Osvald Krumme

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Osvald Krumme
Notable Person
Full Name Osvald Lyon Krumme
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 5th March 268 AC
Date of Death N/A
Claim to Fame Viridian Knight King of Nordskag

Osvald Lyon Krumme represents a unique unity of Velheim and Regalian beliefs unseen in the minds of most. Osvald was born relatively soon after his father’s marriage to his Ithanian mother, but unlike other royal sons or heirs in the Nordskag tradition, Markus Krumme made the choice to send his son to the Regalian Archipelago to receive the education of a Viridian Knight. Absent from Nordskag, though making several visits, Osvald was ultimately recalled home and stayed as his father fell ill and ultimately died. He was crowned in 305 AC and today, remains a strong ally of the Regalian Empire, even as he has the unique perspective of admiring Velheim Culture.

Origins and Early Life

Osvald Krumme was born on March 5th 268 AC to Markus Krumme and Aurelie Francaise Pieuvron Aoûte Illuminée Lavinge within the royal castle of Kongeslot, sitting above the Kingdom of Nordskag’s capital of Kongehaug. As he grew, he benefited from the same prosperous homelife that his father had, and life was good. By the age of eight, he was proving to be a very energetic boy, though this was noticeably curbed at age ten when he was told his future. Earlier on his father’s life, one of the assassination attempts against him had been thwarted by a Viridian Knight, who had been with the nearby Regalian delegation to the royal court. The man had died in this effort, and so in honor of his memory, Markus had long imagined that Osvald would be taken and educated in the same School. There were other considerations, though this was the reasoning he used publically. For the final few months of his time in Nordskag, the prince was extremely moody and ultimately aggressive, but he left regardless. After all, he had been taught that honor was of high significance.


Osvald Krumme then spent the next twenty-odd years fully devoted to the Viridian Order. He rose through its ranks at a measured pace, with no special treatment afforded to him just because he was royalty from one of Regalia’s most important vassals. In fact, he actually received increased scrutiny for his birthright, as a Velheim in the Order was an extreme rarity, and openly disliked. Despite this, Osvald wore everyone’s opinions about him down, producing only positive things to say. By the age of twenty, he was well respected and well-liked by many, retaining the position of Men-at-Arms for several years. This seemed to be his cap-point, but then, at the age of 25, he entered into the Grand Tournament. Held in 293 AC, it saw him defeat three other frontrunners for the position, and ultimately, the Elders appointed the young man to the rank of Paladin. His rise complete, the Prince of Nordskag was highly lauded by many and for the first time in over a decade, he returned home to see his family. He spent three months in Nordskag, but ultimately he returned to Kurtenwald Castle where he continued his role in educating those lower than him. Over the coming years, he made several more trips back to Nordskag as his father got older, and in 301 AC, when his mother died, he attended her funeral.

Later Life

In 304 AC, Osvald Krumme roared back into the public consciousness at that year’s Viridian Tournament. He did not enter to win as he had a decade ago, and in fact was rather jovial about the whole affair. But, to the shock of many, he somehow managed to defeat almost every combatant he faced. He came in second, behind a young Kade, but many were disquieted. Despite his open Unionism, devotion to the State, and status as a great Viridian, his Velheim nature was intensely questioned, especially by those in the Calemberger lobbies. As a result, he took a longer-than-normal break back to Nordskag, which is where he was when he heard of the Anahera Dictatorship's attack on the Viridians. Angered, he stayed with his father though, and ultimately returned to the Viridians after the disaster. But, he ultimately didn’t stay long as he was recalled home soon afterwards. His father was dying, and Osvald was in the castle when the news emerged on the morning of April 10th. He was immediately crowned, and from there, had led a flurry of activity for the Kingdom. First, he joined with planners in the Regalian Empire to conquer Hvitskag for his new Kingdom and the wider Regalian Empire. Later, he joined other Velheim groups in leaving the Regalian Empire out of attacks against the Velheim people and the Old Faiths. Yet he has never broken for long. He is a firm believer in the Regalian State, and while he respects the Velheim people, has largely come to see himself and his administration as the new wave in Velheim politics.


Osvald Krumme is well known for being a man who exemplifies many of the traits of a Viridian Knight, even as he is now a king who can afford to perhaps relax his nature. However, he also believes in the Velheim concept of Soldi, which ultimately works rather well with his honor-bound Knight’s life. He is also a man known for standing at the edge of two societies, with Velheim runes and Skodje script inscribed onto his armor, while he also prays to the Spirit and keeps council with many Regalians in his court. As a result, he is seen as a balanced figure as well, capable of weighing options in a very complete way before proceeding, which has served him well in the political chaos of the past half a decade. However, he is also a distant man. Long removed from politics and his own people, he rarely interacts with other nobles except from Nordskag, largely out of a general disdain for Velheim nobility, who he feels must modernize as he has, or fall, but also because he has so strongly focused on his own people the last several years since his coronation.


Osvald Krumme still establishing his legacy, but many suspect that it will be a far greater influence for Regalian ideals over the Nordskaggers. Within days of his coronation, he surrounded himself with fellow Viridian Knights and Regalian advisors, establishing a more prominent Regalianized Velheim society at the top likely in the belief that it will trickle down. Additionally, under his rule, the Regalian Empire has helped the Kingdom of Nordskag conquer its long-held enemy, the Hvitskag Horde, seizing their land in the name of the Kingdom and the Empire united. However, Krumme has made it clear that despite his Regalian ties and Unionist faith, he will stand up for Velheim and the Old Faiths broadly should he feel the State is failing in its role. He has also left vassalage with the Regalian Empire, mentioning these as reasons, but also because at the time, the State was not solvent or proper in his eyes.

Extended Family

Osvald’s parents, the former monarchs of Nordskag, died in 301 and 305 AC respectively. He has a few distant cousins and similar relatives, but no other family to speak of. As a Viridian, and one devoted to his service, he never married, and has declared that he will remain as such. Most enjoy the new Krumme dynasty, and would greatly enjoy it to survive, and it likely will. His next eldest sibling, a sister named Auda, is reported being considered as the crown heir for now, though Osvald and Auda's youngest sibling, another sister, Briette, is reportedly unhappy with this turn of events as is a second cousin, a male, named Grod.


  • Osvald Krumme’s symbol as a Paladin was a silver stag with a Unionist eye above its head, resting on a dark blue field.
  • Osvald is most often compared to being Regal in Culture.

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