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| Racial Passive
| Racial Passive
Olean Ailor, when being searched, rea capable of seamlessly hiding objects held in their pockets that are smaller than their closed fist. They can move these objects deftly between hidden pockets and compartments, preventing them from being found when inspected under any circumstances, including guard body-searches. Though there is no hard limit on the number of items they can conceal, it is expected to be a reasonable amount of items.
Olean Ailor, when being searched, are capable of seamlessly hiding objects held in their pockets that are smaller than their closed fist. They can move these objects deftly between hidden pockets and compartments, preventing them from being found when inspected under any circumstances, including guard body-searches. Though there is no hard limit on the number of items they can conceal, it is expected to be a reasonable amount of items.
| colspan="3" style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; background-color:#d9d9d9;" | The following Abilities can only be used by those of Carnvaal Lineage.
| colspan="3" style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; background-color:#d9d9d9;" | The following Abilities can only be used by those of Carnvaal Lineage.

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Pronunciation Ay-lor
Classification Human
Subraces None, but they are classified by Lineages instead
Common Nicknames Humies, Humans, pink-skins, paleskins
Languages Too many to count; see Ailor Cultures
Naming Customs Varied based on cultures; see Ailor Cultures
Racial Traits
Distinctions A culturally diverse people conquering both each other and the world.
Maximum Age 110 years (rarely over 100 though).
Eye Colors Brown, green, grey, blue.
Hair Colors blond, ginger, brown, black, grey.
Skin Tones Naturally pale with the ability to tan.

From the warm coastlines of Daendroc to the icy ranges of Ellador, the Ailor Humans are the most numerous on Aloria. Known for developing a large variety of government forms and sprawling bureaucracies Ailor are masters of statecraft and intrigue, building many kingdoms and nations, and having just as many conflicts with one another as they have with others. Ailor once began as the fiercely barbarian and tribal people of Ceardia, seen as nothing but slave cattle to the Altalar, though eventually rose up against their former masters in a moment of weakness. This gave rise to many smaller kingdoms and nations that would eventually give rise to the Regalian Empire, which is commonly seen as the greatest Empire the world has ever seen, at least since antiquity. Proving to be both resourceful and aggressive, Ailor have conquered much of the known world under the banner of their various realms and continue to subject foreign entities through direct warfare and indirect scheming. While also being incredibly numerous, the Ailor are perhaps also the most divided people on Aloria, more so than the Altalar, because of their extreme cultural diversity and opposition to each other. Ailor continue to both be the guardians and protectors of the continued existence of the world as it is known, but also the largest imperialists who ravage non-Ailor societies for resources and technological advancements to fuel their own quest for world domination.

Physical & Mental Characteristics

The best way to describe Ailor is to simply call them average. Over the past centuries, it has become apparent that using the Ailor as a standard point of view when analyzing the other races is easiest. This is caused by the fact that Ailor have no exaggerated proportions and are generally seen as the middle point between all other races. As such, Ailor can be seen as the great equalizer and reference point for all other races. Ailor are of an average height between Elves and Dwarves. They are less strongly built than Orc, but are larger and more well built than Sihai. The fact that perhaps does set them apart is their wide diversity in looks and aesthetic presentation. Ailor often accuse other races of all looking alike, with their limited physical characteristics and generally uniform appearance. Ailor can have a wide variety of eye colors, ranging from any green hue to blue, brown, and all mixtures in between. Their hair can be as brightly blonde as the light of the sun or as pitch black as the darkest abyss. Their skin colors range from soft olive creamy tones to harsh, bleak pinks. Their race does not have any subspecies, but other races might still mistake them for having them. This is because Ailor Cultures are about as diverse as the Altalar subraces, if not even more so, and many of these cultures have such fierce oppositions to one another to the point that one can say the Ailor race is truly unique in that it doesn’t seem to even cooperate with itself. For more appearance information, consult the Cultures page and inspect various cultures of Ailor.

