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New Player Guide

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Starting Out New Player Guide
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Alorian Date June 20, 311 AC

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Welcome to Aloria!
This is the wiki of Massivecraft, a Minecraft Roleplay, Factions, and Survival server.

Enter Aloria, a bright and diverse setting filled with over 15 different Races, far-reaching continents, and an expansive lore with something for everyone. The Regalian Empire takes center stage, the biggest state of the modern era. It is in its capital, of the same name, that the roleplay is set. Travelers from all over the world come here to make their fortunes, with backgrounds as diverse as the many different nations they hail from. In Regalia, every viewpoint is represented, and every person can find a place. Regardless of their everchanging circumstances, the Regalian people continue on: whether they wish to change the world, or merely lie back and watch the sun go down, there is always something new waiting for them.

Read the New Player Guide for a character creation walkthrough.

Character Creation