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The world of Aloria has seen the birth, life, and passing of billions in its millennia of existence. All manner of People have existed in that broad history, from brilliant minds in the sciences or arts, to warriors depraved and brave, leaders beloved and reviled, and those who ascended up in station or infamy for actions or ideas. These figures have been involved in wars, the creation or rise of nations, unique discoveries, or acts which changed the world around them. Some have faded into legend or pure myth, while others have had every detail rigorously transcribed for the posterity of the state or people they serve. This page outlines those People, representing a broad mix of Races, Afflictions, Affinities, Cultures and more to show the tapestry of time that is woven across Aloria. OOC NOTE: While not every single group has been represented, there was a concerted effort made to include as many groups as possible, and provide fun background lore players can RP with.

The following People are critical parts of the background of Aloria, leaders of the Regalian Empire in prominent positions, drafter of policies and much more, who worked for decades to mere days on a range of projects. Some were selfish, even cruel or ignorant, while others were highly enlightened and progressive for their age. The vast majority were and are Ailor.

List of Regalian EmperorsList of Regalian Arch ChancellorsImperial FamilyNPC Houses

The following People are part of the background of Aloria, major characters in their own right, in their own eras or the modern age if they still live today. They represent a far broader group in multiple categories, and while some were or are citizens of the Regalian Empire, others lack that status.

List of Famous CommonersList of Religious FiguresList of Famous ElvesList of Royal FiguresList of Other FiguresMage Knights