A Knight’s Fall

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A Knight’s Fall
Author Fenton Hector
Genre Poetry


“A Knight’s Fall” is a three part trilogy, traditionally sung near the hearth by aspiring bards who unravel the story of a chaste Knight befallen to the pull of a seductress who tricks him into breaking his code. The composer of the piece - an established bard by the name of Fenton Hector - was inspired to write "A Knight’s Fall" in 264 AC after witnessing a Viridian Knight’s expulsion from the Order. Following the incident, Fenton sought out the dishonored Knight to hear his tale. While the literal story may never be known, A Knight’s Fall is the closest account anyone has pertaining to the expulsion of the Knight.

A Knight's Fall

He swears to his oath,
of a chivalrous coat.
Yet he grows ever numb,
when he tastes of her crumbs.
Spellbind in her gaze,
his chaste is of amaze.
He outs of his blade,
so he may bask her abe.
To grow but away,
of his chivalrous way.
Star Cross
With wrist bound in twine,
he yelled out with a cry.
Adrift as to why,
his love was not awry.
A crack and a slap,
had apprise him of why.
With a gaze of wile
he recognized she was vile.
Her love of a lie,
to his chivalrous coat.
A Knight’s Fall drinks on,
until the dusk of dawn.
He yearns the bosom,
that had caused this fulsome.
Put some of her crumbs,
right back into his plums.
So that he may taste,
of her distant embrace.
As he swears to his oath,
of unchivalrous coats.


  • Throughout the years, many interpretations of the song have been told, but no one has deduced the true identity of the Knight in the story. Many assume the answer may die alongside the composer.
  • The story may address a dreary topic, but it is often sung by Knights-in-training at the Viridian Castle to remind them of a path they should never follow.

Writers Kihle
Processors HydraLana, Doc_Cantankerous, Film_Noir
Last Editor HydraLana on 12/31/2023.

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