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Argentum Order
Pronunciation Ar-gen-tum
Origins Dread Empire
Grandmaster Lady Sirramevh
Symbols Symbols of the Void Gods
Colors black, dark gray, red, burgundy

The Argentum Order is a Knightly Order, though one that departs from the general model of Knighthood within the Regalian Empire. While all Knight Orders are rooted in Regalian law enforcement (even the Elven Chapters from outside Regalia), the Argentum Order was created by the Kathar, and exists in its entirety outside of Regalian authority. The Argentum Order, which is sometimes also called the Silver-Tear Order by those with military experience in the Long Elven War, is viewed by Regalia as a truly "evil" Order that represents the corrupting influences of the Evolism gods on the world. It is a Knight Order that is strictly illegal in Regalia, but still has members there to flex the power of Evolism, but also to try and seize the majesty and power of Regalia for itself through intrigue, combat, and seduction to the vices. Simplified, the Argentum Order plays into the aesthetic of the "Dark Knight", where morality and ethics are a lot more nuanced than is initially let on. It is important to recognize that the Argentum Order is not recommended for new players, as Argentum Knights have few allies, and will frequently be hunted by the other Knight Orders and pro-Regalia forces in Regalia, who tend to be in the majority.


The Argentum Order is a Knightly Order that specializes in the corruption of the good souls of other Knights, and the propaganda spreading of the power and allure of Evolism. The Argentum Order acts obstinate to all other Knight Orders, but also unofficially as protectors of Regalia's "Underworld", and any of the people left behind and ignored by the system as undeserving of the love of the Emperor. Argentum Knights can often be seen protecting the Occult and those accepting the gifts of the Void from for example the Lothar who would hunt them and the Aelrrigan who would chain them. Argentum Knights play perfectly into the "Dark Knight" category, with dark gothic aesthetics, a spiritual and ritualist appeal, with free reign over Magic and Spirits. They bear the respect of the Kathar Empire, however despite it being a Kathar Knight Order, literally anyone can join so long as they participate in the rituals of the Void Gods. This means it does in theory permit Dragon-Aligned, Exist Occult, Ordial Occult, and other such non-Void aligned persons to join. Training for the Argentum Order is also not required, the whole process is skipped with a bargain for the Soul from the dark gods that commits them to eternal service for the Argentum Order in exchange for long-life. Note, while Magic and Spirits/Theurgy are free game for Argentum Knights, they are still visually meant to wear heavy armor and fight with melee weapons (and possibly shield) supplemented by Magic (if they have any), to keep appealing to the Knight aesthetic.

Why Play a Knight

Knighthood is a good way to get involved in pre-existing groups and activities. Since it guarantees roleplay, a group, and a reason to log on, it is appealing for everyone from new players to veterans. Knight groups organize their own internal social roleplay and are usually well-received by the player base as pleasant spaces. Knighthood also grants a unique ranking system for Characters to progress up the ladder of their Order and gain privileges for honesty and effectiveness in their Code. Knight roleplay requires reading, however, as Knight characters must follow their Codes or risk expulsion. Argentum Knighthood is recommended for experienced players who want to play a Dark Knight or a morally chaotic/evil Knight focused on the darker elements of society and corruption.

The Argentum Ritual

The Ritual that involves turning a Knight or non-Knight into an Argentum, involves a Void Priest(ess) invoking the power of a Void God in a ritual, and blessing the Knight. The Knight in turn, must offer up their soul to the Void God they have chosen as their Patron. Each Argentum Knight can have only one Patron, however Void Worship is not a requirement. Argentum Knights can also take a secular approach to the Void Gods and see them as insanely powerful entities that can be bargained with for power like Arch-Demons. Void Worship however is a strong recommendation because it allows for better community cohesion. When the Ritual is performed, part of the soul of the Knight is offered to the Void God, who will take it, and then bless the Knight with longevity. The Character will live far longer beyond their natural age, and stay young for much longer too. Additional Void Mutations can also be applied, including the granting of Spirits or the aesthetic of Void powers for Point-Bought abilities. Argentum Knights are not Occult by virtue of their Pact, but if they have any Abilities or Powers that are not Void aligned, or mechanics that would change their alignment, then these mechanics are disabled and everything is converted to Void.