Ailor are strongly aristocratic

Ailor are commonly known for their tendency to categorize everything, and use labels as a means to understand the world around them and themselves. Ailor pride themselves in being the most thorough and systematic researchers, and being the most flexible at building upon other races technologies. Indeed, Ailor do have a strong inventive nature, but excellent especially at taking work from other races, and building upon it, removing flaws and improving functionality. Ailor were the first race to develop sophisticated artillery after knowledge of it had been lost since the days of the Varran and Altalar conflict so many centuries before the Ailor even rose to power. The Ailor were also the first to develop airships. The Ailor have an immensely entrepreneurial mind, developing the world’s first stock exchange and massive banking sector, using an advanced bureaucracy to keep track of everyone and everyone’s business. They engage in decadent political games, extravagant parties and spending and yet can also be prone to the greatest charities and quality of life improvements, like the invention of the world’s first hot water piping and Dwarven gas powered elevators. Yet for all this progress, Ailor can also be incredibly narrow minded, condemning progress and liberty to backward religious dogma and bigotry towards anything that is “other”. Exceptionally so, Ailor are very good at rising to the top, then suddenly imagining some sort of made-up cultural border that divides their population into “them” and “us” and then make splendid warfare on anything that is other. Ailor are seen by other races as too violent, quick to think, always having an opinion about everything and just living a little too quickly, on account of having one of the shortest life spans. If anything, the Ailor simply are what has defined them through the ages, versatile and diverse, and they continue to become more versatile and diverse as time goes by.

Ailor Lineages

Ailor don’t have subraces like the Altalar or Kathar, rather, their race is subdivided by so called Lineages. These Lineages are long running bloodlines that date back several hundreds of years, perhaps even more than a thousand years to when the Ailor first emerged as petty kingdoms and tribes in Ceardia, before any of them ventured forth into the world and colonized the other lands. The belief is held by Scholars that smaller distinct tribes of Ailor formed in various geographical areas that gave rise to these unique bloodlines, even if later developments through population growth and spread resulted in more visually diversification of the race. Lineages don’t impart many visual features anymore (only some of them do), but they do grant a host of so called “Innate Abilities”. These are by classification Abilities, but because the line between Ability and innate or cultural upbringing are immensely blurred, the Ailor don’t view them as special powers or Abilities, just something they have always been able to do, and something that is innately natural to them. It is important to note however that the Ailor Lineages are not a substitute for culture. Infact, many Lineages can be divided by different cultures, because cultures act as an additional layer on top of the Lineages setting them apart. A Bolven might for example be Velheim, but they might just as well be Ithanian or Daendroque, and have no familial connections with the Bolven of the other cultures. Time has passed to such a degree that all Lineages exist in all cultures more or less to the same degree, and to a point where Lineage does not affect cultural upbringing. Most of the Ailor don’t know their Lineage, and don’t acknowledge it at all, since their Innate Abilities are all very mundane appearing, and one would need Historical Knowledge Proficiency to even be able to identify a Lineage. Cultural appearance still applies (with regards to height, hair, eyes, etc.), except for Lineages which have overriding height limits. Furthermore, all Noble Houses must be of the same lineage, even if their members are adopted relatives for balance reasons. Non-Noble houses are encouraged to be of the same Lineage, but not enforced. Children from 2 parents of different Lineages have random Lineages at birth (aside from Noreans who are only born from 2 Norean parents). Finally, Half-Ailor do not gain any Lineage benefits.


The Bolven are the Half-Giants of the Ailor, descending from an ancient lineage of Half-Giants back in Ceardia, the rough central swamp and mountainous regions. Those of Bolven blood have always been relatively rare and been a curiosity in the more subtle Lineage dominated Ailor societies. Bolven can be much taller than all other Bloodlines, ranging up to the 7 foot and five inches, however still appearing like any other Ailor. In modern times, many of Bolven blood are ashamed of their size, considering it clumsy and unwieldy and something that draws attention to them. This is why many of them use their Innate Ability to disguise their height, appearing much smaller to others, until they want to reveal themselves. In combat however, those of Bolven Blood can be very hardy and versatile. When survival instinct is activated for them, and they are pushed into a corner, their Body Shape and physical strength actually increases, allowing their musculature to grow to accommodate the situation where necessary.


The Fennh are the Halflings of the Ailor, descending from an ancient lineage of small-people back in Ceardia. Their homeland was in the Vennen areas, large lush greenlands with vibrant flowers and plants in the north of the Bolven mountains. The Fennh (much like the Bolven) are a very un-subtle Lineage of Ailor in that they are noticeably small, shorter than Dwarves even at around 4 feet tall. Unlike the Bolven however, the Fennh do not hide this, and in fact take pride in their stature, and having everything around them designed in a way to accommodate this shortness. Fennh, because of their height, are exceptionally skilled at perceiving incoming objects and avoiding them. This allows them to dodge out of the way of any mundane (including Puretek) projectiles, though not Ability based projectiles. Furthermore, the Fennh are also extremely skilled make-up and dress-up artists. They are so exceptionally good at disguising their appearance with various tricks that they become indistinguishable from other races, should they wish to disguise as them, even to those of that race.


