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Invented by Various
Used by Multiple
Common uses
  • Hunting
  • Combat
  • Warfare
Rarity Uncommon

The Firearm is a recent development in weapons technology, untested on the battlefield, and formerly heavily restricted by a manufacturing group known as the Belliards Guild. Found in Wirtem territory, and with noble patronage, they were the principal group to push Firearm technology to what it is today, and held a monopoly on its manufacture for several years. However, since 310 AC, the creation of Firearms had opened up with the Belliards monopoly abolished, and a range of weapons have rapidly entered the burgeoning market. The exact mechanics differ from object to object, but the core function, of firing a projectile with high speed at a target to cause damage, is maintained across all Firearms. OOC Note: Firearm mechanics or details as described here have no bearing on Combat Roleplay, or the mechanics offered through the Ranger Point Buy or the Deadeye Point Buy. This is aesthetic, background information to suit the most recent lore on the weapon. It is also important to note that no party has made a fortune or vast sum on the creation of Firearms. They remain largely in the hands of the well-to-do, and specialists, with a slow rate of adoption. For more information on the Point Buy packs, which grant RP characters skills in combat, consult the relevant Proficiencies.


Alaru Addir

The Alaru Addir is broadly considered the first Firearm in Aloria, and was built for the specific purpose of defeating Bone Horrors in the Bone Horror Crisis of 304 AC. It was manufactured using Qadir knowledge based on ancient weapons they supposedly used to destroy the Dragons in the Red Hunt, but these tools focused on using an anti-Exist element to propel affected bullets into Bone Horrors, destroying their forms permanently. This was desperately needed at the time as during the opening weeks of the Bone Horror Crisis, the monstrosities couldn’t be destroyed through conventional means, able to regenerate and resume their killing. Thousands of Alaru Addir were built, and hundreds trained in the special weapon as part of the Regalian Reconquest Armies that left Corontium to travel across the Empire and retake foreign lands. However, it was soon after this that the Bone Horrors lost their regenerative abilities, and could be destroyed by mundane means. While the projectile-based weapon could still be useful, its effectiveness was dulled. “Antique” Alaru-Addir survive to the modern day, though are non-functional, while modern Alaru-Addir are commonly Muskete-like, using conventional propellant and projectiles with none of the anti-Exist specific capabilities.

  • Date Manufactured: 304 AC
  • Manufactured By: Qadir Qasr and Regalian Government in joint operation
  • Materials Used: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Unknown Energy, Wood
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Qasr Bahrnajma, Qasr Nuhasruh, Amena Company

Modern Firearms

Puretek are beautiful pieces of machinery and faith.


Puretek weaponry was first conceived in 306 AC when Wirtem lords sought to create a successor weapon to the Alaru Addir. Their hidden project gained a patron in the arrival of the Unionist God Glanzia. She provided Purestone, a unique resource, for the creation of an anti-Magic and anti-Occult Firearm, crafting her unique weapon in the process, and seeing the Firearm project split between this new weapon, and what would become the Muskete. The Belliards Guild took a monopoly in manufacturing both types of weapon, with Puretek becoming at first, a statement piece for Wirtem lords, but soon became common in the arsenal of the Lothar Order. The monopoly was ultimately abolished, and in the modern day, more weapons providers have been able to create the tool. Puretek weaponry is extremely powerful, its mere presence causing headaches, dread and physical unease in the Occult and Magic-users, and some of the most advanced forms (such as the blessed gun of Glanzia) are said to be able to vaporize a Vampire instantly. The weapon is also indestructible, as once forged, only Glanzia is said to be able to will the weapon apart. Its function is still poorly understood by the public, as it does not use conventional ammunition, the weapon instead launching a white projectile out of its carved Purestone barrel when the bearer concentrates their desire for such an occurrence. The user does not need to be a Unionist to fire the weapon, but must be Mundane themselves (though they can possess Unionist, Fornoss or Sarna God Magic).

  • Date Manufactured: 307 AC
  • Manufactured By: Belliards Guild
  • Materials Used: Steel, Purestone, Wood
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Belliards Guild, Glanessian Weaponworks, Brandt Eisenhütte


The Muskete was first conceived in 306 AC when Wirtem lords sought to create a successor weapon to the Alaru Addir. After the involvement of Glanzia, Goddess of Purity, some in the group sustained the wish for a ranged weapon that could damage only non-Occult/Mages as well to improve on the Qadir design wholesale, and so the project was split. While Puretek went on to much more prominent status, the Muskete was manufactured in 307 AC with a wholly military use in mind. While the Belliards Guild initially held a monopoly in the production of this weapon, this was eventually canceled, the same as Puretek. It took some time, but by the end of 310 AC, several experimental units of Tenpennies were wielding the Muskete for the Regalian Military. They have yet to be deployed on the battlefield, though Muskete use is now growing in the civilian sector through its use by hunters, guards, and others. The Muskete fires a conventional physical payload that requires the weapon to be frequently cleaned and maintained, including during battle.

