Justinian I

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Justinian I
Notable Person
Full Name Josué Ivrae de Sange
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 16th of September, 190 AC.
Date of Death 22nd of June, 269 AC.
Real or Mythical Real.
Claim to Fame Regalian Emperor.

Justinian I (born Josué Ivrae de Sange), was one of the weakest and most ineffective Emperors that the Regalian Empire has ever seen. Commonly dubbed “Justinian the Unfortunate”, the Emperor is widely (though seldom publicly), regarded as the worst result of the decadence and overall detachment that had befallen the Imperial House Ivrae in the later years of their dynasty.

Origins and Early Life

Justinian I was born on the 16th of September, 201 AC, to Emperor Allestrain I Ivrae (who was only Crown Prince at the time), and Isabella the Songstress, in the Grand Imperial Palace within the Regalian Crown Isle. As a member of the extremely wealthy Imperial House, the young Prince was afforded every luxury and every opportunity possible. From lavish personal chambers in the Palace to tutors from across the Empire, Justinian was raised very comfortably. Contact with his parents was slim and sparse, as per usual in the Imperial House, but the small army of servants and the Imperial Guards served as enough company. Justinian often spent his early days being tutored on the Empire’s politics and history, as well as being groomed to one day succeed his father. However, Justinian took little interest in his political education, often not even understanding the content, and preferred to keep to menial tasks within the confines of his personal chambers.


After only a 19 year reign as Emperor, Allestrain I passed away in 219 AC, Justinian I succeeding him as the new Emperor at the age of 29. Justinian had done little to actually distinguish himself to the Court before taking the throne, and combined with his frail, almost sickly posture, he didn’t offer the promise that his father before him did. However, Unionism was almost completely unchallenged at this point in time, so despite his obvious shortcomings, the Emperor’s word went completely unchallenged. By most, that is. Seeking to solidify his political power, Chancellor Morgann Kade used the Emperor’s weakness to his advantage, and through circumstances that are still unclear to this day, gained a tremendous amount of influence over the Emperor, to the point where if Morgann wished a certain person dead, all he would have to do is whisper into Justinian’s ear.

Justinian’s long reign did however see the Empire gain a vast amount of wealth and financial prosperity, as well as the successful subjugation of both the Kingdom of Nordskag and the Kingdom of Lusits. Though nearly none of these events were by the Emperor’s hand, and often once again accredited to the Chancellor’s influence.

Later Life

The later years of Justinian’s tenure were little different from his early ones, with Justinian sitting oblivious to the growing corruption within the aristocracy, while Chancellor Morgann continued with his obscene practices and unchecked control. One particular night however, Morgann Kade suffered a heart attack while undergoing intercourse with various Elven servants in the Emperor’s own bed, whilst Justinian sat only a few feet away. Merely six days after the incident, in 269 AC, the death of Emperor Justinian I was announced. The Palace never officially released information on the Emperor’s cause of death, but many believe that he took his own life for fear of ruling without Morgan’s instruction. This however has never been proven, and the exact cause of his death remains a mystery to this day.


Justinian I was notorious for being both slow to speak and slow to act, often waiting on servants or Chancellor Morgann’s advice before doing anything even remotely important. As such, his political views almost completely mirrored that of the Chancellor’s. Otherwise, he was extremely reclusive and typically only took audience with Morgann himself. He preferred items of decadence and luxury to fill his surroundings, and was by no means a good husband to his wife or father to his children, exchanging very few words with them both in public and in private.


If anything, Justinian I is remembered as the height of Ivrae weakness and isolation, and the Emperor who allowed rampant corruption and political favoritism to fester in almost every corner of the Empire’s government. Despite that, he is still regarded as a holy figure to the devout followers of the faith of Unionism.

Extended Family

Justinian I was never married but had many mistresses with whom he had two children, Jouseau Ivrae de Sange (who would later become Justinian II), and Charles Ivrae de Sange.


  • It was often said that during State events such as public trials or Imperial galas, that Justinian I would never appear without Morgann Kade at his side, who was often seen whispering into the Emperor’s ear.
  • Justinian’s death was not discovered until almost eight hours after he had died. It is often rumored that during the six days following Morgan’s death, he allowed no one to enter his chambers, including his Imperial Guards, and that the discovery was finally made after a guard at the door took notice of a strange smell.

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