Argentum Pacts

Pacts with specific Void Gods don't affect ideology too much, as they are all roughly in line with each other. That being said, choosing a specific Patron can have an indication on what a Character thinks is an important method of doing their work as an Argentum Knight, so below follows a list of each Void God, and the most closely associated tactic or style that these Knights use in their work. It is possible to swap patronage at a later time, but the ritual cannot be undone except by other Gods.

  • Xor: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to seek bodily enhancements, as well as armies of monsters that they tame to fight alongside them.
  • Onu: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to seek the use of Magic, becoming more akin to spell-blades who mix melee with magic combat styles.
  • Ifrit: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to spend specific effort on the corruption of Archon and Dragon Worshipers to their cause.
  • Venna: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to spend specific effort trying to establish domination and control over Vampires in their area.
  • Odell: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to spend specific effort bending Nobles to their will and mingling with them in secret.
  • Inth: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to use the power of knowledge to their advantage, growing a large ring of spies in their area.
  • Eloba: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to use the power of Alchemy and science to their advantage in their dominion and work.
  • Dogor: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to put special emphasis on also spreading Katharism through Dread Rebirth and other Kathar magic.
  • Armas: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to use seduction and allure to draw over the unwitting and enamored into the clutches of the Void.
  • Gahn: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to favor the use of Spirits, establishing dominion and recruiting them to their cause.
  • Morrlond: Those in a ritual pact with this Void God, tend to spend specific efforts in protecting the Void Temples and Void Shrines across the world.

Knights Code

Common Knights Code

All Knights of all Orders are beholden to their own Knights' Code. Argentum Knights, however, have a twisted Kathar Code.

  1. Loyalty to the Pact of the Void Gods, or the Void Gods themselves, is required.
  2. Argentum Knights are allowed to attack unarmed and defenseless people for they are weak.
  3. Argentum Knights are disallowed from degrading themselves or their Order, for it is strength.
  4. Argentum Knights are not allowed to enforce Regalian Law, for it is tyrannical and makes the people weak.
  5. Argentum Knight may lie, and deceive, for the skill to gaslight others is a sign of strength.
  6. Argentum Knights are expected to assist those who are shunned and hunted by the other Knights.

Specific Order Code

The following Knights Code applies only to the Argentum Order.

  1. Argentum Knights should seek to corrupt Knights to join their Order, or otherwise attack and or obstruct their work.
  2. Argentum Knights must teach the wider public the benefits of power in the Void and pacts with the Void Gods.
  3. Argentum Knights must protect Void Priests and assist in their rituals including acquiring sacrifices if needed.
  4. Argentum Knights must make the Sewers a deeply unsafe place for Regalian Law Enforcement forces.
  5. Argentum Knights must encourage a society of "might makes right", and expulsion of the unwilling weak under their wing.
  6. Argentum Knights must encourage radical self-reliance, to enable the weak to become strong on their own account.
  7. Argentum Knights must punish weakness in their own Order, and Void Worship society as a whole, by physical punishment.
  8. Argentum Knights must capture/steal Artifacts from Aelrrigans or Regalians to sacrifice to the Void Gods.
  9. Argentum Knights must reveal the weakness of Void-Aligned forces who shun and fight against the power of the Void Gods.
  10. Argentum Knights must assist in the perpetuation of the true eternal nemesis status between the Argentum and Senleya Orders.


The Argentum Order has a hierarchical structure that defines ranks within the Order:

  • The Godblade (NPC) is the highest leader of the Argentum Order.
  • The Shadow Council (NPC) are the elders and mentors and teachers of the Order.
  • The Silver Bloods (NPC) are the Order's strongest Mages, Knights of fabled power.
  • The Silver Demiurge (Player) are the highest attainable rank of Knight of high prestige and esteem.
  • The Silver Paladins (Player) are well respected Knights with great sway in the Order.
  • The Silver Lords (Player) are the esteemed warriors sent on difficult tasks for the Order.
  • The Silver Shards (Player) are the formal rank of Knights who get sent on missions.
  • The Silver Knights (Player) are the lowest rank of just-graduated Knight in the Order.
  • The Initiates (Player) are pre-graduation. Recommended for trying out, with less obligations.


