palace wall pass down Investigation Requests through Progressions or World Announcements. In such instances, any Viridian Knight can either investigate as a group, or multiple individuals (it is important to note not a single Viridian can "claim" an investigation), before passing a report through a Staff Ticket to the Palace with conclusions and recommendations. The Palace does not have staff running around the city and may have to rely on the Viridian Knights to act as their right hand in the city, so as not to grow blind to what happens in the streets.
  • Knight Code Enforcement: Viridian Knights are tasked with the duty of ensuring all Knights hold to the Common Knights Code, as well as their Internal Code (to a lesser degree). They are primarily tasked with ensuring the good conduct of Regalian lawful Knights in the Empire, and should secondarily also keep an eye out for Knights who egregiously break their Internal Code. The latter is often more complicated and should not form the basis for an investigation, because Viridians don't always understand the complex nuances of Internal Codes. Investigations should be passed on in Staff Ticket to the respective Order Councils for judgement.
  • Lifeguard Knights: Viridians can be attached as so-called Lifeguard Knights to specific Title-holding Nobles, which temporarily absolves them of all other obligations of Viridian Knighthood, and tasks them with the long-term duty to bodyguard a particular person who is at risk from attack in public. It is important to choose title holders who have a good public standing or fulfill a crucial role for the Empire, and are also good reputable people without social scandal. The Viridian should be housed in the Noble's household, and stay with them most of the day, to be released from service by them later.
  • Blasphemy Trials: Blasphemy Trials are somewhat unique as they can only be performed by the Lancyon Chapter, and are a holdover from the old Inquisition. Blasphemy Trials involve investigating the "moral right" of using weapons on Holy Ground (Temples, Dragon Sites), to hold a court trial where the accused must make their case why they had legitimate reason to use weapons or be punished. Additional Blasphemy Trials may also involve investigating whether someone offended the Emperor's image or person, and in how far that is punishable short of revocation of citizenship rights.


The Viridian Order is the second oldest Knightly Order in the Empire. Only the Aelrrigan Order is older than the Viridian Order, predating the founding of the Regalian Empire. The Viridian Order was founded by loyalists under the Five Families during the Five Family Rebellion, acting as the first Imperial Guard for the Ivrae dynasty, the Regalian Guard (for the capital), and the leading officers and commanders of the Regalian Military. This arrangement worked well for several decades, until it became common practice for the upper classes of the Empire to send their sons to the Viridian Order for training.

With the sharp increase of noble inclined members of the order, scheming and noble plotting became part of the daily activities of the Knights. Many Knights went on to become courtiers and Dukes in their own right, and many noble recruits brought politics into the hallowed halls of the Viridian Castles, which set in a slow but insidious moral rot. The honor guiding principles established by the first Grandmaster slowly eroded for the idea that Viridians were somehow better than everyone else, and also more suitable in keeping a strangle-hold on military power. As the Empire grew and annexed more territories, the Viridians were always on the front line establishing military governors in the early absence of proper annexation, allowing them first pickings in looting or establishing power in an area long before the government could grant the land to loyal Dukes.

While no hard evidence has ever been found, the Viridians were implicated in a variety of assassinations at the Imperial Court, beginning with the death of Emperor Henri I, which was immediately followed by the Years of the Three Emperors. These Emperors were so short-lived, and died under such odd circumstances, while Viridian power at court was paramount, that the accusation quickly fell on them as kingmakers. Indeed, the suspicion seemed confirmed when Leomar I became Emperor, who was a great supporter of the Viridians, and a period of peace followed, only to be succeeded by more chaos when Leomar died and was succeeded by people who quarreled with the Viridians, before Henri II restored things to a more peaceful paradigm (though giving the Viridians all they wanted).

Henri III was the first to take drastic actions, removing many of the Viridian powers in 122 AC, intent on reforming them. It is known at this point that many of the Elders conspired against the Empire’s top leadership, intent on imprisoning the Emperor if not outright forcing abdication, and establishing a military junta under their leadership. Despite his loyalty to the Emperor, Grandmaster de Montverrat could not stop this plot, and fell on his own sword in atonement for his crime. This was the closest the Empire ever came to losing the Imperial system, as the Knights nearly succeeded, but five Knights in their ranks betrayed the Order and warned the Emperor, who was able to maneuver his supporters to outdo the Viridians who were rounded up and executed.

When the Order was remade under the new Grandmaster personally appointed by Henri III after the Viridian Coup Attempt, it was stripped of the vast majority of its power, having Henri III establish the Tyrian Order which would later become the Imperial Guard, and the Violet Order, which would later become the Regalian Guard and State Metropolitan subsequently. In addition, the five Viridian Knights who foiled the coup went on to form the rival Bloodcast Order. With the power of the Viridians largely neutered, they spent the next 100 years re-establishing and re-branding themselves, though they could never quite get away from the stain of nearly ending the Empire so soon. It was Grandmaster de Chattelois who re-established the order with dignity and respect, and was able to bring them back into the graces of the nobility, once-more resulting in a large flow of cash and recruits into the order.

In 198 AC, with the death of Grand Marshal Marianne Cadar, the question of Viridian chauvinism became a hot topic of debate, because the order was all-male up until that time. The order eventually opted to allow women into the Order, ostensibly as gate-guards for their castles, but eventually as full members, who took on a more specific role of protecting the honor and sanctity of women across the Empire, a matter that had largely been ignored in the many paternalistic cultures within the Empire. This culminated in the first (and only) female Grandmaster of the Viridian Order, d’Arcoulais, who is remembered for penning many notable treatises on the role of women in the Regalian Military.

The Viridian Order took a great deal of damage during the Lo Occupation, which saw both the Viridian Castles demolished, and many of the Knights perish as a particular target from Freya Lo. Nearly all the Elders and the Grandmaster died, with only many of the younger recruits and Knights who happened to be outside of the capital at the time surviving, some speculate as few as 30% of the total Knights before the Lo Occupation. This resulted in the Cedromarite reforms under Emperor Cedromar I, who appointed himself co-Grandmaster with a relative of von Drachenburg, changing up aspects of the honor code and modernizing many of the functions and roles within the Order.

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