The Drahl are a Lineage of Ailor who are particularly attuned to their environment, and who are able to perceive things in their environment to much greater detail due to the aid of their bird companion. The Drahl are an ancient lineage of people originally living near the western clifflands of Ceardia, however this lineage developed more strongly in the Regalian Archipelago following colonization. The Drahl don’t appear different from other Lineages on the surface, however something very distinct about them is their intensely strong connection they have with a pet bird of prey. Inexplicably, somewhere between birth and the age of 5, a child of the Drahl Lineage is visited by a bird of prey, usually a falcon or an eagle or a hawk (though possibly any reasonably and similarly sized predator bird), through some event in which they help this bird in trouble. The bird and Drahl then create a strong connection which lasts them a lifetime, with one quickly dying after the other in severe grief should one expire before their time. These birds of prey and Drahl quickly develop a language of whistles unique to them, and exchange information and commands back and forth where appropriate. The birds of prey live an unnatural long life, with many of them living side-by-side to their Drahl master for upwards to 90 years, something that has always stupefied animal experts.


The Nautilaan are a Lineage of Ailor who are particularly attuned to the seas and the winds, and who are able to succeed far better on the oceans than any other race or Lineage. The Nautilaan descend from the first explorers and colonizers of the Ailor, they were the first Lineage to leave the Ceardian homeland, and also the only Lineage entirely formed on the oceans outside of Ceardia. The Nautilaan are historically trained to become the most expert navigators and captains, having an uncanny ability to pictographically remember any map they lay their eyes on, and have a perfect memory of the constellations, allowing them to navigate without any additional equipment besides a clear starry night sky. Additionally, the winds seem to heed their requests, causing them to be described as having “lucky winds”. Whenever a Nautilaan is in a pinch during a naval battle, the winds inexplicably turn in their favor, allowing their ships to have that much more maneuverability. Finally, they are also exceptional when it comes to surviving on the rough oceans, and even on land. Nautilaans seemingly require less food, water and sleep than any other, able to stay without any of these for up to a week before their health starts declining sharply.


The Lexxons are a Lineage of Ailor who are particularly attuned to the skill of diplomacy and politics, a Lineage that originally started in the first Ceardian city called Manvonth, but developed more in the Regalian Kingdom after its colonization (prior to becoming the Regalian Empire after the Five Family Rebellion). The Lexxons are sometimes also called Empaths, because of their innate ability to sense the emotional state of a person, and then their ability to subtly enhance or reduce it with words and body language. For example, a Lexxon is able to detect whether someone is suppressing their anger, and then say or do things that will subtly enhance this emotional state for that person without being caught out as causing it.


The Woaden are a Lineage of Ailor finely attuned to the forest and darkwalds of the world, capable of thriving in dangerous deep woodlands that many others would be fearful of entering. Their Lineage hails from the great pine forests of the northwest, where the ground was infertile and the predators dangerous during the night. The Woaden are attuned to anything dark, having reflective shine in their eyes similar to a cat when seen in the dark, allowing them to see with clear vision in any darkness or brightness environment (even through Ability created darkness). Woaden are additionally notoriously flexible and acrobatic, with contorting themselves away from a predator running in their blood. Woaden can always wriggle themselves out of any grapple, grab, latch, hold or chokehold, even Ability based grabs with little effort. This does not, however, allow them to break free from chains or restraints when they have been successfully applied. Finally, Woaden are well versed with trees in particular. Woaden do not need any Athletic Training to quickly and effortlessly climb into trees, and are able to tell the health of a tree just by looking at it.


The Archan are a Lineage of Ailor finely attuned to faith and religion and all that is holy, driving back demons and darkness, and proselytizing their faith to the masses. The Archan hail from the Oldt Fayth holy sites of Olmanth in Ceardia, but later developed more distinctly in the Regalian Archipelago. The Archan are capable of learning a Unique set of Primal Sorcery: The Union Blessings, which is attuned to Unionism and its many sects and beliefs, Archan make exceptional paladins and guardians against the unholy, calling upon the gifts of their god(s) in battle, but also soothing the hearts and bodies of those around them with virtue. It should come as no surprise that while the Archan might have had different beliefs in the past, nowadays all Archan are exclusively Unionist, and their prime devotion prevents them from being converted away, or diminish their belief in the Spirit and the Emperor and the Great Way.


