Henri I

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Henri I
Notable Person
Full Name Henrîche Ivrae de Sange
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 15th of October, 55 AC
Date of Death 29th of November, 121 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Regalian Emperor

Honorable Emperor Henri the First, born Henrîche Ivrae de Sange, was the Fourth Emperor of Regalia and second Ithanian Ivrae to sit on the throne. The first Emperor born outside of the Crown Isle and a Viridian knight, Henri was a major proponent of the military order. Unfortunately, this pride would lead to the Viridians gaining substantial power in the Empire, culminating in the Viridian Coup of 122 AC one year after Henri’s death. To Regalian historians, Emperor Henri’s legacy showed the flaws of favoring one group above all others, and the consequences of such actions.

Origins and Early Life

Henri I was born on the 15th of October, 55 AC, to his father Lancelin Ivrae, who would later be known as Leomar the Second. An only child, Henri’s birth was most noteworthy due to the fact that he was born outside of the Imperial Palace on the Crown Isle. Due to a scare by the Skagger Horde, then Emperor Theomar I sent the family to their holdings in Vixhall, where the small Ithanian population left a heavy influence on the future Emperor. The tales of honor and chivalry eventually convinced his father Leomar II to send him to the Viridian Order in 65 AC, though was able to be trained at the Imperial Palace due to some string-pulling by the Imperial Family. After graduating as a Paladin, Henri was eager to participate in the current Skagger Wars. However, as the sole heir to the throne, he was kept close to the Imperial Palace, participating in tournaments with the other Viridians, gaining a reputation as a competent warrior and master of his talents.


Henri’s rise to becoming Emperor would follow quickly after graduating from the Viridians, ascending to the throne in 79 AC. Despite this new responsibility, Henri did very little in terms of ruling, choosing to delegate most of the state’s affairs to the Kade Chancellors. However, after the death of Tedromar Kade, he personally secured the ascension of Dwalmar Kade, much to the dismay of Leona of Vartown, who had been plotting to transfer the Chancellory to her daughters. The rest of Henri’s rule was less significant, the Emperor choosing to pursue continued training with the Viridians, who at the time served as the Imperial Guard. This fraternity with his knightly order saw the order grow in power and influence, taking on leading roles in every law enforcement body in the city. As the Viridian Order grew in influence, so did the Regalian Empire in land. What would later be known as the Vulminer Destruction happened in 105 AC, creating the Lordship of Vultaro in the process.

Later Life

Henri’s final years of Emperor saw a few changes in State governance. After the death of Chancellor Dwalmar Kade, Henri secured the ascension of the young Vladimir Kade. As for the Viridian Order, Henri has given the knights virtual control of almost every military organization, drawing the ire of many soldiers who started to view their commanders as “upjumped ponces in shining armor.” However, as the peak of Viridian influence, Emperor Henri caught a minor plague infection that was common during the time, passing in 121 AC and seeing the rise of his bastard son Henri II.


Henri was known to be a social Emperor who enjoyed the court, speaking praises of the Regalian Empire and all their honors. As a devout Unionist, he was extremely pious, at times taking spiritual fasts with his Viridian guards to demonstrate their faith. Politically, Henri was completely ignorant of the future consequences of the actions he took, which the Viridian Order used to subtly gain more and more power for themselves. In short, he believed too highly in the concept of chivalry and was blinded by the more sinister ploys of the Viridians.


Emperor Henri I is often cited as the reason for the Viridian Coup in 122 AC, as his son Henri II would spend the next year stripping the order back to their role under Leomar II. On the flipside, Henri is acknowledged by House Kade for not only ensuring their continued control of the Chancellery but also for securing the rise of Vladimir Kade, whose influence over the Empire is unparalleled by anyone. Historians could say that without Henri I, House Kade would’ve dissolved under a matriarchy and died out.

Extended Family

The most unique aspect of Emperor Henri I was that he was never married, choosing instead to maintain mistresses, a practice adopted by his son Henri II which created the precedent that an Emperor could be born a bastard and still claim the throne. He had two sons, the future Emperors Henri II respectively and, while publicly not known, bore another son and a daughter by two different mistresses.


  • In modern times, the Viridian Order regrets their past actions in manipulating Henri I with brotherhood. Though some knights believe that had the Code of Charlemois existed back then, the order would not have attempted to gain so much power.
  • Henri’s piety led to the creation of a Unionist holiday. Henri’s Fasting came to be after the Emperor was stranded off of Folosta Island for a week during a storm, choosing to fast and pray for the duration of the storm until aid arrived.

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