The Feud of Llortalle and Augall'hau

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The Feud of Llortalle and Augall'hau
Author Unknown
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Printer Scholar’s Court Press
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge

“The Feud of Llortalle and Augall'hau” is an excerpt from a longer, and unfortunately incomplete, Altalar manuscript on the history of the northern principalities of the Allorn Empire. Whether the text was never completed because its author set it aside or because they died in the Wildering and massive slave revolts that followed, is unknown; despite this, the uncompleted text first surfaced in the possession of an Ithanian princess in 170 AC. However, its providence went back to Daenshore, where it had been held by the local government for an indeterminate amount of time until being given to Ithanian traders in 79 AC. “The Feud” is seen by many as the perfect snapshot of the events of the Mage Wars, and conforms to many known battles of the era. However, despite its often soaring Altalar wording, it is still surprisingly readable to the Ailor populace, which has led several scholars to believe it was actually written by an Ailor, albeit one educated by an Altalar.

The Feud of Llortalle and Augall'hau

In the 113th year of the reign of Empress Avanor’tra, Magnificent in Sky and Sun, the feud of Llortalle Jigellenar, master of thorn and ash and Augall'hau Vranouso, master of seering and feathers, began. The dueling parties had known one another since the age of eight with nine in the hallowed halls of high sound that was High Mage Gravitis’ circle on the high ridges of the rocks so dominated by Dosson of the Longfeather Line. There, they learned affairs and skills of sorcery and power in different links of the circle’s chain, but by their fortieth year, their power was fully open.

Llortalle returned to his home principality of H’ronen on the Western Calms, where his sister was the Princess Syllandor, Magnificence of Pearl. The bejewelment of her realm was of great import to her, and the routes from distant Hadar in the way of precious stones were always of deep concern.

Augall’hau returned to his home principality of Illjahass on the great Stark Plains, where his mother was the Princess Frellen’nor, Magnificence of Moss. The growth of nature in her realm was of great import to her, and the fostering of plants and lichen to reclaim the barren wastes were always of deep concern.

The two rose to the role of Archmage in their respective lands, highly lauded for their skills and power. Llortalle as a master of thorn and ash commanded earth to break and summon brambling, as well as flame to come and burn so pale a campfire’s mist would spread like the unfolding of wings. Augall’hau as a master of seering and feathers could call on the riverborn to return and grant their wisdom for his own future endeavors while aloft on swan-wings strong.

As their power increased, so too did their enmity, and they spoke in passionate tongues to their female family members on why the other was a fool, and why their lands would be better taken than let be.

Into sister-Syllandor’s pearlescent ear, Llortalle said, “Oh sister, that Augall’hau is a fool. He consults the dead and dying to grant him sight into before, hoping to learn all the methods of death so that he and all beneath him may avoid. He glides on animal wings, birds elegant in fashion but powerless in strength. But come, we know of true power, we know what the future is, and so we should embrace it. His land is poor in what can be sown but the stone and rock is deep. You can mine it dear sister, and seek new sources of world’s pearl for the splendour of your state.”

Into mother-Frellen’or’s fen-ear, Augall’hau said, “Oh mother, that Llortalle is a fool. He calls up the protectors of the brush to fight his battles and then reduces them to ash as a screen or choking smog to further blacken the air that Estel made for us. Let us make it so that those brambles consume him fully, and that ash may be his soul, for we know true power, mother. Estel and her Pantheon with the Empress enthroned stand loyal as do we, they lack the care and love we share for this world, so let us end his presence in it. His land is rich in what he cares little for, and you, dear mother, could build a new garden from his palace from which to view the ever-blooming of your state.”

Thus, H’ronen on the Western Calms and Illjahass on the great Stark Plains went to war. The first battle was at Jujonrenna Bridge, and it was equal in loss. The second battle was at Hiva’noss, and went as a victory to H’ronen. The third battle was at Orelleonda Field, and it went as a victory to Illjahass. The fourth battle was at Jellecanne, and it went as a victory to Illjahass. The fifth battle was at Kos’nariel, and it went as a bad victory to Illjahass.

The final battle came at H’ronelle, the capital of H’ronen. Both Llortalle Jigellenar, master of thorn and ash and Augall'hau Vranouso, master of seering and feathers, were present. They led their forces in the field, a full clutch of eggs each at their command. The fields burned outside the walls at their strength, and charred was the earth for fivescore years in the wake of the fighting. Ultimately, at the height of Hessen’s Rock near the foot of the wall, the two mages met in furious personal conflict.

Lashing was the brambles and the beasts formed from them, harsh was the burned air, haunting were the faces that emerged to drag at feet and cloak, and great were the soaring wings on blowing air. But ultimately, the smog did choke Augall'hau’s lungs, and the ash did burn and dirty his wings. He crashed to stone, and was brambled through the body, falling on the rock in a baptism most powerful.

Llortalle Jigellenar, master of thorn and ash, claimed victory, and H’ronen claimed territory from Illjahass on the Drassen River which runs from the high ridges of the rocks so dominated by Dosson of the Longfeather Line.


  • The document around “The Feud” includes regional geography of Ithania, and several complex family trees tracing noble lineages (including those in “The Feud”) back to Empress Talea.

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