The Olean are a Lineage of Ailor finely attuned to thievery, smuggling, underhanded activities and other criminal occupations. The Oleans hail from the southwestern flatlands of Ceardia where life was always tough and the locals had to resort to unpleasant activities to stay alive during the frequent droughts and invasions by other tribes. Oleans have developed a keen sense for pickpockets and sleight of hand gestures, able to save themselves from a disastrous attempt to steal something from someone in person. Furthermore, Oleans are very clever when it comes to games with sleight of hand, always winning a card game with “lucky” draws or dices which distinctly seem to favor their hand more than others. Oleans are not distinguishable from the other Lineages, however the word “Olean” exists in many modern vocabularies as something that describes a thief, though the reality is that Oleans will likely be the last ones standing during a calamity or famine starving a city.


The Carnvaal are a Lineage of Ailor who excel and love the revelry of a party, social happening, or general celebration. The Carnvaal hail from the Carnvaal valley deep in the interior of Old Ceardia that was frequently raided by other Lineages due to the excellent river access. To deal with the stresses of harsh living, the locals adopted a near-constant life of partying and seeking thrills, eventually attuning themselves to being able to charm their invaders with jovial gregariousness and hospitality. They have mastered the art of getting drunk and having fun, while also challenging others into competitions, while also dissuading any anger or lingering resentment against them for the duration and reason of entertainment. Carnvaal cannot be distinguished from other Lineages, however their name, Carnvaal, has since been adopted into many celebration and festivities, namely the Carnivals of the Regalian Empire that bring homage to their party-going ways.


The Medavinti are a somewhat mysterious Lineage that doesn't have an explicit origin on Old Ceardia, or indeed anywhere. They just appeared at an undetermined point in time, and continue be relatively rare among the Ailor due to their small numbers. A popular theory is that Medavinti developed somewhere in the Altalar slave circles as art copyists, eventually escaping or being released, and establishing artistic villages hidden in inspirational valleys and far away groves where they could continue to make art together without outside interference. The Medavinti learned the art of leaving hidden messages in their work, often their enclaves could only be found by those who could decipher the hidden messages in their work they left behind. They also continued to thrive in the art of conning other people's writing, with a keen eye for copying, and a whimsy inspiration that leads them from project to project.


The Brannon Lineage descends from the old Brannon Warbands that roved the Ceardian countryside, never truly calling any one place their home, and going wherever the coin or the plunder was. Brannon are brawny, even in comparison to the Bolven who tend to be considered their taller cousins. Through a long and hard life of fighting and enduring more combat and hardship than any other Lineage, the Brannon eventually became the hardiest and pain-tolerant of them all. able to shrug off a multitude of attacks and soldier on. Their ability to bunker down and shield others also gave them a name for excellent protectors, even if the Bolven outclass their offence capabilities. The Brannon can usually be told apart from other Lineages by the fact that they are far brawnier than other Lineages, but this is not a guaranteed way of telling, as their appearance can also be achieved by other Lineages.


The Akkadian Lineage descends from the Caravans of Akkad, a group of caravan nomads that roamed the Old Ceardian lands and traveled from town to town, attempting to record their local legends and tales into an early form of Ailor script, a written language of stripes and dots that has long since died out and been replaced by the Altalar alphabet. The Akkadians are scholars without equal among the other Ailor Lineages, and spend most of their life pursuing more knowledge. They have mastered their interactions with the Arcane, and seek a new form of inspiration on a weekly basis while they chase new inventions and discoveries. Aided by their ability to perfectly recall any book or piece of writing that they could grasp, the Akkadians have spread out over the world, perhaps no longer traveling in the Caravans of Akkad, but settling down and establishing schools of learning of their own.

Summary of Racial Abilities

Name Type Description
The following Abilities can only be used by those of Bolven Lineage.
Hardy Constitution Racial Passive

The Bolven Ailor gain 10 Physical Stat by default, simply for being Bolven. Additionally, their racial height maximum is 7 feet and 5 inches, instead of the cultural height limit imposed by the other Ailor height limits.

Versatile Instict Racial Spell

The Bolven Ailor can change their Body Shape at will, depending on their levels of adrenaline. For example, when they are in survival mode, their physical prowess increases and their musculature grows to accommodate their need (this is however mostly just aesthetic).

Hidden Stature Racial Spell

The Bolven Ailor can change their height from their natural height downwards, or back to their natural height at will. The shortest they can appear as is 4 feet and 5 inches. This happens near instantly, but does not change the clothes along with them, while Physical Stat stays consistent regardless of height.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Fennh Lineage.
Fennh Size Racial Passive

Fennh Ailor are often also called Halflings, owing to their small stature. The smallest an adult Fennh can be is 3 feet and 5 inches, while the tallest they can be is 4 feet and 5 inches. These height changes override the Ailor cultural maximums and minimums regardless of what Culture the Fennh belong to.