Privileges are a set of unlockable rewards that can be attained each time a Knight ranks up. The rank up process is evaluated by Lore Staff based on a combination of: adherence to the lore, adherence to the knight's code, activity, consistent character portrayal, good engagement and in some of the higher ranks, leadership. When a rank up is granted, players may choose one of these privileges (each only once) to apply to that rank up, ensuring that the appropriate reward is granted for each milestone. Being expelled from the Order causes the loss of all Privileges, and in some cases, Privileges may also be revoked if a Character is punished by the order for misdeeds, or disciplined by staff for Server Rule breaking.

  • Privilege 1 The Knight in question is granted a rent-free Dark lair in the Regalian Sewers. This is equivalent to a Clandestine Base.
  • Privilege 2 The Knight in question may consult the Oracles of the Elvataar to speak on their behalf on matters with the Void Gods.
  • Privilege 3 The Knight in question gains a Soul-Recall stone, transporting them back to a safe Rental/Base after they hit 0 HP.
  • Privilege 4 The Knight gains the Point Buy Pack (N/A) and (N/A) Point Buy for free.
  • Privilege 5 The Knight in question receives an Artifact designed for their Character that cannot be taken from them.


The Argentum Order is as old as the Kathar themselves, having been established early on, though in its early iterations it was merely an unruly war-band of barely tribal Kathar who sought more direct means to spread the influence of the Void, and believed relying on Magic too much would be an internal weakness in their mind that Spirits could abuse to usurp them. The groups that preceded the established Argentum Order serially collapsed or were wiped out as a consequence of Kathar politics, but something to continue the legacy of the first group always rose back up again. The Argentum Order in its fullest capacity was officially established in 122 AC, with the Godblade Lady Sirramevh being given orders to do so by the Void Gods. She was the Chosen of Eternity, a rare instance of all Void Gods working together (instead of sabotaging each other), and instilling a piece of their immense power into this one person. How or why they chose this specific warrior is unclear, it is said that she was challenged to kill the Empress of the Kathar Empire, and did so, but resisted the urge to steal the throne because of her love for the Void Gods and near nun-like devotion to them. She was in turn supposedly rewarded with immortality, and a conduit of the power of all Void Gods combined. She went on to establish the rules of the Argentum Order, recruiting its first members in the Kathar Empire, and establishing the schools where melee combat was preferred over Magic, even if Magic was not shied away from in the later years of training to act as additional power.

The Argentum Order went under the radar to other nations for a very long time, until the Kathar Empire started more openly warring with other surrounding nations, and eventually also Regalia when it got involved in the Elven Wars. They were called Silver Tear Paladins by the Regalian soldiers who fought them on the front lines for some time, owing to their dark ebony masks with only holes for eyes and silver engraving of tears running down their cheeks. The Argentum Knights served an important role in those battles, often taking the fight directly to Regalia's strongest Knights and warriors on the frontline, and more than matching them. By this time, the Argentum Order had been secretly establishing chapter houses across the world, seeding on the allure of Void Worship itself to establish a hidden chapterhouse wherever a new community of them popped up, thus exponentially spreading lust for the Void further. The Argentum Order is thought to have established in Regalia around 278 AC, though Argentum Knights were known to have been active in the Regalian Archipelago for well over a hundred years prior to this. They are currently well enough established in Regalia to such a point that the other Knight Orders seem unable to fully eradicate them, making it so that fighting them has become an everyday activity for the other Knight Orders who try very hard to make this fight unseen by the citizens of the Empire to avoid exposing this weakness of national security. The Argentum Order's numbers are growing in Regalia, leading to the fear that they might soon summon a Void Spire to the Regalian Isle to empower them beyond the scope of what the other Knights can handle.


  • Argentum Knights, when powerful enough, gather to summon a Void Spire. Void Spires were used to great effect in the Elven Wars to evaporate large parts of the Regalian Army.
  • Argentum Knights go largely unnoticed by Dragons. Why the Dragons are blind to them is unclear, though the expectation is that Ifrit is protecting them somehow from the Dragons who literally cannot see them.
  • Argentum Knights are in many ways the anti-Knight, but they do consider themselves a social caste in and of themselves. Few Argentum Knights for example marry outside the Order, as outsiders are weak.

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