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Pronunciation eye-lor
Classification Human
Common Nicknames
  • Humies (derogatory)
  • Humans (scientific)
  • Barbarians (Elven)
Languages Varied, see Ailor Naming
Naming Customs Varied, see Ailor Naming
Racial Traits
Distinctions A culturally diverse people conquering both each other and the world.
Maximum Age 100 years
Eye Colors Brown, green, grey, blue.
Hair Colors blond, ginger, brown, black, grey.

The Ailor are the most widespread and equally most disliked Race by other Races across the world. Barely an upstart population of tribes several thousand years ago, the Ailor have rapidly multiplied and spread across the world, founding dozens of Kingdoms and autocratic realms, creating empires and destroying faraway nations that would soon be forgotten by time. The Ailor are an autocratic and imperialist Race who conquers far and wide, and then just as quickly collapses because of infighting, cultural differences, or religious confrontations. While other Races are generally united under one nation or faith, the Ailor are the most varied and diverse people, splintering so far that some would say two disparate cultures of Ailor are more dissimilar than the Ailor are to the Eronidas, an entirely different Race. The fate of Ailor on the world remains tumultuous, but as the dominant Race in the massive Regalian Empire, one of the foremost geopolitical powers on the world, they are the Race with the largest impact on the world, that much cannot be contested.


Ailor are considered the average middle ground between all other Races. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary for them. Ailor can be race-coded to appear like any real world appearance (Caucasian, Asian, African, Hispanic, etc.) Because skin tone and appearance isn't hard-coded to genetics in MassiveCraft Lore, children of light-skinned parents can be dark-skinned and have epicanthic eye folds, etc. All Ailor families are generally mixed in appearance, while every type of appearance can be found in any subculture or Ailor nation across the world. There are short Ailor and there are tall Ailor. There are stocky and bulky Ailor and there are lanky and slim Ailor. There are ginger, blonde, black-haired and brunette Ailor, they can be tall or short, they can be gentle or harsh. Even their personalities are far and wide, with no common denominator. While Culture dictates some trend lines and guidelines, there is no common unifying personality traits among the Ailor, as cultural division means that each and every conceivable personality can be found among Ailor. This is why Ailor is a good starting Race, because there are no real rules on how to play one.

Heritage Traits

When designing a Character, Proficiency Points allow for a limited Ability selection with Point Buy Packs. Heritage Traits adds free Packs and Mechanics on top of that to help with cultural themes. Free Packs grant Abilities usually, while Mechanics change the way a character functions in Roleplay through subtle, and usually out of Combat ways. In essence, Mechanics just add aesthetic flair that invest in the niche of each culture. Free Packs never raise Proficiency Points, but the character must be able to purchase them normally. (ex. if a character is a certain Affinity that locks them out of a category, they cannot take that specific free pack and must choose the alternative option.) If a Free Pack grants Magic of some type, that Magic can be of any Alignment the character can normally choose, or limited to a select alignment, which will always be written in the Free Pack description.

Mixed Heritage characters (i.e. characters born from two parents of different Cultures) may take one parent's 'Free Packs' and mix and match up to 5 Mechanics from both parents, although some Peoples cannot produce Mixed Heritage children (due to Magical/Fantasy reasons).

Free Packs

  • Ailor can choose 1 Pack from any Category for free. If any magic is chosen, the player may choose Alignment between God Magic, Exist, Ordial, Void, and Dragon Magic.
  • Ailor gain the Familiar Disrupt Pack for free.


  • Ailor are masters of many languages. Even for languages they do not speak, if someone insults them in their native tongue, they will know what was said.
  • Ailor are the preferential lords of the Regalian Empire, Ailor are by nature always considered more seriously for job applications and positions of authority.
  • Ailor have preferential treatment by the Knight Orders (excepting Argentum/Senleya), giving them more leeway to break their Code (within reason).
  • Ailor may spontaneously generate Divinium (either alone or shared with other Ailor) during Staff Events if they act within the ideology of their faith.
  • Ailor willingly can close their heart and mind to certain emotions or their conscience, allowing them to commit acts of great evil without feeling bad.


See the Ailor Naming page for easy-access information on the Ailor cultures' languages and naming customs.


Ailor are a unique Race, in that they have Lineages that are less racially diversified than subraces would be, but also more culturally removed than just being a different culture. Lineages represent a different mechanical experience for playing Ailor, that replaces the default Ailor Racial Traits, with a new set, as well as a unique angle to their existence in the Regalian Empire that is not founded on Ailorhood there (they are usually strangers from a distant land). Each Lineage has its own page, to properly represent their culture and history as distinct from Ailor history, which is mainly dominated by Regalian and Velheim history. The following Lineages currently Exist:

  • Savaşanlar Ailor: A Turkish/Ottoman inspired Lineage of strongly militant Dragon Worship fanatics on a mission to cure their Dragons from a distant Empire.
  • Qadir Ailor An Arabian/Middle Eastern scholar inspired Lineage with an extremely divergent history deeply intertwined with Dragons, Ordial beings, and fabulous machines.


While most other people of Aloria are cultural monoliths, for whatever reason, Ailor love sub-dividing and pluralizing their culture to the point that dozens if not hundreds of separate cultures exist, each with their own customs and traditions and often also language. For the sake of keeping things simple in Roleplay, this page outlines the major cultures which are good starting points, but each page expands on a variety of sub-cultures that are all tangibly related to their cultural cousins. Note that these cultures are not specific to Ailor, they are often regional, meaning that if any other people of Aloria other than Ailor was born in this region, they would also be of this culture (unless they specifically held onto their heritage), as Ailor do not exclude other peoples from their society. This section is currently undergoing rewrites and will look disorganized, and lack page-references. In general however, the gist of each culture should be understood in how the information is currently presented.

  • The Velheim Culture is a varied Scandinavian-like Culture of Traders, Raiders, and Fishers.
  • The Wirtem Culture is a varied Germanic-like Culture of Soldiers, Knights, Generals, and Pious folk.
  • The Anglian Culture is a varied Netherlandish Culture of Farmers, Bowmen, Monks, and Mercenaries.
  • The Breizh Culture is a varied Celtic-like Culture of Knights, Builders, Wardens, Bodyguards, and Weavers.
  • The Cearden Culture is a varied English/Anglosaxon/Gaelic-like Culture of Traders, Workers, Shepherds, and Artists.
  • The Ithanian Culture is a varied French-like High-Culture of Fashion, Aesthetics, Art, Aristocracy, and Queens.
  • The Tierravera Culture is a varied Spanish/Latin-like Culture of Plantations, Mercenaries, Rogues, and Trade-Cartels.
  • The Slovenin Culture is a varied Slavic/Balkan-like Culture of devout folk who follow the Emperor to the letter.
  • The Aetosian Culture is a vaired Byzantine, Armenian, Georgian-like Culture of scholars and researchers and intellectuals.
  • The Dressolini Culture is a varied Italian-like High Culture of Musicians, Mercenaries, Entertainers, and Aristocrats.
  • The Oldfolk Culture is a collection of Baltic, Balkan and Fantasy Culture people that existed before the Regalian Empire.
  • The Regal Culture is the only artificial culture on this list, created by the Empire to homogenize into one unified Culture.


  • It is generally believed that the metaphysical concept of the “Crown of the World”, a term used to define the most powerful entity in the world, is currently carried by the Ailor, since the Allorn Empire lost it (both the metaphysical concept and the actual crown which was taken by the Ailor).
  • The name Ailor comes from the term Aloria used to define the world itself. Both these terms are Ailor in nature however, but have become common enough to the point that other races also use them since most research in modern times exists in Ailor context.

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