  • Date Manufactured: 307 AC
  • Manufactured By: Belliards Guild
  • Materials Used: Steel, Brass, Wood
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Belliards Guild, K.L Thompson & Sons, Bassford Company

Twin-Fire Techshooter

The Twin-Fire Techshooter, often simplified to the Techshooter, was not a direct creation of the Belliards Guild, but initially began as an illegal modification to their Puretek weaponry. While the Muskete was initially unpopular compared to Puretek, some in the field of hunting, be that trackers, trappers or Lothar Knights, sought to craft a gun capable of using both mechanisms. These illegal modifications were soon rendered not by the disbandment of the Belliards’ monopoly and other weapon producers began to offer the combined-shot weapon pre-made rather than the jury-rigged creations of tinkerers. The Twin-Fire Techshooter does exactly as advertised, featuring two barrels, one of Purestone, the other of metal, attached together and capable of being fired independently from one another. Configurations are often horizontal, but some prefer a vertical construct to be more subtle about the Puretek capability. Some have also rigged their barrels to fire simultaneously, but this effect is often exceptionally loud, and capable of damaging the construct keeping them together. Techshooters are also considered some of the most beautiful Firearms, the stark white and gold-laced Purestone directly next to darker metallic colors quite a statement. Many enhance this effect through additional decor.

  • Date Manufactured: 308 AC, formal offerings began in 310 AC
  • Manufactured By: N/A
  • Materials Used: Steel, Brass, Purestone, Wood
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: K.L Thompson & Sons, Regal Ironworks, Jeismann Eisenhütte


The Thangrshot is a powerful projectile launcher developed by the Dwarves of Anduin, the greatest of their Holds left in Ellador. Following the dismissal of the Belliards Guild’s monopoly on Firearms, Dwarven engineers quickly sought to explore the weapons they acquired from visiting Ailor, as it had been Dwarven expertise many decades ago which started Regalia on the path to improve their cannons into the artillery of today, the distant cousin of the Firearm. Their experiments brought them to produce the Thangrshot in 310 AC, and it proved its worth in northern conflicts. The weapon has now been found in the south, with migrant Dwarven smiths retaining majority monopoly in its creation, though sometimes working with Ailor where needed. The Thrangrshot is a bulkier, heavier piece of technology than other Firearms, often requiring both hands for firing, and is capable of holding a single shot in its mechanism. These projectiles are most commonly low-grade explosives, capable of blasting apart thin walls, damaging armor, and knocking those in their small blast radius to the ground. They are also distinct for their clear Dwarven imagery, and tend to look like pieces of Vaulttech, though no Technician or Artificer could ever build such a weapon.

  • Date Manufactured: 310 AC
  • Manufactured By: Anduin
  • Materials Used: Steel/Blacksteel, Brass, Wood, Decorative Gemwork
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Anduinbyn Járnnsmadr, Fignam’s Járnnsmadr, Karvramm Inc.


The Acículanza, or more popularly known as the Needle Striker, or the Lance in Common, was created when Daendroque smugglers got their hands on several small shipments of the Muskete and sold them through the black market. However, within weeks, the Belliards monopoly was removed, and their sale was no longer a crime. Seeing an opportunity for wealth in crafting a new Firearm, the Girasoles family started to experiment with the weapon, settling on a design that would help their criminal operatives “stand against Regalian tyranny.” After some experimentation and tweaking, the family successfully created the Acículanza by 310 AC which quickly became a favorite among the Daendroque for its long range ability and being a product of their own Culture. This Firearm is commonly seen during gang warfare in the criminal underworld and on the backs of elite militiamen in the Daen Governate, however it also exists in the hands of assassins and game hunters for very similar purposes. The Acículanza is a light weapon with a narrow, long barrel, capable of being used from very long distances with the help of a modified scope that sits above the barrel for users to be able to see much farther. Scopes have long been part of Firearms, but the one on the Acículanza is of an extremely high quality. Those who wield this Firearm are said to be good marksmen, being trained to have a steady hand and almost never missing their target.

  • Date Manufactured: 310 AC
  • Manufactured By: Girasole Firearms Inc.
  • Materials Used: Steel, Brass, Wood, Glass
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Girasole Firearms Inc., Delgado-Ortiz Herrería, Luna Firearms


The Handcannon is a relatively new Firearm, and the latest advancement of weapons technology. Its creation can be attributed to Basq, the Daen Governate’s southern neighbor, as an answer to defending merchant ships from attacks in coastal waters. The issue had waxed and waned over the years, but following the instability across the nearby Governate in the years following 306 AC, Basq found ships bound for their ports repeatedly targeted. While Regalian Navy operations successfully fended these foes off, the incident proved fertile ground for the local nobles and military officers to seek modern, innovative solutions. As a result, Basq looked into adoption of the Muskete, but found it was too cumbersome for naval clashes. However, by the end of 310 AC, the Handcannon was successfully created and quickly became popular among the local captains and crew due to its portable nature, and startling effect on the unprepared. The Handcannon’s name is aspirational, for no Firearm can meet the power of a proper Regalian cannon. Still, the weapon packs a punch for its smaller size, and similar to the Twin-Fire Techshooter, can be produced in a variation with two barrels for two separate shots, which can be fired together or separately.

  • Date Manufactured: 310 AC
  • Manufactured By: Basqleal Herrería
  • Materials Used: Steel, Brass, Wood
  • Best Known Modern Manufacturers: Basqleal Herrería, Luna Firearms, Carlano Manufacturing


  • What Purestone actually is remains a total mystery. It is also unclear if Glanzia performs a sort of ritual or summoning to produce the substance directly in an act of transmutation, or if she is recovering and offering ancient material only she is aware of.
  • The main bottleneck in Firearm development since the Belliards monopoly was disbanded is the judgemental eye of the Regalian Empire. Their officials and commercial officers are noted to be keeping track of the companies who intend to go into Firearm manufacturing, and on top of copious permits, rigorous testing standards demand a design be utterly sound before final production, lest a weapon blow up, or do worse.
  • The existence of Puretek has apparently stirred a desire in some to create an entirely magical Firearm to counteract this hostile technology. There have been no reported successes with this endeavor.

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