Vasty'naar Verses: A Regalian Selection

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Vasty'naar Verses: A Regalian Selection
Author Vasty’naar
Genre Poetry
Printer The Sennelan Cooperative

There are many competing beliefs about who Vasty’naar was. Some say she was born in Altaleï during the end of the Allorn Empire's golden period, and as the suffocating over-population of the urban landscape took hold during the following centuries, she was driven to seek inspiration elsewhere for her art. Others contend she was born on the Suvial nations in Sileria and remained there all her life, only traveling locally and never beyond the lands of her people. But what is certain is that the Vasty’naar Verses, as they are now known, became legendary works of Suvial musical composition and poetry. “Vasty’naar Verses: A Regalian Selection” was compiled in 295 AC as part of a Regal-led knowledge collection mission to the Suvial inhabited areas of Corontium, who selected five works of prominence for inclusion in the final document.

Vasty’naar Verses: A Regalian Selection

Ninth Verse on Nature/Artful Description of a Fireplume Blossom

See the crimson feather be discarded into
A sea of emerald tongues, seeking to savor
The sweetness of other bundles


Nasha rising hoods around the flower
Is this what fostering the bloom involves?
Swaddle life in warmth of form
Like Nasha circling the egg-young
Water as the Cycle in sweet essence
Let your song carry deep to the very root
All poured in will circle in the end
Like Nasha circling the final hour


As a Hiran delicately steps

with slim form gently through
paths seen only by Hiran-light
this one before me with
legs uncovered and
eyes as deep as forest
pools lapped in Hiran travels
alights me

Third High Call to Cemaan

O Crusher of Nations, Deceit-god
Cemaan, Persuasion Master
Teach the way of deep-water deception
Allow the learning of pointed politics
Teach the way of unraveling of tapestry-lies
Allow the learning of falsehood perfection
O Crusher of Nations, Deceit-god
Cemaan, Persuasion Master
Deliver to this speaker but a smirk
The gaze of knowing, of conniving content
That might show favor for masterful
Persuasive Lying

Epic of Drevooth, in three Lyrics

Drevooth of princely status
Sinadhäele in hand with Vanna was held
Blossoms were bitter in Indora
Arms raised to test Sinadhäele
In examination, Drevooth is lost
Vanna remains lost, without being so
Within the cracks, she mistakes herself
Mahavin, tempress, reaches her before Indora
The Wife gives in to sorrow in depths
Indora is driven to Ailor acts
Mahavin, murdered, Indora, accusing Vanna
From light lost gone, Drevooth steps
Lost in rivers, waters plied by Fin’ullen saviors
Aya’uiona clears Vanna’s heavy mind,
With Indora cast down


  • The Epic of Drevooth is an ancient Suvial story set in Sileria, but modern interpretations, expressed in the epic play form of the Suvial, often reflect modern ideas. Indora is portrayed as a schemer, who is ultimately turned into a Kathar at the play’s end, while Mahavin is herself a Kathar from the very start.
  • Vasty’naar’s fate is ultimately unknown, though it is said her bloodline eventually blended with that of one of Sinadhäele’s oldest dynasties. Sadly, 90% of this family was lost in one of the earliest Void-outs launched against the Suvial, alongside their records of literature and music, including a number of ancient copies of Vasty’naar's Verses.

Writers HydraLana
Processors WaterDruppel, MantaRey, BillyTheScruffy
Last Editor HydraLana on 12/31/2023.

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