Quick Avoidance Racial Passive

Fennh Ailor are exceptionally alert and dextrous, allowing them to quickly roll and dodge out of the way of any Mundane, Non-Ability based Ranged attack that might strike them, including Puretek, avoiding it entirely. This ranged attack immunity is consistent across multiple attacks from multiple angles.

Fennh Disguising Racial Spell

The Fennh can create a disguise for themselves, allowing them to appear like another person of any other race (but not imitate someone). They can create as many disguises of this manner as they please, but it takes at least thirty minutes to enact, or remove one with regards to make-up, prosthetics and wardrobe. Regardless of the disguise chosen, they cannot alter their height with this ability.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Drahl Lineage.
Stalwart Companion Racial Passive

Drahl Ailor are never without their bird companion, usually a Falcon, Hawk or Eagle of their choice (though possibly any reasonably and similarly sized predator bird). This Bird cannot be harmed or captured, and if at risk, will flee the scene and return to the Drahl when it is safe. The Bird is capable of minor aesthetics for the Drahl, such as sitting in their hand when feeding or playing. The Bird must always remain within the same street of its owner.

Bird's Eye View Racial Passive

Through the usage of their bird, the Drahl Ailor gains a leg up on other Generals, gaining bonuses to roll chances in World System Progression battles. Additionally, the Drahl gains +5 Perception through their bird communicating things to them. (The bird's communication is purely aesthetic, the character cannot perceive things only the bird can see).

Swift Strike Racial Spell

Drahl Ailor can call upon their bird to strike out at an opponent once per day, allowing the Bird to claw at a target once, physically striking any area of the target's body except for the face. The Bird cannot be interrupted, and will immediately fly away after delivering its strike.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Nautilaan Lineage.
Infallible Navigator Racial Passive

Nautilaan Ailor has a photographic memory for star maps and cartographic maps (and maps only), allowing them to recall their contents with perfect accuracy. Nautilaan can always tell what polar north is as long as they have a map with them, or can see the starry night sky. They are also immediately able to tell errors in maps.

Iron Gut Racial Passive

Nautilaan Ailor are exceptionally hardy, capable of surviving and functioning without food, drink, or sleep for up to a week. This makes them exceptionally suitable for dangerous coastal trips with few supplies, but also able to resist being starved out while imprisoned, or caught off guard while dozing off.

Favored by the Sea Racial Passive

Nautilaan Ailor gain a permanent +5 Sailing Art, and the winds favor their ships on the sea, gaining them bonuses to rolls in the World System involving the movement of ships in both Battle and Non-Battle Progressions. Somehow, they always seem to get lucky with the direction of the wind striking them just right in the sails to give them an edge.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Lexxons Lineage.
Keen Insight Racial Spell

Lexxon Ailor are exceptional empaths, able to detect the hidden emotional state of a person. Any person is able to act tough on the outside, but the Lexxons can read their dominant emotional state on the inside. They can then use subtle language or body language to enhance or reduce this hidden dominant emotional state to their preference.

Shrewd Diplomats Racial Spell

Lexxon Ailor can, when conversing directly with an individual, ponder to themselves "how does this person truly feel about me". Within moments, that person's true disposition will be detectable from their expressions and body language, thus giving the Lexxon knowledge of their true disposition towards them. This can only be used once per day, and may need to be updated from time to time, since people change their minds about others.

Subtle Suggestion Racial Spell

Lexxons can use subtle gestures and body language to impart an emotional sensation or emotional state of mind onto a person. This is not quite as strong as Slizzar being able to send subliminal instructions to others, but rather more about making someone subtly feel more at ease, more irritated, or more content.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Woaden Lineage.
Predator's Vision Racial Passive

Woaden Ailor have perfected their ability to see in the Dark, allowing them to see clearly and effectively in any natural light condition or in Ability created Darkness. When in dark settings, the pupil and iris of Woaden Ailor gain a a reflective sheen akin to a nocturnal predator's that, should they be in the shadows, allows one to only see two light orbs.

Free Spirit Racial Passive

Woaden Ailor cannot be unwillingly grabbed, grappled, held or restrained by Mundane means utilizing any Mundane implement (excluding metal chains) or body part (Arms, tails, limbs, claws, talons, etc), even if that body part is enhanced or altered by an Ability or for example a ghostly or ethereal animal. This does not apply to purely Ability-Based restraints such as magical chains.

