Henri II

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Henri II
Notable Person
Full Name Henrîche le deuxième Ivrae de Sange
Race Ailor
Date of Birth September 2nd, 75 AC
Date of Death November 21st, 122 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Regalian Emperor

Emperor Henri II, born Henrîche le deuxième Ivrae de Sange, is the prime example of a ruler whose primary goal was to live in luxury. He ascended after the death of his father, Henri I, who was known as the final catalyst for the Viridian Coup of 122 AC, which would happen a mere month after his death. In retrospect, Henri II is deemed one of the worst Emperors of all time, and his decadent lifestyle would not be copied again until a century later, under the puppeteering of Chancellor Morgann Kade.

Origins and Early Life

Henri II was born on September 2nd, 75 AC to his father Henri I and an unknown courtesan mere days after graduating from the Viridian Order. Living in lavish luxury, the young prince spent much of his time in the Imperial Palace, having servants cater to his every need. As he came of age, he began to follow his father’s policy of keeping many courtesans, to the point where he even convinced his Emperor father to expand the Effleur Estate. Rumors state that over one hundred and twenty-two paramours were added to the Imperial Palace, tending to the “needs” of the prince and his entourage. To highlight this decadent lifestyle of ceaseless pleasure, Imperial records from that time conflict as to how many children the Crown Prince sired.


With the passing of Henri I on November 29th, 121 AC, Henri II ascended the throne as the next Emperor. It became apparent rather quickly that the Imperial Guards of his father were not as in touch with the new Emperor, leading to Henri II replacing many of Viridians with his own team who shared his hedonistic lifestyle. The backlash from the shuffling of the guard led to Henri removing a few powers from the Viridian Order they once held under the reign of his father. But even with some setbacks to his bodyguards, Henri kept up his lavish lifestyle, putting on several parties at the palace to please his endless desire for amusement.

Later Life

It would be this decadent lifestyle that would be his undoing. In celebration of his almost one year on the throne, the Emperor invited members of the remaining Five Families: Kade, Cadar, and van Sherburne, to the Imperial Palace on November 21st, 122 AC, in celebration. What happened next remains a mystery to historians, as those present refused to comment on the night’s proceedings. Fragments of smalltalk have led to the conclusion that the Emperor choked on a wine grape during the party, and suffocated on the throne. The strangest part was that his Viridian guards were supposedly missing from the room at the time, leaving only the families who despised the Emperor’s decadent behavior. In any regard, the end result was the death of the Emperor, and his eldest son would take control from that day forward.


Henri II was known as the textbook definition of a hedonist. He cared little about the running of the government, delegating all work to Chancellor Vladimir Kade. Instead, the Emperor maintained the company of his paramours and Imperial guards, performing all sorts of scandalous activities inside the palace. This was further reflected at public engagements with his very cheerful demeanor, which some assumed came from the wines he drank frequently.


As the first Emperor to pass within a year of taking the throne, Emperor Henri was a catalyst for the first coup against the Imperial family. His decadent behavior was a stain on House Ivrae, and it would only be the work of his son that would restore Imperial prestige. He would remain the example of a debaucherous lifestyle for the next century until said behavior once again returned to the Imperial Palace.

Extended Family

Henri II sired numerous bastards during his lifetime, with his eldest son being Henrîche le troisième Ivrae de Sange, who would shortly replace his father on the throne. Due to the sheer amount of children and conflicting records at the time, little more is said about the family.


  • Ironically, the families who once despised the Emperor for his hedonistic behaviors would copy Henri II a century later. Chancellor Morgann Kade and Olgarr van Sherburne would exist as the next generation of decadent lifestyles, and many hope they remain the last.
  • While it cannot be verified, some suspect the Viridian guards left the Emperor’s final party in order to begin preparations for their coup the following month.

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