The Sack of Havenreach

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The Sack of Havenreach
Author Unknown
Genre Poetry

“The Sack of Havenreach” is a old Hedrylli Glorification Song, passed down via word-of-mouth from Skalds and shamans for over two hundred years.This particular tune tells the tale of the Grand Host’s largest raid in Ithania, on the coastal city of La Portée du Paradis or “Havenreach” to most other cultures. While having no noted original author, most credit is gifted to the warrior poets that served in the raiding on that day. Of course, with multiple authors and two hundred years worth of telling, each account of the poem differs, though most of the time only slightly. Many historians conclude that the poem is a symbol of the Kingdom of Hedryll and the Grand Host’s history raiding overseas, pillaging, and looting neighboring kingdoms.

The Sack of Havenreach

Waves soothed the balmy sand,
Ships smother the dead shore,
Warriors from far come for war,
with Bashtur’s blessing they march,
A city of riches in the morning horizon.
With dawn came the calls of fear,
A city’s gate closed to the warriors,
With the north treader’s call,
The wall did form,
Shield brothers in rank.
Quarrels did rain down,
The besieged taking action,
The fluttering of the bow,
With heavy hands the wall fell,
The northman’s charge led the way.
No longer had the siege waited,
With walls on the ground the traders yielded,
Havenreach was stripped to ash,
Many a men fell in a fortnight,
Under the North Treaders command,
The range was a paradise no more.
Many a man had earned his honor,
Many had earned their wealth,
Many had perished on the field,
And many returned to home.


  • The poem itself is still despised in Ithania to this day. Many Principalities have outright banned the song.

Writers Cain_et_Abel
Processors HydraLana, Scribbe, PonyoWantHam
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