Child of the Woods Racial Spell

Woaden Ailor can effectively climb almost instantly into a Tree of any shape or size, without risk of falling (though cannot leap between trees, and will in most cases be stuck if chased into one). Additionally, they can immediately determine how healthy or old a tree is just by looking at it, and pinpoint anything that may be harming it or causing it to suffer.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Archan Lineage.
Bastion of Faith Racial Passive

Archan Ailor have gained Innate Abilities through their strong devotion and loyalty to their faith, gains access to the Primal Sorcery School of Union Blessings. These Abilities allow them to protect their holy sites, clergy, relics and faithful as holy warriors or paladins. Archan Ailor gain additional Constant Passives from Union Blessings, even if they do not spend Proficiency to acquire Spells.

Unbreakable Devotion Racial Passive

Archan Ailor, due to their strong connection with the establishment of the Unionist Church and its tenets, are exclusively Unionist in belief, and believe wholeheartedly in the Spirit and the Creeds. Archan Ailor cannot be swayed from their faith or be converted, and will hold onto their belief in the Spirit and the Emperor until their dying breath.

Eternal Watch Racial Passive

Archan Ailor are filled with devotion and piety while inside or within Emote Distance of holy sites, such as Unionist Churches or the Imperial Palace. While filled with devotion and piety, the Archan Ailor become immune to forced fear or despair mechanics through Abilities.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Olean Lineage.
Practiced Pickpocket Racial Passive

Olean Ailor are unnaturally quick with their hands, allowing them to re-roll a failed Pickpocket attempt a second time. This ability can only be used once per Pickpocket attempt, and only once per person per day. The failed attempt simply does not register, regardless of the Perception of the target or bystanders.

Luck of the Draw Racial Passive

The dexterity of Olean Ailor extends to card games and other sleight of hand gestures or actions, allowing them to re-roll a second time when failing a draw or game step during a card game or other similar Sleight of Hand game, seamlessly replacing the card they had picked. They can also, once per game, force a dice roll or card pull to be a successful one.

Spotless Smuggler Racial Passive

Olean Ailor, when being searched, are capable of seamlessly hiding objects held in their pockets that are smaller than their closed fist. They can move these objects deftly between hidden pockets and compartments, preventing them from being found when inspected under any circumstances, including guard body-searches. Though there is no hard limit on the number of items they can conceal, it is expected to be a reasonable amount of items.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Carnvaal Lineage.
By word of Mouth Racial Passive

Carnvaal Ailor are masters of distraction in conversation, and can, when any person is upset with them, cause the person to inexplicably forget why they were upset with the Carnvaal Ailor for the duration of the conversation. The target can additionally not become upset with the Carnvaal Ailor again for the duration of the conversation, unless the Carnvaal Ailor does something new that is upsetting during the conversation. When the conversation ends, and the Carnvaal Ailor leaves, the target remembers why they were upset again. This Ability applies if the Carnvaal ailor shows up to a Calendar Event, applying its effects to all those present at the event. This Ability only activates when the reason why the target is upset is relatively “minor”, and does not apply if the Carnvaal has done something violent or aggressive, or has persistently engaged in antagonism with the target.

Drinks Galore Racial Passive

Carnvaal Ailor can hold their liquor to unnatural degrees, and can tolerate high doses of alcohol before experiencing any negative effects. Anyone who willingly agrees to drink with the Carnvaal AIlor becomes passively more attuned to comedy, becoming more easily amused, more inclined to make jokes, and more likely to have fun. Additionally, the Carnvaal Ailor can identify any alcoholic beverage or drink just by tasting it, recognizing all the normal components of the drink (but not any non-drink additives.) This does not apply to Alchemy.

Chicken, Chicken Racial Spell

Carnvaal Ailor are uniquely capable of hitting nerves when challenging others, and can challenge someone else to a contest, challenge, competition, or some form of dare that the target is less likely to decline. This Ability is not explicitly a Control Power, but it does cause the target to be much more likely to agree to the challenge (similiar to Slizzar Sensation Surge), to avoid being seen as a coward or party pooper. This Ability does not apply to challenges that would be overly detrimental to the target in their outcome (be it physically, economically, or mentally.)

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Medavint Lineage.
Artistic Secrets Racial Passive

The Medavinti Ailor is uniquely capable of hiding messages in their art, and can imbue secret writing, symbols, or images that only appear under certain circumstances. The Medavinti can, when creating a sculpture, painting, drawing, or clothing, imbue it with a single symbol, writing, or image that can appear under one of the following circumstances: when lit by sunlight, when lit by moonlight, when lit by a torch or fire, when touched by a specific person, or when a certain phrase or tune is produced in Emote Distance. The effect remains for several minutes after the precondition is no longer present. The message is permanent, and will re-appear each time the condition is met. Only one message can be imbued into a single piece of art, but the Medavanti Ailor can have multiple art pieces imbued at the same time.

