Allamaria I

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Allamaria I
Notable Person
Full Name Allamarich Ivrae de Sange
Race Ailor
Date of Birth November 7th, 122 AC
Date of Death February 21st, 190 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Regalian Emperor, founder of the Regalian Marshalry

Witful Allamaria the First, born Allamarich Ivrae de Sange, was the seventh Emperor of the Regalian Empire. He was born into a chaotic time for the Imperial Family, and his upbringing in the newly formed Archduchy of Calemberg saw the future monarch raised in the newly established New Regalian culture. This cultural shift from his father led to innovative changes to the Empire, such as the re-envisioning of the Imperial Guard and the creation of the “land admirals” of the Regalian Marshalry. Today, Allamaria is praised by the people of Calemberg as a champion of their culture and by professional soldiers and generals as the man who laid the groundwork for professional armies.

Origins and Early Life

Allamaria’s birth could not have come at a more inconvenient time. Born on November 7th, 122 AC to his father, the Crown Prince, Henri III and Ellea Kade, it would be exactly two weeks until his grandfather, Emperor Henri II, died mysteriously during a royal banquet. A little over a month later Viridian Order separatists attempted and failed to launch a coup of the Empire. With his only son surrounded by games of intrigue, Henri III decided to send him away as a ward to House Cadar. House Cadar, recently granted the Archduchy of Calemberg in the ruins of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom, House Cadar took in the Crown Prince, and, within the austere and disciplined court of Calemberg, molded the future Emperor into a man of the military. Allamaria’s youth was unlike that of any Emperors before him, as he was hundreds of miles from his family and only rarely visited the Crown Isle. Instead, the young prince was tutored by former Wirtemcaller generals in the art of war. Specifically, he learned how to lead armies, complemented with cutting-edge cavalry strategies adapted from the Skagger horsemen. Over time, Allamaria grew to be an accomplished general himself. However, when touring the Crown Isle and Empire, he noted the stark difference between the recently established Admirality and the levy soldiers which made up the Empire’s land forces. This would influence the Prince’s following strategies, but during his youth he spent most of his time in Calemberg, reading of his military’s latest tactical advancements of his kin.


Allamaria would succeed his father as the Regalian Emperor in 161 AC and from the first day of his reign would start shaping the military to his liking. His first action was to task the Imperial Guard commander Duke Harald II Kade-Schwarz to work with the Calemberg generals to reshape the doctrine of the Tyrian Order, which still copied the Viridian Order’s combat style. These reforms saw the Imperial Guard become the most elite unit in the Empire at the time, severely outclassing their Viridian predecessors. The next and most significant task Allamaria directed was the foundation of a new branch under the Regalian Admiralty. While the Regalian armies were still led by generals of the State Academy, they lacked cohesion and a central authority of the Admiralty officers. Emperor Allamaria, his Calemberg generals, and the Regalian Board of Admirals set to work in creating the military hierarchy known as the Marshalry. Led by a staff of field officers and generals and directed by a Grand Marshal, this branch of the military was overseen by the Board of Admirals to ensure the “land admirals” would mimic their seafaring counterparts in command structure and cohesion. In the end, Allamaria’s reform was made a reality as the First Grand Marshal was sworn in and began to oversee the state armies.

Later Life

After his reforms were completed, Allamaria spent the remainder of his life shadowing the Marshalry as it adopted the new discipline created by him. Allamaria would remain nonexistent in governance, delegating most state matters to the aging Chancellor Vladmir Kade, and eventually passed away in 190 AC after catching pneumonia in Calemberg. His body was moved to the Imperial Place and placed in the Imperial Crypt below the City of Regalia.


Allamaria was generally seen as a cold and distant man, a byproduct of his military upbringing. He spent much of his personal life in the Empire’s many war rooms, conversing with high ranking officers and discussing the latest military advancements. During Imperial Audiences, he would typically welcome the New Regalian and Anglian nobles to weigh their concerns, while having Chancellor Vladimir handle many of the Ithanian qualms. In short, Allamaria was a man of the army and held little interest in anything else.


Emperor Allamaria I is championed as the founder of the Marshalry and a proponent of the New Regalian culture. Conservatives praise him for his disciplined mannerisms and adherence to structure, yet he is ridiculed by Ithanians for his hardline military stance on issues. Modern scholars tend to compare him to former Emperor Cedromar I, though others consider Allamaria to be the Emperor of Generals and Cedromar the Emperor of Soldiers.

Extended Family

Allamaria, in an ironic twist of fate, was married to the Sovereign of Ithania, Leïasse the Westerling. His firstborn son, Handorien, would succeed him as the next Emperor of Regalia. He also happened to be the nephew of Chancellor Vladimir Kade through his mother, Ellea.


  • Allamaria was known as “the Witful Emperor” due to his quick thinking regarding strategy. It is rumored he never lost a game of chess with anyone, though modern scholars are skeptical of this claim.
  • Allamaria personally chose the First Grand Marshal from the House of von Treppewitz. This position has remained inside the family over the generations and shows little sign of changing due to the family’s constant raising of top-class generals and admirals.

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