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Regalian Guard
Leader Lord Commmander William Howlester
Headquarters The River Bastion
Affiliation Regalia.

The Regalian Guard, occasionally referred to as the Violet Order, is the rotating-duty organization(s) that is responsible for law enforcement in the Regalian Capital City, as well as the Aristocratic Realms beyond to a degree. The Regalian Guard contains large numbers of soldiers from the armies of Regalia, with various layers of authority. Formally speaking, the Regalian Guard is generally led by the City Guard Commander (Sometimes named Lord Commander) or a small group of Government Bureaucrats. This role both personally approves and ejects Guards for either misbehaving or breaking the law, but also has authority over the rank structure of the Regalian Guard. The Regalian Guard is collectively referred to as the Violet Order, with separate Guard Chapters underneath with slight variations of theme and discipline. The Violet Order is currently led by the Lord Commander(s).


Regalian Guard Armaments, under the Bluesteel System

While the exact armor a Regalian Guard uses will depend on their Guard Chapter and role within, the Regalian Guards generally agree on using the "Old Standard" of armor presentation for the majority of their ranks. The Regalian Guards, when in the Old Standard style, are armed in so-called semi-mail, a combination of half plates (usually localized to the chest, forearms, lower legs, and waist), supported with a scale armor shirt and coat. Helmets are not always mandatory, while the armor often uses some sort of colorful cloth to decorate it and make the guards visible in the street. While primarily called the Violet Order for their uniforms and duty in protecting the Crown, the Regalian Guard can take on many other colors to symbolize their loyalties and responsibilities. These weapons and armor don't belong to the individual soldiers, rather, they are returned to the barracks as soon as the Guard is fired or leaves duty. Guards can, in certain situations, also make use of a variety of military hardware when their City Guard Commander approves of it. This includes siege crossbows for the removal of dangerous creatures, handheld battering rams for doors and gates, anti-magical weapons and tools, and in some extreme cases, the Regalian Guards operate the siege engines that are on top of the city walls to defend the city. Members of the Regalian Guard, regardless of their particular Guard Chapter, must always wear their signature armor, otherwise, their actions are illegal if they violate state law (while on duty, Guards may be able to ignore some State laws in order to arrest or seize a criminal). Currently, the Violet Order uses a refined version of the Old Standard armor, with colored sashes indicating which Guard Chapter they bear loyalty to.


The Regalian Guard stretches back in history to the very founding of the Regalian Capital City, somewhere around 1 AC. The name has changed many times throughout the years, but often it was merely a loosely ran group of soldiers keeping order within the infant Empire. It was not until the end of Justinian II's rule, and the beginning of Alexander the I's in 302 AC that the City Guard became a more organized unit specifically used to benefit the Crown. Rechristened "The Violet Order", the first City Guard Commander was named and given a status that saw them directly interact with and influence Government affairs, an alien concept to the former city guard.

In the middle of 304 AC, the Violet Order was taken Command of by the newly crowned Emperor, Cedromar Kade, who named himself the Grand Commander of the Imperial Seat, taking control of the Azure Order and most military branches in the same move. In the fall of that very same year, the Violet Order would be dismantled by the usurping Freya Lo and her dealing armies. It was some weeks into the Lo Occupation that the Great Castle Crash occurred, when upwards of 1000 civilians were killed in a great explosion of Greygate prison. With nearly the entirety of the Violet Order wiped out overnight, the order quickly began recruiting to fill their lost numbers the moment the Lo Occupation ended. The Violet Order fell due to this loss in numbers, with quarreling Guard Chapters and Mercenaries taking center stage, loosely supervised by Kade Court bureaucrats. In 306 AC, the Supreme Chancellor would reestablish the Violet Order with a "new" set of disciplines and standards, for all to follow, while allowing separate Guard Chapters to remain under the Violet Order.

There have been 16 Lord Commanders of the Violet Order to the current date. Gaps between reigns usually resulted from Occupations of the Holy City, Guard Reforms, or Government overhauls. Their title is akin to that of past Emperors, used to denote what their rule consisted of.

  • 1st Lord Commander Joshua Kade. "The Inaugural"
  • 2nd Lord Commander Thomas Kade. "The Violent"
  • 3rd Lord Commander William Howlester "The Enduring"
  • 4th Lord Commander Ulric Typhonus. "The Stable"
  • 5th Lord Commander Gustavo Anahera. "The Betrayed"
  • 6th Lord Commander Jared Silverhand. "The Swift"
  • 7th Lord Commander Ulric Typhonus. "The Stable"
  • 8th Lord Commander William Howlester. "The Enduring"
  • 9th Lord Commander Hector Guiterrez. "The Usurping"
  • 10th Lord Commander William Howlester. "The Enduring"
  • 11th Lord Commander Cedromar Kade. "The Warrior"
  • 12th Lord Commander Reynauld Typhonus. "The Sly"
  • 13th Lord Commander Hengest Harhold. "The Lonely"
  • 14th Lord Commander Jared Kade. "The Swift"
  • 15th Lord Commander Ania Howlester. "The Valkyrie"
  • 16th Lord Commander William Howlester. "The Enduring"

OOC Notes

  • When one is a Regalian Guard of any Guard Chapter and has an alternative character which is a criminal that is actively being chased by the guard, the guard character will be forcibly ejected from the Guard force for conflicts of interest. This is only valid for criminals that are actively engaged in criminal conduct to the knowledge of the guard, as well as mass-criminals and mass-terrorists or ongoing crime plot lines.
  • Regalian Guard members of any Guard Chapter must use their respective Guard Chapter skins. This unique skinned armor must be worn when they are on duty. Using MPM to adjust the skin is not permitted, it has to be visible to everyone.
  • All Guards need to be approved by their respective Commander within their Guard Chapter, or the Lord Commander(s).
  • Applications for the Regalian Guard Chapters are handled on the Forums or in-game for ease of reference. The thread is a sticky in the Roleplay Permissions section.
  • Those who have government ranks elsewhere in the Empire are generally not allowed to join a Regalian Guard Chapter, but exceptions can be made with State Council approval.


  • While the Regalian Guard, often known as the Violet Order has been through numerous reforms, many of those are refined returns to former systems under past emperors such as Justinian II and Alexander I. This current system is both a return to the Charter-based system of several years previous, and the higher standards of the Violet Order beforehand.
  • The Current Lord Commander(s) of the Violet Order is William Howlester. The Ranks within the Guard Chapters he oversees follow the pattern of Recruit, Guard, Oberst, Ensign, and a Captain to lead them all. Men and Women who possess martial skills are able to enlist within the Guard, though Women are expected to have a greater martial skill to justify their entry.

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