Artistic Liberty Racial Spell

Medavinti Ailor’s knack for artistic talents allows them to mimic the writing of others, and can fraud government documents as if they had +5 points in Conning Rogue. The Medavinti ailor does not gain any actual points, but, if they invest +5 points into Conning Rogue, this ability instead becomes a permanent +5 Conning Rogue boost.

Divine Touch Racial Passive

Medavinti Ailor have cyclical periods of inspiration and talent, and gain a +5 boost to certain Proficiencies for each week of the month, but only if they already have 5 points invested into that Proficiency. If they do not, they gain no benefit that week. If the Medavinti Ailor has no points invested into any of these Proficiencies, or only in Fabric Art, this instead becomes a permanent +5 Fabric Arts boost. The first week of the month boost is: Drawing Art. The second week of the month boost is: Painting Art. The third week of the month boost is: Body Art. The fourth week of the month (and any leftover days) is: Fabric Art. It is not necessary to add these boosts to a Character Application. These boosts do not break Proficiency Limits, and do not contribute Physical Stat.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Brannon Lineage.
Steel Enduring Racial Passive

Brannon Ailor are hardy folk, and have nigh unnatural endurance when engaging in physical labor. Brannon Ailor do not physically tire out or become fatigued when working physically, and are always Built Body Fat with at least Muscular or higher Body Shape.

Iron Resistance Racial Passive

Brannon Ailor are notoriously thick-skinned, and can last slightly longer in fights due to their physicality. Once per day, the Brannon Ailor can shrug off the damaging effects of the first mundane or Ability-Based attack that would impart physical damage on them. This does not protect against additional effects of Abilities that would influence their mind, perceptions, or the environment, only mitigating the physical damage of attacks and abilities meant to harm them. The first attack will deal no damage to the Brannon Ailor, and the following two attacks will impart half damage on the Brannon Ailor. Any attacks or abilities utilized afterwards will be unmitigated.

Brass Bunker Racial Spell

Brannon Ailor have historical preferences for shields in their families, and pass down techniques and training habits that allow them to utilize them in unique ways. While a Brannon Ailor is wielding a shield, they can kneel down and hold the shield in front of them to enter a ‘bunker mode.’ While bunkered down, the shield will protect the Brannon Ailor, and one additional person (who must be kneeling/sitting behind them). While protected in this manner, they are immune to incoming ranged attacks, and any Abilities that cannot be used when an obstacle is between the user and the Ability’s intended target (which must be the Brannon Ailor). The Brannon cannot move from this position, but can deflect ranged attacks and Abilities from all angles. The Brannon Ailor cannot attack or utilize other Abilities until they stand up and exit the bunker.

The following Abilities can only be used by those of Akkadian Lineage.
Arcane Studies Racial Passive

Akkadian Ailor is uniquely well-studied, and are more inclined to be involved in knowledge related studies. Akkadian Ailor can ‘purchase’ two Arcanology Pack at 0 Proficiency cost.

Litograph Recall Racial Passive

Akkadian Ailor have excellent memories for text, owed to their training and experience with books and literature. The Akkadian Ailor can recall, with perfect accuracy, anything they have read in text before. This Ability does not apply to languages, ciphers, or text that the Akkadian Ailor cannot understand or comprehend.

Eureka, Eureka Racial Passive

Akkadian Ailor are prone to brief bouts of inspiration, allowing them to hyper-focus on hobbies or tasks for a period of time. The Akkadian Ailor gains a +5 boost to certain Proficiencies for each week of the month, but only if they already have 5 points invested into that Proficiency already. If they do not, they gain no benefit that week. If the Akkadian Ailor has 0 points invested into any of the Proficiencies, they can instead ‘purchase’ one Arcanology Pack at 0 Proficiency Cost. The first week of the month boost is: Medical Science. The second week of the month boost is: Alchemy Science. The third week of the month boost is: Metallurgy Science. The fourth week of the month (and any leftover days) is: Finecraft Science. It is not necessary to add these boosts to a Character Application. These boosts do not break Proficiency Limits, and do not contribute Physical Stat.

