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This page is a sub-page of the Geography page which records all major regions of the Alorian world and explains roughly what each nation or area is like. Hadaria is found in a far southern direction from Corontium, and is home to Allar, Slizzar, Elven, and Marayan realms, each with varied and often conflicting history. Some of these pages may be tied to more expansive lore, which is linked within their respective table rows. Below is a piece of the Geography map cut out to show the relation between all the nations geographically.


Name Description

The Sundered Lands Noimg.png

The Sundered Lands were once a key part of the Allorn Empire and had an ancient history all their own in connection with Altaleï rather than Hadaria. Home to untold millions of Elves at the height of the Allorn Empire, the gradual shifts of population and other events that took place across that state over millennia slowly drained what would become The Sundered Lands of their significance. However, in the twilight of the Allorn Empire, a movement began among the local people, objections to the practices of their nation, and it might have led to more if the Cataclysm had not taken place. The territory was shattered into a series of islands (thus giving the region its name), drowning a huge amount of the population, and leaving the Teledden survivors traumatized by the waves. While they initially suffered terribly, access to previously hidden Seraph ruins beneath the earth allowed them instant, though temporary, transportation across Aloria, letting them trade and rebuild, while also informing their new society. The Sundered Lands became home to the Minoor Teledden, a very unique cultural group that has significantly grown in population over the years, and they engage in trade freely from their many independent palaces with the Allar, the Ailor and others. They are not part of the reborn Allorn Empire, seemingly ignored for now, and are thus broadly considered part of Hadaria due to their island geography, and greater relations with the Allar than the other Teledden in nearby Altaleï.

  • For more information on the Teledden Minoor, read Minoor

Hadar Noimg.png

Hadar is the second homeland of the Allar and is a realm filled with diversity. A series of volcanic islands settled by the Allar who lost their civil war on Sendrass, the region saw a flourishing of many hundreds of Digmaan before the Cataclysm as the Allar made themselves at home with the aid of the Slizzar. While the devastation unleashed by the erupting volcanoes and changing seas caused a setback in the development of Hadar’s many nations, they rebuilt stronger than ever. In the following two centuries, the many fractured Digmaan gradually grouped into a series of more formal states known as the Chrysant Kingdoms, with these states later being combined into the Essa Empire by a Slizzar Empress. The Chrysant War stopped her efforts, and led to the region falling under Regalian control, at first directly through military occupation and later indirectly under loyal Digmaan leaders. However, following the Sendrassian invasion of Hadar from 308 to 309 AC, and the poor Regalian response to it, Hadar fractured into a civil war as Digmaan loyal to Regalia combat other factions with opposing views. This conflict has slowed the recovery of the already struggling region, and many Allar are uncertain about the land’s future.

Sassrakkand Noimg.png

The ancient home of the Slizzar has seen countless ages of history pass it by, and all while remaining detached, yet part, of the wider world. Sassrakkand is ancient, perhaps second to only Seraph ruins in their age, and even then, some Slizzar believe themselves and the city to be even older than the Seraph. Constructed in a unique style, and protected with an extremely powerful shield of Draconic origin, this has been the place from which all of history’s Slizzar emanate, and where they all return to when a Void Invasion comes. Despite the systematic removal of knowledge from their archives following the will of the Dragons, many have sought access to Sassrakkand through violent means to glean even a glimpse of the ancient past. The Allorn Empire, in its dying centuries, cracked the city’s shield for only a few seconds, but the damage they did was enough to lay waste to a large portion of the outer city, killing perhaps millions in the disaster. The Chrysant War of more recent history tested the city yet again, but the cannons of the Regalian Empire retreated when it became clear they could do no damage to this home of a sworn enemy people. Ruled by no one leader, instead the decrees of the split soul of the Slizzar’s creator, the Dragon Nox, Sassrakkand remains an imposing, almost alien structure sitting in the sea, and its populace, the Slizzar, largely remaining within it following the disastrous conflict that so damaged their people’s future in Aloria.

  • For more on the Slizzar, read Slizzar.

Tohsmaaq Venheer Noimg.png

The only Maraya state on the surface of the world, Tohsmaaq Venheer was founded by a large group of newly awakened Maraya several centuries in the past who left the crumbling, decayed ruins of their Hive City. Exactly when remains a matter of debate due to the limited knowledge of the region before the Cataclysm, but it at least existed by 150 BC, when Allar groups fleeing Sendrass clashed with Marayan forces in the region. The Tohsmaaq controls a spur of islands large and small, throughout which it has dotted settlements and outposts both harvesting Meraic technology lost there, and housing a growing number of Maraya, be they born from the Tohn Maraya population, migrants from the Roamer Maraya or newly awakened Vaulters brought to live among their kind. The state is fiercely protective of its peoples’ legacy, and this has led to conflict in the past with a whole array of groups, from the Allar to the Elves to the Ailor of the Regalian Empire. Despite Hadar being under the nominal control of Regalia, Tohsmaaq Venheer stands apart, the locals avoiding it, and Regalia ignoring it for the time being. Due to its ancient ties, and despite being built in the ruins of the Meraic past, the modern state has some of the most advanced technology and knowledge in Aloria, on top of significant natural resources that help them maintain old constructs and develop new technology.

  • For more on the Maraya, read Maraya.

Uncharted Sendrass Noimg.png

Uncharted Sendrass is the dark hole of Alorian geography. While it is a vast continent directly to the south of the known world, rich with secrets to discover, it is also full of hostile creatures, diseases, and dense foliage. Sendrass was once the home of all Allar, however in the wake of their people’s civil war, the faction that arguably lost departed the landmass for Hadar and elsewhere while the Rumah-Allar remained on Sendrass, devoted themselves to the worship of various dark gods, and rejected other aspects that would become solidified in the society of the Hadarian Allar. The Rumah have remained at war with their Hadarian brethren ever since, raiding Hadar for years, and most recently, launching an invasion of those islands in 308 AC that lasted many months before the rebirth of the Allorn Empire caused them to withdraw. Sendrass remains an enigma despite all of this recent activity, the Sendrassian Empire of the Rumah-Allar a mystery to all outsiders on how it functions, and even then, it is only located in one part of the continent, the north. The eastern coastline remains known but is just as hostile due to the aforementioned diseases which rapidly come to ravage all non-Allar, and other dangers endemic to the terrain. Thus, the continent remains formally uncharted and a place many have gone seeking adventures or answers, but few have returned from with either to speak of.