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The recent decades of the Regalian Empire have seen great swells of change and power-transfer across its politics and society. In that time, organizations have risen and fallen, with some more notable ones passing into the annals of history, which are recorded here below.

Regalian Guard

  • History: The guard forces of the City of Regalia, also known as the Violet Order, were formed after the coup attempt by the Viridian Order against the leadership of the Regalian Empire. The Regalian Guard ultimately served to protect the capital, and did so well, over the next century and a half, though after 300 AC, was rocked by a series of struggles that saw it disband, reform, slaughtered, reborn, and ultimately disbanded permanently to be replaced with a new organization, the State Metropolitan, more suited to the modern age in 310 AC.
  • Practices: The Regalian Guard served to guard the City of Regalia, conducting routine patrols of the city’s walls, waterways, streets and sometimes sewers. They worked to maintain Regalian Law within the city’s boundaries. They were also responsible for keeping the peace on the whole Crown Isle, with small outposts of local guard units reporting to them on the happenings of the local townships.
  • Ranks: The Ranks of the Regalian Guard were as follows:
    • Lord Commander (Leader)
    • Requisition Officers (Subordinate, but separate, resource organizers)
    • Guards (The footsoldiers of the organization)
  • HQ and Major Locations: The Regalian Guard had several centers of operation over the years, primarily the City Prison, which has been known by many names over the years. A number of small, local HQ were established in the brief period when multiple subordinate organizations under the banner of the Guard were established, but these were all abandoned when the organization reformed into a singular unit.
  • Final Leadership: The Regalian Guard was last led by a Velheim nobleman, who also briefly led the State Metropolitan once it was established.

Regalian Senate

  • History: The Regalian Senate formed after the Drachenwald Crisis, when the power vacuum of multiple dead political leaders allowed lesser nobles to force a constitutional system on the Emperor. The Senate rapidly proved an abject failure, growing corrupt and meaningless to the broader Empire, and hated by many of the new, younger generation of noble leaders who replaced their dead patriarchs and matriarchs. It also became highly factional, the Iron Bulwark, Red Faction, and Dragon Faction notable of those groups. The Chrysant War allowed the Emperor and his Chancellor to take power from the Senate, before abolishing it mere days after the conflict’s end.
  • Practices: The Regalian Senate was established to legislate on policies big and small for the Regalian Empire, and to ensure a greater voice to more people than the select cliques of the past. In reality, the Senate’s agenda often deteriorated into minor affairs and quibbles between the factions.
  • Ranks: The Ranks of the Senate were as follows:
    • Speaker (Policer of the assembly)
    • Senator (Main speaking participant)
    • Adjutant (Assistants and secretaries to the Senators)
    • The Mace (Head of Senate security and used to quell major disorder between Senators)
  • HQ and Major Locations: The Regalian Senate met in a grand round building constructed for the purpose, known as the Senate Circle. The building was repeatedly made resplendent and decadent by the Senators, and expanded, before its abolishment. The structure was then largely knocked down, and a theater with other structures was built overtop of its remains.
  • Final Leadership: Technically, the Senate was overseen and “led” by the Emperor of the Regalian Empire. Justinian II was able to successfully disband the organization in 291 AC.

Azure Order

  • History: The Azure Order was previously the Regalian Empire’s specialized force for the policing and control of Mages across the Empire. Founded in the early decades of the Empire’s expansion, the group continued to exercise great power, imprisoning and registering many through the enforcement of wearing the infamous Mage Collars. Overall, their role was quiet but effective, with little of note attributed to them for decades. There was an infamous event where one Grand Vigil was found to be a Mage himself, but he was swiftly killed, and the Order reorganized from 110 AC onward to prevent such a situation from ever happening again. Following 300 AC, while the Empire did make use of the Azures in a few key events, their power suddenly eroded and ultimately, the organization was quietly dissolved sometime before 310 AC. Some believe they still exist, but melded with secret intelligence groups key to the power of the Regalian Empire, but this is a fringe theory widely dismissed by both common citizens and even some outspoken bureaucrats of the Empire.
  • Practices: The Azure Order existed to enforce Regalian Law over the Magic-using population of the Regalian Empire, specifically Corontium as lands like Ithania were exempt from Azura oversight. They were also the group responsible for punishing Mages, taking them off the hands of the Regalian Guard for their own practices of punishment.
  • Ranks: These were the Ranks of the Azure Order:
    • Grand Vigil (Leader)
    • Lesser Vigil (Members of an internal governing council)
    • Sentinels (The footsoldiers of the organization)
  • HQ and Major Locations: The Azure Tower, or Blue Spire, was a notable landmark in the City of Regalia for decades following its completion in 80 AC, notable for blue tiling and for towering over the surrounding structures. However, the Tower was formally closed in 309 AC, and has now been dwarfed by a series of expanding, high-reaching housing structures the City of Regalia starting to build in 310 AC.
  • Final Leadership: The final Grand Vigil known to the public was Harold van Vogt, who served for nearly two decades in the position. He disappeared from public and private life around 309 AC, and supposedly, hasn’t been seen since.

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