Hoterie Order

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Hoterie Order
Origins City of Regalia

The Hôterie (pronounced Eau-tuh-ree with a silent H) sometimes also referred to by its full Ithanian name Salle de l'Hôterie, is a Guild that was founded outside of Regalia in the Ithanian heartland, but has become exceptionally prominent in Regalia due to Regalia's nexus of wealth and information of the world over. The Hoterie (simplified without the accent) Order specializes in the arts of seduction with both body and mind, using otherwise unmentionable or unintimidating occupations like entertainers, courtesans, bar-tenders and serving staff, to get into the good graces of those who wield power, to acquire security, wealth, information, or power. Hotery Guild Members engage in as much competition with each other in a friendly collegial manner as they do with outsiders, there being an unspoken rule not to ruin each other's plots, but generally speaking there can only be one King, Queen, or Sovereign of the Charmers, and all Hoterie Order members aim for this prized distinction.


There are no design limitations on the Hôterie Order members, except that they cannot be Afflicted. Every other asset that can be used to charm is fair game, with the very sole exception of Thralling, which is considered a weakness in body and mind, having to rely on mind control to charm instead of one's own natural or cultivated qualities. Any people, any culture, any religion and any citizenship is welcome, even Kathar, but there is a strong agreement within the Order that members should not try to seduce/infiltrate/influence targets that are already the claimed investment of other members. They should also not reveal the plots and influence networks of each other's members, or bring about their downfall, both of which are grounds for dismissal from the Guild. Hôterie members don't necessarily have to be extremely attractive or flirtatious, in fact, beauty can also come from the mind, and some people can charm others purely with having an extremely sharp and witty mind that can answer all needs and bite back any insult with a sharp retort. It is important to note that while Hôterie members do use seduction as a means to establish influence, they are not a prostitution ring, and assuming they are is both a silly mistake, and an insulting one for their members. The Hôterie Guild has no official Headquarters in Regalia, though if they meet, they do so in the Regalian Festival Grounds, either in the theatre area, or the rose gardens. Hoterie members don't have any overt political leanings, in fact the Hoterie Guild is distinctly un-political. The reason why they gather information and power is not to achieve some greater goal, but just to create security for one's self. If a member wants to use that information brokered power and control for some specific ideological goal, that is up to them, so long as it does not conflict with the work of other Guild members.

Recommended Jobs

Recommended Jobs is not strictly a required set of Jobs like it is for the Knight Orders, but just a general recommendation towards the players where best to apply this particular Guild Membership in Roleplay.

  • Maitresse de Court: The Maitresse de Court is an official position at either the royal or noble courts, of an individual who ensures the expressed beauty both in act and in presentation. Think dictating the interior of their estates/areas, dictating the clothing styling of the peers and their hairstyles and grooming choices. Think dictating how they act and walk and talk, and giving them style and class lessons, all with the deeper intent to establish a position of power in the court and create dependency.
  • Spa du Ciel: Hoterie Guild Members often have to draw attention to them through business arrangements, with many of them opening up spa's, beauty salons, bath houses, styling salons, or just general pubs or drinking lounges for more discerning clientele. The idea is that the Guild Members ingratiate themselves with the powerful through their service industry, and thus manage to get closer and pull away information, security and power from those who are lavish with their gifts and rewards for their loyalists.
  • The Invaluable: Much like the advisors provided by the Scribe Order, Hoterie Guild Members can charm with their mind and wit, and establish an unmissable function in someone's organization as the clever one or the one that knows a lot. The point is to become invaluable to any group structure or leader, so that position can be leveraged for more power or information and to act as an information broker. This can, of course, also be done by simply seducing the court members and bringing love to their home.


Guild Mechanics facilitate certain interactions that might not normally possible for people outside of Guild membership who do not have the Guild's resources. Guild Mechanics are always Mundane and do not make a Character Occult, and are contingent on being a Guild Member. Some Guilds have special rules which are required for the Mechanic. This means that membership is not contingent on these requirements, but that unlocking the Mechanic is, so that these strict guidelines don't needlessly block membership, but still gate-keep the actual Mechanic behind conforming to a Character design.

Hoterie Order Mechanics

  • Hoterie Guild Members gain a +2 Bonus to every Persuasion Dice roll while also raising the Persuasion Cap by +2. This does not stack with the Persuasion Bonus from Adapt Point Buy Mindcontrol Pack.
  • Hoterie Guild Members gain Persuasion Bonuses depending on the number of Proficiency Points they haven't spent. If they for example only spent 7 out of 14 on Point Buy, they gain +7 Persuasion up to a cap of 10.
  • Hoterie Guild Members can become the ultimate Himbo/Bimbo/Thembeau. If they have not invested a single Proficiency Point in anything, their Persuasion Dices always succeed (within reason on Event Profiles, consult DM).
  • When Hoterie Guild Members have established influence over a specific person, and they are in the same scene, the Persuasion Dice used on their influenced Target takes their Persuasion Stat for defense instead.


History is still pending writing, other Lore Staff Project.