History & Society

History and Society is extremely diverse among the Ailor, and indeed, it would be impossible to add the entire wide berth of Ailor History on a single page. Furthermore, their society is so incredibly splintered and diverse that it would take many hours to even read through the basic gift of some of the major cultures, let alone all 34 Cultures. As such, this page will link to the individual cultures, and give them a very basic reference point from which to learn about them. It is generally recommended that when someone has difficulty choosing between cultures, that they simply go with Heartland Ceardian, which is commonly seen as the root-source of all Ailor, and the easiest to comprehend because of its English base inspiration.

Empire Ruling Cultures

The Empire Ruling Cultures are cultures focused around the rule of the Regalian Empire. Their history is steeped in politics, refinement, class and style. They usually center around nobility, or at least the upper class with wealth to spend and traditions to uphold with rigorousness. They have the following cultures:

  • Imperial, a culture inspired by Imperial cohesion and self-sacrifice.
  • New Regalian, a culture inspired by Military dogma and warfare.
  • Calderliga, a culture inspired by the thrift for trade and coin.
  • Ithanian, a culture inspired by decadence and party-going.
  • Dressolini, a culture inspired by artistic refinement and class.
  • Leutz-Vixe, a culture inspired by honor and glory in heritage.
  • Burdigala, a culture inspired by enjoying the fruits and wines of life.
  • Genevaud. a culture inspired by cultural cohesion and strong Unionist values.

Common People Cultures

The Common People Cultures are cultures focused around the more common people of the Regalian Empire, and perhaps the more unseedy groups as well. They are generally seen as the older cultures, with lots of focus on the commoner’s lifestyle, although still having a ruling class element as well.

  • Highland Ceardian, a culture inspired by the mountain clans and warriors.
  • Heartland Ceardian, a culture inspired by the common average man.
  • Colonial, a culture inspired by the new world, and purity and piousness.
  • Anglian, a culture inspired by the wide farmlands and cattle that feed the people.
  • Breizh, a culture inspired by knights of old, and legendary tales of mystical weapons.
  • Ériunin, a culture inspired by folklore and racial diversity, as well as laid-back living.
  • Daendroque, a culture inspired by cut-throat living, gambling and debauching.
  • Bragacao, a culture inspired by the ever present itch for exploration and maritime life.
  • Tolonne, a culture inspired by the high political stakes of the realm and the warm south.
  • Jendaskea, a culture inspired by plantations and island living, from the colonies.
  • Azzizzari, a culture inspired by extravagance and showmanship at its finest.
  • Etosian, a culture inspired by religious devotion and ascetic living for faith.

Northern People Cultures

The Northern People Cultures are cultures focused around the wilder Ailor which are generally found further north, which are closer to how the Ailor used to be in the old days before cultural diversification and civilization.

  • Velheim, a culture inspired by viking raiders and honor bound warriors.
  • Fridurfolk, a culture inspired by pastoral pacifists, shepherds and poets.
  • Tarkkin, a culture inspired by wildland raiders and forest dwelling tribes.
  • Höglander, a culture inspired by the rise of civilization in the wild lands.
  • Zvorun, a culture inspired by ancient paganism, folklore and mythical beasts.

Niche People Cultures

The Niche People Cultures are rarely seen, but still exist, offering a unique take on the Ailor race that is not often found among the other Cultures.

  • Vladno, a culture inspired by the polarization of gender norms and societal pressure.
  • Ânia, a culture inspired by the superstitions and dangers of vampires on every corner.
  • Byala, a culture inspired by the beauty of gold and an ancient past.
  • Dvala, a culture inspired by the three groups who have lost much to the outside world.
  • Ohrneti, a culture inspired by religious crusade and fervor on heresies and sin.
  • Szabadok, a culture inspired by horse lords and the power of the warlords.
  • Hadrav’yan, a culture inspired by the fading boundary between orient and occident.
  • Güneyliler, a culture inspired by the pursuit of knowledge through militarism.
  • Mevoriim, a culture built around a religious cult obsessed with a living divine being.
  • Qússrakón, a culture built around Avanthar mixing their culture with Ailor.


  • It is generally believed that the metaphysical concept of the “Crown of the World”, a term used to define the most powerful entity in the world, is currently carried by the Ailor, since the Altalar lost it (both the metaphysical concept and the actual crown which was taken by the Ailor).
  • The name Ailor comes from the term Aloria used to define the world itself. Both these terms are Ailor in nature however, but have become common enough to the point that other races also use them since most research in modern times exists in Ailor context.
  • Ailor are generally bigoted, but actually also capable of using other races to their maximum extent. While Ailor are generally seen as racist, they actually are far more accepting of other races than any race in existence, because they will even accept the undesirable races, as long as they fill the right box and niche in society defined for them and do not complain.

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